Genius of unique lineage Chapter 254


Genius of a Unique Lineage

253. They’re Experienced

“Then, are you saying this operation was conducted in agreement with the police?”

The face of the host projected through hologram could be seen.

Responding to the question, the police spokesperson sitting beside the host began to speak.

“Yes, that’s correct. We could no longer overlook the criminals.”

The host’s mouth twitched several times at the words. It was fleeting and barely noticeable, but not to the eyes of the immortal.

Certainly, the netizens would not miss it either.

From my perspective, the host’s lower lip looked like it would go viral in memes.

I fully understood why the host reacted that way.

If crime was the issue, why leave alone those special species operating under the guise of black markets and private corporations?

Our country even has a history of accepting Money & Save, a sunshine enterprise created by Prometheus.

They must have wanted to question that.

Even if it’s mixed with special species, are these organized gangsters really the same ruthless gangsters of the past?

Are the really dangerous ones not being touched?

“The crime eradicator is affiliated with NS,” the host pointed out weakly. The words lacked energy, to which the police spokesperson responded with the same unchanged expression.


It was a terse answer.

You don’t have more to say? No more comments?

The host questioned with her eyes.

The police spokesperson sat still, expressionless as if chiseled from stone.

You’d believe it if someone said they were a poker-faced supernatural of a special kind.

The host’s gaze went straight ahead. In other words, she looked directly at the camera.

Our eyes met through the hologram.

It felt like we were talking face to face.

“Yes, the crime eradicator who led the war against crime was part of a police operation. This has had repercussions beyond the capital region, eradicating the names of organized gangsters even in the provinces. The gangs of the past are disappearing. They have now become…”

The host paused, swallowing his breath.

“Law-abiding citizens instead of engaging in illegal and unlawful activities. Don’t believe it? Let’s meet reporter Kim Joomin.”

It was something I had experienced during the school gang eradication.

This time was just a replica of that initiative.

The appearance of the crime eradicator had brought many benefits.

Initially, they recklessly smashed the heads of organized gangsters.

Even hitmen sent after them were defeated, their meticulous preparations shattered to pieces.

For them, there was nothing they could do.

Amidst this, there was some manipulation.

During the school gang clean-up, there was neither the capacity nor the strength for such measures, but not this time.

While I transformed into the crime eradicator, I asked the Dangun Group to take out just a few violent organizations in the provinces.

They had complied.

It was a simple request.

No need to hit a big organization.

The job was completed within our physical limits.

“Then, let’s have a date.”

There was a condition attached, but what’s so hard about having a meal?

We agreed to it.

We even managed to bring the police to agreement.

“Should we consider this a debt?”

I directly struck a deal with the Chief of Police.

He seemed quite welcoming to the transaction.

“Yes, shall I pay you back with a drink next time?”

“If you want to clear it with just one drink, it would have to be an expensive one.”

I joked, but in reality, there was nothing he would demand.

He had more to gain from this situation than I did.

What’s the first thing citizens demand from the police?

One of the reasons they’re given their authority is to manage public safety.

They’re not paid with taxpayers’ money to run away from crooks wielding knives.

The public safety issue is that sensitive.

Organized gangsters were one of the causes disrupting this safety.

No one would refuse an offer to eradicate them.

After revealing the crime eradicator’s notoriety and NS affiliation, he promised to continue his activities in the future.

By the way, I had also saved the life of that Uncle from the Seoul Union.

The Immortal Sect would not leave me alone.

So, I kept him with me for a while, but they left me be.

Instead, they targeted me alone.

But lately, it’s been quiet.

It’s a bit disappointing not seeing them every day.

There was a certain satisfaction in beating one down when I felt stiff.

Anyway, for such a comprehensive set of reasons, domestic violent organizations are disappearing.

Is this what they call a self-regulatory function?

While I was absorbed in these thoughts, watching the news, my hologram watch vibrated.

