Genius of unique lineage Chapter 239


Genius of a Unique Lineage

238. A smack on the cheek

An owner of short-term foresight and teleportation ability.

So, in response to his attack, what I did was to strike him with such speed and power that, whether that guy had short-term foresight or not, he couldn’t block it.

It would be difficult for the average person or even a special kind of species to even consider it.

However, as a member of the immortal race with a sense of detection that could perceive things in an instant and a transformation clan with abnormal leg strength and endurance, it was possible for me.

That guy’s ability was a complete counter to mine.

And just now, I thought of a second method that could completely suppress him.

A means of suppression that’s not just about speed and power that he can’t block no matter if he knows it’s coming.

Because I am an immortal, there are things I can do. It quickly came to mind.

“Are you not coming?”

I provoked him with my eyes wide, glaring at the guy.

From the shadows of Rose and Al, something suddenly burst forth.

It was the shadow’s trick that had targeted me earlier.

It wasn’t just one person, you guys were two as well?


“Where do you think you’re going?”

Al reacted first.

It seemed more like he had predicted it than simply reacted.

Before the shadow could even rise, flames erupted behind Al’s back.

The shadow reached out its hand but then turned backward. However, it was already a bit too late.

Whoosh – the flames that arose engulfed the shadow.

Soon the flames turned into a cocoon, and from within it a terrible scream erupted.


The one that got up from behind Rose was hit in the head by my hand bullet that I threw.

The moment my hand was in the air, it was a direct hit.

One of the strongest powers combining the senses of the immortals and the strength of the transformation clan was the hand bullet.

A small shot thrown by hand was enough to shatter the shadow’s head.


Even though the blood was flowing, the head didn’t burst, nor did the brain matter spill out, thanks to whatever protection he was wearing.

While the two shadows lay wrecked, two transformation clans from the elder’s side also rushed forward.


Tearing their tops with both hands, gray fur burst out. Ears sprang up, and quickly whiskers grew beside the nose.


Their howling was very distinctive.

They were Wererats.

Rat transformation clans. Their movements were swift.

They sped up in no time, narrowing the gap as they rushed at my mother.

My mother just chuckled when she saw it.

They were also a complete counter.

My mother’s transformation was a predatory feline, a Siberian tiger.

It means a Were-Tiger. I could see fur rising all over my mother’s body as well.

Distracted by that, the foresight and teleportation ability user thought I was off-guard and hooked a wire around my forearm.

Did he think he had caught me? Well, it was true, in a sense. I didn’t dodge it.

While the wire wrapped around my arm, I looked straight into the face of my opponent.

A hardened expression, shining eyes were visible.

He twisted the wire around and pulled it.

Feeling the sensation on my forearm, it seemed like an adamantium wire.

I didn’t activate my iron arm or reinforce my body. I just allowed my arm to be caught.

Foresight sees into the future.

And the future can change.

That can be exploited.

If I don’t trigger my will, the foresight doesn’t manifest.

I allowed my arm to be caught without predicting the opponent’s movements.

My actions were not predetermined because they could not be predicted.

I moved immediately after taking the attack.

Thus, I gave up flesh or bone first, then took the opponent’s life as the next move.

This might sound extensive when explained, but all this happened in the blink of an eye.

As soon as I felt the wire around my arm, I swung my other arm. I raised the edge of my hand and slashed horizontally.


My right forearm was cut off, followed by pain.

Simultaneously, my left hand’s edge hit the opponent’s throat.


Tremble, tremble.

The opponent’s neck bone broke, and his body became blurry before coming to a halt.

The collapsed foe trembled like a seizure patient.

His entire body returned to its original form from being blurry.

It seemed he teleported immediately after my arm was cut.

Well, this truly was a bad matchup for him.

It was an instinctive strike, made reflexively with the blade of my senses honed.

Even if he had seen this moment, he wouldn’t have been able to dodge it.

It was an attack beyond the scope of foresight.

The output difference was just too great.


I dealt with the blood spurting from my forearm.

While my mother showed off the majesty of a Siberian tiger in her transformed state.

The rat-man fought back as well.

A natural predator exists. However, sometimes in the clan of transformation, they can overcome such natural adversities.

Of course, this time that didn’t happen.

My mother dispatched the two Wererats as if swatting flies.

“Still haven’t kicked the habit, have you?”

Her voice rang out with a rumble, imbued with subsonic frequencies that made a few of the elders’ legs wobble.

None of the elders attempted an attack.

They couldn’t.

“Don’t move, or you die. Don’t even open your mouth, or you die.”

