Genius of unique lineage Chapter 240


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Thank you, hyung.

“I, Al Khalid Bolyana, speak.”

With just that one statement, the gaze of every surviving guard, elder, and ally gathered on him.

A brief silence, a silence intended by Al, flowed through the assembly.

He was a prince who knew how to captivate the attention around him.

After a moment of calming his breath, Al continued speaking.

“While this success is thanks to everyone’s effort, mostly it is due to one person in particular. As soon as my coronation is over, I will make sure everyone knows. It’s not just me who owes him a debt, but the entire nation.”


“No one was unaware that the corruption within the Council of Elders was eating away at our country. But no one thought to challenge it. Everyone knows why. Yet, finally, today we have succeeded. I shall never forget this gratitude. I can’t throw a party now, nor can I give a lasting gift. But my heart will not cool down. I, Al Khalid Bolyana, will become your eternal friend. As long as I sit on the throne, Erzurude will concede anything to you.”

The prince stopped speaking, looking straight at the audience before continuing.

“These words will soon become a promise, a vow, and my flame will etch them into the heart as a symbol of trust.”

Where have I heard this before?

It was something Al had told me.

In the land of superpowers, to etch with flame into the heart meant a vow among vows.

Put simply, it meant he would vouch for me even if I did not have a penny to my name.

It was a declaration of an unbreakable bond.

What Al had just spoken was such a vow.

As the prince finished his proclamation, Daniel’s eyes widened and the rest of the prince’s entourage was at a loss for words.

The silence lingered.

It was as if a chilling dagger had flown and lodged itself into everyone’s heart.

Amidst the peculiar tension, one of the elders broke the silence.

“Why would you make such a vow…?”

“It’s none of your business.”

The prince retorted sharply, glaring in my direction.

At this, everyone’s gaze turned towards me.

“Introduce him, my friend from Korea, Yoo Kwang-ik.”

Still, the chill remained.

The prince gave me a look, motioning me to come to his side immediately.

Despite wanting to ignore the tension, I felt compelled to step forward.

“Yes, I am Yoo Kwang-ik.”

Some knew me, others did not.

Some only knew the name ‘World’s Best’.

Among the prince’s entourage and key figures were those whose heads turned in confusion, seeking an explanation for the situation.

And then Daniel, closing his eyes tightly, said,

“Yes, Your Highness.”

The succession had yet to take place, but everyone here would serve Al as king.

Daniel knelt on one knee and bowed his head to the king, a very medieval atmosphere.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

One person, noticing the gesture, followed suit, and then several others did the same.

Eventually, everyone answered in unison and knelt, bowing their heads.

I stood there.

Al looked at me and shook his head, signaling that I need not bow.

My party members discreetly excused themselves and stepped back.

I could see Jung So-jin rolling her eyes through the gap in the door, wondering what was happening.

Al approached me.

What was he going to do, actually vouch for me later?

Regardless, I leaned in, curious to hear what Al would say.

He seemed to roll the words in his mouth a few times, hesitating to speak.

The prince came very close.

And then, avoiding my eyes, he whispered so faintly that it would be inaudible to any non-immortal.

“Thank you, hyung.”

“Huh? What?”

His voice was so soft I hadn’t heard him.

“I know you heard.”

Al bit his jaw tight as he spoke.

“No, really, I didn’t hear you. What did you say?”


Al was still Al. After mumbling a swear word, he whispered it again.

“Thanks, hyng.”

I couldn’t help but burst into laughter at his words.

Truthfully, this one sentence seemed to be the reason I went through with this job, regardless of trade rights or anything else.

“Fucking idiot.”

Al went back to his usual style of speech and kicked Daniel’s arm.

“Let’s go.”

The job was done. There was nothing left for me to do.

I wasn’t here to become Al’s blade in a bloody purge.

And it wasn’t the time for a leisurely party either.

So we had to leave.

“Customer, thank you for using NS.”

I said as I watched Al’s back.

“Be loyal.”

The young prince who would be king replied.

And just like that, we boarded the plane to head back.

Our arrival may have been akin to an espionage mission, but the departure was at ease, all thanks to the prince’s groundwork.

The irony is, unexpectedly meticulous.

“Thank you.”

On our way back, Mr. Kim Geunwook addressed me.

I shrugged nonchalantly as if it was no big deal.

“Are you two dating?”

My mother suddenly butted in, shamelessly.

“No, we’re not.”

I replied sternly.

“Am I really that unattractive?”

Thanks to that, my new employee decided to drop a strange comment.

Owing to the nuanced nature of the statement, I found myself reciting my ideal type after much time.

And then, Mr. Kim Geunwook gave me a very strange look, as if to ask, ‘Are you castrated?’ After all that, I still found it rather unsettling.

Anyways, the job ended well.

It was an escalation from a hundred million-dollar bodyguard job, but as they say, what’s good is good.


My mother in the seat in front of me called out.

“Yes, mother.”

“Was your work always like this? Even in Hwarim?”

I started to say that it wasn’t always this crazy, then stopped myself.

On second thought…

The first time I went out with my mentor, we defied headquarters and killed dozens of blind dogs.

At security team 3 on the other side, the job got bigger as we fought a terrorist group.

After that, I donned a tiger mask and attacked Money & Save.

Following that, it was a constant series of eventful jobs.

Saving Mari, kidnapping the prince.

There wasn’t a time when things went quietly.

“So it was.”

My mother answered for me.

Come to think of it, the beginnings were modest but the ends were always bloody.

“I suppose, I didn’t really intend for it to be that way.”

“What does it matter, what’s good is good.”

