Genius of unique lineage Chapter 256


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 255: Combat Date (2)

The rain is falling.

Since the morning, the sky had been overcast, and now it rained.

“It has a certain charm with the rain.”

The words didn’t seem all that charming, considering they were said while chewing and swallowing eight ribs.

At the spacious rib house, I had kept my promise and took Sojin on a date involving physical exertion.

We were in the middle of eating when Sojin spoke up. Of course, since we were in the presence of food, not eating would not bode well for a superior species like us, so I diligently kept eating.

This wasn’t a restaurant specialized for unique species.

“……Is this a mukbang?”

“You really eat well.”

Whispers from a couple at another table reached us.

They were correct.

We really did eat.

Strangely enough, the food kept going down more smoothly today, not just for me, but for Sojin as well.

Initially, the restaurant owner had smiled broadly when we ordered, but now his face had turned queasy.

After we finished our meal, the owner, who was across the counter, asked us a question.

“You’re a unique species, aren’t you?”


“My goodness, you really can eat. I’ll waive the price of the banchan and service rice.”

The owner was quite flexible.

He even let us have the soda and side dishes for free.

“It feels like we’ve done all the business today.”

The owner, having handled a valuable customer, said with a smile.

“Thank you for your hard work. It was delicious.”

Bowing my head respectfully, as a son of the land of courteous people, I exited the restaurant.

Watching this, Sojin commented with a soft smile.

“That’s nice to see. You can tell a lot about a person’s character by how they treat others. Kwang Ik, you’re really well-mannered. It reminds me of something my mother used to say. Choose a man by watching how he treats other people. Shall we go now?”

“Go where?”

Our usual banter came to an abrupt end, and my informal speech just slipped out.

“To a hotel, where else?”

That was unexpectedly straightforward, almost explosive.

“Aren’t dates between men and women supposed to end at a hotel?”

The earnestness in her tilted head and question was palpable.

She seriously considered it to be so.

This woman was dangerously straightforward.

“We’re not going to a hotel.”

Why not?

Sojin asked with her eyes.

This woman is for real.

As I said this, I looked back at the place we left.


Sojin asked.

Stopping in my tracks, I briefly rubbed my nose.

What is this?

A strange foreboding feeling.

Was the meat we just ate bad? No, that couldn’t be.

A shapeshifter’s sense of smell is sharp, especially when it comes to food.

But an uneasy sensation was arising.

“Why do you keep speaking formally? You usually don’t speak that way.”

“When working, it’s more comfortable, but now I’m trying to maintain some distance.”

I spoke candidly, as I always did, and tensed up.

Why does this feel ominous?

Could it be the friends of the Immortal Sect assassins visiting again?

I’d welcome them gladly if that were the case.

My sixth sense’s edge sharpened. An immortal manipulates unique frequencies. These are transmissions exclusive to humanity, created beyond the five senses, through the sixth sense.

And through that, I scoped out the surroundings.

There was nothing.

So, no assassin.

If someone out there could deceive my senses, they would deserve at least a hit.

That’s only polite.

“Do you feel offended by me maintaining distance? If you like playing hard to get, then fine. Shall I faint for a moment? Then you can just carry me away, right?”

That doesn’t sound like hard to get, more like an abduction.

I met Sojin’s eyes as she spouted nonsense and said,

“Let’s step aside for a moment.”


“Let’s go.”

It was pure instinct and intuition, not motivated by any particular incident.

“I purposefully chose to eat here because of the hotel nearby.”

She was still hooked on that hotel topic.

Where we moved to was behind a subway station, an old alleyway that made one question if they were still in Seoul, adorned with power lines hanging above.


As my foot stepped into the alley, a loud noise erupted.

I immediately took off sprinting, with Sojin by my side.

Thump, thump.

The pouring rain hit my face, but I didn’t even blink.

As soon as I arrived, I saw a gate.

And Wheel Knights besieging the patrol officers.

Running now would be too late.

I instinctively activated my gear.

Within seconds, a rifle barrel formed atop my left index and middle fingers.

A single bullet, absorbing a drop of my blood, split the air in an instant.

In a flash.

I formed and fired the Parasitic Rifle in a compressed process.

