Genius of unique lineage Chapter 257


Genius of a Unique Lineage

256. Mad Command

“We’ll reduce the number of Invaders until reinforcements arrive.”


The man with the tattoo was taken aback by my comment. His eyes met mine in confusion.

His hair was soaked from the rain, with droplets seeping down his eyelids.

As I brushed past my eyes with my hand, he questioned me silently.

What kind of nonsense was that?


A siren wails at just the right moment.

Are we supposed to just wait for the Blue Knight to show up?

If we leave them alone, they’ll end up filling the area.

Letting it go would put us at a disadvantage from the start.

Above all.

“Ugh, ah!”

An ambiguous sound, partway between a scream and a groan, reaches my ears.

The Immortal’s hearing had caught it.

No matter how accustomed I had become to the four letters spelling ‘Invader,’ seeing them in person was a different story.

To witness that huge hunk of metal making a whirring sound while turning people into a bloody mess— it would be a blessing not to wet oneself out of pure terror.

We assumed a tactical point like a small earth black hole and began to control the area.

But the number of Invaders kept growing, threatening to overrun the vicinity.

Meaning, any civilians who couldn’t escape were as good as dead.

Hadn’t we just experienced it?

If there was any hint of our presence within a certain range, the mob would react even before the Blue Knight could appear.

We needed to move before that could happen.

“So, you’re suggesting we fight?”

Tattoo Man asked back.

I knew well the protocol of the Immortal Special Unit.

The Immortal Special Unit didn’t encourage wasting lives on such matters.

They teach to create a stable combat environment.

“I have a plan. Shit, okay. I’ll join.”

Huh? I was considering how to take command, but Tattoo Man already agreed and stepped behind me.

Then, turning around, he spoke a bit louder.

Loud enough to command attention, but clear enough for an Immortal to understand.

“From now on, we operate under the command of Sechoit Special. Any complaints, save them for later. Move out without a fuss.”

After three years on the job, I had finally reached a position to lead a group.

I felt a mix of pride at our collective growth and surprise.

They followed readily, without me even leading the way.

In the meantime, two PWAT teams joined us.

“I’m Kim Jeong-gi from PWAT.”

One member spoke, holding his helmet at his side. He was a man with distinctive eyebrows.

“Fall in. And select any Ice Makers, report to me.”

Without elaborating, I threw out a command.

“Yes, sir!”

They followed orders well.

Will they always be this compliant?

“It’s an honor.”

An extraordinary special type said this while loading a team member from PWAT onto a stretcher.

He looked at me, sliding up his helmet’s face guard.

His eyes overflowed with goodwill like a waterfall.

If asked for a guarantee on the spot, he seemed the type who would readily agree.

“You’re quite popular.”

Sojin nudged my shoulder and commented.

“Indeed. An unexpected turn of events, though.”

But there was nothing bad about it.

“We have eight with Ice Making abilities.”

Another special type with extraordinary abilities approached and informed me among the chaos.

I took a cursory glance at their helmets and gear.

Even in haste, they came prepared.

“Let’s go on a date.”

I said to Sojin.

Hearing that, one of the ice-makers turned his head and asked,


“Let’s get this started.”

I kicked a pebble up with the tip of my foot.

It was a piece of a broken utility pole. In the short time it took me to kick the broken piece, I honed my senses sharp.

The rain still fell, hitting my shoulders and head.

My hair was wet, my clothes were damp, and even my shoes felt soggy.

Amongst the streaming rain, I caught the sound of people’s breathing.

At the same time, I recalled the previous encounter with the Invaders.

Their behavior patterns, their range of activity, their level of movement.

I remembered everything.

The Immortal’s senses made this possible.

And then I calculated.

All of this was accomplished in the brief moment it took to kick a fist-sized cement chunk.

If we encroached a certain distance, they would react, but they would also respond to a threat.

Like machines programmed to act.

The prediction was accurate.

I kept the cement piece afloat and launched my body into the air.

In an instant, I positioned my body horizontally to the ground and swung my foot.