I looked at the screen, and the words “Hwarim Secretariat” appeared. I answered the call through the Bluetooth earpiece I had on.

“It’s been a while.”

“Planning a war, are we?”


“Jungkinam, Umiho, Kimyohan, Bangguitae, Kangpureum.”

“What happens when those five come together?”

Somehow, each of the five seemed to possess an element as if combining them would result in something. This reminds me of an animation I’ve seen somewhere.

It was a classic cartoon, what was its name?

Captain Planet.

I remember searching for it after someone mentioned it while reading a web novel.

Earth, fire, wind, water, heart – together, they summon Captain Planet.

“You’ve really lost it, haven’t you?”

President Nam Myungjin was worried about me.

“No, I’m perfectly sane.”

“So, you’re starting a fight?”

“No, I’m not picking a fight.”

“Then how would you explain this situation?”

“Isn’t changing jobs an employee’s freedom?”

“That’s funny.”

President Nam seemed upset. His voice had dropped.

Even I might feel a bit irritated in his shoes.

An employee from his company left to start a tiny hole-in-the-wall shop, and that shop expanded rapidly because a world-famous prince came and endorsed it, bringing along numerous former colleagues.

“Ah, what a nasty guy.”

I couldn’t help but express myself.


Came president Nam’s baffled question.

“No, I really am a bad guy. Thinking about it from his perspective, I am indeed bad.”

“……I finally feel on my skin why they don’t call you ‘Sechoituk’ (World’s Best), but ‘Sechoitteo’ (World’s Crazy).”

“I admit I’m at fault here.”


President Nam hung up the phone.

I spoke with sincerity, but it’s lamentable when someone does not recognize genuine feelings.

Either way, expressing one’s heart through words is this difficult.

I wonder if I should smash President Nam’s phone.

But lately, governmental pressure has subsided, and I’ve heard that business at The Other Side is picking up again.

He won’t suffer like before, desperate for money.

Ju Ilho, the cane tutor, once said President Nam is petty.

Now it seems that might be true.

Just because a few people left, the company won’t collapse.

That I’m a bad person notwithstanding, adults should be able to laugh it off.

Of course, if someone deliberately poached my company’s personnel, I’d grab them by the hair and deliver a knee kick to their nose.

While practicing an aerial knee kick, I heard the elevator door open.

“Someone’s arrived, I suppose?”

Infor-noona said.

She had a sly smile – it seems this sister type is quite charming as well.

As I was watching TV next to the information desk, I could see the newcomer approaching.

“Where’s my place?”

It’s Junga-noona.

“Welcome! I’d like to throw you a welcoming party but…”


Her usual coolness is quite attractive.


Behind me, Infor-noona greeted politely, to which Junga-noona simply nodded.


Noona didn’t seem to have any other questions and proceeded straight ahead, followed by my personal secretary.

“I’ll show you the way.”

Reflecting on it, President Nam didn’t fuss about Junga-noona leaving.

Perhaps he doesn’t see the utility in a superhuman?

Watching my secretary and Junga-noona depart, I began to speak.

“Junga-noona wouldn’t have asked the way, looks like she wants to get straight to work on her first day. True workaholic.”

“Yes, apparently so.”

Infor-noona, stationed at Hwarim Information Desk for four years, knows the necessary people. More sociable than expected, she even has a fair share of friends.

“Would you like some coffee?”

“No, a green tea smoothie.”

Sitting in front of the desk, Infor-noona asked, and she brought some cookies from the cafeteria.

I started eating and drinking and Infor-noona asked who baked the cookies – they were really good.

With a hint of rosemary and a crumbly texture, neither too hard nor too soft, the sensation was satisfyingly chewy.

“These are really tasty.”

“Ah, they were baked by someone who learned how to make cookies at a convent. They’ve got personality because of it.”

“A former nun?”

“It’s a man.”

A man learning to bake like this in a convent? Quite a compelling character.

While I was outwardly calm but internally surprised, Infor-noona asked:

“Does this even break even?”

