Genius of unique lineage Chapter 251


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Welfare Kingdom

[NS Representative, Unique Species Yoo Gwang-Ik, Public Recruitment]

The article’s headline was modest.

The content was even simpler.

It was due to a special broadcast. The creature nicknamed “Unique Species” was quite popular.

Popular enough that passersby would occasionally ask for autographs.

It had been featured in various videos, and recently made a formidable display during the Black Hole Closing, where unusual species from Seongsu-dong ran rampant.

In the broadcast that followed, the Unique Species had only spoken the words he wished to deliver.

The host’s flustered face could be seen in a corner of the photo printed in the article.

The Chairman of the Dangun Group had watched the broadcast and burst out laughing.

What a truly ingenious method.

For a company to grow, it required manpower.

No company could expand without people.

Therefore, people needed to gather.

NS was no exception.

That’s where the problem arose.

The Immortal Church and the Pureblood Political Council had colluded to play their games.

And those tricks had worked remarkably well.

It would have been impossible to stop, even if they had known in advance.

NS was too conspicuous.

It had been moving along a different path than any other corporation.

Naturally, there would be groups trying to pressure them.

When their job orders were blocked, they brought in a superpower nation to resolve it.

And when people were being prevented from gathering, they spoke out on TV like this.

How could one not laugh?

“You’re exceptional.”

The escort, who was also a friend, remarked.

The Chairman nodded.

There could have been other methods.

Yet the method his grandson had chosen was exceptional.

It had inevitably excited the world of special species.

The community began to buzz.

– Recruiting party members willing to die for 150 million (0/1)

– Didn’t Prometheus pull out of Korea? So it’s not suicide, it seems like a life with an expiration date.

– But for 150 million, tempting…

– Are they hiring fighters? Is this a special species recruitment?

– No, that doesn’t seem right, there was a job posting on their website?

Information spread rapidly.

NS posted job advertisements across various websites.

– Janitor? Information desk? Loads of admin job postings. A chef and barista too, this isn’t a company, it’s more like a village, isn’t it?

– Seen the welfare policies?

– It’s insane.

– After 3 years of employment, the company housing isn’t even the issue, is it?

– Do they even have the money to sustain this? Dangun Group doesn’t even do these things.

– But they don’t care about education or connections, no meaning to schools or connections.

– It’s like hazard pay, they’re telling you to risk your life for money.

– The welfare benefits are really tempting though.

– Shall I give it a shot?

– Who would go to a place where death is certain?

– It’s crazy. No one will go.

Posts were uploaded in real time, and among them, some discussed the current dangers associated with NS.

– Here’s top-secret info for you. You guys know about the crime eraser, right?

– What, does everyone have a secret? Always secrets with you guys.

– Right. But why him? Isn’t he the one risking his life cleaning up criminal organizations? And I heard the vigilantes are being hunted by the police now.

– That crime eraser is actually an NS guy.

– Bullshit.

– Knew it as soon as they started yapping about secrets.

– This is real. NS is wiping out those criminal organizations. But the real problem isn’t that.

– The real problem is your brain’s fiction.

– The real deal is that the Immortal Church is behind this, and right now, Unique Species is being threatened with assassination.

– Ah, next idiot in line, please.

– Dude, this is serious top-secret stuff. You should be thanking me for letting you know, not mocking me. I could track your IP and find out where you live.

– Fancy a confrontation? Haha.

– You asshole.

Profanities flew.

Dong-Hoon was unfazed by the curses.

How long had he lived the life of a keyboard warrior?

If there were levels in this world, Dong-Hoon was surely maxed out.

He knew exactly how to scratch at an opponent with just a few words.

– Next idiot, please.

– Say that again and you’re seriously dead.

– Next idiot.

The opponent raged.

Watching, Dong-Hoon didn’t laugh.

‘Could it be someone from the government?’

The government, or maybe the Dangun Group, the Psionic Association, or some terrorist group.

There was a clear trend of hostility toward NS in comments and community discussions.

There was no need to address every single one of them.

Actually, this wasn’t even the kind of thing to which he needed to respond.

