Genius of unique lineage Chapter 241


Genius of a Unique Lineage

240. Venting Anger

A sense of irritation made the air thin. I stayed behind to see for myself the abilities of this guy, Sechoi Teuk, but the main course had already skipped off overseas.

‘Wait for him?’

Given my busy schedule, that was out of the question.

There was a lot to do.

Today would be my last day in Korea.

So this was just an outburst of frustration. It had to be.

Many were keeping tabs on Sechoi Teuk, also known as Yoo Gwang-ik.

This man was one of them.

A man from the East who witnessed Sechoi Teuk not killing the princess.

His name was Datsu, belonging to ‘The Round’.

It was one of the groups that formed the roots of the terrorist organization, Isis—a gathering of mad scientists.

‘Sechoi Teuk, you’re a joke.’

The world was full of hidden powerhouses.

He was one of them.

How about the shadowy monsters hidden behind the Old Force, the global government alliance?

That’s why the nickname Sechoi Teuk seemed ridiculous.

Discussing the world’s strongest was premature.

Had Gwang-ik been here, he would have tested his abilities; if they weren’t satisfying, he would’ve killed him.

The reason? The moniker “Sechoi Teuk” just didn’t sit right with him. That was reason enough.

But he was gone. So, as a form of venting, he planned to beat up the few remaining people before leaving.

He was about to enter the NS building, named after the company Abnormal.

LED lights pushed back the darkness from the outside, brightening the interior.

A man was standing still on the first floor.

“Who are you?” the man asked as their eyes met.

“Just passing by.”

Datsu responded and briskly closed the gap, reaching out his hand.

Intent on twisting the man’s neck as he passed by.

Crack, thud.

He’d expected to hear such sounds, but nothing happened.

The man dodged and stepped back with a “tok” sound.

Datsu was inwardly surprised by the movement.

‘He dodged?’

Before reaching out his hand, he had spread a psychic net.

Thinking to suppress the opponent’s movements.

But before the net was fully deployed, the man had already moved back.

A single movement revealed what kind of special being he was facing.

“A pureblood immortal.”

He had felt the activation of a superpower and dodged. Sensitive senses sometimes make superpowers seem magical. Datsu knew this.

“What are you, really?”

The man called by Gwang-ik as stick-teacher, Joo Il-ho, furrowed his brows.

Their eyes locked again.

If the psychic net didn’t work, how about this?

Datsu counted silently and flicked his fingers in the air.

Bang, bang, bang!

Like fireworks, flames spontaneously burst into the air, accompanied by a bright light pouring from Datsu’s eyes.

Stick-teacher, Joo Il-ho used his hands like a cap visor over his brow and retreated repeatedly.

The explosion scorched and burned part of the information desk.

His hair was singed by the after-effects of the blast. Still, he managed to dodge. Joo Il-ho flung himself back, hand plunging in and out of his coat.

Four throwing knives whizzed towards Datsu.

Pfsh, pfsh, pfsh!

They were stopped by an invisible barrier.

Datsu acknowledged that his opponent was no pushover.

But that was it; he decided the opponent was not on his level to dispute.

Thinking so, he was about to move again when—

“What are you?”

A robust woman appeared from the emergency stair exit.

Pushing the door open with a “thud” and shooting a menacing look towards him.

Jang Ga-hee, the woman Gwang-ik referred to as log-teacher.

‘Killing intent.’

Only one kind of special being known as the transformed clan could radiate such an aura.

Datsu realized that and smirked.

“Two, killing two might be a decent message, right? As a warning to that Sechoi Teuk guy?”

“What the hell are you saying, you freak?”

“Stay sharp; he’s a multiple superpower wielder.”

Jang Ga-hee’s words were seconded by Joo Il-ho.

Even after a brief struggle, Joo Il-ho had glimpsed the adversary’s capabilities.

He was unmistakably formidable.

Ugly as he may find the shifting clan woman, they needed to join hands against him.

“Do you even know who I am?”

Ignoring the warning, Jang Ga-hee stomped on the ground.

The moment she did, her trainers burst from the impact. Her feet swelled, and fur grew across her body.

Shapeshifter instincts recognized an opponent’s strength instantly. Jang Ga-hee surrendered to her instinct.

Just shifting her form acknowledged the life-threatening danger she faced.

Jang Ga-hee coordinated her dive with a swing of her paw.

A fearsome lioness, the front paw of a were-lion, struck the invisible barrier.

Crack, snap!

The barrier shattered. A tingling sound rang out as Jang Ga-hee’s talons cut through the air and plunged into the ground.

