Genius of unique lineage Chapter 248


Genius of a Unique Lineage

The madman is here.


The table and glass met, creating a small noise.

“Shall we look for a way to help?”

Eun Ji-hye said. Chief Manchoo, who had put down his glass, silently lifted and gulped another.

It was like swallowing lava — the hot liquid burned down his throat and heated his chest.

He didn’t crave food much, but he was picky with his alcohol. Drinking was one of the few hobbies of the Chief.

“Have you fallen for him?”

Team leader Ji-hye seriously replied to the half-joking question.

“What do you think? If I get it right, they’ll say she was sent off well, right?”

She was not an old maid, but she was of age.

Perhaps she could leverage the charm of being older?

The Chief stared at Ji-hye and then remembered Yu Gwang-ik was nearly immortal.

An immortal’s sense of beauty is a bit different from that of the average person. And who wouldn’t be targeting that Yu Gwang-ik?

Even to a man, this friend of his exuded charm.

“The competition seems quite fierce, doesn’t it?”

“It would seem so, yes.”


“Why do I feel upset?”

“Who knows.”

“It’s strangely unpleasant.”

They both said that and laughed lightly.

It was never a serious conversation to begin with.

“Now is just perfect.”


“That abnormal company is perfect as it is now. If it gets any bigger, it’ll become a headache.”

“Why is that?”

“You’re asking as if you don’t know.”

She wasn’t. She just wanted to help.

It was good to owe people favors in many ways.

“I know why you’re doing this.”

Saying so, the Chief poured more alcohol into Ji-hye’s glass.


After filling her straight glass, the Chief put the bottle upright and continued.

“Do you think I left the pure-blooded aristocrats’ mischief unattended on purpose? NS is perfect in size now. If it gets any bigger, it’s going to change the dynamics of our market. Besides, there’s nothing normal about what that company is doing. Above all, there’s nobody among the power holders who would want that. The government, the external family Dangun, the same. Did Dangun not know about the pureblood aristocrats’ antics? He knew but left them be.”

Ji-hye emptied her glass. When she exhaled sharply, the scent of alcohol stung her nose.

“The police must feel the same.”

“No point in saying anything.”

NS is perfect now. If it grows and causes major issues, it’ll become difficult to handle.

Flouting the authority of law enforcement and the order of the special species world.

Nothing they do is going to be welcome.

It was also a situation where it wasn’t easy to extend a helping hand.

The Chief knew.

Neither the government nor Dangun wanted NS to grow bigger.

Keeping a company from growing by preventing people from joining is simple, but effective.

So, it’ll be tough.

For a while, it seemed unlikely that NS would be able to increase its size.

Between facts and rumors.

There’s talk that those who join NS perish within half a day.

Who would then join?

“If it grows by itself, what if Gwang-ik cleans up and fosters it?”

“Then we must acknowledge it. It would mean the key to a new era is in their hands.”

Times change.

They always have.

When the black holes opened, when special species emerged, when the gates to the Other Side opened, and when Named appeared.

“A new era.”


The aroma of liquor, diluted by melted ice, brushed his nose. The Chief savored a gulp of his drink.

Ji-hye watched and wondered what Gwang-ik would be doing by now.

She had heard earlier that he turned the pureblood aristocracy on its head and slipped out without a fuss.

“What are you doing, you.”

She had asked him not to attack the aristocracy.

Not because her request was heard, but out of gratitude, she substituted it with thanks.

It’s good to leave some ties, so there’s an excuse to see each other again.

“You never know.”

Both the Chief and she thought getting the seat next to Gwang-ik was difficult.

Yet, when the opportunity arises, one must be there to seize it.

“You won’t escape the charm of an older woman, Mr. Gwang-ik.”

She smiled at her whimsical thought, and the Chief next to her asked.

“You were thinking something naughty, weren’t you?”

“That’s sexual harassment, Chief.”

“Report me then. I’ll take off the uniform and go traveling with the wife.”

“You say things without meaning them.”

“So, what were you thinking?”

“Just a bit about Mr. Gwang-ik.”

She said, feeling a little embarrassed. More precisely, she thought of Gwang-ik’s bare body.

“Seems you don’t give up easily.”

“That’s my specialty.”

“Good. A specialty.”

Saying so, the Chief lifted his glass. They clinked glasses.

