Genius of unique lineage Chapter 247


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 246: At a Friend’s House

“What was the meaning behind that action?” I asked.

The anger was written all over his face.

Why was he so angry?

I pondered whether he was a guard of the pureblood Jeongga or a descendant of the Jeongga lineage, based on my friend’s expression.

Why was he angry?

Could it be because of the deal with my maternal grandfather?

I wanted pressure to be applied.

Specifically, pressure related to the main house of the pure-blooded Jeongga.

It wasn’t political or psychological pressure I was after.

“Is that enough? Grandchild?”

“Yes, it’s sufficient.”

I asked and answered.

That was the end of it.

The Hwarang, who had collected the corpse of a member of the Immortal Twelve Apostles, made their move.

They arrived at the pure-blooded Jeongga faster than I did using helicopters and other means of transport, and immediately blocked this place.

“I came to talk.”

I replied, dusting off the dirt on my thigh.

Dust flitted in the air as I patted my pants.

“Who with?”

“The family head.”

“A mere immortal has no reason to meet with the family head.”

“…A mere immortal, you say, but I’m a Special Supreme.”

Mr. Geondongi, whom I had brought back without much thought, interjected along the way. For an ordinary person, he was quite bold. His interjection in such a situation proved that.

“You’ve brought all kinds of trash with you.”

A pureblooded immortal of the Jeongga spoke up.

He was pureblooded. His facial features said it all. Almost perfect proportions and harmony of features.

He looked like he could earn a three-generational fortune with just his face.

I hadn’t seen such a handsome face in a long time.

He was indeed comparable to Kinam.

But not in terms of skills.

I recalled the Jeong Kinam I knew.

The skill level of the Twelve Apostles I had faced earlier was about 1.5 times that of Kinam.

And the current opponent was about 0.8 Kinam level.

Yet, it wasn’t hard to guess why he was treating me this way.

It was the kind of treatment I had gotten countless times.

Once my name got out, there were quite a few who saw me that way, believing they could take me on.

Why hesitate to challenge them to a fight?

I kicked the ground.

I didn’t even need to tear through the air to lunge at him.

I used the same technique I had used on the Twelve Apostles.

If I had to give it a name, maybe a ‘net of killing intent’?

I spread my presence and killing intent in all directions.

It would be most efficient against those with sensitive senses.

I closed the distance and pivoted on my left foot, throwing a punch.

My right fist, moderately powered, met the opponent’s abdomen.

Boom. Whoosh, thud!

Huh, this seemed too anticlimactic.

I hadn’t even used a dash, nor had I activated my hardening skill.

To be sent flying with a single punch and end up as a heap of flesh.


Two blocked my way. As one flew away from my punch, the immortal beside him reacted.

He brushed his waist and swung. What he held was a thin sword.

It looked like a tool made with utmost care for sharpness.

A fine sword indeed.

I pulled my arm back and pivoted on my left foot, turning my body. That simple movement made the blade slice through the air.

In close combat situations, it’s rare for an immortal to gain the upper hand against a shape-shifting race.

I faced my opponent and activated the net of killing intent again.

His expression hardened. At the same time, I could see his arms and legs stiffening.

The sensitive senses of the immortal directly perceived the state he was in.

Like a fish entangled in a net, he could not even squirm.

I punched again.

This time, I adjusted my power even more and struck his jaw.

Clang. Solid.

Since I controlled the strength, he didn’t fly away in a mess like before.

The pureblooded friend who had flown off initially had turned into a piece of meat bleeding against the wall.

This one fared somewhat better.

Only his feet lightly lifted off the ground, and his jaw split open, spewing red flesh and a few teeth flying.

With the second opponent dealt with, a dreadful killing intent weighed heavily upon me.

Multiple immortals intent on attacking surrounded me.

I quickly ascertained their number with my senses.


There was no time to catch my breath in that brief moment, but it was enough time to improve my skills.

I knew instinctively what to do next.

I spread out the net of killing intent.

All the approaching opponents were about 0.8 Kinam level.

Their bodies froze mid-attack. Thanks to some forward momentum, one blade just grazed the vicinity of my shoulder.

I leaned forward. The king’s move.

I twisted my waist to dodge, straightened my body, and launched an uppercut, followed by diligently dashing left and right.

As I ran in all directions, sending out punches and kicks, the group of charging pureblood immortal guards hit the walls one after another.

