Genius of unique lineage Chapter 243


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 242: Crime Eradicator

Having now become a junior employee at NS, Jungjik, who had quite a tortuous childhood, had spent his early years in an orphanage. It was fine living at the orphanage—the directors and all the teachers were good people. However, he had come to realize the harsh realities of life far too early. Could he survive a lifetime on what he did then? What about marriage, a home, children? Life is often harsh, especially for those who start with nothing.

Even to someone honest like Jungjik, the world showed no mercy. Still, he wanted to become a better person. He wished for a better life, an improved living than before. His ambition led to a thirst for money, and in his darkness, he reached out to unsavory work—like theft, delivering classified documents, and moving slush funds.

The money he made was poured into honing his skills—in sniping, in combat. Having awakened his power, he spent on improving that ability as well. The world was full of scam artists claiming to be experts. Some were genuine, but many were scoundrels who took the money and ran. Those who couldn’t even properly wield their abilities claimed they could teach them. It sounded absurd, but those desperate and yearning often fell prey to such shoddy frauds. He lived like that—sometimes disappointed, sometimes fulfilled.

During those times, he met Yu Gwang-ik. His possessions were enviable. The weapon used by a high-ranking Sechoi—its value was immense if he could get his hands on it. People make mistakes, and Jungjik failed to discern right from wrong. He was caught, and that’s how his present came to be.

Ambition to be better, a heart yearning to improve—for such reasons, Jungjik felt content with his current state. Harsh training, courses so grueling they made you suffer for days on end; his body was pushed to the limit, but still, he found the time satisfying. Each day was meaningful and enjoyable. It no longer felt like a life thrown to waste.

But that didn’t mean he enjoyed every aspect of the training.

“Going in,” he said as he stepped forward. A sticker-style bone conduction receiver by his ear relayed sounds to him, while a transmitter stuck to the inside of his molar carried his voice. This expensive two-way radio system was generously provided by Gwang-ik, who never hesitated to spend on costly gear as if he had an inexhaustible well of money.

‘Does he have that much money?’ But then, that would explain why he could buy buildings and furnish such training facilities. At the thought of the word ‘training,’ a shiver ran naturally through his body. A tingling sensation made Jungjik shudder, and a colleague’s voice came into his ears.

“Two in the front, no snipers detected.”

Instead of replying, Jungjik walked on. In front of a small and modest building, two large figures were blocking the way. A car horn blared distantly. Seoul during rush hour was chaotic—traffic jammed and streets crowded. Thankfully this place was on the outskirts, so there were fewer passersby.

Standing in front of a warehouse in Gangseo District, the two figures glared threateningly. Jungjik thought to himself, ‘Compared to Teacher Janggahui…’ These glares were rather cute.

Then again, it wasn’t a fair comparison. Janggahui was among the top-transforming species. ‘What about Park Mari?’ Although they didn’t share the last name, Gwang-ik’s younger sibling came to mind. Teacher Joo Il-ho often sparred with that friend.

“Learn everything you can by watching and imitating. Only then might you follow half the steps of that child in this lifetime.”

“I have no desire to follow.”

“Just shut up and do as you’re told.”

That was the conversation he had. Thinking of Mari, the two in front still seemed cute. His thoughts strayed to the past.

“This is private property. Leave nicely, kid,” said the one with the rough beard.

“I know,” Jungjik replied shortly.

If he encountered those who used to threaten him now, after the cruel training, how would it be? He’d reaped the results of that training, which allowed him to become a better person—painful enough to fulfill part of his ambition for self-improvement.

“What? Where are you from?” the brute next to the first growled.

If this had been the old Jungjik, even with his light-transforming ability, it would have been tough. An ability that could only be used for a few seconds after clenching your teeth and bulging your eyes had its limitations. That’s why he sought to develop his power.

Since joining the company, he had been developed—albeit not in the way he had hoped—but he had still grown. Both objectively and subjectively, he had advanced. Still, the teachers seemed to think he wasn’t quite ripe for release yet.


Taking a deep breath inwardly, Jungjik recited the line he had prepared.

“This society is rotten.”

“What?” The brute squinted, frowning with a seriousness that was an act of desperation.

“Cutting out the rotten parts is natural; if nobody else will do it, I will.”

“Are you sick? You escape from a hospital? You watch too many novels?”

Prodded by the other brute now, Jungjik felt embarrassed. It’s pretty tough to recite such lines stone-cold sober. Not as excruciating as the training, though.

