Genius of unique lineage Chapter 26


Genius of a Unique Lineage

26. Criterion

Two hours had passed since I fell, and the robust body of transformation and the vigorous regenerative power of immortality had quickly mended bruises and a shaken brain.

“I’m completely awake now.”

I muttered to myself unconsciously.

I got up. My head still throbbed dully.

If a blow that left my head ringing like this had struck a normal person, they definitely would have died.

At least five thousand brain cells must have been fried instantaneously.

But then again, how many brain cells does a human have?

No, I’m an immortal, a hybrid of a unique lineage, so my brain cells are…


It’s unfitting to escape reality with such trifling thoughts.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been defeated.

I’ve lost countless times to my mother, and before my awakening as a transformation species, I’ve been defeated left and right.

Yet, why does this defeat irk me so?

When was the last time I was knocked out without even knowing what hit me?

Even with my eyes closed, I can recall the last moment just before I blacked out.

I thought I had been grabbed by both arms, but what did they hit me with?

Honestly, I didn’t see it, nor did I feel it.

If I didn’t feel it, it must’ve been a technique to kill one’s presence, but what the hell was it?

If I don’t know, I only need to ask.

Abruptly, I got up and opened the door.

The place I woke up was a recreation room, one specifically designed with soundproofing for solitude.

There’s no such thing as a medical center in the office of the immortals.

Well, there was one, something like a psychiatry department occupying a whole floor, the sixth maybe?

They had counseling psychologists and psychiatry specialists, even for unique species.

No need for them to tend to immortals who have been beaten and crushed.

The person in front of me wasn’t likely to be a doctor.

Just outside the recreation room, I recognized a familiar back.

“Ah? You’re up already?”

It was Bang-gwi-tae.

“Why are you here?”

“I came to watch over you after you collapsed.”

I nearly planted a one-two punch on his smirking face.

Let it go. Getting serious about a joke is really, seriously lame.

“If you’re done, then leave.”

“Deputy Director Dong-hoon sent me to look after you in case there’s a problem. Why so prickly?”

“What do you mean? I’m as smooth as usual, Yoo Gwang-ik.”

“You’re prickly, so prickly right now.”

I didn’t want to prolong the conversation.

It’s time to uncover the true nature of what hit my head.

“Anyway, if you’re fine, I’ll be going back to work.”

Gwi-tae-hyung seemed to hop away first. Busy as he was, maybe he stayed by my side out of care.

Maybe I was too harsh with my spiky words. Ah, forget it. I’ll just apologize later.

I headed to my office.

Confidently, with no trace of a loser’s sadness.

I went back to work, filled with the perseverance of a challenger.

Someday I’ll challenge again and land a high kick right in that face. I am a challenger.

“You woke up early?”

“I’m tough.”

Panda and Ice Princess greeted me.

Team Leader Sibal seemed to be folding paper with the utmost caution. It’s like he comes to the company just to play around.

When I walked up to him.

“Our newbie Sibal, tough as well. You’re up already?”

He said that but didn’t even glance at me.

He was focused solely on his origami.

“What was it?”

It’s only satisfying to know.

When hit by my mother, I also used the same techniques in the subsequent sparring.

Now that I’ve grown up, I no longer spar like that, but I did take a lot of hits around the age of eighteen.

My mother said all those sparring sessions were part of the transformation species’s physical control training method.

It was also a warning not to use strength frivolously.

I looked at the team leader.

I wanted to know.

Desperately so.

If someone were filming me right now, they would probably see a flame burning in my eyes.


“What was that last thing? Did you hide a club somewhere to knock me out?”

My body is tough. So tough that a transformation species teacher said I wouldn’t black out even if hit in the head with a sizable log.

So my question is the same, but it’s the second time I’m asking.

I want to know. Desperately.

My eyes fired again.

The team leader stopped moving his fingers.

Slowly he raised his head.

“That last thing?”

