Genius of unique lineage Chapter 238


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Let’s have another round.

As the world of special species opened up and it was a time of repression and oppression, the prophet first revealed himself to the world.

He had the psychic ability to see the future.

The prophet was not the only one.

There were many psychics awakening to nonspecific numerous individuals, and among them, five had the ability to predict the immediate future.

Since only five of them were revealed, it could be assumed that there were more hidden beneath the surface.

Old Force, Excruciacy, Psionic Association.

The various organizations fought to possess them.

They were all prepared to see bloodshed.

Just before the fight broke out, Old Force suggested an alternative.

“Why fight over them? Is there a difference in the prophets’ abilities? Does one see a month ahead and another a year?”

The leaders of the three organizations didn’t know if there were differences in the prophets’ abilities.

Since they didn’t know, it seemed a fair argument.

Excruciacy was the first to agree to the proposal.

“A lottery? Sounds good. I’m confident if it’s up to chance.”

There were five individuals with prophetic abilities.

“How can we be sure they’re real?”

Instead of fighting, the organizations began with fact-checking.

It would be foolish to act otherwise if this was a trick by a terrorist organization.

The fight simmered down.

Terrorist organizations and illegal criminal groups waiting for an opportunity could only watch and grind their teeth.

The prophets proved themselves in various ways.

They predicted the weather for the next morning, for instance.

Or guessed what someone in the room would eat the next day.

Through these tests, they proved they could see the future.

This gave rise to the Oracle Project.

I had learned about it during my time in the immortal special forces.

The future is mutable, and thus, prophecy and foresight are as worthless as crap.

Nevertheless, some researchers and psychically-special species delved deep into the potential of foresight.

The notion of being able to see the future was incredibly alluring.

Their research led to several outcomes.

Most notably, the meteorological agency’s influence grew significantly.

While human free will could at times defy prophecy and foresight, weather held no emotions.

Barring major anomalies, weather patterns remained within the realms of foresight.

In the past, the meteorological agency in Korea often failed at forecasting, but now it was different.

Predicting the real estate market for the next year might be difficult, but weather forecasting became feasible.

Some prophets even applied to the meteorological agency.

Claiming they could accurately predict the weather.

Reading a person’s future might feel like one’s brain is being wrenched apart, but finding out whether lightning will strike Seoul tomorrow or if sunshine will make it a clear day was easier.

Predicting the path of a typhoon that hits every summer was also similar.

The prophets had found their place.

But it didn’t end there.

The Oracle Project had failed because the moment prophecy was spoken aloud, the future changed.

Even peering into a person’s mind couldn’t separate and extract only the bits predicting the future.

This led to several scrapped projects, around a dozen or so.

Still, one survived.

If predicting the far future was impossible, what about short-term foresight?

Some with the power of prophecy and foresight proved that this was possible.

Seeing just a step ahead.

Not by reading the twitch of a muscle, the flow of someone’s energy, or their presence – but literally seeing the event before it happened.

It was possible.

For a brief moment, the likelihood of what would take place in the next few seconds to change was relatively low.

After saying the future was mutable, most prophets were treated as liars.

However, thanks to the actions at the meteorological agency and the short-term seers, proved that prophecy and foresight were not lies.

The superpower nation Erzarood surrounds the royal family with the Royal Guard.

They are loyal only to the king.

Only those who have succeeded the throne can command them.

Before acceding to the throne, they cannot be used, as the saying goes.

And the throne of Erzarood is currently vacant.

Due to this, the Grand Elder never imagined that the prince could possibly challenge him.

“Let’s cleanly end it here,” the prince said.

It was absurd. The absurdity turned into anger, as it had just earlier.

The Grand Elder grew angry again.

Yet, he was secretly delighted. If one just used their head a bit, it was clear who had the advantage.

Not just the Grand Elder, but a few other elders let out deflated laughter.

“Huh, this is something.”


Muttering thus, a fool closed his mouth.

