Genius of unique lineage Chapter 250


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 249. Open Recruitment

In life, surprising events can happen quite frequently.

Even after living for as long as 80 years, such things can still occasionally occur.

I had just experienced such an event.

A woman stepping out of an expensive foreign car worth several hundred million won reminisced about the origin of her surprise.

‘Yu Kwang-ik.’

At the same time, she recalled a message of warning sent by one of the Twelve Apostles.

“Every believer we sent has become a martyr.”

The Immortal Sect is an organization deeply imbued with religious color.

They equate the sect leader to a god and unabashedly insert his name into their hymns, earning the scorn of being called pseudo-religious from all other religions, but at their core, they are a religious group.

Of course, had they only presented themselves as a pseudo-religious group, they wouldn’t have been dubbed a terrorist organization.

The Immortal Sect also cultivated assassins.

They were also known as the cradle of assassins.

The woman had met Kwang-ik under the guise of coincidence.

Though she had merely passed by him.

‘How interesting.’

She was an immortal.

However, she was no ordinary immortal.

She was born with a unique lineage, her blood infused with an immortality spell.

Kwang-ik’s voice, casually mentioning he had a girlfriend as he passed by, lingered in her ears.


The sound of her high-heeled shoes echoed as she walked.

With each step, her hair shimmered in the light, changing colors—a cascade of black to gray, gray to silver, silver to blonde.

Along with her hair, the color of her pupils changed too.

From pitch-black to blue.

Now, she had golden hair and blue eyes.

“Have you arrived, Apostle?”

The woman acknowledged with a nod to the group that had been waiting for her.

Six individuals clad in black suits.

At this moment, the woman dubbed ‘Apostle’ felt a peculiar sensation.

‘Yu Kwang-ik definitely recognized me in disguise.’

She realized that he had detected something that no immortal or special being had in decades.

‘The Eye of Pasa?’

Sometimes called the Eye of Pasa, it is a mystical insight that sees through all spells.

While considering this, she soon shook her head internally.

He’s just a bloodbag under thirty years old.

How could such a bloodbag possess the Eye of Pasa?

Then how did he do it?

This point intrigued her. If they met again, she wanted to crack open his skull and sift through his brain.

* * *

“What did you come for?”

Teacher Stick asked.

“I’m here for a patient visit. Do you have any fruit or something? I got a bit hungry after a light lunch.”

As he spoke, he searched through the refrigerator in the hospital room.

There were no fruits, just some drinks and yogurts.

He grabbed a few and started popping them into his mouth.

The sweetness settled his empty stomach a little.

He spotted a couple of banana bunches on top of the fridge.

It was about when he’d eaten four or so.

“Is this what you call a patient visit?”

“I brought a present, didn’t I?”

“A hologram mask and smoke bombs?”

At the mention of these, I stopped chewing my banana. After swallowing what was in my mouth, I spoke up.

“I saw a strange woman on the way here.”

“Saw what kind of woman?”

“Well, she was very unusual.”

I spoke truthfully about what I had felt.

“Like seeing a seventy-year-old grandmother walking through downtown Seoul in a bikini?”

The intuitive sensation and gut feeling of an immortal.

The keen sense of smell unique to a shapeshifter.

On top of that, an ability to sense spells honed by tuition from Dol Hye-min.

It was as if all of these senses were antennae, reacting to stimuli.

While I spoke in this manner, it seemed to me that this woman must be someone who used spells and disguise techniques to hide her face.

“……Stop scarfing down bananas.”

Teacher Stick said.

I took my hands off the banana and sat in front of the bed, chattering away.

We discussed incidents that happened recently and new technologies I had developed.

Teacher Stick glared at me a few times as if annoyed during the conversation.



He looked down quickly and seemed absorbed in thought.

After finishing the conversation, I stood up.

It was time to leave.

“Why did you really come here?”

“I thought you might be bored lying here alone.”

I had some free time, as well.

With that, I opened the door. I had an epiphany about how wonderful money was.

The VIP ward was spacious, and the hallways were uncomplicated.

The VIP wing was a separate space inaccessible to anyone without clearance.

As I was about to leave, Teacher Stick spoke from behind.

“There won’t be this kind of incident again.”

This kind of incident?

“Are you saying not to eat bananas like a cheapskate?”

Could it mean from now on we should share even a single bean?