One of them was unlucky enough to collide with some sort of pillar in the garden, shattering his head.

Brain matter spilled onto the floor. I watched and shook my hand.

I couldn’t help but mutter to myself.

“So, this works.”

Well, having used it against the Twelve Apostles, I did think it was quite a decent technique.

But this was too good.

Although I had developed it, it’s really outstanding.

After testing it in combat, I felt even more so.

I walked on.

Crossing the garden, I could still feel presences. Several immortals were waiting for the right moment to strike. I didn’t give them an opening.

I continued and opened a door.

A space that looked like a drawing-room was revealed.

And there in the middle, I saw the family head of the Jeongga.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

He seemed a bit irritated.

“Virtue signaling,” I responded.


Several immortals lingered nearby.

I remember someone comparing the level of the pureblood Jeongga’s family guards to the core forces of Phoenix Team or the Immortal Special Forces.

They seemed comparable.

Were they 1 Kinam, or maybe 1.2 Kinams level?

“No, really. When you were all set to strike down my company, when was that?”

“Do you have any proof?”

The family head asked through clenched teeth.

Proof, what proof.

“Are you going to claim it wasn’t you?”

“Suppose it was, for argument’s sake. Is this how you’ve chosen to react? A show of force?”

I had thought it over on the way here.

The reason the family head of the Jeongga got involved in this matter.

It might sound crude coming from me, but I suspect it was to procure my seed, as they say.

So I asked.

“Was this all to pressure me into selling my body after making my company struggle for funding?”

“Sell your body?”

“Well, isn’t taking money to be with a woman basically selling yourself?”

“The reasoning is much nobler than that. Aren’t you curious if those particular traits will be passed on to the next generation?”

I took a shot in the dark, and he bit, hook, line, and sinker.

“I’m not curious.”

A straightforward answer.


“Do you create a child on your own? Why worry about a problem that should only concern me when I marry my ideal partner? Isn’t that just a fantasy?”

Fantasy, indeed.

I’m not wondering what my future child will look like because, embarrassingly, I don’t even have a girlfriend.

“Fantasies can become reality. If you want, the clan can support you…”

“That’s enough.”

I already have a father and mother.

The Dangun Group alone is more than sufficient as a backdrop.

There’s no room for the Jeongga to wedge in.

“Are you looking down on the pureblood Jeongga?”

The family head’s eyes met mine.

There was no point in further conversation, so I got to the point.

“Cut ties with the Immortal Sect, and stop messing with my people and my company.”

I had heard that the pureblood Jeongga had intimate ties with the Immortal Sect.

Word has it that it’s a longstanding covert relationship enjoyed by those in power.

The pureblood Jeongga is indeed a unique group.

Are there no pureblood groups in other countries?

There are.

But it’s rare for them to take the form of a clan.

Usually, even those that bear the name of a clan are not so obsessed with maintaining a pure bloodline.

Rather, they prefer to dilute the blood for the sake of progress.

The Immortal Sect is a mad bunch.

They preach that the only true god in the world is among the immortals.

They even worship the sect leader like a god.

It’s a pseudo-religious cult.

It grew into a terrorist organization.

They’re among the most troublesome terrorist groups, causing harm worldwide.

And the pureblood Jeongga and the Immortal Sect have something in common.

They believe immortals are the most exceptional among all special beings.


The family head lit a cigarette. An analog fan, he struck a match and ignited the tip.

He took a deep drag and studied me closely.

I was mentally counting the number of guards from the family head’s personal detail.

If they were a group well-equipped with decent gear, could it turn into a challenging fight?

It wouldn’t be too difficult for me to escape on my own, though.

At that moment, I remembered the person I had brought along.

Mr. Geondongi, with a look of having wet his pants, glanced over from the door, his body half-leaning on it.

I wondered if that old man would be okay.

Surely they wouldn’t kill him.

With all possibilities open in my mind, I waited for the family head’s next words.

The smoke-filled family head finally spoke.

“Let it be.”

…That was anticlimactic.

I had actually come prepared for a real fight.

I was ready to make them pay the price if it wasn’t the family head.

That’s why I had started with throwing punches as soon as I arrived.

“If you’re not planning to donate your sperm, then you might as well leave.”

The family head said.

I looked him squarely in the eyes, pondering.

He was indeed no ordinary leader of the Jeongga.