The Grand Elder glowered at him and then turned back to the prince.

‘This idiot.’

No matter how much of a genius the child was rumored to be, a child was still a child.

The prince’s strategy was clear.

To trap himself here and kill him, then take over the cleanup as his plan.

The five elders gathered here were the core of the Council of Elders.

But if it had been that easy, why had no one succeeded before?

Throughout the long history, there had been royalty who aimed to remove the Council of Elders as an obstacle to succession.

They failed. They couldn’t do it.

The Council’s power was superior until the throne was succeeded.

That was made possible by this man’s existence.

“Kill him,” the Grand Elder commanded, his finger pointing to Gwang Ik.

While speaking, the Grand Elder calculated.

The prince would not be killed. Instead, he would be reduced to living under the influence of drugs forever.


Muher could defeat any opponent, even if they were a hero from the first generation or the special species making waves in the world today.

Within the limited space and time, Muher was invincible.

He had two psychic abilities.

One was short-range teleportation.

And the other was short-term foresight.

He could instantly approach his opponent and glimpse into the future.

Muher vanished.

The next place he appeared was beside Gwang Ik.

Ping ping.

The sound of a steel wire snapping echoed.

The Grand Elder’s eyebrows twitched.

Muher’s surprise attack had failed.

“You’re lucky,” the Grand Elder said.

Gwang Ik did not heed the words.

Foresight can fail sometimes.

The saying that the future is mutable was as evident as the law of gravity to those living in modern times.

Because the prophets existed, that saying was proven true.

This applied to short-term foresight as well.

Even glimpsing into the immediate future could be incorrect because the future could change.

Muher had said it himself, and the Grand Elder was aware of this too.

But it didn’t matter.

Muher was not just a talent capable of short-term foresight.

He also possessed teleportation abilities.

Right after the steel wire snapped in the air, Muher disappeared again and reappeared behind Gwang Ik’s back.

* * *

Feeling the impending doom, I tore my legs back and forth.

This allowed me to evade the tightening wire that had been set to target where my neck was just moments before.

As I realigned my split legs and used the momentum to strike at the assailant aiming for my nose, several deceptions weaved into the motion, intending to smack with the back of my hand.

Before even clamping my legs together, I had to freeze all movement.

What is this?

He just disappeared.

Without a trace.

It was not high-speed movement; if it were, then a presence would have been felt.

He was just gone.

Present one moment and non-existent the next.

Sure enough, a moment before, he loomed in front of me, but now I felt his presence far ahead.

“You, what are…”

Before I could finish asking what he was, a chilling sensation crept up my spine.

If the adversary approaches without a presence, I just had to move accordingly.

I trusted my instincts. Kicked off the ground with my left foot and rebounded.

As I did, my dynamic vision caught sight of the blade aimed where I was about to be.

Had I continued, I would have run right into the blade.


I stabbed my fingers into the ground.

The marble shattered, and my fingers dug into the earth.

As I flew sideways, I punctured the ground, and my body jolted to a halt.

Caught in a counteraction, my muscles twisted painfully.


The blade stabbed through thin air.

I looked up at the owner of the knife.


Behind his helmet, the man licked his lips.

What is this guy?

How is this even possible?

In an instant, a few hypotheses raced through my mind.

No need to ponder.

It’s teleportation, short-range instantaneous movement.

It’s not high-speed movement.

For that to be possible, one would need an ability to stifle presence and a physical prowess akin to mine.

Therefore, it’s teleportation.

He vanishes again. Instinctively, I contort my body.

A collaboration between a shiver and a sense of doom makes my body twitch.


A wire net appeared where I was standing.

Had I moved as I had guessed, my left arm would have been precisely there.

The decision was quick.

I moved while thinking, moving upon perception.

The adversary then thrust his blade or launched the wire once more.

Reacting with counter-motion to counter-motion, my muscles twisted and tore in an instant.

It didn’t matter.