Putting aside the headache-inducing topics, they toasted to becoming good drinking buddies.

“Wishing that the charm of being older works.”

* * *

The madman is here.

“Do you know how much houses cost in Seoul?”

Ignoring the madman abruptly asking this, Ki-nam attempted to ignore him.

He would, if he could.

Thud. He sticks out his foot. Dodging it, the madman reached out a hand, flicking it before his eyes.

Ki-nam instinctively leaned back and raised his guard.

This kind of thing was common when they were roommates.

This madman was good at striking without a hint of malice or speculation.

So Ki-nam’s reaction was instinctive, but there was never an instance where the madman’s hand actually struck him.

He just flicked around in front of him.

“Ki-nam, have you been hitting yourself somewhere?”

He said, watching that.

“What are you doing?”

Ki-nam lowered his guard and spoke with a stern expression.

“I thought I wasn’t visible.”

“I see you.”

“Then why don’t you answer? It’s hard to see you after such a long time.”

Do we have a relationship that warrants such feelings?

Ki-nam glared at the guy with his eyes and was about to snap back.

It’s best to avoid a madman.

So he thought and continued walking down the company corridor when the madman stuck closely and followed.

A female deputy from Security Team 2, coming from the opposite direction, opened her eyes wide and asked.

“Gwang-ik? Long time no see, right?”

“Ah, how have you been?”

“What brings you here?”

He strolled about Hwarim because he was an outsider, so she had to ask.

For someone to roam so comfortably in a place they don’t belong.

Gwang-ik showed his visitor badge with a grin.

“I’m headhunting.”

With that, the deputy from Team 2 laughed with a snort.

“You’re funny.”

That was the only way to take it.

Which insane headhunter would waltz directly into a company and play tricks like that?

At best, it’s a lack of professional ethics.

At worst, this is a bastard move.

“Let’s have a meal some time.”

The deputy said and passed by.

“Sure, good idea.”

He grinned and stepped aside, letting the female deputy walk past.

“The madman.”

Headhunting, of all things.

“I’m tired. Really, why am I so popular?”

“Pure-blood madman.”

“Eh? What was that? I can’t hear the unpopular pure-blooded immortal’s words.”

Ki-nam found himself wanting to fire a gun. He swallowed his anger.

It’s not like he can create such a commotion in the company.


“Twice a week at most.”


“The gifts and letters placed on my desk. Didn’t have that when you were here, did you?”

“Oh, Jeong Ki-nam is still alive then.”

The madman’s reaction made Ki-nam regret his slip of the tongue.

“Do you have a reduced salary now?”

And then he abruptly changes the subject.

“Oh, Gwang-ik?”

Occasionally, Gwang-ik would greet the passerby with ease.

“How have you been?”

“Terribly. Did you come to see Yohan?”

“Nope, came to see Ki-nam.”

Hearing this, his colleague mumbled in passing.

“You two were close.”

“We were roommates,”

Gwang-ik answers with a smile, while Ki-nam couldn’t control his mouth.

He retorted quickly,

“We’re not close. Not at all. Don’t spread weird rumors. This guy sticks to me unilaterally. We’re not friends, not at all. Not even a bit.”

“Hey, don’t be so hurtful. Are you still mad because I showed up at your house without telling you? Look, I couldn’t help it, you’re sore about that…”


Whether he goes to the pure-blooded aristocracy or not, Ki-nam couldn’t care less.

But bringing it up at this timing made it seem like Ki-nam had a petty heart.

The colleague fell for the act.

“Ah, I mean.”

Finding no words, he glanced at Ki-nam quickly before passing.

“See you later.”


After another colleague passed, Ki-nam decided to head to the armory.

He wanted to blow the madman’s head off with a shotgun.

“Ki-nam, do you know how much Seoul houses cost?”

He could feel his anger rising. Just moments ago, he was teasing, and now he speaks up.

Continuing to talk at his own pace.

“Don’t know.”

Ki-nam answered.

If he doesn’t respond, the madman would bug him all night. Didn’t he feel it during their roommate days?

This guy has a mental illness.

“Let’s say the going rate for a 30-pyeong apartment exceeds one billion won. Isn’t one billion considered decent? You know, those ‘oh, this place is nice’ kind of large apartment complexes? They start at 1.5 billion. But how’s Hwarim these days? Got your salary cut, right?”