The bullet soared,

And although the Wheel Knight aimed for a .38-calibur-shooting officer, its head burst open, making a hole.

The Parasitic Rifle is a sniper’s weapon.

As the distance was relatively close, the shot penetrated the Wheel Knight’s armor.

While it staggered backwards from a penetrated head, I stepped in front of the two shaken officers.

Sojin moved to the side.

The constant drizzle of rain continued.

And then there was a rumble – a blue lightning bolt struck upward from the gate.

The sight instantly brought several memories and pieces of information to mind.

Conclusions drawn from a mixed bag of skills learned in the Immortal Special Forces and past experiences.

“A Named Gate.”

While I mentioned calling for backup and joked with Sojin, the crack in the gate widened.

“Is this what you call a date?”

Sojin asked.

Blood and flesh were visible on the ground, getting hit by the downpour.

“A first for this kind of date?”

“What are you saying?”

“A combat date marked by flying blood and flesh, it will be unforgettable.”

“…Hmm, it could be fun in its own right.”

She responded to my joking remark exactly like that.

This woman really isn’t in her right mind.

I pulled out some gloves.

Through the growing rift, Wheel Knights and Living Armors emerged, but no Invaders were seen.

That’s characteristic of a Named Gate.

Only Invaders related to the Named appear, like the retinue of soldiers following a general, and they come in waves.

“Phew. Phew.”

As Sojin caught her breath, a hallucination overlaid my vision.

A massive back.

The starting point was that very back, the beginning of my desire to fight against Invaders.

With another rumble,

Lightning struck again, this time from the bottom upward—the harbinger of misfortune.

From the Wheel Knights and Living Armors, a nightmare was born.

A mad Named moving at speeds exceeding 200 km/h.

Its hands were equipped with blue energy blades capable of slicing through adamantium.

“A gate presumed to be Blue Night Gate has opened. Coordinates for current location needed for tracking, casualties present, Immortal Special Forces and Hwarang Sojin on the battlefield.”

Sojin made a call from behind.

I also grabbed my phone.

Wheel Knights and Living Armors stood arrayed like soldiers before the rift.

“It’s open, brother. Looks like we’ve got a Named Gate.”

“What’s open?”

“Get all combat personnel out and my weapon, please.”

After speaking, I hung up.

There was immediate work to be done.

“Officers, get out. Please retreat and control the perimeter.”




There were five people from PWAT.

Four were dead.

One was still next to the arrayed figures.

Taking out each Invader with a Parasitic Rifle would take half a lifetime at this rate.

The number of Invaders was increasing exponentially.

From one to ten, from ten to a hundred.

In the blink of an eye, the number exceeded a hundred.

Yet the rift still hadn’t fully burst open.


I spoke to Sojin and dashed forward.

As I moved, the three nearby Living Armors and four Wheel Knights reacted.

The arm of a Living Armor, shaped like a spear, flew towards me.

In that moment, the Wheel Knight’s charge bore down on me.

Each attack would reach me in seconds. Continuing the charge would lead to being torn apart.

Battle precognition activated on its own, guiding my actions.

I deliberately invited the attack.

Knowing they would come towards me, I acted.

With my left foot, I stamped the ground and halted my body.


Muscles from my left thigh to my waist cried out.


One of the Wheel Knight’s lances passed by my face.

The Living Armor’s attack hopelessly slashed the air.

I crouched, partially stooping and activating the spell in my gloves.

Galaxy Field, a shield resembling the Milky Way formed, and—

Tap tap tap!

The Living Armor’s attacks, which had blades instead of spears on their arms, were blocked by it.

It only took a moment.

I grabbed the person who had fallen earlier and jumped back with him.

While looking forward, I flew backwards.

Although unintentional, seven Invaders, especially the two Wheel Knights, chased after me at alarming speeds.

The point of a lance appeared as a dot. That dot soon became a line, and that line, with its heavy mass, would skewer my torso.

Before the lance’s contact, I threw away the person I had been carrying and ducked.


I was dressed in a hoodie. The lance caught the edge of my hoodie and tore half my upper clothing.

But in return, I avoided the attack, and I rolled forward.

