Genius of unique lineage Chapter 249


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 248: Bringing the Head to My Company

No, truly, Gyeongnam has a knack for being playful. I just came down to the first floor myself. Should any outsider be wandering around the company premises freely? I made my way upstairs since Gyeongnam kept on not showing up. And so, I arrived at the cafeteria on the first floor.

On my way down, a new immortal agent asked me for an autograph. “I’m a fan,” he said, his face flushing with excitement. Surely, he had an eye for people. After seeing him off, I sat down in the café.

The tables were clean and I saw the attractive and pretty barista. I heard that after a previous attack, we decided to station agents even on the first floor, usually starting with the new recruits or interns, but sometimes upper-floor personnel would serve there if necessary.

Anyway, as I looked around, there were no traces left of the Prometheus attack. Looking through the full-length glass windows, I saw clouds loosely drifting by. It was quite a warm day. It was evident from the light clothing people were wearing. Coats replaced long paddings, and I could see shorter jackets too.

Seeing office workers walking with smiles and people walking their dogs in broad daylight at Yeouido, it occurred to me that winter had passed and spring was coming. The flowers hadn’t bloomed yet, but the weather indeed felt like it.

While enjoying the view outside the window, I felt a presence approaching from behind. Light footsteps, a well-balanced physique—I’ve come to enjoy identifying a person’s abilities by their steps and aura alone. The figure behind me spoke up, “If it’s pointless, I’ll charge you a consultation fee.”

“There won’t be any need for that,” I replied while sipping my ordered green tea smoothie. It was refreshing.

The owner of the voice sat across me, gripping a paper cup with mixed coffee, her braided hair a signature trait of the half-blood immortal—one whom Panda hyung said he’d keep an eye on among our peers. She had also recently worked with Gyeongnam at the superpower country.

“Mihyo, why do you become prettier as days pass?” I started with a compliment.

Mihyo looked at me intently and asked seriously, “Are you high?”

“I’m intoxicated by you,” I said jokingly, and Mihyo almost got up to leave. “I was trying to follow Gwitaek hyung’s style.”

My attempt was met with a look that was a mixture of disdain and pity—as if to say, was there really no one else to emulate other than that guy?

“An annual salary of two hundred million won,” I said calmly. Mihyo’s personality was peculiar—I knew that very well. Hard to manage like Gyeongnam, but with outstanding abilities. It was understood that she wouldn’t gain much by staying at Hwarim. It’s as simple as that.

Given that she’s the type to build walls against social life and teamwork, only caring about performance and bonuses. No wonder her life has been tough lately, with less work within Hwarim. Though recovering now, I also knew that good opportunities weren’t coming her way.

“People should take care of her, but there’s no one to do it—after all, she’s used to being a lone warrior.

“…Two hundred million?” she finally asked.

“Let’s move,” I prompted.

Mihyo’s pupils shook. She must have expected my reason for coming and thus agreed to meet.

Panda hyung said that if he were to take three people from Hwarim, he’d want Mihyo to be one of them. When I hinted at Gyeongnam feeling left out, he clarified, “No, Gyeongnam is included.”

“Leaving out Jung-a’s guardian?” I questioned in disbelief.

“No, I’m talking about taking away the team leader.”

Since the team leader would unlikely leave the company, that was Panda hyung’s wish. Mine was slightly different.

“Come over, and I’ll even arrange for a specialist magic healer for you.”

Just as I said this, Mihyo crushed the paper cup in her hand, and hot coffee spilled over her skin.

“How did you know? Did that stalker Gwitaek tell you?”

“You’re overestimating our Gwitaek hyung a bit,” I pointed out. The personnel details of the Immortal Special Forces agents are confidential—a mere agent wouldn’t have access. But that’s a different story for me.

Panda hyung told me about it—a story he happened to overhear during his tenure. Not a major secret, really.

Mihyo has a younger sibling suffering from an unknown curse since birth. Their parents abandoned them early on, but the two managed to survive. It was pretty much a soap opera storyline.

“…Can it be included in the contract?”

