Genius of unique lineage Chapter 244


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 243: Do You Want to be One of the Twelve Apostles?

Whether I was dealing with a crime syndicate alliance,

Or with the Immortal Sect, presumed to be behind them,

I knew it was obvious they’d have snipers.

I supported Jungshik for over ten days,

Following closely and firing from the rooftops of nearby buildings.

Any decent target that appeared, I made sure they were gifted a hole by the wind.

Thus, I caught six snipers, and five assassins who were after Jungshik.

Eleven total, I’ve caused such a commotion, yet if they didn’t expect my position to be exposed, they’d be fools.

I anticipated they would soon be on my tail.

Yet, I never expected them to approach so cleanly— their skill at suppressing their presence was exceptional.

A pure-blooded Immortal, and a trained professional.

Naturally, the process of my opponent closing in on me came to mind— an instinctive combat sensation that arises in battle.

When I fire the Parasitic Rifle,

Even though I can’t eliminate recoil and sound completely, it creates a gap in my sensory radar.

They take advantage of that gap to close the distance while still suppressing their presence.

Impressive. Although I’ve caught them, the skill is something I wanted to learn, it was that brilliant.

This stealth differed from the tactics of the Immortal Special Forces; it was akin to a killer raised by an assassin group with deadly purpose.

But I didn’t intend to be caught off guard.

I was prepared precisely because I anticipated this.

It’s uncommon to find Immortals who can detect Shapeshifters running in from beyond the reach of an Immortal’s senses.

Previously, during the Money & Save hit operation, Miho was targeted with the same strategy.

Mari played the role of the Shapeshifter then.

Outside the range of an Immortal’s senses, or more precisely, from another building’s rooftop, leaping and charging, she pounced on the one after me.

Turning my head, I saw a shadow rushing in, tossing a punch towards the Immortal behind me.

The attacker narrowly contorted their body.

Mari, as if expecting such evasion, stretched her opposite hand and grasped the Immortal’s neck.

Then, she slammed them down onto the rooftop with all her might.

The caught one twisted their body deviously.

Soon, it wasn’t their head, but their shoulder that met the rooftop’s surface.

Thud, a dense sound.

The sound of bones breaking echoed.

Mari, maintaining her slamming posture, curled her body like a ball and, using her core muscles— abs and back—twisted and extended her punch.

Mari’s fist struck the opponent’s chest.


A sound like an exploding ball resonated, and the struck attacker coughed out.


Thrown back immediately, they trembled as they hit the ground, eyes bulging in shock.

Are you that surprised, pal?

“Big brother?”

“It grazed me.”

I spoke and caressed my cheek. The wound had already healed. It tickled for a moment, but soon even that sensation faded away.

Lately, my sense from repeated training is that my regeneration speed seems to be even faster.

My old tutor did say something about that.

If you use a skill frequently, there will be times when it improves.

Regeneration is the same; even though it’s minor, it can still increase.

But in my case, it seems somewhat excessive.

Well, it’s not a bad thing.

The wound on my cheek is fully healed. I looked through the scope attached to the Parasitic Rifle.

A group aiming for Jungshik was in sight—three of them. Their movements seemed unusual, but from this distance, looking through a scope, there was no way to tell their actual skills.

“Senior, boss, CEO, what should I do now?”

Jungshik, who had clearly become capable of gauging the strength of opponents, spoke through the walkie-talkie in a rather flustered tone.

The result of rigorous training.

I scratched my head and aimed the rifle at the target.

One of them had an exceptional sense.

One turned their gaze. Exactly towards my location.

Then muttered something and clicked their tongue.

I zoomed in through the scope, reading their lips.

“Sniper spot confirmed, sniper spot confirmed. Await response.”

As if there would be a response.


The one hit by Mari spat out a foamy mix of blood before thumping their head onto the ground.

Two hits allowed by a single blow from a Shapeshifter. That’s the result of the hard work of a genius nicknamed the ‘Training Ghost’ who doesn’t have the mighty bloodline and must work even harder.

