Genius of unique lineage Chapter 245


Genius of a Unique Lineage

244. Adding Another One

The Twelfth Apostle of the Church of Immortality.

The name has a history that runs deep.

Being closely related to the very beginning of the Church of Immortality explains why.

One of the Apostles passed down through generations.

A man selected as one of the administrators of the Church of Immortality in Korea felt a thrill.

It wasn’t that he underestimated the name Sechoeteuk.

It was just that he had thought, ‘Real combat is different.’

Sechoeteuk was young. His experience was lacking. The famous battles he was known for involved Invaders as the opponents.

So to him, fighting against people, against special species, should have been awkward.

That was his thinking. It would be to his advantage, then.

As one of the Twelve Apostles, he was adept at using various gears.

Thirteen gears in total.

That should be more than enough to capture one’s opponent.

He had never failed before.

He had captured pure-blooded shape-shifters, master-level superhumans, even magicians,

not to mention immortals.

That’s why he engaged.

He was confident he could capture Sechoeteuk.

There were other reasons as well, but this was the conclusion.

Confidence in victory was the reason he stepped forward.

Misled by the submachine gun, he set off the grenade.

The fight began like that.

After that, whatever the opponent transformed into, he detonated a rapid-hardening trigger gear.

Even a mere graze would severely restrict their movements.

The opponent dodged.

With high-speed movement that made them disappear from sight.

Only the sound of the rooftop breaking followed by a loud bang was heard.

All that was left in the Apostle’s eyes were the broken ground and the vanished figure of Gwang Ik.

He hastily set up a Lightning Trap.

It would activate even without being stepped on—a gear that created a barrier of lightning in the air.


Sparks of lightning formed before his eyes, but the opponent was faster.

A shadow appeared suddenly before him, with sparks flashing behind it, looking to the Apostle like a slow-motion scene.

‘What is this?’

He had fought against numerous shape-shifters.

His experience with pure-blooded shape-shifters alone numbered in the dozens.

He was confident.

But the result was horrendous.

There was nowhere to dodge, not front, back, left, or right.

Instinct warned him that any direction would be like walking into the maw of a tiger.

He hesitated. His judgment slowed, causing his options to narrow.

Despite his rich combat experience, his body wouldn’t respond easily; his muscles momentarily stiffening.


He felt like a fish ensnared in a net.

The reason was simple.

The aura of his opponent, their projected intent, was pressuring him from all directions.

The stationary shadow, Gwang Ik’s blurry fist, approached his chest.

Sound vanished, and his vision darkened.

The greatest advantage of being an immortal is not dying.

The Apostle realized he had lost, that the opponent was too tough to beat in a fight.

Yet, he still believed he could inflict damage.

In that moment, the spell scrolls wrapped tightly around his body responded.

They contained exploding spells.

Spell gear, highly expensive and single-use.

It would detonate on impact.

The moment the fist connected, he felt no pain before noticing the surrounding objects disappear with a whoosh.

The Apostle was sent flying backward without even having a chance to scream or groan.

His chest crushed, and he slumped against the protruding entrance in the middle of the rooftop.


With that, the spell gear on his body detonated too.

This is where the Apostle’s memory ended.

* * *


The sound of an explosion reverberated.


What was that man wrapped in?

One punch, and it exploded.

Soon after, flames surged from near the entrance, and not just surging—they reached outward.

I pushed with my fist and stepped back. It was a reflex action. The explosion licked out just beyond where I’d been like an animal’s tongue.

I had completely avoided the aftermath. A few shards flew towards me, but the Galaxy Field of my armor activated reflexively and blocked the fragments.

To put it plainly, not even a scorch mark remained on my hand.

I dusted off my hands and reviewed the movements I had just executed.

Simple patterns and motions.

If someone saw this, they would think that the Apostle didn’t stand a chance against a straightforward punch.

It looked that simplistic.

It’s different when you look closer.

It was an application of aura and bloodlust.

Immortals talk about aura, while shape-shifters discuss bloodlust.

One hides and deceives, while the other reveals and pressures.

I mixed the two.

It wasn’t very difficult.

As soon as the idea came to me, it happened naturally.

Aura leaked as a diversion with bloodlust mixed in. The decoy had substance.

The opponent was fooled.

They couldn’t move. The additional service was rushing at an unreactable speed.

That’s how the punch was perfected.

I invested power into one strike, infusing it with various martial arts principles.

The destructive power of that blow was thanks to my experience with endurance and running around gravity control rooms.

To put it plainly.

“Not bad.”

I was quite satisfied.

It slipped out without me thinking.

I wasn’t even winded. It was just a punch, after all. I turned on my radio and spoke into the communicator.

“Is Jeong-jik dead?”

Soon, the reply came back.

“He’s alive.”

“Is Oppa hurt?”

Mari’s voice followed.

“I’m fine.”

As I gazed at the immolated Apostle, I switched the radio frequency.


Panda Hyung responded immediately.

“The police and the Ministry of Public Safety are moving, but it seems the Dangun Group is the most welcoming.”

It was a scheduled operation. I could never have imagined that one of the Twelve Apostles would be ensnared, but hey, what can you do?

Catching one was a good thing.

At this point, what should I do?

I hung up the call and picked up the phone. A voice strong despite its age came through.

“So, my grandson, are you eating well?”

“I’m eating too well, actually.”

“You should eat a lot when you’re young. I can’t even imagine a shape-shifter being beaten by food, grandson.”

“I did eat something just now, but I think grandpa would like this one even better.”

“Did you catch them?”

Even without a subject or context, the conversation continued.

Grandpa knew I was setting a trap for the Church of Immortality.