With the cement shard settled atop the bridge of my foot, I pushed and kicked it away—

—a volley shot.

Thump, sshhk! Ka-bang!

The shard, kicked with the instep of my foot, flew and struck a Wheel Knight’s head.

“Wow, shit, picking a fight immediately?”

Tattoo Man muttered.


I landed on my left foot to regain balance while holding my right foot up.

“Freeze it.”


“The ground.”


No sooner had I finished speaking, six Wheel Knights reacted.

The eight Ice Makers did as I commanded.

Chill surged from nearby, scarcely felt before the ground was frozen solid.


An odd noise followed, and ice formed over the rain-drenched land.

It’s the Achilles’ heeletcode of any wheeled vehicle.

If it’s slippery, they’re handicapped.

Well, if the Wheel Knights anticipated this and switched to winter tires, then okay, I’ll accept defeat.

Whiiing! Ssskreeek!

The Invaders sped across the icy ground, falling pathetically.


They slid and crashed into the ice, breaking it and tumbling helplessly.

“Are you just going to watch? Open fire.”


As the Wheel Knights fell, exposing their backs, the Immortal Special Unit rained down lead.

“Use the Octopus.”

Tattoo Man instructed, pointing a finger.

Two members of the Immortal Unit blasted away with their Glock 17s in the direction he indicated.


There’s no smoky residue. The rain washes it all away.

Octopus rounds—an improved version of hollow-point bullets.

Named for the way they spread like octopus tentacles upon penetration, they’re not designed to pierce but to maximize stopping power, perfect for smashing through foes like Living Armor with no weaknesses.


Subsequently, the Immortal Special Unit moved like perfectly synchronized clockwork.

They shredded targets with shotguns, then took out any Invader who showed its back.

“Keep freezing.”

The Ice Makers, eight in number, exerted themselves to use their abilities at my command.

“Freeze, freeze everything!”


Some of them began to bleed from the nose after exerting themselves too hard.

“Telekinetics, cover the eyes of the enemy.”

Wheel Knights and Living Armors have limited sensory organs.

They seem to have eyes, but only have two light-emitting spots near their faces.

I gathered up a wet cloth from the ground and threw it.

This time I pitched it like a fastball.

The well-aimed bundle of cloth flies towards an approaching Living Armor.

I struck the Armor’s face.


The tangled cloth on the face, the creature could not remove it.

How could it, with both hands being blades?

The Living Armor that flew toward me spun around in the air.

“Blood and flesh, the bursting of iron—a single powerful date.”

I muttered to myself, watching this.

Sojin, who had been waiting beside me, leaped into action.

Her movement was smooth and did not fit her hefty body.

She raced through the rain.

There was no sound of her feet kicking off the ground.

Her flexible muscles twisted.

She twisted her waist and, lifting her body into the air, kicked down from above.

I had to respect her for still wearing compression-hardened boots even on a date.


A sound close to an explosion rang out.


And one Living Armor was bisected, reduced to a miserable heap of scrap metal, as if it had been smashed repeatedly with a club.

“Let’s go.”

I spoke.

The telekinetic had done their job.

I threw stones and such to continue taunting the creatures.

Especially toward the areas where I could sense breathing, presence.

In no time, all of us had formed a semicircle.

We created a perimeter and lured the Invaders inside, ready to annihilate them.

I sharpened my senses even further.

Presence, movement, people, Invaders, colleagues, the Immortal Special Forces, PWAT, Jeong Sojin, me.

I took everything into my head and moved.

“Block here.”

I pointed with my left index and middle fingers.

A superhuman special kind stretched out their hands and lifted upwards.

A rock barrier formed in front of them.

A Wheel Knight charging forward broke through the wall.

But that reduced its speed sufficiently for the Immortal Special Forces to respond and hunt it down.

A wire caught on the slowed creature’s wheel.

Two Special Forces soldiers held the wire on either side and twirled it tight.

The taut wire wrapped around the wheel.


Water from the rain scattered in all directions. Seizing the moment, a physical enhancement ability user swung a heavy mace from behind.