He had no intention of merely testing the opponent, and online trolls wouldn’t easily bite at such provocation.

On the other side of the monitor, the opponent was fuming, but there would be no real-life confrontation.

It was an expected outcome.

After all, such tricks were no longer effective.

Still annoyed, he added a few more words.

– While you’re at it, scratching your groin at home with just your underwear, stop blabbering secrets your mom would smack you for, and if you’re bored, go jerk off.

– I’ll definitely find you.

Hmm. This one seemed truly angry.

His instincts honed from his keyboard warrior career were telling him so.

He wasn’t particularly sensitive or intuitive, being only a mild immortal, but he had accumulated experience.

‘He’s pissed.’

He added one more line, for if the opponent was truly angry and came looking for him, it would be a pleasant turn of events.

– Good luck, I live in the USA.

Dong-Hoon imagined the opponent’s face reddening with anger.

No further posts came. Perhaps they were actually trying to track the real IP address.


Would public recruitment be effective?

The salary was insane.

And the welfare benefits were even more insane.

It wasn’t about the company housing.

There were various allowances, events for family holidays, filial piety accounts, nap rooms, parking spaces, unlimited cafeteria services, lunch provided, and even dinner for overtime – breakfast takeout menus were also available.

You just had to come in and work.

Even if you applied for a barista position without knowing anything, there was a training program to learn coffee making.

He couldn’t help but let out a hollow laugh at the situation.

As soon as this welfare policy started, they were also constructing another building right next to it.

It was a struggle that seemed to scrape together every penny, whether they had it or not.

Gwang-Ik had even sold his car for this.

They were also planning a gym and arcade in the neighboring building.

Ah, and an underground swimming pool.

He wanted to create a kingdom of welfare.


Dong-Hoon wondered if this was all a bit too much.

However, Gwang-Ik didn’t seem to care about the astronomical costs.

It was naturally a deficit. The funds from the superpower nation weren’t enough to cover it either.

Even if they drained all their assets, how would they manage these expenses?

But he had thought of it, there were other methods.

“Please earn us some money.”

Gwang-Ik had said, and Dong-Hoon acted.

There were plenty of things to be used in NS.

They even had one of Park Hyuk’s research materials from a previous venture.

* * *

“It’s been a while.”

Who could it be?

I wasn’t the only one involved in the recruitment.

That was originally the specialty of Steven Choi, wasn’t it?

He certainly earned his keep.

And he did it properly.

“I’ll bring in a master. Then we won’t need to sell the raw material as is.”

These were Steven Choi’s words.

Metals like adamantium and other new materials from the Other Side.

Even selling them as they were would bring great profit.

Undoubtedly, our versatile middleman could sell them above their worth.

But better than that.

“It’s better to sell them as finished products.”

Upon hearing this, the middleman immediately agreed.

A product was more valuable than just materials, assuming it was properly made.

Thus, a master craftsman was needed.

And someone arrived for the job.

“How did it happen that I arrived before Ginam?”

He was handsome. A Pureblood Immortal.

He was quite tall, with pale skin.

An image of a fragile boy.

But that was not all there was to him. My senses probed beneath his clothes.

Toned muscles, endless training, exercise, and discipline-sharpened body.

But had we known this face?

It felt familiar, like someone I knew.

“Since I’m not yet employed, there’s no need to call you ‘CEO,’ right?”

Approaching while saying this, I carefully looked at his face. My keen observation brought up a name.

“Kang Poo-Reum?”

That obese immortal?

He had said he lost weight.

I hadn’t seen him since.

I didn’t even know which department he was in.

“After losing weight, even my mother couldn’t recognize me.”

He laughed.

“That’s nothing to blame your mother for.”

A Pureblood Immortal indeed. It was like a guaranteed winning lottery ticket.

Once the features hidden under the fat were revealed, his handsomeness was unmatched.

I shook hands with Kang Poo-Reum and gave him a hug.

It was good to see him.

“How did you manage your diet?” I was genuinely curious.

“Restricted meals and consistent exercise.”

A textbook ideal response.

“And nagging to the extreme.”

Speaking, he shook his head.

