Genius of unique lineage Chapter 259


Genius of a Unique Lineage

This is not a crisis.

I’m certain, but whether the Named Gate will open or not remains unknown.

Most people would probably think the same.

However, it’s clear that the problem lies with the Invaders that have burst through the rift.

It’s an issue whether it opens or not.

I made an effort to solve that problem.

I forced them to cluster together.

Once I set my mind to it, the creatures formed a dense formation in front of the rift.


The sound of high-speed propellers roars overhead.

Without a word, I stepped outside.

Following behind me were all the NS staff, including my mother.

“The Invaders’ movement patterns. You’ve deliberately herded them into that dense formation.”

Kim Geunyuk, attached to my right, remarked.

She glanced at me with a smile after speaking.


It was an admiring compliment from a woman a head taller than me. I could feel the sincerity in her voice.

“You’re crazy, you’ve lost your mind.”

Rose sticks to my left. She’s also in awe.

But aren’t they both standing too close?

Hyemin will throw a tantrum if she sees this.

Where is she, supposedly gone to deal with some magic world affair, why isn’t she back?

She wouldn’t be getting crushed somewhere.

With her temperament, she wouldn’t stay quiet after an insult.

I’m not deeply worried about her.

“Every time, Mari is amazed by her brother.”

Mari spoke from behind me.

“There’s nothing to be so surprised about.”

I shrugged it off with a casual comment.

“You’re incredibly unlucky.”

Watching me, Johann hyung teased.

I ignored him and looked up.

Let’s just shut up and watch the missiles fired by those helicopters.

Ballistic missiles weren’t even necessary.


The persistent propeller sounds.

Six attack helicopters, each equipped with a gatling gun in front and missiles hanging on both sides, flew by.

Watching the path of the helicopters, I gazed ahead of the rift.


The crack in the rift is still spreading. It looks like something might burst out at any moment.

I roughly estimated the number of Invaders gathered before it.

Hundreds, easily.

Soon, it will reach the thousands.

Then this place will turn into hell.

The bombing meant to prevent that will begin shortly.

A Wheel Knight with a lance-like arm stretches out from the fractured rift.

The one that emerged found its place by rolling its wheels.

None of the Invaders paid any attention to our direction.

They looked like dolls. They seemed like inanimate objects, devoid of thought.

“Wheel Knights and Living Armors aren’t soft targets; they’re hard targets, right? But since this is a city, it’s hard to use high-explosive shrapnel warheads, and it doesn’t seem likely they would seek out buildings or covers, so those would be missiles with thermal pressure warheads from the Hel series, I guess.”

Chatter chatter, she’s full of words.

It’s Jeong Sojin who has undone her gorilla transformation. She’s already beside me talking.

“Do I look any different?”

The woman who was showcasing her knowledge asked proudly.

“You definitely look different from when you transformed into a gorilla.”

I answered politely.

“Do you like this outfit? Isn’t it great that it didn’t tear even after transforming?”

Sojin boasted strong mental fortitude, disregarding my comment with a question.

“Yes, it looks good.”

Kim Geunyuk responded.

“Hwarang? A hound of capital?”

Rose also threw in her two cents. Our crazy Rose still hasn’t gotten rid of her past habits.

“Oh my, it’s a terrorist.”

Jeong Sojin feigned surprise and spoke, and soon her gaze intertwined with Rose’s.

“The missiles are launched.”

I spoke while watching that.

And at that moment, I felt time slowing down.


The six helicopters launch their missiles, whether they’re from the Hel series, thermal pressure, or high-explosive.

Underneath the helicopters, long metal rods drop down.

Flames burst from the tail ends of the rods.

“It’s blocked.”

Once in a great while, the purebloods of Jung Ga, the Immortals, are said to catch glimpses of the future due to their transcendently keen senses.

Making that their weapon is the essence of Jung Ga.

Just as he said, the missiles exploded.


The flying missile detonated.


Explosions without even reaching the vicinity of the Invader group, bursting in the air.