I pulled out the prepared contract. Steven Choi always said that it’s best to have contracts signed as quickly as possible. So I had it ready in advance.

Mihyo carefully read the contract. “Effective from next month.”

“Yes, from next month,” I confirmed.

She pressed her name onto the paper.

“Keep your promise.”

“You didn’t see the penalty clause?” If I failed to keep my promise, I’d have to pay a penalty hefty enough to be responsible for her entire life. Naturally, I’ll work hard.

Mihyo rose from her seat.

“Leaving so soon?”

“Yeah, Mr. President,” she answered, then turned and left. Money speaks the loudest, I guess. What a swift change in attitude. Not bad at all, though—just the two of us.

The third, however…

“You bastard, you took my Mihyo… I thought of you as a friend!”

An agent, unfittingly lacking composure for an immortal, ran past on the first floor. Their steps thudding and vigorous—I realized their physical prowess had improved from all their recent training.

“Hey, hey,” the agent grumbled, charging towards me. If I had let them be, they would have unleashed a fist. It was Gwitaek.

People began to take notice of us. A bit of noise is always good.

I waited until Gwitaek’s face was close enough to whisper something only he could hear.

“Join us. You and Mihyo, on the same team.”

That brief utterance made a striking impression on Gwitaek. With the same momentum from his run, he placed a hand on my shoulder.

“So, when do I start?” There, that makes three of us.

If I took Mihyo along, Gwitaek following suit was a no-brainer. This guy truly lost his head over love. But wasn’t this a bit too much? Borderline stalker perhaps.

“Ever gotten a restraining order?” I joked.

“No, I haven’t. I’ve been careful not to get too close lately, just in case.”

“Good,” I said, patting his shoulder. “Thanks, my friend.”

Gwitaek left, gratitude filling the space he’d occupied only a moment before with rage.

Alright, it looked like I’d done all I needed to do here.

I stood up and headed outside where Kim Jeong-ah, the ice-cold archer, was waiting for me.

“Why didn’t you come in?”

“I thought it was a love triangle,” she replied dryly. Me, Gwitaek, and Mihyo? Hardly.

“Coming with me?”

I knew her goal. And for that goal, there was no better place than NS—not when her hated enemy was none other than Prometheus.

“The condition is…”

“Yes,” I answered, walking forward. Jeong-ah noona naturally fell in step beside me.

“Abandon that turncoat. If you’re welcoming a terrorist because they’ve reformed, what about the crimes they’ve already committed?” She was talking about Rose.

I shrugged casually. “That would be difficult, you know. And it’s not like we hired her because she’s a redeemed terrorist.”

Then what? She seemed to ask with her eyes as she halted in her tracks.

The traffic lights turned green, and I looked squarely into the archer’s eyes. “She’s useful.”

Useful for her knowledge and abilities. I still consider the possibility of discarding her when she’s no longer needed. I’m not some saint harboring terrorists without good reason.

Jeong-ah noona didn’t bother waiting for my response. “Alright,” she replied coolly and crossed the street briskly.

“You’re leaving just like that?”

“I have things to do,” she said and departed. And so, that made four of us.

Thinking of the warming weather, I suddenly remembered Hyemin. How was she doing? She’d gone to England, claiming there was magic business to attend to, and hadn’t thought of returning except for the occasional text message. Right on cue, my phone buzzed with a message from her. [Dol Hyemin: If you meet another girl, you’re dead.] As expected of her.

Judging by the message, she seemed to be doing well without any major issues. Glancing at my watch, I realized I had some time to spare. So I decided to pay a hospital visit to Jeong-ilho, the stick-wielding teacher. The hospital wasn’t far from Hwarim’s building. I had parked my car in the neighboring paid parking lot.

As I pushed open the heavy metal door, something flashed from below. I tilted my head back to dodge it and kicked at the source of the light with the tip of my foot.

Clang. I kicked the innocent floor instead, and the tip of my hardened boot punched a small hole in it. With my hand, I swung at thin air, looking absurd to anyone watching until I snagged a shadow in my grip.

Snap. “Guuhk.”