The company was struggling, so there was a cut in wages for all employees.

It was either that or restructuring.

There was no choice.

The president said to endure just one more year, but it didn’t seem like anyone was happy about it.

The level of benefits was falling day by day.

“Let’s start with 100 million won. I’ll make sure you get some incentives.”

“You’re insane.”

No matter what anyone says, Ki-nam had no intention of working under this guy. Maybe as partners, but now he ignored the madman.

“Hey, think carefully. You might miss your chance.”

Gwang-ik moved away.

Whistling, heading somewhere else—it was clear he was off to play tricks on someone else.

Ki-nam kept walking. Heading back to the office, Security Team 3 was empty.

Kim Jung-ah was so busy these days, she hardly ever sat at her desk.

Team leader Lee Joong-bong was always being called upstairs.

Sitting there, soon his office messenger pinged.

[Jung Ho-nam, Section Chief] Rooftop.

It was his brother. Ki-nam headed to the rooftop. Waiting there, his brother, leaning against the railing with two steaming cups of coffee, greeted him.

It was instant coffee.

Ki-nam took a cup and stood beside him, and his brother spoke up.


“At the company here.”

“Right, Jeong Ki-nam, so I hear Gwang-ik came?”

This damn rumor spread so fast.

It had already reached his brother’s ears too.

That he came to scout him and that Ki-nam wouldn’t go with Gwang-ik, everyone seemed to know.

“Yes, I won’t be going.”


“Why do you ask?”

Numerous reasons came to mind why he wouldn’t want to be under that guy.

Should he say it out loud? Because he used his towel and shampoo without asking?

During their roommate days, he took joy in tormenting him, a pervert delighting in torment?

Or because that guy started on the same line, no, behind him, and now has moved far ahead?

It was hard to say any of those things out loud.

“You know my goal, right?”

He knows. Section Chief Jung Ho-nam, his brother, wants to be head of the household.

He wants to root out and get rid of the corruption in the pure-blooded aristocracy.

To do so, he aims to establish a new aristocracy.

That’s his brother’s life goal.

“Then what do you want to do?”


At first, he wanted to be an immortal recognized by the aristocracy.

That small and modest dream quickly faded away.

As he aged and his perspective broadened, he realized how filthy the aristocracy was.

“Catch Yu Gwang-ik.”

His brother utters.

It carries many implications.

With no goal, Ki-nam had lost motivation, or had lost it.

The motivation came back because of…

“That madman.”

Thanks to Yu Gwang-ik. To compete against him, to withstand him, to match him.

He honed his skills for that.

That was still true now. After Gwang-ik left the company, Ki-nam trained even harder.

To the point that bystanders were astonished.

Kim Han, who endured pain training, saw Ki-nam in such a state and said, “Follow in my footsteps.”

Indescribable harshness, more than just words, what was it all for?

“If you want to catch up, run beside him. Not from behind.”

Ki-nam looked straight into his brother’s eyes.

What happens if he leaves? He had tried to be of some use to his brother.

When the time comes to swallow the aristocracy, Ki-nam’s help will be necessary for sure.

“So what will happen to you?”

Out of the blue, he asked.

Ho-nam avoided his gaze.


Why did he avoid his eyes?

Then, mumbling he said,

“You taking this and Gwang-ik helping would be more beneficial.”

“I must have misheard.”


The ringtone went off at the right moment.

A message from Gwang-ik.

[Madman] Your popularity’s on the rise, Ki-nam. Come. Your brother will have some fun. Once a week.


A sound as if something had snapped inside his head echoed.

He’s going to kill him. He must kill him.

He must build up his skills beyond that madman and crush his face.

He will do this for sure.

His usually intellectual and cold brother was making that face.

The man himself feeling awkward after speaking, just sipping coffee.

“I’ll transfer.”


The sibling conversation ended. Ki-nam clenched his jaw too hard while speaking, biting down until he tasted blood in his mouth.

It seemed his gums were a bit damaged.

In that state, he typed a reply.

Definitely, going to kill him.

He sent a message with that sole reason for joining.

A reply came.

[Madman] Good luck.


Unable to contain himself, the pure-blooded immortal screamed down the staircase.

It was the roar of rage in a world where even immortals don’t usually shout.


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