A colorful burst of heat blossomed high above like fireworks, and grey smoke clouded over our heads.

For a moment, it appeared as if a roof shielding us from the rain had appeared, but the smoke couldn’t stop the raindrops.


The ongoing rain swiftly washed away the smoke.

“It will open, just like my son said.”

My mother spoke as she approached me.

I narrowed my eyes, concentrating my vision.

At the same time, I felt all my senses waking up sharply.

Sixth sense and intuition warned me.

The smoke and the raindrops created an invisible barrier in the air.

A hexagonal shape, seemingly a perfect puzzle piece fit together, a Hexagon Field.

Umiho’s intuition was remarkable. Overcome with surprise, yet directly facing the situation, she said,

“It’s a Named peculiar species.”

During the time in the Immortal Special Squad, we learned about Named.

We also learned about history during our school days.

During the Hughes Gate incident, Named were a nightmare.

And leading that nightmare were the peculiar species they nurtured themselves.

Not all peculiar species are the same.

Their combat strength varies greatly.

If this were a shonen manga, they might be called something like the Four Heavenly Kings.

Named peculiar species, Unique Invaders.

One of them, known to be under the Blue Knight, is the Spell Knight.

I saw a purple glow emitting from a hand between the rifts, with indecipherable characters upon it.

My superhuman vision caught that.

The previously splintering rift growled as it formed a ring shape, opening a hole.

Hughes Gates can create several small holes.

A concept similar to a side door attached to a main gate.

That’s the side door.

From there, a dark figure emerged with a helmet adorned with six purple eyes and a metallic cloak draped around – a Unique Invader.

In foreign lands, they might be called Unique Invaders, but in Korea, the name was simplified.

“Mid Boss.”

Sojin muttered.

Short for “middle boss”. Quite the video game term. The logic was that if Named were compared to bosses, then these would be considered mid-bosses.

One of them had forced open the rift.

The Invader’s appearance didn’t look like a natural process.

It looked more like it had forced its way through a locked door.

“Block it!”

Someone shouted.

It was the cry of the Transforming Tribe.

Now gathered were the full strength of Hwarang and other special breeds.

Reacting to that cry, an Association Esper moved.

Psychic powers are faster than anything when activated.

Concentrated psionic energy created an intangible barrier.

An invisible barrier, a psychokinetic shield, blocked between the Invaders and our allies.

Raindrops swirled in an odd trajectory, deflecting off the formless shield.

And then, I saw that spawn of a Spell Knight seemingly smiling.

Below its six eyes, the metal-like shape at the end curled up slightly.

After blocking the missiles with the Hexagon Field, hundreds of Wheel Knights turned around.

As if they were waiting for this very moment, they turned and charged.

Speeding masses of metal shot past at over 100 km/h.


The sound of gunfire.

They raced, water droplets spurting from their armor amidst the rain.

It all still seemed to move slowly.


The sound of high-speed helicopters continued.

In front of them, the lance of a Wheel Knight struck the formless shield.

What would that impact equate to in physical force?

Converted into energy?

I couldn’t quantify it, but it was enough to shatter the shield.

The tension rose. We all, including myself, accounted for unexpected situations.

The commanders who gathered did the same.

Only, we had already experienced a Named Gate.

We had planned only within the boundaries of imagination, unable to predict this eventuality.

Bang! Pop-pop-pop! Kaboom!

The surge of Wheel Knights smashed through the front barricades; a few were flattened outright as if they were paper, but our losses were greater.

Crack, crunch!



The cries of the dying were at least merciful.

The leading PWAT team, Immortal Special Forces, and some members of the Dangun Group were instantly demolished.

Pierced by lances, crushed beneath wheels, and sliced by Living Armor blades.

Crushed and torn apart.

An untrained eye would probably vomit at such a sight—a scene that could scar one for life.

Looking at the oncoming enemies, I bit my tongue and said,

“Everyone, get into formation. Here comes the wave.”

