Genius of unique lineage Chapter 242


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Right away, tomorrow.

As I closed and opened my eyes, a shadow materialized from the black soot rose from the ground.

The image in my mind took shape before my eyes, sprouting to life.

The small shadow grew sporadically larger.

There wasn’t just one.

There were four in total.

One was the elder from the Psychokenisis Nation I met before, a double-ability wielder known as a Sword.

Two were hying in the shadows.

And one was a pure-blooded shapeshifter.

The self-imagined shadow targeted me.

I twisted my body and kicked off the ground.

I swept through the narrow space, flying in every direction.

For hours on end, I threw punches and swung my legs.

My leg, bent like a whip, shattered a shadow—it was meaningless.

The shadow grew back again.

I moved until my breath was stifling and sweat soaked my whole body.

The gravity control device made my body heavy.

But shadows aren’t affected by such things—they are just images.

At the peak of Shadow Fighting, the Indure wrapped around my body constricted even more fiercely.

My muscles tore slightly. The perception of an Immortal caught all of that.

The tightening force of Indure.

The pressure of gravity.

The components of Shadow Fighting.

Everything tormented my body, as if I was standing at the edge of a cliff being pushed by someone.

Between the raging pain and agony, I felt exultation.

My movements became more sluggish, but I realized I could simply shorten the trajectory of my attacks.

Splitting one attack into two wasn’t a bad idea, either.

As I jabbed and retracted a punch, I spread my fingers, scraping like a claw.

With the brute strength of a shapeshifter, merely pulling back my extended arm could unleash a power akin to a guillotine.


As I took in a long breath and exhaled, the shadows vanished.

Gravity disappeared, and once I released the Indure device, my body felt like it would fly away.

Tiny pains throbbed through my muscles.

It felt like the proof of my training’s effectiveness.

It was substantial.

More rewarding than I thought.

The memories of fighting against the elder’s forces were freshly in mind, enriching the process of Shadow Fighting.

I wonder if he’s still doing well.

Stepping out of the training facility, there was Jungjiki waiting with a towel.

“Are you going to train with gravity, too?”

“I am not a shapeshifter, hyungnim.”

He’s started calling me hyungnim at some point.

“This is a company.”

“Yes, hyungnim.”

I had no words to throw back when he responded to my command to call me “president” like that.

What does it matter what he calls me, after all?

I didn’t establish this company to be called “president.” It didn’t concern me.

I wiped off the sweat with the towel and grabbed Jungjiki’s shoulder, tossing him backwards.

He reflexively tried to activate his Photonic transformation, so I kicked his Achilles tendon.

His psychokinesis faltered and he lost balance, entering the gravity control chamber.


“In the absence of an instructor, I will take over.”

I announced as I closed the door.

Half of the door was glass. Through it, I could see Jungjiki’s pupils shake.

He seemed to be shaking his head, indicating ‘No way, absolutely not.’


So I decided to be even harsher.

They say a lion will toss its cubs off a cliff.

I wonder if such lions truly exist, or if it’s merely an allegory.

But sometimes, these stories provide valuable lessons, don’t they?

I opted to interpret the fable of the lion and its cubs in a way that would be beneficial.

“Isn’t that kid a special psychokenisis species? Are you going to dry him out to death?”

The gravity control chamber was a gift from Uncle Geumnak.

It was a nice gift, but since then, he’s been visiting far too often. Right now, Uncle Geumnak was there as well, fiddling with the gravity control device.

Since Uncle proved to be generally helpful, instead of addressing him like a jobless bum, I usually welcomed him warmly.

“He won’t die. Jungjiki will become a lion’s cub.”

“But he’s not a shapeshifter, right?”

“No, he isn’t.”

Does it matter? As I blinked and looked at the uncle, he shook his head and adjusted the gravity lever.

“…I don’t know anymore.”

Soon, a groan came from within.

“Kurgh, this is not–this can’t be right!”

Is he chuckling? Then he still has some energy left.

I considered increasing the gravity as I peeked inside.

I could see Jungjiki enduring, with his eyes bloodshot. It was clear he wasn’t joyously laughing.

“Endure it, that’s the beginning.”

The Stick Teacher and the Log Teacher shook their heads at my method of teaching Jungjiki.

If I wasn’t planning to ruin him, they suggested I stop.

There was a problem, and I quickly recognized it.

My standards were too high.

So, I lowered them a bit.

Not that I planned to make it easy for him.

“You devil.”

Jungjiki’s mumbled words rang clearly in my ears.

It was enjoyable.

To the point where I really wanted to show him what a true devil looked like because of his words.

“Uncle, don’t you think even a special psychokenisis species could fight a shapeshifter or an Immortal if they train hard enough? That’s what I think.”

“You’re going to end up killing the kid.”

Uncle clicked his tongue.

“We need to make sure he gains some stamina.”

Improving personal abilities is critical.

Didn’t the attackers prove that?

In this crazy world of special species, too many still rely on raw strength.

And with that in mind, preparation is necessary.

You need to have a minimum level of combat ability.

