Genius of unique lineage Chapter 262


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 261: Parted Couple

Sous-vide pork belly – the marinade was done well, offering a relatively simple flavor.

Then just adjust the seasoning.

I dipped a pinch of pink salt from the small saucer into my mouth.


A perfect balance of oil and saltiness.

No spell was cast, yet it felt like magic.

Next, I topped it with mustard, and after that, I dipped it into calamansi wasabi and wrapped it in crown daisy leaves.

Crunch crunch, gulping it down.


Right next to me, a pork neck the size of two fingers was grilling, and a flank steak was cooking alongside it.

“Son, is it tasty?”

My father asked.

With my mouth full, I quietly gave a thumbs-up.

Father, I admire you.

The power of authority is truly great.

A restaurant set up by the collective decision of the government, Dangun and the Association, and we could use it on a free pass.

Father hadn’t just called Mother and me.

All the staff from NS were gathered. Ah, of course, non-combat staff like Steven Choi and my older brother weren’t brought along.

Panda Hyung was also missing, among the combat-capable personnel.

He said he had something to discuss with the leadership.

Man, that guy has a broad network. He gets himself into a leadership meeting if he pleases.

Marie had come after sticking with Panda Hyung.

So, including Mother, Marie from the experiments, Muscle Princess Kim, Crazy Rose, our Kinam, Holmes Miho, Lovebird Gyutae, Mouth-shooter Johan, the sly-faced Honest, and Full-of-Grudge Sister Junga, we totaled ten people.

Sister Junga arrived pretty late to the scene.

She said she ran an errand, but I didn’t get a chance to ask about it.

Judging from the situation, it seemed she had stopped by Hwarim.

Physical exhaustion went back to Hwarang.


Next to me, Johan savored his food and murmured. The taste buds of the Immortal are sensitive. Yet he makes such a comment, which implies the cooking must be quite good.

“The chef decided to show off a bit today.”

The server commented.

Johan nodded, continuing to munch vigorously.

I wasn’t the only one expending a lot of energy.

The others were the same.

We ate with a purpose.

Starting with my mother, a hearty eater, it goes without saying.

And, of course, Marie.

The stomach of a special species surpasses common sense.

Plates piled up.

Sweat beaded on the brow of the servers. Watching them struggle, Honest clicked his tongue.

“Shall we have more?”

“As much as we’ve expended,” Father replied from my side. Glancing sideways at Honest, he posed a question with the shape of his lips.

It’s a habit of the Immortal. Being able to catch soft sounds, so conversing with just lip movements is nothing.

‘Why are you bringing this guy along?’

‘He’s useful.’

‘This guy, really?’

‘He’s eager.’

‘In the world of professionals, it’s about skill, not just effort.’

Father always enjoys giving advice.

I nodded in agreement.

The brief conversation passed.

Father stopped eating and picked up a hot pot.

It was seolleongtang, a beef bone soup. Salting it moderately and slurping a chopstick of noodles followed by biting into a fermented kimchi, it’s like instant paradise.

A bowl of radish water kimchi makes the stomach content.

I ate like crazy, and ate even more.

I felt as if the energy spent during the battle was being replenished in real-time.

The food was like health potions from a game.

And in the middle of this feast, I caught sight of Father’s smiling face.

I couldn’t fathom why.

It just caught my eye.

Father’s atmosphere seemed subtly different from before.

As if the person was entirely different.

Upon closer inspection, the tails of his eyes, the bridge of his nose, the corners of his mouth all seemed a bit different from the usual face of my father.

A sense of alienation crept in.

It was as if a different person was sitting there.

Feeling my gaze, Father spoke up.

“Son, eat all you want. Dad’s treating you.”

“But this is already free.”

I replied while eating, unable to take my eyes off him. It was impossible to look away.

Even in the midst of looking, I could feel his aura changing.

Was my sense so sharp?

No, it wasn’t that kind of change.

Suddenly, I seemed to understand why Father’s nickname was ‘Thousand Faces.’

The moment you see it, the principle became clear.

Even outside of battle, every cell in my body instinctively focused on the changes Father underwent.

Different qualities present themselves, and everything looks different due to that.

The slightest change in facial muscles made it seem like I was seeing a whole new expression.

The reason this was possible was thanks to the power coursing through the blood of my father and me, pure-blood Immortals.

The basis of killing presence, after all, was to block all information emanating from one’s body.

That meant controlling sounds, expressions, movements, vibrations in the air with an almost instinctual sixth sense.

Father had done just that.

His repetitious, diminutive actions had transformed him into a new person.

I watched in admiration.

“If you keep staring at a handsome face, you’ll bore a hole through it, son.”

Father grinned and quipped.

“I guess I didn’t inherit that face.”

In the midst of this, Rose’s voice joined in.

She whispered, but her proximity meant her words reached my ears clearly.

“Be quiet. There’s someone over there who’s dying to kill you.”

She subtly pointed at Sister Junga.

Sitting with an icy expression, either ready to embed the teeth of the hippo right in Rose’s head, if need be.

“Get in line then. Do you think you’re the only one who wants to play with me?”

She regained her spirit after defecting from the terrorists, confident and bold. As much as she blabbers calmly, her point wasn’t wrong.

A former terrorist, especially one with a grudge against Prometheus – was Sister Junga the only one?

Yet Rose lifted her head shamelessly.

Is this lucky or just reckless?

Well, I chose to view it as fortunate.

We were up against invaders with blood at stake. It was a hundred times better than moping in dread.

Sister Junga would understand, I hoped.

Our eyes met briefly.

Her gaze did not fall upon me. For a fleeting moment, her eyes, filled with raw emotion, glanced past Rose.

It was palpable homicidal intent.

I knew Kim Junga as a person, but you can never truly know what lies within someone.