“My son, you’ve grown.”

My mother stood in front of me at my words.

“The front line belongs to mother.”

Countless thoughts race through my mind.

As I thought this, Miho said.

“Guitae, Johann, Ms. Sojin, please take the right wing. On the left will be Kim Geunyuk and Ginam. I will hold it.”

“What about me?”

Jeongjik asked.

“Watch for contingencies behind the chairman.”

Miho spoke quickly but clearly.

Everyone took action accordingly.

I also moved to stand beside my mother who had taken the front line.

“I’ll lead this company.”

“Well done, son.”

“Let’s go together.”

“Is this a date?”

“It’s been a while since we’ve done something together, just you and me.”

“That’s true.”

The wave ahead was unexpected. Allied formations had collapsed. This place would become total chaos.

Like being in the middle of a real nightmare.

We’ve been hit hard.

Humanity studies the Invaders.

But do the Invaders study us?

There has been such a tendency so far.

Those great scientists have always insisted a black hole is opened by an Invader, suggesting the cyclic occurrences of overlap phenomena and anomalies as Invaders’ attempts to infiltrate this world.

If they’re right, could it mean that Invaders are studying humanity too?

Studying and exploring, then preparing to deliver a powerful blow.

They made us think that a Named Gate was something like this, only to trick us.

I couldn’t shake the image of that Spell Knight from my mind.

Invaders do not possess emotions.

But that face continued to seem as if it were laughing.

“Moving out now, 3 o’clock direction based on the chairman. Ginam?”

“I don’t feel anything in particular.”

As Miho spoke and checked even Ginam’s ominous intuition.

It seems the two of them make a good team.

“Call my name too.”

Guitae hyung called out confidently from behind.

Ridiculous words, but they gave a relieving feeling, as if a tightened heart had been eased.

Madly in love, that man.

“Survive this first.”

When Miho replied to him, Guitae hyung visibly got excited.

“Today, I am not the Guitae from yesterday.”

He spouts such nonsense.

Does Umiho see this as a life-or-death crisis?

Well, it might be.

It’s always quite challenging to assess the strength of our allies.

“If Dad finds out, I’ll get in trouble, won’t I?”


“Because I put Mom in danger.”

“…that’s a possibility.”

The short conversation ended, and I turned my gaze again.

I saw groups of transformation-specialized Evers, who were laying out ice sheets on the ground in line with the tactics I had previously ordered.

It proved useless.

I thought it would.

From the moment that Spell Knight appeared to the current situation.

I came to one conclusion.

Invaders use tactics.

I had a similar experience before.

In the Arthur Side’s Mud Desert.

The presence of peculiar species had caused that.

Then couldn’t this Unique Invader do the same?

There’s no reason to doubt it.

We should believe it’s capable.

While watching the Wheel Knight group curve around the frozen ground,

But they managed to dodge, rough yet adequate evasive maneuvers.

The Living Armors followed, lightly lifting off the ground as they flew in.

Transformed troops rushed toward the flying Living Armor.


My gaze was drawn upward by an explosion.

A helicopter that had been patrolling overhead had exploded.

I saw that it was pierced by a long metal rod.

A rod emitting shimmering purple light.

I looked ahead again.

The Spell Knight’s hand shone with strange characters. As his glowing hand touched the shoulder of a nearby Living Armor, it shattered in the air and took the form of a long metal rod.

It resembled a throwing spear. The Spell Knight grasped the transformed Living Armor spear and leaned back.

A dynamic motion followed.

He twisted his body and threw the spear.

The helicopters, despite their agility, couldn’t dodge it.

Ting, bang!

Another helicopter turned into fireworks in the sky.

I turned my gaze forward once more.

Ahead, the tide smashing our troops like squashed squid approached in sight.

“Bite down hard on your molars. All of you.”

I spoke.

Passing through this wave would not be easy.

But I didn’t think anyone dying here was an option.

This isn’t even a crisis. That’s what I thought.


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