“Hey kid, go on. Don’t come crying after getting whacked.”

There was no need for words.

Jungjik had wanted to develop his superpower, but Gwang-ik and the two training officers thought differently.

“You gotta get the basics down.”

Those basics involved terrifying amounts of training. The philosophy was simple: what good is outstanding power if you can’t at least take down the likes of a regular hybrid transforming species barehanded?

He had been chastised in this way.

When he first heard it, he thought it was an extreme joke.

“Just keep at it.”

Gwang-ik said as much, and so it came to be.

The two figures in front weren’t ordinary either. Even normal people learn martial arts as a rule in these crime organizations. It’s a world of special species. If you didn’t want to be crushed by some half-baked hybrid transforming species, you had to live that way.

Taking a bold step forward, one of the brutes swung his hand, clearly intending to slap Jungjik’s face.

“Damn it.”

Jungjik cursed as he dodged the incoming hand, recalling Teacher Joo Il-ho’s teaching: “Get in close if you think the opponent is weaker.”

He had added, if you think they’re stronger, then keep your distance. Use your strengths to exploit their weaknesses. That was the immortals’ way of combat.

“I’m a superpowered individual.”

“I don’t know about that; I’m just doing my job.”

In that ruthless time, the fruits of his training blossomed at his fingertips. In one swift motion, Jungjik’s fist rose, creating a perpendicular line to the ground.


The brute, who had just taken a hit to the jaw, found his feet momentarily suspended in mid-air.

“That’s your physique? Let’s start by building strength. What’s up with that physical power? That body’s going to waste.”

Teacher Janggahui, who was relentless in strength training, made it hurt. It was an excruciating experience, having your muscles tear countlessly. Training until just before the body breaks down. How could someone understand the body so well?

“Transforming species really hate it when their bodies start falling apart.”

Pushing those memories aside, he pivoted his foot and took a step. Lowering his shoulder, he closed the gap again, barreling into the embrace of the second brute.

“Ah, shit!”

The one he went against grunted sharply after taking a hit to the guts.

When you see a weakness, hit it. That’s what he did because that’s what he was told. If you want to face immortals and transformers, do everything in your power.

Though these two weren’t special species, it was a form of practice.

The brute’s head was marked by Jungjik’s knee.


The struck brute toppled to the side. Jungjik pushed through the door, ignoring the fallen man, as a voice came through the communication device.

“Got any grievances these days?”


“You’re not indicating dissatisfaction with your role, are you?”


It wasn’t like that. Jungjik denied it.

“Good, because I was about to say if you have complaints, let’s talk with a sparring session.”

Jungjik thought he had done well to deny it, leaving Gwang-ik’s voice behind as he stepped into the building.

“What is this?”

“The roots of evil run so deep.”

Imitating the terrible hobby of a man named Donghoon, Jungjik raised his hand and flicked it lightly.

“Come on. You seeds of evil.”

“What is this? Are you high on drugs? What are you saying?”

Sick of lengthy conversations, Jungjik lunged forward again.

Fitting brass knuckles on both his hands, not adamantium but made of a chrome alloy, he charged.

Ching, thud, crack.

He pounded the rushing thugs mercilessly.

In the midst of the fray, a half-blood transformer, a mere quad, grabbed his arm. Catching his arm in mid-air, the brute displayed almost fanciful moves, intending to twist and break it.


Jungjik counted inwardly as he transformed into light.

His entire body glowed.

Light transformation causes rapid energy depletion. To offset this, while gaining physical strength, it was hard for his ability to grow rapidly. But he could still manage such feats.

For a moment, he became light, and the half-blood transformer phased through his body, falling down below.

He reverted back to normal in less than a second. The energy loss was insignificant.

“This bastard, supernatural…”

The transformer cried out. Before he could finish, Jungjik swung his head.

Bang! Zing!

A harmonious sound echoed.

Knuckles met skull, and the back of the head met the ground, resulting in a duet.

“Evil shall be eradicated.”

There was no chance that a third-rate crime organization would have a formidable special species. On the other hand, Jungjik bore the body toughened under the tutelage of first-class teachers.

They stood no chance.

Exiting the building, Jungjik efficiently dealt with the inside; the majority of the gang members were reduced to wetting themselves in fear. Especially for the boss, he broke all ten fingers.

And a bonus—his legs too.