Taking advantage of the moment, Joo Il-ho threw another blade.

A different kind than before, this blade housed a micro-chip bomb.

“Just dodge.”

He offered his warning.

Jang Ga-hee, on reflex, jerked aside.

The blade cut through the invisible barrier’s gap.


An explosion.

The building reverberated.

Knife shards embedded in the walls and ceiling.

“Cheap tricks.”

The man was unscathed. His body shimmered as if made of mercury.

He swung his mercury-like arm, reactivating his psychokinesis.

The shapeshifter and immortal once again found themselves squaring off against a superpowered special breed.

* * *

“This is the aftermath?”

I surveyed the half-demolished first floor of the building.

Thank goodness for the reinforced pillars during remodeling.

Otherwise, it might have collapsed entirely.

The lingering smell of explosives filled the first floor.

The hallmarks of a brutal battle remained.

Even the remnants couldn’t paint the full picture of the incident.

“Did the teachers die or something?”

I inquired, half-jokingly.

That wouldn’t happen, right?

“Joo Il-ho wouldn’t die over this. Not in his prime.”

An immortal’s lifeline is long, after all. I conceded that point.

“Do you not know Ga-hee? Son?”

Mother chimed in.

Even without knowing specifics, she believed her friend was too tough to die.

Right, not likely at this extent.

I also believed as much.

“She got hurt a bit, though.”

Father continued.

“How bad?”

“Joo Il-ho needs a couple of months of rest.”

For a pureblood immortal to require two months of recovery meant he was nearly dead.

It was a close call from the river Styx.

For a normal human, it might have meant fatal bleeding or a comparable injury.

“What about Teacher Jang?”

Although I may be the head of NS, I’m not used to formal titles.

I prefer a horizontal company culture, but hierarchies are necessary. Civilian corporations can’t all operate horizontally.

There has to be a chain of command.

So, I’ve loosely defined the ranks, but it still doesn’t roll off the tongue.

“Broke one arm and leg.”


Father’s words surprised Mother more than me.

She clicked her tongue.

“She’s getting a bit pudgy lately.”

Is that really the issue, Mother?

Mother remained harsh, even towards her friend.

The assailant was alone.

CCTV failed to capture his visage.

Whether he wore jamming equipment or not, the cameras broke down to noise upon filming him.

“What kind of dog is he?”

I nearly said son of a bitch before remembering I was in front of my parents and changed my language.

“We’ve found out two things about him. First, he’s a special species with multiple superpowers.”

Multiple superpowers—a capability I’ve only heard about.

One power is single.

Two is double.

Three is triple.

Beyond triple, counting becomes meaningless, so they’re dubbed multiple power wielders or multiple psychics.

Was the presence of these teachers sufficient against a common superpower?

It would take at least a master, someone entirely proficient in superpower use, for any physical assault to register.

Otherwise, it was hopeless–mere multiple prowess wouldn’t cut it.

It would have to be a multiple master.

Concluding my rapid train of thought, I asked,

“Aren’t there only a few multiples worldwide?”

To my knowledge, not a single one existed in Korea.

“None. That’s the second thing we found out. He’s a ghost.”

I recalled the term Panda hyung used for one of the blond underlings who attacked me—an entity unseen by society’s infrastructure.

Father was an influential figure in the Ministry of Interior and Safety.

Well-connected, even to ministers.

I had even received commendation from the president.

A situation like this, the police or government would’ve been notified.

The government’s intelligence organizations would have been deployed.

What about the Dangun Group?

Uncle Geungnak, who often dropped by for visits, may seem frivolous, but his abilities weren’t to be underestimated.

Dangun Group would’ve been on the move too.

So, a real ghost.

A hidden powerhouse who enjoys power games?



“No point in dwelling if we can’t find him. He’ll likely return if need be.”

Dwelling on unsolvable issues wouldn’t accomplish anything.

Just had to shake it off and move on.

“Nothing else happened, right?”

“Someone broke in and stole stuff.”

Father mentioned it as if it was insignificant.

“What was there to steal?”

Did they come after Panda hyung’s relocated belongings? For his figures? An otaku crime syndicate?

“Focused on the computers and servers, but Mari handled it swift and slick.”

Ah, look at that? Someone aware of our company assets?

And as expected, our Mari. No one squashed her.

“Jeongjik also helped out.”

Judging by Father’s detailed report, he must have paid quite some attention to my company while I was gone.

“Tell the uncles and aunts waiting outside to rest.”

