Genius of unique lineage Chapter 252


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 251: The Start of the Job Interview

The Immortal Sect is akin to a textbook example of a cell-based organization.

It’s so effective at concealing its operations that countless terrorist groups have emulated their methods.

Some operate as ordinary religious entities, while discreetly harboring individuals within.

Confronting them head-on is a vexing endeavor.

On the surface, they provide charity and run study rooms for impoverished children. They also manage group homes, serving as guardians for children with nowhere else to go.

To just label them as a terrorist group overlooks the good they do.

They contribute positively to society and take the lead in caring for people.

For the government, this makes it difficult to take direct action against them.

“The leader of the Immortal Sect does not refuse to care for others.”

That’s a common saying.

And it is correct.

The doctrine of the Immortal Sect is different from that of Prometheus and also distinct from ISIS, another of the three major terrorist organizations.

However, their true aim is research.

Behind the scenes, they dissect human bodies and conduct experiments to implant the secrets of immortality within human flesh.

They’re the world’s largest backers of so-called mad scientists, possessing several such groups themselves.

They may appear sound on the outside, but they’re rotten inside.

That’s why they’re a terrorist group.

Some of these churches are fronts for the Immortal Sect’s terrorist activities, while others continue positive deeds through donations. Of course, there are those that mix both approaches.

Even if you happen to capture a core member of the Immortal Sect, there’s no network that directly connects every cell.

Catching one or two won’t lead you to their head apostles or higher ranks.

However, traces are always left behind.

The World Government Coalition under the Old Force has managed to compile some information on them.

Most of it is speculation at best, necessitating groundwork to seek out more solid leads.

“Who are you?”

A man’s face briefly emerged in the blinking light of a streetlamp before vanishing.

The church custodian, startled by the noise, furrowed his brow and asked.

At 4:30 AM, it wasn’t time for visitors.

Aside from an elderly man who might take walks at this hour, no one should be roaming about.

This wasn’t a bustling city, and there were no drunk youths passed out on the ground.

“Call the bishop.”

The man under the streetlamp demanded.


The custodian blinked in surprise, wondering what this was all about.

“I am one of the Twelve Apostles.”

Startled by the man’s declaration, the custodian hurried back into the church to summon the highest-ranking priest.

The priest came forward.

“What brings an Apostle here?”

The man was performing the same act for the eighth time.

“Let’s talk inside.”

Entering, the high priest scrutinized the visitor. Not that he could know anything for sure.

The Twelve Apostles of the Immortal Sect were shrouded in mystery, reputedly disciples of the Sect Leader, fashioned after Christ’s own apostles.

That was the extent of the high priest’s knowledge.

The unexpected visit was quite shocking.

“What brings you this far?”

He queried while walking.

The church was modest, the sort where neighborhood folks would gather.

Local Christians marked it as heretical, but it actually did more in terms of relief work—even if that capital came from a terrorist organization—which was why it wasn’t shunned by the nearby residents.

“I’ve come to see the chief priest.”

The Apostle spoke.

Without suspicion, the high priest believed him. No Apostle had visited in person before, but Apostles of the Sect were notoriously elusive.

Still, he didn’t break protocol.

“Is the Sect Leader’s morning routine the same as ever?”

A code phrase.

Hearing this, the Apostle halted mid-step.

The struggle paid off with this eighth attempt.

“This is the place.”


The flaw in a cell structure.

Yu Yeonho knew it well—the fact that they didn’t know each other’s faces, even if he himself posed as an Apostle.

All eight attempts had followed the same method:

Draw attention, do some snooping, put out feelers.

If they didn’t know each other by sight, they would have something set, a code phrase.

Old Force had shared two pieces of information:

The question used in their code phrase.

The answer was unknown, unnecessary to know.

The second piece was about a specific area in a particular country.

The target was the chief priest—considered for the position of the next Apostle.

Touch a man’s or beast’s offspring, and they will lash out in fury.

“Send an assassin?”

They had threatened his son’s life.

Rage surged, but Yu Yeonho kept calm. His son had handled it well.

That didn’t mean he’d let it slide.