She asked bluntly, likely wondering if all this generosity in benefits was financially sustainable.

Even with the killer salaries.

Thanks to that, the faces of everyone working here were bright.

Being full-time employees has its perks.

The guy willing to sweep the floors with his tongue was grinning ear to ear.

Even those working in the cafeteria wore constant smiles.

“Money can be earned.”

Why do we earn money?

It’s not to hoard and show off, and I believe money is meant to be spent.

If all else fails, my grandfather said he would crack open his emergency funds for me, but of course, I have no intention of accepting that.

The moment I do, I’d be on a leash.

Money can be earned.


As we chatted, the elevator opened again.

This time a group arrived.

Kinam, Miho, Yohan, Guitae.

“Earth, fire, wind, water. One’s missing.”

“What nonsense are you spouting?”

Kinam approached, with his keen hearing, and asked.

“Why is the information desk on the second floor? What, did you turn the first floor into a parking lot?”

Yohan also came closer and asked.

I nodded. Someone had to ask.

It was intentional.

Since there were many contenders for an attack, we transformed the first floor into a parking lot.

Employee parking is free.

We did this because there was no place to park the cars.

The arrangement fee from Al was a big contribution.

The interior design almost cost us our backs.

“Just because.”

Instead of explaining at length, I offered a brief answer, and then Miho spoke up:

“There must be a lot targeting NS, so this must be a precaution against assaults. Looking at the reinforced ceiling of the first-floor parking lot and the fire doors, it seems you plan to trap and significantly batter any intruders if things go wrong.”

Sharp as ever, Umiho was spot on. She understood the intention accurately.

It was her first visit and she caught all of that with a single glance.

Correct. That was the intention.

That’s why a private elevator that only goes from the first to the second floor was installed.

“Classic Miho.”

Off to the side, Guitae muttered approvingly.

No one present could have missed hearing that.

Miho stepped sideways, away from Guitae.

Watching Miho take a step away, Guitae seemed unperturbed.

After hacking at the proverbial tree hundreds of times and getting smacked by the tree in return, he’s become practically impervious to such light offenses.

It was said that this had been the case for quite a while.

Yohan told me that his heart had become indestructible.


I greeted them warmly.

Kinam frowned, Miho had an expressionless face, Yohan was smiling lightly, and Guitae was beaming.

Guitae seemed very pleased to be able to interact more closely with Miho.

But thinking about it, Miho should have objected to Guitae joining, but she didn’t.

With that thought, I looked at Miho.

“His abilities are fine.”

…Chilling, kid.

As if reading my mind, Miho commented.

I hadn’t intended to hide my thoughts, but it was truly marveling to witness such quick perceptiveness.

Although I could accomplish that too, relying on the senses of immortality.

But Miho does this with her mind.

An area of observation and insight.

Regardless, the welcome stood.

“The secretary will show you to your offices, and everyone…”

“Is this a new recruit?”

I was about to speak when from behind, a voice interrupted and a person approached.

It was Jeongjiki.

“I’m the senior here.”

Jeongjiki, looking quite happy about the arrival of a new recruit.

The problem is.

“What’s with this half-pint?”

“Ah, our little friend here.”

“Don’t you fall for that goddess, or you’re going straight to hell.”

Kinam, Yohan, and Guitae, in that order.

Finally, Miho just crossed her arms, remaining silent.

Quite the blistering welcome, Jeongjiki?

“…What’s going on? I’m the senior here.”

“Should we just kill him?”

Kinam asked.

“You can’t kill him. He’s family after all. Let’s just half-kill him.”

Yohan picked up the thread.

Jeongjiki moved slightly behind me.

Seeing him do that, I said:

“They’re experienced.”

Hearing that, a look of disappointment crossed Jeongjiki’s face. His eyebrows drooped ever so slightly.

Despite not being particularly expressive, this level of response indicated he was quite disheartened.

Sorry, Jeongjiki, you’re still the youngest.


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