I said as I stepped inside.

A story I’d gathered from the car to the parking lot, and the remnants I’d seen on the first floor.

I even heard that Log-teacher Jang Ga-hee, frustrated by the hospital, was inside the headquarters.

Stick-teacher was still in need of intensive care at the hospital.

Then Father startled me, blinking in surprise at something I inadvertently mentioned.

“How did you know? Son? Even an immortal’s intuition can’t stretch that far.”

Was he thinking I saw who was on watch from the nearby buildings? Even I wouldn’t know that.

“Father didn’t move alone. So, the Phoenix Team must have accompanied him. Since an attack could happen while I’m on route, it’s common sense to have perimeter security in place, so they’re probably keeping guard.”

It wasn’t anything big.

If you were not completely befuddled, this was easy to figure out.

It only took a bit of an expansive perspective, nothing difficult.

As I entered, I overheard my parents whispering behind me.

“Our son’s no fool.”

“Didn’t I tell you? A genius. Like Gwang-ik.”

“Yes, a genius, our son.”

Hearing such talk beyond my twenties was embarrassing.

Reminded me of the praise from when I was a pint-sized kid.

“I owe you one.”

Inside, Log-teacher approached, leaning on crutches.

“Did you loan money to me?”

“Not you, too. That immortal.”

I couldn’t imagine the fight between the assailant and the two teachers, but by examining the aftermath, it was clear.

One of the teachers was severely injured to drive away that multiple superpower foe.

And the heavily injured one was Stick-teacher.

It must have been a trade-off tactic. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have ended like this.

Log-teacher looked deflated, a sight I’d never seen before, and it weighed on my mind.

I laid a hand on Log-teacher’s shoulder, feeling firm muscles beneath it.

“That’s good, transform clan auntie. As long as you’re healthy.”

“I’m a maiden, brat.”

“Yes, transform clan spinster.”

It was a joke. But her eyes turned vicious in response to a few words of jest.

Was that the deadly aura of the wild?

“Yes, just a maiden.”

I corrected myself promptly.

Joking about almost being killed wasn’t wise.

“What brings you, brother?”

Mari also arrived.

“Personal training seems to suit me better.”

Stick-teacher was absent, so Jeongjik seemed to be skitting around like a scoundrel.

His speech and demeanor looked dignified, but lazing around in practice was glaringly obvious. He was so different inside and out. I had more training in store for him. He needed to be hammered into better form.

“Then I should go. I’ve postponed a lot of work.”

I appreciated Father’s efforts. For Mother and me, he must have made significant sacrifices.

“Father, thank you…”

Before I could finish, Mother intercepted the conversation.

Taking Father’s hand firmly, she whispered softly,

“Thank you. Come home early today.”

“For you, I’d do anything.”

“Make sure you come early. Gwang-ik won’t be home, Mary’s out too, you know?”

Not wanting to hear the rest, I cut in.

“Father, I’m grateful.”

“Not for you, son, so put it away.”

He said this out of embarrassment.

As he spoke into his walkie-talkie while leaving,

“I’m cutting out on time today. The rest of you can stay late if you want, but I’m out.”

Quite determined.

“What about the thief?”

I watched Father’s retreating figure, wondering what could make their marriage so strong, only to voice another thought that came unbidden.

“Mari and Jeongjik caught him and turned him over to the police.”

Mari answered.

“What about Dong-hoon hyung?”

“The Bear brother went with them to the police station. They said they were going to investigate behind the scenes.”

So, not only was I attacked by a deranged psychopath in my absence, but burglars had also intruded.

Quite the variety.

“What happened while I was away?”

Log-teacher asked.

“It went well,” I replied and shared, “I’ve officially become friends with the prince.”

“How does everything always work out for you in the end?”

“Just happened to.”

It was really distressing to see both teachers bruised and battered.

Why are they getting roughed up? It’s frustrating.

“Son, calm down.”

Huh? I’m fine, but Mother needlessly jumped to conclusions.

“Relax your fists.”

Ah, without realizing, I clutched my fist tightly. My mistake. A misunderstanding.

But really, I do want to meet that damned person.

“You said it earlier, didn’t you? He’ll come back. Just wait for it.”

Mother was wise.

I nodded.

Let’s put that aside for now and move on to the next question—what was the burglar after?

It might be an act of venting, but if you rob someone else’s house, you should expect consequences.

The probability of some petty thief entering by chance was nonexistent.

If that was not the case, then Panda hyung was investigating the motive behind the theft.

He was after our company servers…


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