Yu Yeonho intended to return the favor, crushing the Immortal Sect’s growing seedlings, with the chief priest being one of them.

The Sect sent their priests around the world to gain experience and skills.

A wandering priest who completes the basic education and training and passes the exam becomes a chief priest and the next Apostle.

Among the chief priests was his target.

He had a hunch. This was the place.

Asking a code phrase indicated something was here.

“I’m not at the age where my mornings are filled with vigor anymore.”

Yu Yeonho spoke personally, knowing the Sect Leader.

The phrase, of course, was not the answer.

“Who are you…”

The priest didn’t finish his sentence.

Yu Yeonho’s hand acted faster, twisting and snapping the neck.

A crack.

The sound of breaking bone echoed.

Not everyone in the church knew about the presence of a chief priest.

But there must be someone who did.

Enticing him out would be easier than searching for a hidden one.

Yu Yeonho employed his specialty.

Thousand Faces.

A thousand faces, a thousand voices.

Copying someone’s gestures and voice was his special talent.

Clearing his throat, he spoke.

“Attack, it’s an attack! Protect the chief priest.”

Miraculously, it matched the voice of the priest perfectly.

The effect of that voice would be potent, especially if the foe was immortal.

The guess was correct.

Voices came through the comm patch in his ear.

“Three, out, tracing.”

Three men emerged and were being pursued.

After being caught at the edge of the woods, a scuffle ensued involving blood and flesh, but it wasn’t significant.

The Phoenix Team is recognized as one of the best in Korea, and Yu Yeonho is one of the finest worldwide.

When dawn broke through the darkness, the chief priest lay in a semi-shock state, with both legs half-severed, bleeding profusely.

“Speak what you know, and you’ll be freed.”

Yu Yeonho remarked as he watched, but the chief priest just smirked with disdain.


Of course, would he talk?

The Immortal Sect was known for its ruthlessness.

Yu Yeonho didn’t waste time on torture.

Instead, he moved again.

There were three chief priests suspected to be in Japan.

He planned to hunt them all down and attack every one of them.

The Phoenix Team’s assault on the chief priests undoubtedly shook the Immortal Sect, making them forget about sending assassins to Kwang Ik immediately.

They didn’t even know who was attacking them.

Sabotage was one of the Phoenix Team’s specialties.

They obliterated their traces thoroughly after each operation.

* * *

“I’m leaving.”

An undertone of wistfulness threaded through Kim Junga’s restrained emotions.

Chungbong nodded with his usual indifference, feet up on the desk, holding his hologram phone, seemingly engrossed in the news.


A warm afternoon day.

Outside the window, blossoms adorned the trees.

Kim Junga lingered after speaking, hesitant to move.

Her lips did not quiver, nor did she waver.

But Chungbong sensed, from her silence, a hesitation in the air.

Was she prepared for what was ahead?

Kim Junga is a leap-over human.

Refined, some would say, but closer to being addicted to drugs by now.

Without the leap-over, she can’t live.

So far, she has been supported by the Immortal Special Force with abundant leap-overs, but now what?

She’s heading to a company established by some brass from the NS.

Although the company’s name was amplified to the point of dispersing Shin Saimdang holograms, could the leap-over, a drug, be so easily produced?

Unlikely. Years of research and sufficient manpower are prerequisites.

Infrastructure is mandatory.

To procure it from the black market? That’s another issue.

The leap-over from the black market hardly matches the quality of the ones produced by the Hwarim R&D team.

She might take her personal gear, the custom-tweaked gear, but the standard equipment won’t be allowed.

Yet still, she leaves.

Concerns pile up, but Chungbong’s face shows no sign of it.

“I won’t be here starting tomorrow.”

Kim Junga suddenly spoke up.

“I know.”

They exchanged brief words again.

The team leader of Team 2, who had no wish to overhear, took his members and left, saying, “You two might as well have a quarrel. It’s chilling just to watch.”

“Don’t bother.”

At Chungbong’s response, the team leader shook his head and addressed his team members, “Let’s go do some work.”

With Team 2 gone, the office felt even more desolate.

Chungbong retained his posture, Kim Junga stood still.