Before the Wheel Knight could turn around, I grabbed its back and swung my elbow upwards from below.

From below to above, an elbow strike packed with explosive muscular force.

Crack, crunch, ting.

The helmet that caught the last of the elbow strike dented and broke.

I exerted too much force and became airborne.

Using that lifting energy, I grabbed the shoulder of the Wheel Knight I had killed and flipped into the air.

Feet towards the sky, head towards the ground.

In that posture, while in mid-air, I activated the Parasitic Rifle.

I took aim at the heads of the Wheel Knight and Living Armor that had noticed me and fired one shot.

Bang, thud.

The sound of the armor being penetrated was crisp.

The recoil pushed me backwards. I used that force to balance myself and landed on the ground, ready for the next attack.

A heavy rock fell on the head of the close-range Living Armor.


It wasn’t a rock but a utility pole. Someone swung a broken utility pole fiercely.

Who else could it be?

“What are you doing so suddenly?”

It was Sojin. A Living Armor can’t die with just a hole or two.

Sojin charged forth and smashed the Living Armor to pieces.


Together we took care of a few Invaders that reacted to me.

This wasn’t much of a problem.

The remaining Invaders did not even look our way.

If you don’t get too close, they don’t react.

This is my first experience with a Named Gate, too.

“It’s troublesome if you act without saying anything.”

Sojin said.

“I saved you in exchange.”

I spoke informally again without realizing.

Pointing behind us, I asked,

“Guk, who?”

The man I had saved now awake and asked in a groan.

“NS Yoo Gwang Ik.”

Approaching, I said,

“Hwarang Sojin.”

“What’s going on?”

The man half-raised himself and widened his eyes at the scene behind us.

It wasn’t surprising.

In that short moment, it seemed like well over two hundred Invaders were now present.

And the rift continued to break.


It was breaking even now.

“How long would it take for PWAT team backup to arrive?”

There was no time for explanations.

“Uh, at least within twenty minutes…”

“Then hit the comm. Looks like there’s no time to stand around and gawk.”

Saying this, I turned back around.

“Before the knight appears, the rest will be like sleeping puppies.”

Sojin stood close by.

“And when they wake up, they’ll become mad hunting dogs.”

“It’s odd to say this in such a moment, but, Kwang Ik, when you use informal speech, you seem kind of sexy.”

This woman really is something.

“How long will support from Dangun take?”

Better stick to formal language.

“Hwarang, proper forces will take at least 30 minutes.”

They said it was a lousy location.

The closest forces seemed to be another PWAT team and the emergency Immortal Special Force team.

Blinking a couple of times, I pondered.

If left as it is, the knight will appear.

A Named isn’t called humanity’s nightmare for nothing.

If that horde of Invaders unites with the knight, it’ll be the start of a disadvantageous battle.

The potential harm to civilians nearby would be considerable.

The task at hand is one:

Reduce their numbers.

Rushing into that mass of Invaders without proper gear or weapons to reduce their ranks would be reckless.

So, the reduction will have limitations.

What’s needed is manpower.

“There are two PWAT teams nearby. They are on their way.”

Said the man I saved.

“Shit, what’s this?”

A familiar voice called out.

A welcome face.

It was my same year pupil, the dragon tattoo pupil.

Twelve from the Immortal Special Forces followed him.

That wasn’t too bad. The only issue left was command.

Will they listen to what I have to say?

Well, if they don’t, I’ll just make them listen.

“NS Yoo Gwang Ik speaking. I’m taking charge here. I’ve finished talking with HQ. Get into formation. We’re about to reduce the number of Invaders.”

Some of the Immortals’ faces paled at my words.

I would’ve felt the same.

Even now, more Invaders were sprouting from the rift like spring mushrooms.

A dreadful number.

But we don’t even number 50 here.

“It’s fine. They won’t react if you don’t come into a certain range.”

Wasn’t that proven by what just happened?

Those fools are nothing but dolls until Blue Knight appears.

Dumb dolls waiting for their master.

“This is truly a dynamic date.”

Sojin mumbled beside me.

I fully agreed with her words and nodded.

“Of course.”

Combat date it is. Isn’t being dynamic the whole point?


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