Teacher Stick muttered.

Perhaps he was referring to ending up in a hospital from being squeezed too hard, not the banana part.

“I get it. You can always win, I understand.”

I placated him with words as I stepped out.

Dawdling, time had flown by.

At least three hours earlier, I had been asked to wait.

I hurried along. When I stepped outside the hospital and got into the car, suddenly I felt a wire tighten around my neck.

Out of reflex, I slid my left index finger between the wire and my neck.

Applying strength to my muscles, I used the shapeshifter’s secret Iron Arm technique in my finger.


Nevertheless, the wire left a bloody line on both my finger and neck.

Seated, I swung my right elbow backward.

The moment the wire wrapped around my neck, I could inherently sense the location and shape of the opponent.

The scene of someone hiding in the back seat and wrapping the wire around my neck unfolded like a picture in my mind.

Bang, thunk!

My elbow struck the assailant’s head accurately.

He couldn’t have had time to dodge.

Given the speed of reaction from the moment the wire was tightened to my elbow swing.

After striking, I unraveled the wire, pushed off the ground, and turned my body toward the back seat.

It was a cramped space. I curled my body and squeezed through the seats—a movement close to acrobatics.

As I flipped backward, I stretched out my fist.

I saw the guy who had been hit by my head quickly reaching into his coat. My fist reached his jaw before his hand could come out.


Due to the glancing blow, a few of his lower teeth were knocked out.

Ignoring the teeth that looked like bits of flesh, I grabbed and twisted his throat.


His eyes rolled white, and he collapsed.


Watching him fall, I took a breath.

Twice in one day that an assassin had come.

I dragged the fallen guy outside the car and made a call.

“Team Leader Noona, I caught another one.”


It was Team Leader Lee Ji-hye from the police department.

She sounded surprised.

“Yes, the kids are diligent. Very diligent.”

The Immortal Sect is known as the cradle of assassins, a sacred ground.

I didn’t expect otherwise, but I hadn’t anticipated their zeal.

“Got it.”

I half-killed him, but he is an immortal. Left alone, he would wake up. Since I couldn’t personally deal with them all, I decided to hand over anyone I caught to the police.

I took a photo of the guy I had thrown out of the car with my phone camera and sent it to Team Leader Ji-hye Noona.

Then, looking at the fallen guy, it seemed they had no intention of giving up.

The thoughts struck me.

Will he keep coming like this?

His ability to hide is truly remarkable.

He conceals his presence completely, leaving no trace of his breath, smell, or footsteps.

That’s what being an expert in stealth is all about.

He could probably even take on those Leaf Ninjas in Japan.

Well, I haven’t actually met any Japanese ninjas yet.

The Leaf Ninjas are an organization created by a special species deeply inspired by a manga.

I’ve heard those ninjas are exceptional at using stealth techniques.

I wonder who would do better in concealment.

Leaving the fallen one behind, I stepped out with blood on the windowsill.

My foot pressed down on the accelerator.


I cracked the window half-open. The sharp scent of blood lingered in the car.

I brushed my neck with my hand.

There was no wound. It’s not for nothing that I carry the blood of the undying.

My regenerative powers had done their job.


My phone rang.

An unfamiliar number displayed. I accepted the call with a press of a button.

“Are you on your way?”

I recognized the voice from previous conversations.

“Yes, I’ll be there shortly.”

“Understood. I’ll see you then.”

It was the main PD from “SeChoiTuk,” the live show airing at 8 PM—of which I was the main guest, as I have already said.

* * *


The banana in my hand squished.

I had inadvertently gripped it too hard.

Gwang-ik’s words had torn at my heart.

You can’t win every time.

It’s a given.

But isn’t the one who said that always winning?

He’s a genius of a unique lineage, astonishing me over and over.

Gwang-ik’s words reverberated in my head.

“Control over space.”

He was once a student and the son of a senior colleague.

Yu Gwang-ik’s achievements? Remarkable, indeed.

But is it as astonishing as what I heard today?

The pupil, now a CEO of a corporation despite not being thirty yet, can manipulate the surrounding space.

A feat only a very select few of special species in the world, famed for their abilities, can do.

It was an incredulous claim.

“And that’s not all, is it?”

His genius seems to have no end.

There are rumors that he might possess the Eyes of Pasa, which can discern spells.

A monster, firmly bound by talent.