Well, that’s just fine by me.

I turned and Mr. Geondongi closely followed.

The back of my head tingled.

Eyes like lasers bore into my skull. I ignored them cleanly and asked Mr. Geondongi as we left.

“So, did you have a reason for coming?”

“If I bring up my business now, I don’t think I’ll see tomorrow’s sunrise…”

His face black with dread, Mr. Geondongi spoke.

His expression was filled with worldly worries and concerns as he let out a deep sigh, then continued to trail behind me.

* * *

“Why did you let him go just like that?”

An elder asked the family head, who had extinguished his cigarette on the table.

The disagreeable smoke dispersed in the air. Resting against the sofa, the family head retorted.

“What if I didn’t let him go?”

“We should have cut down his arrogance. Have you considered how this will affect the clan’s honor?”

‘Foolish fool.’

There were many who coveted his position, even if it meant allying with a few other elders.

The family head knew this and had to suppress the urge to drive a knife into the mouth of the one speaking before him.

A fool who couldn’t see an inch ahead.

That Jeong Sura might serve better in his capacity as an elder. He was a clan member who had shown interest in Sura’s abilities, in part because of the connection to Kwang Ik.

The words of Jeong Sura returned to him.

“If you can’t embrace him, it’s better not to interfere. Yu Gwang Ik is a monster.”

The family head had intended to follow Sura’s advice.

But the actions of these elders had been laughable.

‘Are we to leave this bloodline be?’ That was the pressure.

Even the position of family head of the Jeongga had its political constraints.

The family head couldn’t fulfill every whim.

Especially the words of the elders backed by the Immortal Sect could not be ignored.

And so they had targeted Gwang Ik.

The plan was to make things difficult for him and then get what they wanted.

But the strategy had failed.

That overwhelming power, ‘Spatial dominance’ – some special beings can entirely control their surroundings. Once you experience that overwhelming strength, you realize how narrow your own world was.

At such a young age, he had the power to contend with the greatest fighters in the world.

It was chilling.

Considering it further, it was terrifying. Yu Gwang Ik, the Special Supreme, was a monster among monsters.

And he was the only one who realized it.

“What should we do, family head?”

Loud-voiced elders stepped forward. Watching them was appalling.

Moments before, had they acted on the elders’ wishes, at least half of them here would be dead.

And yet, here they were.

The family head burst into laughter.

“Why are you laughing?”

Laugh? He couldn’t help but find humor in his situation, facing idiots who couldn’t measure the breadth of their own wells.

The family head stood up.

For the foreseeable future, he would have to live in a near-cloistered state.

Even if it diminished his power, it could not be helped.

If they provoked him further, the clan would be destroyed.

* * *

“You knew what you were doing, right? Considering your deep ties with the government? It’d be worrisome for your father, and retreating is a hundred times more advantageous than fighting?”


Panda hyung called suddenly as I was on my way back, so I responded with a question.

“Sometimes, you really scare me.”

He said this and ended the call.

What was he talking about?

Buzz. Buzz.

My phone vibrated. A message. Team Leader Lee Ji Hye had left a message saying, ‘Thank you.’

For what?

The police had asked me to spare the Jeongga.

No, that’s not why I did it.


I picked up the phone and pressed the button.


Mr. Geondongi, who was still following closely, let out a heavy sigh.

I saw no reason to keep him at a distance, so I had brought him along.

After a few rings, the other party picked up the call.

I said bluntly.

“Hey, you’re not thinking of changing jobs?”

“You crazy bastard.”

Kinam hung up the phone right away.

His phone manners were terrible.

I guess it’s because of his father.

I glanced back at the pureblood Jeongga main house and pondered.

There probably wasn’t room for talk about descendancy with Kinam, was there?

That thought in mind, I moved on.

It was never my intention to half-destroy a friend’s house.

That’s why I involved the Dangun Group.

Otherwise, I would’ve just mobilized my company’s forces and attacked.

The reason? Simple.

It’s a friend’s house. It’s Kinam’s house. It wouldn’t be right to barge into a friend’s home and cause havoc, would it?

My people matter to me. My surroundings are important, and so is my wealth.

So it was an obvious choice.

Of course, now that it’s done, I intend to utilize this incident.

There’s already widespread talk that NS is in danger, making hiring difficult, so I, as the CEO, had planned to address it personally.


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