Genius of unique lineage Chapter 246


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 245: Windfall

Kang Seul-Hye’s original role was to ensure that Jeong Ji-Hik didn’t end up beaten to death. She intended to keep a distance and, if it looked like he was going to die, she would step in and pull him out. If the opposition got too aggressive, she’d knock them down as necessary. That was the plan, but then…

“Could you check inside the building?”

It was Dong-Hoon’s request. She was paired with the new recruit, Kim Geun-Yuk, a female employee. It wasn’t that she couldn’t handle it alone, but the intention was to move in pairs and coordinate together. It also served as on-the-job training for the new recruit, Kim Geun-Yuk.

With Ju Il-Ho hospitalized and Jang Ga-Hee injured with broken bones, Kang Seul-Hye had stepped up as the temporary trainer.

“Mother, shall I lead the way?”

Kim Geun-Yuk asked upon hearing the communication. The situation was already chaotic due to a commotion caused by Jeong Ji-Hik. The scene ahead was noisy. Three Immortals approached, quelling the disturbance with a chilling atmosphere.

Judging by their capabilities, they wouldn’t die easily. She had been observing the harsh training of these young and special species for a while now. The child, a product of harsh training, wouldn’t die so easily. As a top-class shape-shifter trainer, Jang Ga-Hee had an impeccable talent, and according to her husband, Ju Il-Ho was similar. The child they had trained would surely hold their own. Even if not an Immortal or shape-shifter, they could perform their duty well.

While keeping an eye on Jeong Ji-Hik and the three Immortals, Kang Seul-Hye asked Kim Geun-Yuk, “Can you climb walls?”

“Excuse me?”

Kim Geun-Yuk asked back, looking up pensively at the seven-story building. There was no reason she couldn’t climb it. Her body, enhanced by superhuman abilities, exhibited tremendous strength comparable to that of a shape-shifter.

“Yes, I’ll follow you if you go ahead.”

Her speech was indeed elegant. Kang Seul-Hye thought so as they infiltrated the building. They subdued the assailants coming at them through the windows around the fourth floor.

It was easy. There were no difficulties. Kim Geun-Yuk also contributed, participating in the takedown with efficient movements and powerful punches and kicks. As they cleared the upper floors, Kim Geun-Yuk commented, “The ceiling is too low on this floor.”

For someone of her stature, the height of the ceiling was rather inconvenient, almost brushing the top of her head. Kang Seul-Hye stepped onto a table and knocked on the ceiling. It was thick. What could that mean?

As they meticulously cleared each floor, pressing on without hesitation, someone unexpectedly got punched in the face before they could finish speaking—teeth shattered and scattered in the air.

Right next to her, Kim Geun-Yuk grabbed the opponent’s arm, twisted it around, and kicked their abdomen so hard they collapsed to the ground with a satisfying thud. They went on a rampage, using rough methods when necessary.

If an Immortal detected something using their senses, a shape-shifter could use different methods. “Hey, break that open,” Kang Seul-Hye instructed.

They smashed and broke a bookshelf with their fists. Kang Seul-Hye did the same. And there, they found the source of the ceiling’s thickness. There was a safe with a heavy iron door, blocking an entire side of the room, like a bank vault. Typically this job would require someone like Kim Jung-Go, who was a master lockpick, but Kang Seul-Hye tore it open with her bare hands, prying the seams apart.

“It’s fresh, Mother,” Kim Geun-Yuk admired, always addressing her formally as ‘Mother’.

Kang Seul-Hye downplayed it and entered the vault. “Hmm,” she sighed. Recently, there had been a surge in the stock market price of adamantium. Ga-Hee had mentioned it, “It’s like someone has hoarded a ton of it.”

The hoarder was here. This was the second reason why Shi Yi Sado had come to this place. It wasn’t by chance. In fact, it couldn’t be considered a coincidence. Kwang Ik had intended to upend everyone involved in the affair. It was inevitable that it would happen.

Believing that the closest spot remained unseen, the Immortal Sect had set up a secret vault here, filled with adamantium and new materials.

Above Kang Seul-Hye’s forehead were two hologram projection stickers. Those stickers created virtual masks on their faces. A holographic mask. In the past, people used magic to create ectoplasm masks, but times had changed. Kwang Ik acquired this equipment during his visit to Hwa Rim. These hologram masks could store any desired appearance for usage.