I heard the muffled groan of the suppressed attacker. Blood was trickling from their head, so I rolled the sphere in my hand and warned, “It’s a hand bullet, but this time I’ll put a hole in you.”

“How did you know? My stealth was perfect,” the adversary inquired.

Based on all their signs—gestures, attitudes, scents—I surmised their identity. No deep thought needed. “Because I’m smart.”

My answer twisted the hologram mask on the attacker’s face. I wondered where they’d got it; I’d heard from Hwarim that it was not an easy item to come by.

Watching the warped monster-like face behind the hologram mask, it indeed looked irked. But I told the truth.

Why else would I park my car here and choose this route? I knew that Fumility is a tenacious stalker group, among the world’s top assassins. It was obvious they’d target me.

I gave them a reason to attack. Come and try your luck. I had reversed their reliance on their stealth abilities to my advantage, aided by Panda hyung’s advice.

The assailant got ready, as if about to pounce at any moment. And because of the stance I’d assumed, I thought they might run instead. So I quickly spread a net of murderous intent.

It’s a skill that becomes increasingly useful the more it is used. The assassin’s mask stiffened, and I walked toward them. Reaching them, I put my fist against their chest and pressed hard—a imitation of the Dim Mak, the death touch.

Starting from the left foot, I twisted my body’s joints minimally to concentrate power, harnessing the Atavistic Tribe’s monstrous strength that allowed such feats, even in a space of only 2-3 centimeters.

Crack, crack, and boom—the ribs shattered as my fist connected, and the chest cavity collapsed with the downward-driven punch.

The fallen assassin spat out blood froth. I personally removed the mask from their face. It was supposedly developed by Hwarim.

It had spread so quickly already? Enough that an ordinary assassin carrying it?

I searched their pockets. Apart from a few smoke bombs and some trinkets, there was nothing of worth—which meant the assassin had come at me without any substantial equipment.

Observing this, I wondered if Fumility underestimated me, but that was an issue for that fanatical group to address. Dusting my hands off, I got back into my car.

Driving away, I navigated through Seoul’s clogged roads. Passing women whistled at my car.

“I have a girlfriend,” I muttered.

“It was the car I was admiring,” the woman retorted and laughed as she walked by, adding compliments about my devilish charm.

An immortal so easily swayed by a single glance—her lack seemed more than average, yet she bore me no ill will.

Refocusing on driving, I reached the hospital parking lot. A familiar voice rang through a call.

“Yoouuuu, you’re really such a baaddd guy.”

It was Johan hyung, exaggerating his words.

“Hyung, your girlfriend has fallen for me?”

It was possible. “Are you high?”

“I’ve had a dose of popularity,” I replied.

“…You’re not taking the medicine you should, that’s the real problem.”

Johan hyung really had a way with words. “And what makes me so bad?”

“Are you going to leave me behind?”


“Take me with you. I don’t want much. Just 1.5 times the salary. How could you just leave me here?”

I burst into laughter at his words.

Honestly, when comparing Hwarim to NS, Hwarim was a hundred times better. The stability was different, as were the benefits.

Even if it’s past its prime, Hwarim will regain its strength—it’s inevitable as it’s a subsidiary that receives government support.

In contrast, what was NS? A mere private corporation that won’t even make compromises and employs a former terrorist. And they’re willingly joining because they’ll be upset if not accepted.

It was about loyalty. Johan hyung, more loyal than he seemed, must have given it some thought, especially after hearing that Gwitaek hyung was joining.

It’s hard to find such talented people—ones that may have been overlooked but are assets the company wouldn’t want to lose.


Wrapping up all these thoughts, I expressed my gratitude.

“Alright. I’m switching jobs then. Oh, and be careful. I saw Eunjung bong team leader grinding her teeth while muttering your name.”

Hmm, I see.


With that I walked into the hospital, planning to pay a visit before my afternoon schedule.

Arriving at the clinic, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t brought any typical gifts like drinks.

For my first hospital visit, I did have some items in my hand—wondering whether our teacher would appreciate a hologram mask and smoke bombs as a get-well gift.


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