Genius of unique lineage Chapter 258


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 257. Opens

Euihye Lee meticulously inspected and reported on the incident that unfolded before her eyes. Named Gates rarely open. This is true even on a global scale. Sometimes they only cause fractures before halting. What’s left then is just a bunch of Invaders. It’s all over once they’re cleaned up. At times, they half-open before closing again. Once, a slime-based Named managed to peek through at Dongdaemun before retreating. Wasn’t that Named called Starfish? Of course, there are also times when they open completely. Then, well, chaos ensues. Nothing can be preemptively concluded.

“How many were in the Immortal Special Squad? No, the total number of agents?”

The question from the other end of the phone interrupted her brief reflection.

“Twelve from the Immortal Special Squad, eight from PWAT Team C, six from Team B, twenty-six all in all,” she replied promptly as she had observed.


“I arrived first,” said Euihye Lee, anticipating the next query. Even she found the situation astounding.

She could almost envision the tightly shut lips of the Chief over the phone. It was something unbelievable even to those who witnessed it with their own eyes.

“Did the Immortal Squad gather all Aces or what?”

“That doesn’t seem to be the case.”

“And with just those few, they took down two hundred high-ranked Invaders? Did the SCST undergo a transformation or something?”

“No. There was another transformer among us, Hwarang’s Jeong Sojin.”

“And the SCST?”

“They were in command.”

“Incredible, truly,” the Chief’s genuine admiration was audible.

“Okay. What’s the situation?”

The Chief inquired. Euihye Lee’s gaze shifted to the holographic screen. Twelve drones floated above her, transmitting the surrounding situation in real-time. The circumstances were good. Too good, for the kind of situation that should have been bad.

It wasn’t just about killing two hundred Invaders with a mere twenty-six. It was about dissecting the important parts like peeling fruit skin and carving out the rotten areas with a knife tip. They artificially altered the Invader formation. Yes, the shocker wasn’t the killing of over two hundred Invaders by twenty-six. It was that civilian casualties were nonexistent, and the Invaders were bound right in front of the fracture.

“Maintain formation,” she replied to the directive.


After ending the call, Euihye Lee issued a few orders and observed the arriving Special Species Squads. She saw them with her eyes, but the testimonies of the PWAT team members echoed in her ears.

What did they say? ‘Simply pouring out psionic power as he commanded drew in the Invaders like moths to a flame, and they died?’

Setting up concrete spears at an angle with psychokinesis was perfect for impaling the Living Armors that charged in. Creating ice caused the Wheel Knights to slip and fall. It was a strategy that fully exploited the Invaders’ weaknesses.

She could do it too. It’s just that she wouldn’t execute it this way.


It felt like a tactic informed by visions of the future. The gathered forces couldn’t precisely be considered an elite few. They merely unfolded all the abilities they possessed. A proof was that by the time she arrived, the remaining PWAT team members were all in a state of exhaustion.

They had unanimously said, “We were in a trance. The more we concentrated and released power, the feeling grew that we could do more, so we pushed further.”

That’s how they poured out their strength. With all their hearts and souls. Thoroughly exhausting even the last ounce of energy, a state they called Psionic High. An elevation occasionally felt during training, along with the drowsiness that only comes after expending all psychic energy.

She had that experience too. Just that she had never seen someone achieve this ‘High’ in actual combat.

“This is my first time encountering this,” said Team Leader Kim Jung-ki of PWAT B, his face flushed and his voice excited. Even with trembling legs, he seemed content.

‘What did he do?’

Only then did Euihye Lee become curious about what Kwang-ik had done. And she wasn’t the only one intrigued.

The twelve from Immortal Special Squad were experiencing this for the first time. Forgetting cool-headedness and rational judgment, their bodies moved as if led by something else. They all shared the same experience and thought. Euphoria. It was what pushed them beyond their limits. And they fought like that. Their whole bodies trembled, straining themselves to the extent that recovery was imminent. Pulling triggers, swinging blades, throwing knives. They wrapped wires tight, halting the Living Armors’ movements and frenziedly jabbed at visors.

Kwang-ik’s affiliate, Tattoo Man, succinctly reported this, and the intel went straight to Hwarim’s CEO office. There stood Nam Myeong-jin, crookedly leaning back with crossed legs, lost in thought—the man called a first-generation hero. He had seen all sorts of Special Species.

‘Could it be?’

That’s how he knew what Kwang-ik had done. But the disbelief was too great because of that knowledge. Kwang-ik wasn’t even in his thirties—a Special Species.

‘There are geniuses, is this the case?’

Nam Myeong-jin had lived envying geniuses all his life, so jealousy ignited in his heart. But he doused that flame at once. Now was not the time.