A pleasant sound erupted.

The Wheel Knight, its head burst open, fell forward.

“Freeze it.”

This time on the right.

The senses speak. They predict the opponent’s movement.

Right now, I am a commander on the battlefield and a prophet.

I speak, and the earth rises and ice forms.


Wet cloths, tarps, wide planks fly through the air.

Some blind the Living Armors’ eyes and obstruct their movements.


A Beast-kin charges toward the area I point to.

Now fully transformed, Sojin, covered in black fur, displayed her abilities to the fullest.

Her size had doubled.


Her fist demolished a Living Armor.

Didn’t they say that Hwarang of the Dangun Group could handle about ten average Invaders on her own?

Sojin exceeded that.

She had transformed.


And she beat her chest.

A transformation truly suited for a loud thud.

She was a gorilla.

Hairy, she smashed any Living Armor that fell or turned its back.

Her shout was chilling in its own way.




“Blood and flesh! Date!”

A Beast-kin might become rough when transformed. Innermost feelings sometimes burst forth.


Her final outcry left no doubt that it fully reflected her desires.

A dissatisfied transformed Beast-kin is indeed terrifying.

I kept repeating the same tactic.

Predicting and moving.

The rain grew stronger.


This time, it wasn’t lightning but a thunderbolt that struck true.

Blue sparks like branches arched in the air.

Sight was not necessary.

It was just a feeling.

The Invaders’ patterns and movements.

The movements of my allies.


A serene kiai, a shout unique to Immortals.

Tattoo Guy, who ran out of bullets for his submachine gun, threw it and leaped, crossing over the head of a Wheel Knight and pulling his knife in reverse grip.


He took down one, then righted himself to look for the next enemy.

There was a sign of fatigue, but it was okay.

His eyes were already red; he must have taken some drug.

I glanced at him for a moment, then surveyed the rest of the situation.

There was no way I could join the battle myself.

It was like walking a tightrope.

If I missed even the slightest prediction, someone would die.

I couldn’t stop commanding now.

Lightly prodding to reduce their numbers seemed to pose a considerable threat to the opponent.

They reacted.

Wheel Knights and Living Armors—only two types of Invaders, but there were far too many of them.

I couldn’t relax, so I enjoyed it.

The ongoing predictions and fights continued.

“My nose is bleeding.”

In the midst of the rain, my blood seemed to stand out clearly.

Warm liquid flowed down my lips among the cool streams.

“Same here.”

I responded.

The cryomancer beside me wiped their nose.

That was my timing.

“Civilian evacuation completed.”

I heard a voice from behind. It was a familiar voice.

This person arrived first.

“Are you here?”

“Pull back. Mr. Gwang-ik, from now on, this place is a special disaster area.”

I pulled back.

Rumble rumble.

This thunder was different.

It didn’t come from a Gate or fall from the sky.

It burst forth from a person.

A superhuman special kind’s blue lightning whip extended, piercing two approaching Living Armors.

As the whip of electricity that penetrated their bodies expanded, the floating ghost armor broke to pieces.

Excellent skill.

“Well done.”

Team Leader Noona commented.


The rest of us pulled back a few steps.

“I almost died.”

The voice belonged to Tattoo Guy. When I turned my head, I couldn’t see one of his arms.

“There were no civilian casualties. It’s all thanks to you, Mr. Gwang-ik.”

Team Leader Noona spoke again.

It’s not to the point of passing out. I can endure, but I definitely overused my brain.

I spread my consciousness around.

It wasn’t difficult.

No crisis. No Named would pop out immediately.

“I’ll rest for a bit.”

I did what was necessary for me right then.

Closing my eyes and falling asleep.

“Are you sleeping?”

“…Guess so.”

As I drifted off into unconsciousness, I could hear the voices of Tattoo Guy and Team Leader Noona.

“Incredible command. No one died.”

The voice of the cryomancer beside me was the last thing I heard before I slept.

My brain was tingling; if I didn’t sleep now, real damage would linger.


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