There seems to be laughter on his face.

“Do you want to know?”

What is this feeling?

I want to know. That’s what I was about to say.

But my mouth refused to open easily.

A warning from my intuition? No.

This feeling is…

He smiles. The team leader smiled. Just the corners of his mouth turned up.

He’s mocking me. Clearly, he will tease me even if I ask, and he won’t tell me.

I came to my senses.

This guy, the team leader, will never tell me willingly.

“No, it was just a question. Are you happy to win?”

“I’m always thirsty for victory.”

Crazy team leader.

“Understood. I’ll be off then.”

“Yeah, go.”

He was smirking. I wanted to smack him.

I returned to my seat and sat down.

“Hey, newbie.”

“Yes. New employee Yoo Kwang-ik.”

“Do you think this is school? Did you think I’d say, ‘oh, our poor Kwang-ik’s head is empty, so I need to teach him’ if you asked?”

I knew it, you jerk. I won’t ask.

“No, I didn’t.”

I answered casually.

“Find out and bring me a report.”

The team leader spoke to the back of my head.

Thanks to the thorough home education I received, I turned around, replied that I understood, and even thanked him.

Ah, such excruciating manners.

Yes, that guy is my superior, the team leader of the team I belong to, a sadist who enjoys tormenting his subordinates, and a foul-mouthed person.

Even if I can’t respect him, I have to pay my respects.

Turning my eyes to the monitor, I noticed a blinking notification.

The company messenger.

Ah, I was too harsh on Gyet-ae earlier, I should apologize.

Thinking that, I opened the messenger.

There was a message from Gyet-ae.

An emoticon of someone screaming with the words: ‘Loser….’

This bastard.

I furiously typed back.

You, Bang Gyet-ae, if it were you, you’d be knocking on heaven’s door in 0.1 seconds.

You’d be drowning in the River Jordan.

[Bang Gyet-ae] Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure. You’re always right. Loser.

This jerk.

Reacting to his teasing would mean losing. I ignored it.

Johann, who had been too busy to even check the messenger lately, also sent a congratulatory message.

Even the self-centered Woo Mi-ho left me a message calling me an idiot.

They can all go to hell.

Jung Gi-nam probably knew too. Whatever.

Let’s just work.

But do I have any work to do?

External Security Team 3 doesn’t have any tasks if there’s no dispatch.

Just a couple of hours till clocking out, and I didn’t even feel like exercising.

They did tell me to practice what I’ve learned so far during my free time, so maybe I should do that.

It feels like I’m literally getting paid to do nothing.

It’s said the more familiar you get with various equipment, the better. Let’s at least do that, I decided.

“You don’t smoke?”

Panda Assistant Manager asked.


But why.

Immortals have eternally robust lungs, so everyone treats smoking as an essential indulgence.

But I hate the smell.

The smell of ashtrays is extremely pungent.

Even with my enhanced sense of smell from the Shapeshifter awakening, I can’t block out that acrid scent.

I can tolerate others smoking nearby, but I refuse to smoke myself and have that smell on me.

“Don’t you know about social smoking? Learn it.”

“Do you have something to say?”

“Follow me.”

Panda Assistant Manager got up from his chair and walked briskly. I stood up to follow, but my scalp itched.

Turning around, I saw the team leader glaring at me with displeasure.

“He needs to know some things.”

“Why are you giving hints when he hasn’t even used a chance yet. Damn it.”

Panda didn’t look back and kept walking, while the team leader muttered as if talking to himself, knowing full well we could hear.

I ignored it all and followed Panda.

He didn’t say a word until we reached the rooftop via the elevator. On the rooftop, he pulled out a cigarette instead of bamboo and lit it.

Seeing him puff out smoke rings, it was clear he’d done this many times.

“Probation for 3 months, and after 3 months, you’re promised a full-time position. So, who evaluates you during those 3 months?”

It was a sudden question.

“I understand the company does it.”