“Our Jungjik is certainly fiery,” Gwang-ik commented through the communication device.

“Yes, moving on to the next one,” Jungjik replied.

He was already aware of the plan. There was much for Jungjik to do today.

On this day, he eradicated a total of eight crime syndicates.

“When the world is steeped in shadows, I will step forward.”

Muttering such lousy lines.

Jungjik genuinely wanted to crack open Deputy Donghoon’s head to see why he wrote such nonsense.

Meanwhile, Donghoon, the writer of those lines, was enjoying the aftermath of Jungjik’s endeavors. In front of the computer, four monitors blinked. He was gathering information and gauging the reactions from various places.

On numerous online communities, the name ‘Crime Eradicator’ went around. Rumors were that a crazy supernatural special species was annihilating crime syndicates in Seoul.

The news wasn’t bad.

The chatter was relentless online.

– Dude, isn’t that something Sechoi used to do?

– Exactly. Could it be Sechoi?

– Not Sechoi, but definitely a supernatural special species.

– How would you know?

– Shit, I know because I got beaten up. It’s a freak, a supernatural species.

Crime Eradicator.

Enough to make it to the 9 PM news within a single day.

Just like that, ten days passed.

* * *

“Are we doormats? Punching bags? Do we just get hit and take it?” The whole of Seoul was structured with smaller organizations under one big league. The leader of that major organization had gathered people.

“People have been hired.”

“The young ones have also been sent out.”

“And then?”

The oldest among them pressed the others. It was understandable—the impact on their businesses was significant. Wherever an incident occurred, transactions stopped. Rumors started to circulate.

The Crime Eradicator would beat them to the verge of death. Unbelievable events unfolded within a mere ten days. Things were getting severe enough to consider asking for the police’s assistance. If left alone, it would threaten the survival of the syndicate.

“Could this be a deliberate operation from elsewhere? Japan or Shanghai?” one of the underbosses asked.

“No, it’s definitely a Korean.”

“Any intel on him?”

“We’ve been cut off.”

Whoever this person was, even top hackers couldn’t dig up their information.

“So, you sent out the young ones and hired help. Then?”

“We have a sniper.”

“A sniper?”

The boss was puzzled.

* * *

It was predictable that people would be hired to deal with Jungjik running amok. I roamed the rooftops across Seoul, enough with my Parasitic Rifle in my left hand.

Being famously known as the Crime Eradicator was enough.

Enough to draw out the organization’s hidden blade.

The enemies emerged.

Various threatening special species lifted their heads.

I sighted and shot them.

One drop of blood, one thug down.

“How many days has it been?”

I had just punctured the forehead of a sniper who had targeted Jungjik moments ago.

Mixinators, hybrid immortals, transforming species, supernatural special species.

Everything came forth except magic.

The organization put forth all their might.

To kill Jungjik.

To the Crime Eradicator, he became a threat.

Honestly, there was no specific target in my mind.

It was just annoying.

The Seoul organizations had directed others to raid NS by garnishing hands.

The so-called godfather of these operations.

A godfather, my foot.

I intended to give that character a kick in his box.

The strategy was simple; similar to what I had faced.

Spread the rumors that NS was in danger, and I did the same.

Create the prominent figure of the Crime Eradicator and strike them down.

The rumor was to persist in eradicating all organizations nationwide until they were stopped.

Involved in this, no one could avoid this blade.

The influence of rumors tends to have actionable consequences.

Mr. Panda provided support and consumed the crime organization’s business holdings.

The endeavor was rather fascinating.

It felt like playing a strategy simulation, picking off the enemies with a sniper rifle, one by one.

Then, something unexpected happened.


Jungjik opened the channel. The voice of someone else came through.

Three persons had surrounded Jungjik, not ordinary by any measure.

As I aimed the sniper rifle just as usual, something cold touched the back of my head.

The sensation of cold metal.

“Crime Eradicator?”

Oh, look at this?

The stealth skill is astounding. Despite being focused down there, how did I not sense this?

“Don’t move, or I’ll put a hole in your head.”

I snapped my finger. Smartass.

Quite cheeky.

“Don’t move, I said…”

The guy broke off his words, urgently twisting his body. He pulled the trigger in the process.


Despite deflecting my head, the barrel was too close.

The bullet ripped through my ear and grazed my cheek.

Blood splattered.

Casting a glimpse behind, I saw shadows rushing towards the one who shot me.


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