But most lethal of all is…

“His temperament.”

It’s far from ordinary.

Ju-ilho felt as if he was looking at Gwang-ik’s back, advancing far ahead of him.

“Should I just leave things as they are?”

Certainly, I am past my prime, a has-been immortal.

But is this how easily I should fall?

This one man, believed to be a hidden ace of an organization.

Is it right that two of us attacked him and ended up getting overwhelmed in the bedroom?

It’s not a matter of pride.

The will not to be pushed back was stronger.

I didn’t want to be swept away passively by the changing times.

Ju-ilho wiped his hands with a wet wipe and threw it into the trash can.

He took another wipe and cleaned the mushed banana on the bed when he felt someone enter the room.

“Are we has-beens now?”

“Not me. You are, though.”

“…We really don’t get along.”

“That’s what I was going to say.”

Jang Ga-hee, Gwang-ik’s transformative tribe teacher.

Ju-ilho’s and Jang Ga-hee’s eyes met.

“I said sorry and even bought you a banana, so let’s call it even for the body-slamming.”

Jang Ga-hee suggested.

Ju-ilho nodded.

Their current conversation was irrelevant.

“I’m going to Brazil.”


“I’ve been staring at monitors for too long; my body’s become stiff. I don’t mind being called a has-been, but I fancy popping a fist into the mouths of those barking pups.”

Despite their combined efforts, they had been pushed back.

They once boasted that they could compete with the first-generation heroes.

Skill fades.

Not everything can be solved with training alone.

Especially not after stepping back from the front line, had they trained that hard?

Something stirred within the chest.

“If I can regain the feel of old times, I’ll return.”

Jang Ga-hee approached as she spoke.

Standing next to the bed, she continued, “Until then, don’t kick the bucket and take care of yourself.”

“You should be the one careful. Going to Brazil sounds like you’re planning to join ‘them.’”

“I’ll just loosen up for a few months. Once I get my old form back, I’ll return.”

“Don’t die on me.”

“Who’s worrying about whom? Degenerated from frailty.”

“Frail? Absurd. A transformative tribe expecting subtlety is a bit of a stretch.”

“Subtle? That’s a laugh. You must mean timid.”

“Don’t transform into a lust-crazed witch and just go your way.”

“You madman, look at the way you talk.”

They exchanged pleasantries.

At this moment, the worst of relationships shared the same sentiment.

They couldn’t just be crushed by their own students.

“Shall I buy you another banana?”

“Do I look like a monkey to you? Bring something else.”

“Very commanding, aren’t we?”

Despite the comment, Jang Ga-hee went out and bought more fruits.

An injured immortal requires plenty of nutrients.

He currently receives nutrient drips and eats five meals a day.

Yet, he continuously feels fatigued.

Because a lot of energy goes to regeneration.

Ju-ilho felt that fatigue momentarily lift.

With that in mind, he picked up the remote control.

He felt well enough to want to watch TV for the first time since being admitted.

Turning on the TV, he saw Gwang-ik, the company’s representative who had visited him earlier.

“What? It’s Gwang-ik.”

Just as Jang Ga-hee also entered the room, the special broadcast “SeChoiTuk” was airing live.

“Let’s keep it simple. An annual salary of 150 million won, and if you stay with us for three years, we’ll provide you with a building.”

“What are you talking about?”

The presenter, looking sharp, appeared visibly flustered at the remark.

In response to the presenter’s confusion, Gwang-ik winked.

With a cheeky grin, “Am I making an open love call, or what was it?”

“Open recruitment.”

Beside Gwang-ik, Dong-hoon with dark circles under his eyes was visible.

At that comment, Gwang-ik nodded and continued, “NS is openly recruiting. For details, please check our website.”

Upon hearing this, the presenter asked, “Open recruitment?”

Watching the TV, Jang Ga-hee spoke, “…He’s good at making crazy moves in fresh ways.”

Ju-ilho concurred.

It was a radical move that shattered the common sense of ordinary people.

Yet strangely, it made him want to laugh.

Jang Ga-hee seemed to feel the same, smiling wryly.

And on the broadcast, Gwang-ik boldly announced, “We don’t care about your education, family background, or connections. That’s it. We’ll pay you a lot, so you know what it means, right? If you join our company, be prepared to risk your life—the only ones willing to take that risk should come.”


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