A Gate had opened in the heart of Korea, risking the same fate as North Korea.

“I have dispatched four Immortal Special Squad teams. And Team Leader Lee Jung-bong has requested independent action,” reported his secretary.

It was an emergency meeting—one member among the gathered male executives finally spoke.

“Independent action? In this situation?”

He was a fool.

Wasn’t there a law of the conservation of lunatics? There’s always that one crazy person in a company. Even after job-hopping, it’s the same story. If you can’t find the lunatic, the saying goes, you should suspect yourself.

He was that kind of a man. The kind with short-cropped hair like a soldier, fewer than 170cm tall but with bountiful curly hair, and a thin eye shape. It was Director Park Young-don, known for his Immortal’s signature pale skin and attractive features. Though his thin eyes give his appearance an oddly sinister cast.

There are people in the world so stubborn and obstinate, filling their lives with defiance and self-righteousness; people who won’t believe unless seen with their own eyes, and still wouldn’t when they do. Park Young-don was exactly that sort of man. His expression laid bare.

A look was enough to tell. He seemed displeased by what the SCST had done. And his irritation seemed to bounce off onto Lee Jung-bong.

“Leave Lee Jung-bong alone,” President Nam interceded before any unwarranted comments were made. If even Lee Jung-bong stayed with Immortal Special Squad because of the Cheongkisah Gate, who would dare stop him now that it’s open?

“Shouldn’t we hold someone accountable? Why is a government agent taking orders from a private corporation?” Park Young-don’s voice grew louder, his eyes wide open.

His words weren’t wrong. Only that his counterpart is SCST Yoo Kwang-ik.

Nam Myeong-jin himself wasn’t wholly fond of that Yoo Kwang-ik, but he knew he couldn’t go against the tide.

“What can you say when the results are this good?” questioned Director Kim Dong-chul, the overall head who still struggled because of one wrong decision in the past. Recently, he has grown much thinner, his cheeks sunken in.

“The results? So, should just anyone act that way if it turns out fine? If so, why bother with norms and following laws?”

“Wasn’t that how the situation was……”

“Oh, so breaking the law is fine depending on the situation? Director Kim Dong-chul, that’s an alarming stance.”

That bastard?

Kim Dong-chul’s eyes sharpened. Their glances collided.

“Did I say something wrong?” Park continued, pouring oil on the fire.

Kim Dong-chul turned away from glaring at Park to address the President.

“Shouldn’t we send support?”

His point was valid. What mattered now wasn’t the controversy over SCST’s command but the Named Gate reinforcement. Moreover, that outcome was so stunning it was practically a given. Twenty-six had killed two hundred Invaders and managed to bunch up the enemy formation beyond the fracture. They had turned the tables entirely in their favor.

Kim Dong-chul arranged his thoughts for a brief moment before speaking.

“I will go to the site myself.”

Someone of at least director-level should go out to take command.

Before President Nam could respond, “Don’t talk nonsense,” Park interjected vehemently. He spoke with firm conviction, as if laying down a law.

“Does Director Kim Dong-chul have a favorable view towards that SCST guy?”

“I do.”

Even without it, just looking at that annoying fellow now, it might just appear. He wished Park were someone taking a bribe or acting up. But no, that man was just trapped within his stubbornness. Too caught up in the belief that anything the heroes of the first generation couldn’t do, neither could a young Special Species.

So what was it till now? A fluke? A stroke of luck? Didn’t his father, the Thousand Faces, say so? The very Yu Yeon-ho notorious for deceiving friend and foe alike. Without any certainty, how could they assert that the father hadn’t helped his son? His father had to have been behind all the achievements. And wasn’t his mother a daughter of the Dangun Group? There surely must’ve been support from that side as well.

Yes, certainly there was assistance.

It’s a conspiracy theory. However, the problem was that this narrative sounded convincing. If you let it slide, it almost seemed plausible.

“So we’re entrusting full authority to the SCST on the site?”

At those words, veins bulged on Kim Dong-chul’s forehead. However, he restrained his words, holding in his frustration. His patience was rewarded.

“I’ll go myself. You do know I’m from Three Star’s General lineage?”

Meaning that as a strategist and commander, his capabilities weren’t half bad.

President Nam nodded. Someone had to go. And if a Named popped out of the Gate, there wouldn’t even be a chance to apply any tactics anyway. It made no difference who would go.

Kim Dong-chul inwardly scoffed at his adversary. ‘Have you not dealt with Yoo Kwang-ik yourself?’ Beyond the SCST moniker, Yoo Kwang-ik was a Special Species outside the realm of normalcy. One doesn’t know without experiencing it firsthand. If you can’t believe without seeing, and still doubt when you do, experiencing it should suffice.