“This side belongs to the pureblooded immortals. That means we can sense abilities before they are used, and you there, stop moving around clumsily trying to hide your presence. If these folks die, there wouldn’t be a need to fight, would there? They need to stay alive for you lot to have a reason to be here, don’t you think?”

Ginam was the beginning, and Miho was the end.

They had guns to the remaining elders’ heads before we knew it.

Two pistols each held up against two elders, dividing them amiably.

Their excellent concealment and tactics made use of the opportunity when the attention was diverted to strike at the enemy’s weakness.

Miho had quite the way with words.

The response was appropriate.

Fighting recklessly and shedding blood would only disadvantage the opponents.

That didn’t mean we had a significant advantage.

Especially since two immortals without proper gear had infiltrated, it wasn’t good to fight.

So, we stopped the enemy’s movement with words.

We also mixed lies in at the right moment as if some immortals were doing something suspect.

From my view, the half-blood immortal that Miho signaled to didn’t really do anything.

However, with that one line, the opponents must have realized moving clumsily would tip us off.

And that was that.

Well, if it were Ginam, he’d probably have detected more.

After briefly stopping the bleeding and about to ask the prince for a blood pack…

“…Mujer lost?”

The great elder looked utterly lost.

Not even blinking, he just stared at his friend Mujer with the broken neck.

As he stood there, I thought how much of a frog in a well he was.

He had blindly trusted in his friend Mujer.

In his head, he was probably adrift with thoughts like, “Is this a dream?”

There is no such thing as an invincible ability in the world.

The fight among special species is relative.

There are so many factors.

There is no fixed formula.

Sure, being many is naturally advantageous, but sometimes the few can have the upper hand too.

If guerrilla warfare is possible.

If the opposing group doesn’t stick together well.

Tactics and strategy apply in a variety of scenarios.

In this regard, this tactic was simple yet effective.

Al asked me if it was possible to suppress the select forces that the elder had.

I assessed it objectively.

I asked the tutor and my mother if it was feasible for them.

The tutors asked if the opponents were some kind of first-generation monsters from Old Force seclusion.

They also said if that still worried us, we could accompany our mother.

So, that’s how we proceeded, and this was the result.

If anything went wrong, we would try to settle it within reason. That’s why we brought along the Immortal Special Forces and Hwarang for backup.

It was Panda hyung who designed the detailed operation.


Al stepped in to manage the situation, slightly excited.

Mother had given a few more of the Great Elder’s guards a thrashing. The ones known as Were Rat, she had left with broken limbs. Actually, one of them had their face turned into a complete mess. There were pleas for mercy in the midst of it all—cries of ‘please save me,’ ‘it was all my brother’s doing,’ and the like, but Mother, condemning their lack of loyalty and guts, beat them even more severely. It had been quite some time since I’d seen her lose her temper like that.

While Daniel was handling the aftermath, I grabbed a portable blood transfusion pack, a Blood Jack, and plugged it into my forearm. I could feel my nerves and muscles regenerating from the end of my arm upward. Ignoring that, I stood up.

The Great Elder, in a state of shock, had collapsed onto the ground.

“The Mujer lost?” It was hard for him to believe.

I almost wanted to explain—to say that I had sized up his abilities and that my lineage was just the worst match for his. But in the end, I decided not to bother. Taunting would have been fun if he weren’t in such a daze, but as it was, I didn’t even feel like poking at him. Besides, I bore no personal grudge against him.

The real enemy was Al and those he had lost to. From what I heard, the royal family had been hungrily eyeing the princess since she was young, and although she vehemently refused their advances, Al seemed to have harbored that grudge for a long time. A knave remains a knave—coveting royal blood and lusting after the power of the royal family, while at the same time amassing a filthy amount of slush funds. But with such formidable power, no one dared to touch him.

He trusted Mujer and her guard to be his winning hand. But that guard had been incapacitated even before they could act, and the Mujer, with her double abilities of teleportation and short-term precognition, who would’ve thought she would go down so easily?

“And the Great Elder’s guards?”

“They’ve been isolated. You can proceed with the succession ceremony as planned. They still don’t know anything.”

I overheard Al and Daniel talking. As my arm regenerated, I felt both pain and itchiness. I had experienced this sensation a few times, but it was utterly unpleasant. Immortals may be able to heal their own bodies, but there’s a reason even they dislike getting hurt.


I heard Gynam’s voice from behind.


At my response, Gynam hesitated but then spoke.

“Let’s wait and see.”

…What kind of grudge do you hold against me to greet me like that?

“Isn’t there some kind of bonus?”