A human who put herself through hell for her vendetta against Prometheus.

Not a special species, but human.

Though the leap-over human project didn’t begin with Kim Junga, she was the only success story.

Whether due to her constitution or some other reason, it just was.

She’s letting her go.

Chungbong thought internally about CEO Nam Myungjin.

What could be the reason behind releasing such a research subject without a fuss?

It’s clear.

If they had extracted any useful results from her, they would have already been stored deep within the R&D team. Otherwise, they’d be deemed worthless.

So, letting her go didn’t require much contemplation.

With a bow, Kim Junga, after a moment of silence, lowered her head.

Chungbong didn’t look away, not even glancing up from the hologram phone, just sat silently as Kim Junga turned away.

She gathered her belongings.

They might not become strangers forever, but they surely won’t see each other daily as before.

She felt a sense of loss. But to Chungbong, farewells of this nature were commonplace.

No, rather, it was something to be celebrated.

How long has it been since he saw a young one leave his side, alive and well?

‘…Though it has been frequent lately.’

Starting with the rejected Nam Sa-jang to Donghoon locked up.

Now Kim Junga departs as well.

With another bow, having collected her things, she hesitated once more. Her mouth moved as if to utter words but remained silent.

After several attempts, she finally left without speaking.

Chungbong’s keen senses deduced the words she couldn’t voice.

The first would have been thank you for everything.

The second was father.

Kim Junga was like a daughter to him.

And that made him happy.

That his daughter wasn’t addicted to drugs, facing a miserable end.

That she doesn’t die right before his eyes.

Chungbong finished typing on the hologram phone.

[I’ll] kill you.

He chuckled after sending the message.

Not just due to the response received, but the situation amused him.

Kim Nam, Junga, Donghoon absent, Team 3 of external security closed down today.

There was no longer a Team 3 leader.

Only hitman bred and raised by the company remained.

Chungbong’s gaze traced the phone.

He reached the reply written there.

[Kwang] If you’re annoyed, come here yourself.

Kwang Ik, that guy.

While he begged every other employee in person, he only berates Chungbong with such texts.

The pretense of courtesy and immediate snideness toward himself.

Chungbong understood. There had been purposeful harassment, after all.

Not that he was inclined to apologize.

Nor could he join NS.

He lived for the tasks at hand with the company.

It was out of the question for him to work for NS.

That would burden everyone, including his daughter and brother.

Nevertheless, the brat knew how to push the right buttons, so Chungbong crafted a reply.

[I will] definitely kill you.

[Kwang] Yes, sure, get in line. There’s Prometheus and the Immortal Sect and Kim Nam ahead. Pick a number and come at me when you’re ready.

He nearly laughed at the audacity, restraining himself.

Kwang Ik surely had a long list of enemies.

Chungbong tossed his worries aside.

He would fend for himself. After all, he’s a special breed beyond comparison to anyone.

* * *

Is the Immortal Sect busy?

The assassin scum who would show up tiresomely no longer showed their faces.

They used to ambush him three or four times a day.

“Don’t get distracted and figure out something, please. I can’t investigate all these folks by myself. I’m dying. Better to quit.”

That was Paparazzi Shin Juho.

Best at digging up dirt on people.

So when a new employee joined, he was asked to look into it.

I never expected this myself.

“Calm down, and…”


In front of the company, there was a scene like a crowd gathered for a pop idol.

When the broadcast announced NS would bypass paperwork for direct interviews, this ensued.

“When does it start?”

“Is the interview inside?”

“Do we get lunch?”

“Oh, I’m starving; I feel faint.”

It began last night, apparently.

With no prior arrangement for orderly admission, no tickets had been issued.

The crowd was thick.

All aspiring for a position at NS.

It was a dreadful scene, chaos with no semblance of order.

From neighborhood hoodlums to idle housewives, it seemed like all had come.

A few even looked like quintessential slackers.

An immediate solution was needed; hence, a preemptive hire was made.

A lady Information specialist from Hwarim.

Directly recruited.

A familiar face, trustworthy, adept.

That lady initiated crowd control.

“Line up, everyone! Form a line!”

It was a legendary start to NS job interviews.


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