Only my mother would say that. She had the same mindset as me.

Al didn’t offer a party or a gift, but he gave us his private jet to use.

We flew back in comfort.

Kim Geunwook asked where I found the body of the princess.

“It popped up when a certain company president harassed his researchers.”

“Ah, so harassment yields results?”

It sounded like it might be a misunderstanding.

“Yes, well.”

It wasn’t exactly a wrong thing to say.

Sojin approached me and chattered away.

“Is it true? You’re friends with the prince now?”

We became friends before, back when he was globally ostracized.

“Are you really not thinking about it?”

After responding vaguely to her persistent conversation, Sojin asked me something else.

I was about to ask what she meant, but seeing the lustful flame in her eyes, I remarked.

“You do realize my mother is on the same flight, right?”

“I can be quiet. It can be our little secret.”

Shut up.

An imp of lust, surely.

Kinam and Miho were quiet.

Jung Kinam occasionally shot glances my way, but I brushed it off.

Things must indeed be difficult for Hwarim these days; the boy seemed a bit broken.

Rose, without a word, suddenly spoke out.

“You’re definitely crazy.”

“I was about to say the same thing.”

Was that something for her to say, considering she defected from Prometheus with the aim of burning down the very group? Furthermore, she wasn’t receiving any distinguished treatment here.

When she was within NS, my mother and the two tutors didn’t show much fuss.

Mari didn’t care much and Jeong Jik was busy with training and being sick to pay attention.

But once outside, it’s different.

Kinam, Miho, and Jeong Sojin definitely ignored Rose.

Since I was there, they didn’t speak up, but treated her like she was invisible.

Hating someone was one thing, but ignoring them was another level.

That’s how they treated Rose – like a ghost.

“I just can’t understand you.”

Jung Kinam glanced at Rose and commented.

“Do you want to understand me?”

I replied, which certainly gave Kinam a shock, but it gave me insight into most people’s attitudes towards Rose.

Whatever relationships she forms in the future, it doesn’t look like she’ll be treated well.

What can she do? It’s a grave she dug herself.

Since finding out I brought Rose along, my mentor hasn’t contacted me once.

He’s clearly holding a grudge, as Prometheus is the sort one quakes at.

I did bring her over with some force.

Her abilities seemed a pity to waste, and a bit of sympathy stirred upon further investigation.

Most of all, I was embarrassingly curious about the operations Prometheus planned, knowing she was privy to them.

I’m considering just listening and then tossing her aside.

It’s a heartless move, but it’s just a consideration. Just.

Mulling over various thoughts, we arrived at the airport.

Upon disembarking, someone was there to greet us.

“Is this your arrival from the supernatural nation?”

It was an airport official.

Following this were questions and answers, and a few investigatory procedures awaited us.

Riding a private jet and stirring up incidents abroad naturally necessitated investigation.

It was a rather troublesome process, but as the official asked me a few words at the front and then said into his walkie-talkie, “Yes? Yes, I understand,” he pronounced.


It was an express pass-through.

What was that about?

My mother, perhaps catching onto something, smiled softly.

The others, satisfied with the speed, simply moved forward contentedly.

Leaving the airport, the first thing that greeted us was sheer fatherly joy.

Here came my father, rushing towards us. Seeing me, he deftly sidestepped and opened his arms to my mother.

She fell into his embrace with a thud.

The image of him turning into a Siberian tiger in the supernatural nation and roaring fiercely was still vivid in my mind, but now he was nothing short of a gentle deer.

“You must have been busy.”

My mother spoke.

“I thought I’d die without you. I now realize this is what you felt every time I went on business trips. I’m sorry.”

My father responded.

It was only a short five days, not even a week, but that fueled their Romeo and Juliet act.

To an onlooker, one might have thought they’d returned from a six-month world tour.

“Did you eat properly?”

Would my father starve himself?

“The team members brought side dishes.”

“…Which team members?”

“Men. All married men.”

“Ah, is that so? I trust you.”

“I do, there’s no more lies between us now.”

A near slip-up from my father’s tongue.

Fathers and sons carry on their purely paternalistic relationship with a heartwarming touch. A wonderful backdrop to the chaos.

“You’re aware that someone attacked your company, right?”

My father nonchalantly brought this up.

For a second, my brain stalled.

Attack? Who? Where?


“NS headquarters, a brawl on the first floor of the lobby?”

An incident had occurred in my absence.

“So what happened?”

I reflexively inquired, prompting my father to slowly begin his tale.

From the airport to Seoul, we had a full hour – plenty of time to listen to his story.

“Hold on. Mr. Kim Geunwook, if you couldn’t find a place to live, stay in the office building. The rest of you did well, so let’s meet again another time.”

I sought my father’s understanding and quickly said my goodbyes to everyone.

“When will we meet again if we part now?”

I was in no state of mind to entertain Sojin’s line of questioning given the imminent issues at our headquarters.

“I’ll find you later.”

With that curt response,

“Keep your promise.”

Sojin turned and left.

I didn’t even get to say goodbye to Kinam and Miho.

They had already departed swiftly.

“Is Mari alright?”

In the meantime, my mother had already inquired to my father.

“Yeah, she’s fine. I’d be with her if she wasn’t.”

A self-evident truth.

If not, my father would have already run off to slay whoever had dared to harm Mari.

Lately, if his favorite was my mother, his second favorite had become Mari.

I’m just their son, marking the spot of the beloved.

“And the others?”

“Maybe we should talk about that in the car?”

Accepting my father’s proposition, I nodded.

We climbed into the car and my father began his tale.


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