That’s the rule.

I checked my phone. There were a few messages.

[Flame Man Al] The elder’s guard was troublesome but not a huge issue. Ugh, damn it, still a pesky bunch. They keep getting in my way even though I’m claiming my rightful throne.

Though I had subdued the elder and the Council of Elders, I hadn’t destroyed all their forces.

They were quickly holding a coronation and consolidating power in my absence, but there were still many who resisted.

I sent a reply.

Let me know if you need me, I’ll come over and knock some sense into them.

[Flame Man Al] No need. These are all people who inevitably mustn’t die.

Huh? I mentioned knocking some sense, not killing, right?

[Flame Man Al] Are you a murderer? Going to bash everyone’s skull in? I’m busy. Contact me later.

You were the one who contacted me, you princely brat.

Al is still Al, ever the same pace.

There were also messages from Brother Panda.

[Panda] The smell is atrocious.

This kind of message could easily be misunderstood.

Brother Panda was NS, more precisely, he was tracking the mastermind behind the thieves he sent to me.

And that’s been going on for over a week now.

He still tells me to wait.

Brother Panda’s children did well —even if they delve into criminal organizations or not— the kids he raised were good sources of intel.

They heard rumors adrift in the underworld and reported back.

Brother Panda combined those to deduce and draw conclusions.

And so rumors were spread.

That NS got entirely ransacked.

Which never happened.

Ransacked? Before anyone could step foot in the server room, Maria had already smashed their heads in halfway.

I saw those guys too, and there was no need for further interrogation.

They started begging the moment they saw us, crying and sniveling, pleading for their lives.

“Please, spare us! We were wrong! We won’t do it again! We’ll catch the one who ordered us!”

That’s what they said when they were confronted by the police.

What on earth did they do?

When I looked at Team Leader Ji-Hye with questioning eyes,

“The police exerted a bit of force.”

Don’t they care about criminals’ rights? Isn’t our country sensitive about that?

“Why? Did I do well? If I did, how about a date?”

That’s what she said, staring straight at me.

Seemed like she wasn’t the slightest bit concerned about human rights, so I just let it be.

She’ll handle it.

It’s not like I was involved.

Anyway, a week had passed since then.

In the meantime, there were no other thieves. I would have been thrilled to give a thorough cleaning to anyone who dared to try again, but alas.

Instead of thieves, Steven Choi brought some unwelcome news.

“You know this industry is sensitive to rumors, right?”


Steven Choi has his capabilities. In the field of personnel rescuing, he is simply unparalleled.

Didn’t he try to headhunt me for Prometheus before?

That’s something not just anyone can do.

One wrong step, and you could be marked as a terrorist and taken away. From that point on, you’d be erased.

The government is not a group to be taken lightly. Being caught as a terrorist means a future that’s not just uncertain, but utterly dark.

Well, I heard he’s prepared himself for such situations.

The fist that’s closer than the law is always frightening.

Steven Choi was also resolute in his beliefs.

When I asked him why he was putting his life on the line, he said he loved his job. Recognizing capable people and witnessing their success elsewhere was a joy for him.

That’s why he became a special species headhunter.

“Why do you, as the CEO, need to run a company and do this kind of work?”

“I have my reasons.”

“What are they?”

“I can’t stand someone commanding me from above.”

There are many other reasons, but that’s one of them.

At those words, Steven Choi sighed deeply.

“I can’t believe I’m really working for this company…”

Then this man of strong professional ethics shook his head.

“There’s a widespread rumor that being associated with NS means you’re ruined. This is really bad. It’s worse than having no work.”

“He’s right.”

Even my elder brother agreed.

I leaned against the office partition and looked at them for an explanation.

“Sometimes you seem like a genius, but then you don’t.”

My brother muttered as he looked at me.

Sometimes I wonder, do these two gentlemen forget that I’m an immortal?

“I can hear you.”

“I know.”

They continued, brazenly indifferent.

It’s a simple story.

The burglary was a trigger.

By targeting NS’s vulnerability.

The discord with terrorist organizations.

Especially Prometheus, our arch-nemesis.

It’s like we crossed an insurmountable river and stand opposite each other.

And that’s not the end of it.

There are widespread rumors that we’ve also been targeted by Isis, the terrorist organization sponsored by mad scientists spread around the world, thanks to us beating up Hyuk Park.

There’s more.

Rumors are circling that we’re in bad terms with the pure-blood nobility, even though we’re on good terms with the government and the Dangun Group.

“The thing is, NS is different from the start, so people are wary of its outstanding and peculiar nature,” my brother explained.

His eyes looked tired as he rested his chin on the table.

“The important thing is, even if the prince of the superpowered country gives us work, we can’t find the right personnel to do the job.”

Rumors have spread that being associated with NS comes with various disadvantages.

Targeted by terrorist organizations,

Disadvantaged by the local elites who dislike us,

Making it hard to work.

Just look at this.

My intuition tells me.

Clearly, someone has entered the fray.

A three-month old company.

This is a provocation.


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