Kang Seul-Hye chose the form of a tiger, and thanks to the craftsmanship devoted to the technology, the mask captured her every emotion. The holographic tiger smiled—it was overjoyed at the chance of looting such an extensive hoard. Even if one had a strained relationship with one’s family, home was still home. She was more elated that this wealth belonged to the Immortal Sect. No matter how much one hated them, it was still one’s father’s place. Paying back the people who had betrayed her own father was a cause for satisfaction.

“What a windfall.”

Kang Seul-Hye summed up all her feelings in that single remark, and Kim Geun-Yuk, hearing it, tilted his head and asked, “Windfall?”

It was a word he wasn’t familiar with, so he asked about something similar that he had learned.

“Who taught you that word?” she asked.

“My younger brother,” said Kim Geun-Yuk, her cheeks coloring with a hint of embarrassment. Whoever that sibling was, they had certainly learned Korean properly. After all, language is often first learned through swear words.

Kang Seul-Hye pondered this and then slowly explained what “windfall” meant. Moments later, her son peeked into the vault.


“How old are you to still be calling me mom?” she retorted.

“I’m sorry, Mother, what is this?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a windfall, Director,” Kim Geun-Yuk answered, always addressing him respectfully as Director. His position as the head of a company was flattering to any parent.

“Wiiinnndfahhhll,” Kim Geun-Yuk enunciated slowly, conveying the meaning as she had understood it, “Reaping the full benefits of someone else’s hard work.”

The son was attentive. He nodded his head, appearing to agree with the explanation.

“Hm,” he pondered over the chunks of adamantium and other metals, deep in thought. Kang Seul-Hye knew her son well enough to understand the expression he had when he was feeling a certain way. His lips did not lift, but his nose twitched—a subtle habit he had when savoring scents, basking in the aroma. His ears quivered almost imperceptibly with delight, a face only visible to someone who took as much joy in his happiness as she did. To anyone else, these micro-expressions would have gone unnoticed.

“Doesn’t it please you, Director?”

“No, it’s wonderful. It’s just a shame to simply sell these metals.”

Ah, she internally exclaimed, recognizing the spark in her son’s eyes. There must be clever ideas swirling in his head. He had always been like that since he was young—eyes shining with inspiration. Of course, this too was a sensation only a mother would notice.

“It’s going to take a lot of effort to transport this back to the headquarters. We might need to use the Hwarang boys.”

“The Hwarang is not a moving company, are they?”

She blurted out the question without thinking.

Son was adept at utilizing his resources, often a little too well. The core tactical team of the Tangun Group was the Hwarang. To use them as a moving service seemed excessive.

“It’s not like we can use regular couriers,” he chuckled. Announcing to the world that they had stumbled upon a treasure trove of gold was not an option. Especially considering the current circumstances, it was clear these were the Immortal Sect’s belongings. There was no need to advertise that.

“I’ll handle it,” she said. The Tangun Group had a team specialized in logistics, not just subcontractors but a company managed directly by the group, capable of handling the transport. It was nothing difficult if she put Kwon Nalkae to work, so there was no need to worry.

“Thank you, then.”

With a smile, the son conveyed his gratitude.

“Where are you going now?”

A mother’s intuition spoke.

“Yes, to a friend’s house,” he answered.

Practically all criminal organizations in the vicinity of Seoul had been turned inside out. Only a few remained to be dealt with, and it was clear that he wouldn’t leave them alone, either. His nature was to uproot what he started.

‘Wonder who he got that from.’

Considering their gentle mother and friendly father, who would have guessed such a son would result? Kang Seul-Hye wiped the bloodstains from her fists onto her pants and pondered that thought.

* * *

The Seoul Federation.

Core members of the organization known by that name had faced mass casualties. Over ten people lay dead, resulting from brutal events. Even the most elite police forces would not engage in such violence. What had they done to deserve this?

‘No, everyone lives like this.’

Sucking a bit of blood from others, toying with the line between legality and illegality. Accepting bribes, engaging in various dealings. Even organizations that once flourished couldn’t do so now in a world ruled by special species. Militant corporations, with their private armies of special species, were among the most feared.

Yes, organizations held some special species, but they were no match for the others. Let alone the numerous humans who had taken bribes and curried favor. Those in politics and business, the elite classes with the wealth to buy tolerance. Without their backing, it was hard to survive for they were the bigger fish in the sea.