“Do you have anything else to say?”

Park looked expectantly at Kim Dong-chul, whose lips seemed to curl upwards but who instead adopted a look of defeat.


The meeting of Immortal Special Squad ended.

Back at Dangun Group, discussions were underway.

“We won’t be able to receive help from Old Force. Named Gate fractures have begun in China, America, France, and Germany.”

“The boy is extraordinary, although he is my grandson.”

Group Chairman Kang Nok-seok stood proudly amidst the discussion. Everyone nodded in agreement. This gathering’s atmosphere differed from that of the Immortal Special Squad. Here, power was concentrated in one person, and amidst internal turmoil, no one would dare challenge the Chairman.

“Send Hwarang Team and the support team.”

“Are we sending forces that are on standby for Named Gate emergencies?”

Humanity had been there and done that; thus, preparation was only logical.

“Send them,” permission came from the Chairman. The Named hunting team from Hwarang consisted of Aces among the transformer species.

A rainy night’s sleep isn’t advisable, as you can catch a cold. Unless, of course, you possess the robust physique of a transformer species. But even they don’t relish sleeping sopping wet.

Barely awake, I stumbled into any nearby house, switched on the boiler, washed off with hot water, threw off my clothes, and hopped into bed to catch some sleep. And I drifted off into slumber, only to dream about the events I partook in, observing them as if from a third-person perspective.

‘I can do this.’

That was my initial thought. I expanded my senses. Opened wide, they absorbed all the surrounding information. I used that to forecast events, magnifying and interpreting the talents of Jung Su-ra, the clairvoyant from the pureblood Jeong family famously known as the ‘Predictor one step ahead’. Seeing and reading into the future.

Yet that wasn’t all. I had to assess the capabilities of our allies. My fists might shatter concrete, but not all Immortals can do the same. The Wheel Knight’s rear is vulnerable, but strength is required to deliver the impact.

While predicting the Invaders’ movements, I sorted my allies into strike teams and support teams. It was a snap decision. It wasn’t something thoroughly thought through. Maybe that’s why I ended up dreaming and organizing my thoughts this way. I puzzled over it in combat—how to fight for maximum advantage. Not only to secure victory but also to paint a picture of the aftermath.

Thus I did. No matter how high-ranked the Wheel Knights and Living Armors were, they couldn’t withstand a missile barrage. That’s the formation I was going for. The picture I painted took form. On one side, we chiseled away, and from the front, we stabbed and hacked. We rattled and struck. The Invader throng I manipulated stood in a circle before the fracture. A densely packed formation. I had engineered it that way.

“Are you asleep?”

At that voice, I awakened. I could still see rain pouring outside. It wasn’t evening yet, just dim outside.

Jung-dik’s face came into view. It was his voice that had roused me.

“To sleep amidst such commotion.”

It was Ki-nam’s comment.

As I turned, Mi-ho appeared before me. Upon making eye contact, she spoke immediately.

“In 10 minutes, the bombardment begins.”

Her perception was razor-sharp.

“What kind of bombardment?”

Nearby, Gyutae asked, and Yohan poked him on the side, saying, “Stay quiet.”

Kim Geun-yuk and Rose had arrived too.

“Where’s Dong-hoon?”

“He went to the command post to designate the bombing locations.”

Every part of my body felt light as a feather. The short rest had been profound.

“Did you bring it?”


Jung-dik replied to my query. He referred to our gear, 4th Batter’s and mine.

“Son, there’s still no sign of it opening.”

My mother looked out the window, commenting on the shattered piece, the remnants of a fracture hanging in the void.

“It will open.”

I assured her as I got up. Everyone turned to look at me. I felt like a prophet stating, “It opens. The Named Gate.”

Why? I don’t know. But I was certain while fighting at the forefront. The door will open. The dormant instincts of the transforming species within me told me so, and an Immortal’s intuition warned that if things went awry, this place would become a mass graveyard.


I called out to Ki-nam. He would feel it if I did.

Our gazes met.

Speak up, Ki-nam. You are the most sensitive man from the pureblood Jeong residence.

I looked at him with anticipation. Ki-nam’s eyes shone. His gaze swept outside. He shivered briefly. An Immortal’s senses captured his sense of discomfort.

Discomfort, yes, I felt the same looking at that fracture.

Switching looks between me and the window, he spoke.

“Don’t act chummy and call me by name. Tch.”

…Our Ki-nam, utterly lacking social awareness.

“Son, did you not completely wake up?”

Mother called out, worried.


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