But with that, a professional Immortal was out in two strikes.


“Yes, I’ll guard the rear.”

With things having come this far, I might as well shoot with determination.

I aimed with the rifle.

The solid shell of the Parasitic Rifle built on Parasitism took shape at the muzzle.

Three drops of blood entered the elongated barrel over the hand-formed muzzle.

Three faithful destructive shots bereft of flamboyance, the trigger was pulled thrice.


Firing like rapid-fire without giving them a moment, it was an Immortal’s sniping.

Aiming for the heads of three individuals.

And all three dodged.

Behold, they’re no average foes.

Another shot prepared, but someone knocked on the rooftop’s metal door.

“That’s far enough.”

A voice followed.

Mari grasped the handle of the axe strapped crosswise on her back.

“Don’t come closer, or I’ll cut.”

“Cut what? Your words are brutally straightforward. An arm? A leg? Or perhaps the neck?”

It’s an Immortal. My combat senses burned at an all-time high.

I could read the opponent’s mood in a heartbeat.

But the opponent walked up carelessly, without suppressing their presence nor employing any arcane technique.

“Immortal Special Unit?”

They looked at me, then called out with a lifted edge in their voice.

“Do you need a sign(in Korean Sign also means autograph like in English)?”

Dismissing it lightly,

“Forget it, why would I need a man’s autograph?”

It was an Immortal with large, smiling eyes.

Good-looking. A face that clearly displayed the features of a pure-blooded Immortal.

The peculiarity was his unusually large eyes.

Big eyes.

“Mari, Jungshik.”

“Yes, big brother.”

When noticed and dodged sniper shots, what’s needed isn’t a gun, but a close-range fist.

I had Mari go to rescue Jungshik while reshaping the rifle into a solid shell.

“That deed cleanser is your work, isn’t it? Your taste is a bit rough.”

The guy spoke.

“It’s not to my taste.”

It’s Panda-hyung’s taste, not mine.

Mari glanced at me and the opponent, then walked outside.

The opponent let her go.

“Aren’t you going to stop her?”

I asked, curious.

“One Special Unit Immortal is trouble enough.”

While he spoke lightly, his confidence seemed to overflow.

This was the rooftop. A space not too spacious—would it be advantageous for an Immortal or a Shapeshifter?

Conclusively, I’d say the Shapeshifter has the edge.

Yet the opponent was ever so confident.

Upon what confidence?

The equipment he carried?

What could it be?

“Do you know about the Immortal Sect’s Twelve Apostles?”

“Twelve Apostles, isn’t that a bit childish? You’ve been criticizing my taste.”

“It’s not my doing; it’s like a tradition that comes down from above.”

“So what?”

“Do you want to be one of the Twelve Apostles?”

The Immortal Sect, of course, I had anticipated.

From the level of assassin that targeted me and the fact that I had planned to draw these guys out from the beginning.

Panda-hyung had mentioned:

“The Immortal Sect is just too difficult to catch.”

A zealous group, the Immortal Sect.

They hide well. They hid so well that my maternal grandfather, who had a run-in with them before, had tried to chase them with resolve.

Six months of pursuit.

There were times when an Immortal Sect member was caught, and it seemed like pulling a sweet potato vine—hoping for the higher-ups to surface.

But it was a futile notion.

It ended there. No matter how much they dug and investigated afterward, nothing else emerged.

This was the Dangun Group.

A major Korean corporation recognized by Excalibur.

Hacking, tracking, investigation, witness testimony.

They used it all.

They threw in their full effort.

Back then, my grandfather intended to eradicate the Immortal Sect from this land, or so I’ve heard.

The result was failure.

If you want a fight, you need to meet first.

The Immortal Sect hid. By merely hiding perfectly, they drained the energy of the Dangun Group.

After six months, Dangun gave up.