They, weak in the eyes of the world, preyed on those weaker than themselves. Still, the head of the federation believed they were the lesser evil.

“We’ve arrived.”

“Stand by,” he ordered.

With his attendant’s words, he stepped out of the car, straightened his clothes, and walked with an air of urgency. He was anxious. The crazed Eliminator was destroying everything that the Seoul Federation held dear, even ransacking the Immortal Sect’s vault. With no way to counter, the head of the federation sought this place as his last resort. His backers, whom he had recently bribed heavily—

“I’ve come to see… the head of the house.”

So, he visited the Pureblood House of Politics. A hulking man in a suit barred his way, clearly not an Immortal. His face was too grotesque. No matter how unsightly or off-putting, Immortals were a species known for their striking appearance.

“Now’s not the time,” he said curtly.

“But I’m Lee Geon-Dong. If you tell them that Geon-Dong has come,” he insisted.

“You can’t see them,” the man repeated coldly.

Who was this guy?

“I am from the Seoul Federation, Lee Geon-Dong.”

The hulking man watched him intently. A chill crawled up his spine. ‘It’s a shape-shifter.’

Why would a Shape-shifter be blocking the entrance to the Pureblood Political House? Pushing doubt aside, he pleaded out of desperation.

“It’s an emergency.”

It was urgent indeed. Left to their own devices, the organization’s prospects looked increasingly grim.

“Yes, Mr. Geon-Dong. You cannot see them right now.”

Looking past the hulk, he could see dozens more with similar auras, surrounding the grand traditional house’s gate and walls.

Geon-Dong caught a glimpse of what the man held beneath his coat: the handle of a gun and the sturdy outline of body armor. They were here for a purpose.

‘If it’s this many Shape-shifters…’

Tangun Group.

Lee Geon-Dong hadn’t just clicked his way to the top spot in the Seoul Federation. He had a sharp instinct, realizing this was no ordinary matter. Still, this offered him no comfort, with visions of a yellow sky looming over him—if he stood back now, he’d likely face the wrath of the mad cult.

The previous fallout caused by Money & Save and Prometheus fleeing had been severe. But compared to the Immortal Sect’s retribution, that was a trifle.

“What’s going on?”

One of the pair ahead queried.

Se Choi-Jung released Geon-Dong’s arm, then replied, “What?”

Geon-Dong had quick wits. He would bet his left wrist that the query was a provocation. He urged them, “Shall we not enter?” He had been invited along, after all. This might be the rotten lifebuoy he had to cling to.

“Oh, of course. Let’s go.”

Se Choi-Jung took hold of his arm firmly again, like being gripped by iron tongs, and led him inside.

As they passed the main gate, they were confronted again.

“What is the meaning of this?” asked one of the blockers.

“What do you mean?”

Geon-Dong’s instincts warned him. That reply was clearly a challenge. At that moment, he heard another voice behind him.

“Who’s this?”

“A gangster from the Seoul Federation,” replied the Shape-shifter man behind him.

“It’s not ‘gangster,’ it’s Lee Geon-Dong.”

Though he felt much older.

He didn’t voice his complaint, wary of making a foolish enemy out of the shape-shifter.

“Oh, Lee Geon-Dong? From the Seoul Federation, you mean, the criminal organization, right?” With a thumbs-up, Se Choi-Jung confirmed.

“Yes, yes.”

Admitting readily, Se Choi-Jung added, “Let’s go together. And you know what, he’s an elder, after all. It’s not polite to call him a gangster or a ‘mouthpiece’.”

The shape-shifter woman retorted, “To a mobster?”

Criminal organizations exist by exploiting civilians. Geon-Dong had no grounds to counter her claim.

“Well, even so, ‘mouthpiece’ is not the right term,” he rebutted.

At his words, the woman snorted.

“You’re hardly in a position to be saying that, are you?”

She countered.

“What am I then?”

Se Choi-Jung cocked his shoulder, unconcerned.

“Think about when you’re in a fight.”

“So what am I then?”

As the two bantered, Geon-Dong felt himself burning up with anxiety. It was only a matter of time before the Immortal Sect heard about this affair.

Taking courage, he interjected.

“Aren’t you going in?”

He had been invited after all. At this point, he’d grasp at any straw available.

“Ah, right. Let’s go.”

With that, Se Choi-Jung and he made their way inside.


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