Umiho, who followed him, asked. Do you owe a debt at home? Why do you keep talking about money?

“Why tell me? Go talk to Mr. Nam.”

“…The rich always want more.”

He lamented. That was Umiho lamenting.

Oddly, that made me uncomfortable. Between the two members of the Immortal Special Force, the door opened.

A muscular woman was walking in.

Gynam frowned upon seeing her.

“She’s on our side.”

I commented from behind.

“You can recognize it by the aura. I am an immortal—a pure-blooded, hyper-sensed immortal.”

I’ll have to ask Honam about Gynam later. Has he been particularly ill lately? He’s been talking nonsense six times more frequently than when he used to work at the company. Wasn’t he quite the silent cool beauty back then? Why has he turned into such a fool?

“Excuse me.”

The muscular woman spoke politely as she entered. Her Korean was almost native. She had learned it through her male siblings since she was a child and spoke it quite proficiently. She approached the Great Elder, who was still sitting collapsed on the ground.


As one of the prince’s guards tried to step forward, Daniel shook his head at him, signaling no. The prince remained silent, simply watching.

With implicit permission granted, the muscular woman cast a shadow over the Great Elder.

“What are you, is this a dream?”

His words lacked the dignity of someone who once presided over a nation’s peak of power.

The muscular woman introduced herself—not by her old name but by the new one she earned after her social death and rebirth.

“NS rookie employee, Kim Muscle.”

…Ah, I should’ve thought twice before deciding on that name. Some Koreans who heard the name reflexively tilted their heads or rubbed their ears, confirming that they heard it correctly. Yes, her name is indeed Kim Muscle. I apologize, Princess.

After reverting back from her transformation to human form and covering herself with rags, Mother stood beside me.

“A new employee, right?”

She asks, knowing already.

“Yes, a rookie.”

I replied while awaiting Kim Muscle’s next move.

She was composed.

“Your Highness, may I ask a favor?”

While keeping her eyes on the Great Elder, Kim Muscle spoke to the prince.

“Do it.”

The prince granted permission.

“May I strike him just once?”

It was clear whom she meant without asking. She’d been subjected to harassment since she was a child. If she couldn’t succeed, her life was disposable. The royal blood was supposed to live like this—if you possess power, you’re a ruler for succession. If not, a mayfly clinging to someone’s side for mere survival. The princess had been a mayfly, because of her abilities, because of her mother’s status. She cherished Al, but she couldn’t get close. If she did, their combined power would be known, and other siblings would swiftly kill both. It was she who saved Al when they were young. And Al didn’t want to kill his savior, his sister.

I somehow realized that. Maybe it was an immortal’s intuition. At a glance, I thought Al hoped for me to act. And so I did. I’m not stupid, after all. Normally, someone wouldn’t go this far, stake their life in their career. But I would. I would continue to do this—it’s why I stepped into the world of extraordinary beings.

“Do so.”

The prince allowed it.

The tradition in Chonoguk involves a nameless martial art that has merged with contemporary combat sports over time. The princess had been enthralled by that from a young age. Her second ability was perfectly suited for making full use of that skill. Had Al not intended to succeed to the throne, would she have intended to make a eunuch out of the Great Elder with that ability? Or would she have thrown a tantrum of some kind?

Now, we’ll never know. The moment Al decided to take the throne, the princess put all of that behind her. She hadn’t planned for anyone to see her true form.

Well, now that might become her public image.

“I’ll only slap him across the cheek.”

The resolve of a rookie employee was distinct.

“Just one slap.”

“Who are you to dare! Prince, will you kill me? You can kill me, but you cannot insult me…”


Huh? Eh?

The sound that followed her slap echoed like a pot shattering. I thought she had hit him with a hammer. The Great Elder’s body was flung away like something from a comic book. My developed dynamic vision caught the flying bits, including blood and broken teeth, between the streaks. The Great Elder’s body, sent flying, bounced and tumbled on the ground like a crumpled sheet of paper.

“Yes, a single slap will do.”

“…One slap, that, um.”

Daniel found himself at a loss for words.

“It’s a gathering of monsters.”

Rose muttered.

Ah, Rose had also played her part in the operation, using her former terrorist skills to deceive the Great Elder well. After all, there’s nothing better than anger to narrow someone’s vision. Rose had initiated that very effectively. If the Great Elder had had a bit more sense, he might not have fallen for it. But the operation would be jeopardized otherwise.

Alas, it thankfully ended before there was any need to call in the guards.

“That will be all.”

Al stepped forward.

Everyone looked at the prince.


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