Try to bring up this story in front of my grandfather, and he still gets pretty angry.

Maybe that’s why when this incident occurred, Dangun immediately offered their support.

I refused.

Not that it wasn’t needed, but to draw out such well-hiding creatures, you need to appear somewhat defenseless.

My mere presence as ‘Special Unit’ erases the notion of vulnerability, still, we needed to be a small group.

If Dangun sent even their Hwarang team, would those guys dare show their faces?

Here’s our strategy.

The Immortal Sect used a crime syndicate to attack.

Eliminate the syndicate’s means.

React to that and smash everything to pieces.

But I never expected them to actually come forward when I just touched the organization a bit.

“What will I get if I do?”

“Money, honor, women, ah, do you prefer men?”

“What are you saying?”

His provocative level was high.

“No, I heard about your ‘ideal type.’”

He said and chuckled. The level of provocation was genuinely high, sounding sincere.

“I like women. I drool with how much I like them.”

“So will you do it? It’s a real shame otherwise.”

His words genuinely piqued my curiosity.

“Why are you guys from Prometheus and your lot so desperate to work with me?”

“It’s because Immortals like you are rare. It’s a pity to kill you.”

That’s right. I’m talent that’s too valuable to kill.

“Are you also one of the Twelve Apostles?”


He nodded, an innocent smile ever upon his wide-eyed face. I took in his posture, movement, everything visible.

My heated combat senses had gauged his level.

A pure-blood Immortal, in terms of combat power, maybe around Ho-nam hyung’s level? A guardian from the pure-blooded Jeong family?

Therefore, he can’t challenge me one-on-one.

That’s obvious.

Based on what I’ve done so far, that just can’t happen.

Yet he challenged. If there’s a cause, there’s effect, and if there’s an effect, there’s a cause.

He’s challenging alone because he thinks he can afford it.


He sported a long coat.

His hand moved behind him, brushing past the backside near his hips, and suddenly an Uzi came out.

Soon, the muzzle of the submachine gun erupted with fire.


Bullets warming the cold air sliced through the void.

As soon as the muzzle flashed, I reflexively moved to the side.

I pushed off the ground, leaping to the left. Bullets implanted where I had been. The barrel followed me.

While aiming at me, he recited.

“The Immortal Sect dreams of the Immortal’s eternity. That’s akin to the path to becoming a god.”


From the left and then again to the left, I could close the distance by drawing small circles.

I moved that way.

He threw a grenade.

Thump—the grenade flying in the air, I tossed a Hand Bullet towards it.


Exploding like a firecracker, the blast rippled chaotically through the atmosphere.

Throughout it all, the submachine gun still spat fire.

Dashing and dodging.

Through recent training, I’ve realized something.

After fighting alongside Al, and shadow fighting alone, enduring the highest levels of Indure, raising gravity, and training within it—

Sticks, the Log Teacher, said there’s nothing more he could teach me.

Mother also doesn’t teach me apart from sparring.

Father is the same.

Suddenly, I was walking this path alone.

In the process, I’ve come to understand a lot. One of those things came naturally.

I kill my presence and strike.

Continuously training Immortal’s esoteric arts, it became clear: this is a process of deceiving and hiding from the opponent through gestures and movements.

I applied that.

I cast my gaze left and right, encouraging movement with bodily gestures. I could go anywhere, I imply.


The opponent threw something.

Above my head, the sound of something cracking, and a thread-like object fell down over my head.

I ignored it.

Shapeshifter’s sturdy shell instantly boosts speed beyond that of a sports car’s zero to hundred rate.

That’s what I did.


I kicked the ground.

Cutting through the dense air, I vanished.

Meanwhile, I let my presence slip and deceive.

Something kept emerging from the opponent’s hold.

Up in the air and now upon the ground, a sparking, small mechanical device—before its electric sparks could even reach me, I dashed forward.

Rushing in, I thrust out my fist, still mingling my presence with it.

Soon, my fist reached its destination.


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