“High-ranking official?”

Grandpa asked.

Within the Church of Immortality, hardly anyone knows much unless they’re high-ranking.

There is the high priest at the top, two vice-high priests below him,

then come the Twelve Apostles, and below them are those who could be called high-ranking officials.

These high officials are further divided. In simpler terms, below the Twelve Apostles, there are bishops who look after their respective domains.

And just above the ordinary officials are the senior officials.

It’s complicated. A world of their own.

From when I was in the Immortal Special Forces, I learned the structure of terrorist organizations, but do I need to memorize all of it?

In any case, to be worth catching they would need to be more than ordinary officials.

“Well, quite.”

“Is it a bishop?”

“Go a little higher.”

Since grandpa didn’t say anything, I spoke up.

“I personally heard him claim to be one of the Twelve Apostles.”

“Is that guy the one who mixes and uses various gears?”

I nodded and replied.


A brief silence, then through the receiver, the voice of my grandpa, who is also the chairman of the group, said,

“A person? Or should I design a defense system for your building?”

What was the reason for the serious fight between the Dangun Group and the Church of Immortality?

A bombing? An attack targeting key personnel of the group?

A few of the Apostles were at the center of it, right?

Was one of the ones I caught part of that bunch?

I wanted to be a good grandson.

I wanted to hand over my catch obediently.

“Adding another one.”

“…The grandson seems to have some greed.”

“Yes, I’m a little greedy.”

People mind giving me things, as well as improving the defense system. Wanting one more thing wasn’t too much to ask.


I spoke briefly and explained.

What I wanted was the pressure exerted using the might of the organization.

Mom said that grandpa doesn’t move without a price.

But on the flip side, if there’s a deal, there’s no one more reliable than him.

This was a good deal.


Grandpa said, and I replied cheerfully,


After hanging up, I took care of the Apostle who was half burnt and nauseating to look at.

Utilizing the moment, I put the assassin immortal who targeted me first safely away.

I gave him another hit at the back of the neck, near the medulla oblongata, just in case he woke up.

I may have used too much force though, as his neck bones made a cracking sound.

Do I sometimes fail to control my strength because I’m getting high on battle instincts?

Could it be my shape-shifter instincts?

Thinking of the assassin who had put a gun to the back of my head earlier, I recalled his movements.

Appending the sense-killing with critical timing was also impressive. I should try it out next time.

While I waited for the Dangun Group, the radio buzzed.

A different frequency called, this time a vibrating alert.

Switching over, I heard my mother’s voice.

“Oh my, son, do they have quite a stash here?”

“Do they have a safe?”

Money stashed in huge amounts, perhaps.

But then it struck me as strange.

Panda Hyung judged that even if the Church of Immortality attacked, they’d only try to assassinate a few times before giving up.

Otherwise, they’d naturally cut their losses and abandon the organization.

But it was neither.

One of the Twelve Apostles came in person.

“Should I come and see for myself?”

Mother asked.

“Is everything on the inside settled?”

“Yes. Where did this come from? This mask seems pretty good.”

“A new product. Not yet released anywhere, I heard.”

An idle conversation unfolded between us.


Ah, Dangun Group class.

While everyone else screamed at the bottom and rushed up, we brought helicopters.

A helicopter adorned with the Dangun Group logo hovered overhead, and soon a ladder unrolled. A familiar face appeared.

“Oh, Gwang Ik.”

It’s Sojin, the physical powerhouse.

She leapt down energetically.

Thud. The heavy sound of Sojin’s steps approached as she walked briskly closer.

“Have you been well?”

“Yes, very.”

I’d been fine, scrapping away until just moments ago.

“An Apostle.”

“And you’ve done it again.”

Woonbi spoke up after he descended, followed by Do An-gyeol.

That guy’s gaze hasn’t changed.

“Was it one punch?”

He opened his mouth after surveying the situation and what I had done.

“Well, yes.”

His earnest, burning gaze was somewhat burdensome.

It’s already quite a pressure when a woman looks at me that way, but with this guy, it’s even more.

“So, I’m leaving.”

Saying that, I turned around.

“Can I come to see you next time?”

“Can I go to see you next time?”

“May I come to see Mother?”

Sojin, An-gyeol, and Woonbi all spoke up at once.

Thanks to the acute hearing of an immortal, I caught all three of their comments.

“Yes, okay, okay.”

I responded and turned away. Near the entrance, I found the spot where the fire had ceased, kicked a chunk of concrete out of the way to clear a path, and spoke through the radio.

“I’m leaving now.”

Immediately, Mother’s reply came.

“Come quickly, dear.”

Her voice seemed somewhat excited. I wondered if she was okay.

But what brought the Apostle here?

As much as I thought about it, there was no reason for them to come this far and confront us.

Unless there was a reason.

My gaze naturally shifted towards the building where Mother was.

“Was there treasure hidden away?”

Muttering to myself, I stepped inside.

Maybe there could be. There’s always a hidden reason behind unnatural actions.

Walking on, I pondered the next steps.

What to do immediately after seeing Mother and what needs to be done in the future.

I did need people. There was a lack of manpower. How would I fill those positions?

Several ideas crossed my mind.

Having thought of it, I would do it. There was no need to hesitate.

At the end of my musings, I saw Jeong-jik heaving for breath, slumped over.

Mari held axes in both hands, stained with blood, alongside Rose, the crazy one I had secretly sent to support Jeong-jik.

Except for Panda Hyung, the entire team had been deployed.

“You’ve worked hard.”

Saying the polite thing, I slipped inside the building.

I was very curious about the contents of the secret vault Mother had found.


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