Who would’ve guessed such an uncontainable murderous intent lay within this cool and intelligent human.

Iceberg-like deep grudges are not so easily melted, as they say.

Sister Junga’s resentment resembled it.

Frozen solid like an iceberg that even a beam of sunlight couldn’t thaw.

Anyway, what about Spell Knight and the other guys?

It’s not just the Spell Knight, there are intermediate bosses under the Blue Knight’s command.

Would the leadership handle that themselves?

But who’s in ultimate command?

With events unfolding at unpredictable times, and being caught up in the midst of it all, I’ve heard little.

Johan Hyung seemed to have some knowledge, but it wasn’t particularly helpful.

In the meantime, Father’s presence changed yet again.

I sensed a familiar presence behind me.

Precisely speaking, someone entered from the direction of the restaurant’s door.

They didn’t make an effort to hide their presence as they entered the room.

The door opened, and a gleaming head entered.


Spoon in mouth, I watched the newcomer.

He was a fashionista of the special species world, who stubbornly maintained his baldness despite the development of hair regrowth treatments.

Over his clinging bulletproof vest, he wore a combat vest with grenades and a pistol, and a submachine gun attached to his thigh. Above his left shoulder was a protruding rod of some sort.

He was in the uniform of the immortals special forces, customized with his own gear.

This was Colonel Lee Jangmo, the personnel head of Hwarim.

The personnel head of Hwarim entered the restaurant with a gentle smile, the same person who oversaw everything back at the orientation.

“Are we having a discussion over a meal?”

Father’s direct gaze met with his as he spoke.

Behind the Colonel, four more immortals entered.

All faces I recognized.

Kim Han, the head of Analysis Team 2, the masochist flamethrower from Hwarim – the head of Audit Team 1 with his hair still dyed fiery red.

Behind him was Audit Team 1’s Park Daram, who boasted strength atypical for his small stature, followed by Nam, the secretary of the company president, with his gold-rimmed glasses.

Making eye contact, I greeted them with my eyes. They ignored me.

Lastly, Ho Nam entered.

Brightening the atmosphere with their handsome and beautiful presence, the lineup seemed to add more light to the surrounding area.

Ho Nam and I met eyes.

He was the first to give a slight nod, so in return, I smiled warmly.

Kinam didn’t acknowledge me.

This guy, what kind of home education did he receive that he wouldn’t even look at his own brother arriving?

The Pure-Blood Jung Family Head failed in raising that one.

“Aren’t you hungry?”

Father picked up after his question. I detected an odd vibe in his tone.

What could it be?

It felt like Father was in a position of command.

Although polite and merely a suggestion, it felt as though the initiative lay with Father.

“I am getting peckish.”

Colonel Lee Jangmo replied.

As the immortals special forces’ five members entered hastily, someone else followed them in.


The sound of heels announced their presence.

Long purple-dyed hair, bold makeup, bulletproof clothes atop tight leggings, with a mink coat draped over.

Whatever era this fashion sense was from, it strangely suited her. A woman who seemed as if lasers might shoot from her eyes.

Her heavy perfume stung my nostrils. Marie pinched her nose and muttered.

“That smells obnoxious.”

A bit too sharp.

“To share the same table for a meal?”

As the woman stepped in, she opened her mouth.

Observing her and then Colonel Lee Jangmo, the situation felt a bit awkward until he composed himself and responded.

“Did the Deputy Head of the Association come in person?”

“It’s because my usual position offers little to do.”

The woman beamed an eye-capturing smile, and as if she only now noticed him, turned her gaze toward Colonel Lee Jangmo as she spoke.

Behind her, too, there was a party.

Each one of them looked far from ordinary.

While I studied them, I heard Honest mutter.

“Fire Chicken.”

Fire Chicken, the name rang a bell.

A psychic master boasting renown within the Saionic Association, known as one of the most powerful psychics in Korea. Honest’s gaze was on the lean-jawed man that followed her.

“Do you know him?”

I asked after seeing this.

“We’ve met from a distance.”

Honest blinked as he answered.

They did not appear to have any personal connection.

Honest kept glancing between the newcomers.

What exactly was happening here?

I felt the same way.

I scrutinized the members of the immortals special forces, including Ho Nam.

The sheer force they represented put them within the top five within Hwarim.

The Saionic Association seemed no different.

Setting apart the arrogance on their faces, they looked just as formidable.

These people didn’t seem too fond of one another, did they?

“It’s still easy on the stomach. Is the company running well these days?”

The Vice President of the Association, Purple-Hair, remarked.

“It’s not bad.”

Colonel Lee Jangmo answered.

“Not bad? So you prefer poverty. I didn’t realize.”

Purple-Hair smirked.

She taunted openly. Provoked. The financial difficulties of Hwarim were common knowledge.

“There are things in this world more important than money. Oh, this is a conversation for those who understand, but I understand if you didn’t catch it.”

Her insinuation was clear – ‘You’re not on my level.’

But had Colonel Lee Jangmo always been this way?

Was he not always gentle beyond measure otherwise, the one universally voted as the most desired superior at Hwarim?


Purple-Hair declared.

“It must be nice to have two fathers.”

Bald Colonel replied.

A trace of the knife on the woman’s face became apparent.

Her biological father and the face of the new father she got made.

A tight drip of sarcasm.

Veins on the woman’s forehead stood out.


A spark flew between the two.

We might just have a fight here before taking on the invaders.

Right at that moment.

*Scraping sound* of a chair dragging.

I looked and saw Johan had pulled his chair up to sit close to me.

His eyes revealed a eager hunger, a burning desire to speak.

Equally curious, I subtly motioned with my eyes, and Johan began.

“They were once married.”


“They’re divorced now.”

I finally understood the hatred they harbored for each other. Parted couple, no, former spouses.


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