“My aunt is quite harsh.”

He said frankly.


I asked.

“Haven’t you met? My aunt thinks highly of you. She said she would like to transfer jobs too.”

“If I approached her, President Hwalim would probably kill me.”

Steven Choi cut in.

So who is this aunt?

I asked with my eyes.

“The biological mother of your shotgun.”

He looked at me with a smile in his eyes.

The memory surfaced. The engineer from Hwalim, big sister, who I gave the fourth batter to.

She had a broad heart and was quite older.

“That person is your aunt?”


Kang Poo-Reum originally came from a lineage of craftsmen.

There was a reason he attended the orientation despite his size.

He was set to start in the research team as soon as basic training was over.

But still, was his craftsmanship any good?

“Let’s show you around.”

As the middleman took Poo-Reum away, I grabbed Steven Choi’s wrist.


“Is he any good?”

We can’t afford another fourth batter made of adamantium.

“He’s a disciple recognized by Korea’s best craftsmen.”

Saying this, Steven Choi shook off my hand.

A disciple like that came here?

Hwalim let him go so willingly?

“He said he’d come immediately. Didn’t care about the salary or the welfare benefits.”

Steven Choi added.

Scratching my head, I pondered the unexpected outcomes of the connections made during the orientation.

Steven Choi departed, and the interior became quiet.

Only Mary, Mother, Rose, and Jeong-jik remained.

The two teachers had left for a mission of the knights.

They said they each needed time.

Today Gunluck Samchon did not come either.

Though Immortal Church assassins had often attacked, recently it was quiet.

Had something else happened?

“What if no one comes from the public recruitment?”

Mother looked at me and asked.

“If no one comes, then that’s it.”

I hadn’t made big plans for the recruitment.

And surely, there wouldn’t be not even one person, right?

“Is Father on a business trip again?”

“For a day or two?”

Being a government agent is indeed a busy job.

* * *

Yoo Yeon-Ho was angry.

This son of a…

He hadn’t often used such language, but that was how angry he was.

With that fury, he stormed into the office of the minister responsible for the Special Tasks Division.

“What now?”

The minister asked abruptly as Yoo Yeon-Ho didn’t even take a seat and began speaking across the table.

“Give me just one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Location of an Immortal Church base.”

“Hey, Yeon-Ho, Team Leader Yoo, that’s top-class information. Even if you’re the head of the Special Tasks Division, I can’t just give it because you ask. We need presidential approval to release that kind of information.”

Why it had come to this, he knew. It was a problem caused by the intertwined interests of the Pureblood Political Circle.

Some of the privileged had even taken bribes from the Immortal Church.

It was a big mess, just like the previous Prometheus Gate incident.

“I won’t cause another gate incident; I just need a bit of action. Not domestically.”

Yoo Yeon-Ho allowed some concession.

He planned to target those active abroad.


“My son’s life is under threat. He’s been targeted for assassination five times just last week.”

The minister stared at Yoo Yeon-Ho and replied.

“Honestly, it’s not that much of a threat.”

Every attempt was dealt with in an instant.

Delivered unconscious to the police – but what kind of threat was that?

The minister thought so.

“So, you won’t let me know? Then I’ll take some leave.”

“Planning to find out by yourself if I give you a holiday? Going to stir up the political circles?”

That was precisely the plan.

He would take advantage of his leave to drill holes in the heads of the Pureblood Political Circle’s leaders.

“Going to start a war on your own?”

It was about his son. He was beyond furious.

“I can do it.”

The minister grunted.

The man’s bullheaded nature was obvious, and his son had surely inherited it.

Both were prone to cause trouble.

Above all, Yoo Yeon-Ho was genuinely capable of doing what he threatened.

“Do it all, you do it. You even take over as minister.”

The minister was irritated.


“I’ll give it.”

Yoo Yeon-Ho achieved his aim.

With the obtained information, he deployed the Phoenix team.

“This is quite a mission after a long time.”

One of the team members remarked.

It’s called a business trip, a mission.

Yoo Yeon-Ho began his usual work as soon as he arrived in Japan.

Thousand Faces.

He was a master of transformation.


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