“Is the company a person?”


What is he implying?

Right, the company isn’t a person, so there must be someone who evaluates people. That’s what he meant.

“Each team leader assesses the suitability of their members and submits a report. That report is reflected in your performance evaluation, affecting your future at the company.”

This was something I understood abstractly. I didn’t know it before joining the company, and only heard about it in explanations after joining.

Hearing it again from Dong-hoon, it felt more real and tangible.

The words struck me and gave me chills at the same time.

“So, my evaluation is done by the team leader?”

I asked.

“Who else would do it? Although my opinion might be included too.”

Will the team leader give me a good evaluation? Judging by his attitude so far, it seems unlikely.

“Our team leader’s stance has always been the same whenever a newcomer joins.”

A blender.

I thought it, but didn’t say it.

“You know what a blender is?”

The assistant manager said.

The timing was so spot on, it felt like he was reading my mind.

“Our team leader hates newbies.”

“Are you telling me to give up? What happens if the evaluation is bad?”


Taking a deep drag, he exhaled smoke as he spoke. The white smoke dispersed into the air.

“You’ll be transferred to another department, and the initial evaluations will be set in stone.”

I took an exam and went through an interview to join this company.

I graduated top of my class, meaning I aced the tests, but that was purely about knowing a lot in the narrow scope of the exam.

Then there was orientation.

I tried to prove I could get along well with others instead of just ranking high.

Maybe that’s why, or maybe because CEO Hwarim is a pervert, but I ended up catching his eye because of that.

After that orientation, real company life began.

The assessments that will go into our records start from here.

Known as the probation evaluation or the entrance evaluation.

I always wondered why everyone worked so hard after joining the company.

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?

No, recently, I’ve been too busy myself.

If not for that, I could have asked Johan and found out.

But no, it’s something a senior, meaning your mentor, should tell you.

“You’re quick-witted, so you probably get it, right? Each team has different evaluation criteria.”

That’s why neither Johan nor Gyet-ae could have told me.

“Kim Jung-ah is too rigid and bad at explaining, so I’m telling you instead. Ending without knowing anything would be too harsh, right?”

Is it kindness? No, it’s a duty. It’s something you should be informed about.

“Since we’re busy, I’ll keep it brief. Our team leader has his own set of criteria. Precisely, he has his unique standards.”

I had already noticed he lived in his own world.

It’s clear just by looking, that it’s not a normal state of mind.

“Firstly, any task given by the team leader cannot be done with someone’s help. Secondly, besides these tasks, there will be unannounced tests.”

“What you’re saying is…”

Panda opened his mouth before I could finish.

“Right, asking your peers is your freedom, but don’t think the team leader won’t know? So…”

“You mean I have to figure it out on my own.”

I finished the assistant manager’s sentence.

“That’s correct.”

Tap, tap.

Panda patted my shoulder and threw his cigarette butt into the ashtray with precision.

Quite a skill.

Walking past me, Panda continued,

“If you want to transfer teams, let me know in advance. If you move now, the team leader won’t say much and will transfer you quickly. Despite what the president said, there’s no need to suffer unnecessarily here.”

I was placed in this team by an executive decision. That’s what he’s implying.

Panda descended the stairs.

I stood there, looking up.

Damn Seoul sky.

Full of smog again today. How nice it would be to have clear skies.

A chuckle escaped me involuntarily.

Transfer teams?

Sure, it’s not like I’m head over heels in love with this team.



I can’t just pass by so easily.

The back that protected me.

How did that person live?

At least they would have laughed off something like this.

So will I.

Whether it’s tasks or tests, it doesn’t matter.

Right now, I’m a member of the External Security Team 3, and I don’t want to transfer teams just because the team leader is eccentric.

Especially since the team leader is Joong-Bong Lee.

When it comes to skills, he’s the real deal. My heart races, and I find myself grinning.

Am I going crazy too?

Why do I find this fun?


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