I had the regenerative power of the immortal.

Torn muscles knitted themselves back together swiftly.

Minor muscle fibril damage wasn’t an issue.

Again, I moved and dodged.

It was repetitive.

Initially, I thought to take down both the shadowy figure and this man simultaneously, but the shadows were no longer in my mind.

I was too busy dodging.




Exclamations emerged naturally.

And so, as I continued to evade…

“…Son, are you having fun?”

I heard my mother’s voice.

With my fighting senses fully heightened, I could objectively picture my current form in my mind.

One stabs, the other dodges.

A pattern of repeating movement.

As if synchronized, the adversary tries stabbing the air with his blade or wrapping wire around, and I’m turning my body away before it makes contact.

It might appear as though I’m self-harming by ripping my muscles for no reason, without the adversary’s attacks even landing.

That’s how it would seem to someone unaware.

To someone who knew better, it would be quite a surprise.

“How is he dodging continuously?”

I heard the Grand Elder’s exasperation.

What to do?

Just dodge well.

As I did, this too became somewhat manageable.

I only focused on the adversary’s last move as I dodged.

He spots me dodging and once again reaches two steps ahead to thrust his blade.

As I dodge that, the wire tries to coil around my neck like a noose.

As it does, I tense up the muscles in my neck, contorting forcefully.

Creak – I heard the twist in my vertebrate.

The stinging sensation in my muscles soon vanished.

It was a continuous display of movements almost to the point of acrobatics.

Both of us, adversary and I, presented a series of circus-like actions.

Although I was shocked at first, as I continued, I began to feel at ease.

Thud thud thud, there’s no literal sound, but the adversary still vanishes without a trace.

Usually, there would be no way to face someone like this, but if there isn’t a method, I just had to create one.

I focused on two things.

Presence and spotting the adversary.

I differentiate and look for the vanished adversary’s presence.

Then I chase after him.


My robust legs kicked the ground.

Like a fountain, fragments of marble erupted. Before the fragments even began to fall, my body had already broken the limits of speed.

Racing forward with all my might, the silhouette of the foe who had just reappeared grew magnificently large.

I casually lifted my palm upwards.

Thock – I tried to flick.

But as my speed carried momentum, it resulted in a slightly more forceful impact.

During this, the adversary still managed to crane his neck back.

Consequently, the tip of his helmet merely brushed my fingertips.


Air pressure, created from my body slicing through the air and the resulting pressure change, caused an explosive sound.

The adversary’s form vanished yet again.

Hit and then teleported away in an instant.

He’s a madman.

Normally, a super-able special species losing their calm meant they wouldn’t exercise their powers adequately, but despite the concussion from the helmet brushing past, he activated his ability.

He’s a single master level psychic according to the association.


Warm air rose from the path I ran through.

I dusted my hands off and looked towards the face of my opponent now standing a fair twenty paces away – that’s to say, near the door.

Kid, he’s pretty handsome.

Not as much as the immortal, but still.

“That distance is still within my range,” I declared.

The corners of the psychic’s mouth straightened.

Had the strike earlier brushed against his skull, then now, his cerebral fluids might be leaking.

Had I pushed just a bit further, that would’ve been possible.

But I didn’t do that.

“It’s fun, let’s go another round.”

It’s a rare excitement. A battle of this kind.

Too precious to simply pass up, don’t you think?

“What are you?” the teleporter muttered.

“You’re short-term foresighted, right?”

I did a jumping jack on the spot as if warming up. My body was heating up.

Battle senses honed, it’s strange how effortlessly I began to grasp the adversary’s ability.

How this happens, I do not know.

Yet, it seemed every sight seen, every sound heard, every experience endured sorted itself neatly in my mind, allowing me to discern my opponent.

According to my two private tutors, no special species bloodline possesses such an ability.

But what does that matter to me?

It simply works. The reason doesn’t concern me.

“Let’s have another round,” I said.


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