Genius of unique lineage Chapter 237


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 236. The Uninvited Guest

The prince had first shown me his power inside a hotel.


The burning flames forming letters was a sight of sheer wonder.

“But why the swear words?”

“It was the first Korean I learned.”

Who the hell taught these curse words to the kid? Daniel, was it you?

Even though I glared at Daniel, that didn’t make any sense.

Back then, the prince was globally ignored.

He must have learned it alone from YouTube.

That’s the problem.

These days kids learn everything from their tablets.

After extinguishing the flames, the prince stared out the window pensively.

Then, instead of alcohol, he sipped on cola and said,

“I want to eradicate all the injustices carried out under the name of the king and royal family.”


“Erzaruud, is my homeland not called a state of corruption?”

I’d heard about it.

“Yes, a state of corruption. The elites embezzle national funds, buy slaves with that money, and the royalty are blinded by their quest to protect their authority. It’s a country driven solely by power and wealth, solving all its problems with resources from the Other Side. In such a country where only a handful of people serve the citizens and the nation, what is the reason for it becoming like this?”


The prince slammed his cup down on the table, flames of passion in his eyes. It was a heat similar to the flames he had shown earlier.

We live in a world with hologram girlfriends.

The phrase ‘Digital girlfriend you can’t touch but exists’ comes to mind. The irony of having slaves in such a world!

“That damned tradition.”

The prince’s tone was low and calm, but the emotions within were the complete opposite. They burned intensely.

That’s what crossed my mind.

“I’ll change everything. The nation, the people, everything. I won’t let this country rot away. That is the reason I must live as king.”

I gazed intently at the prince. Our eyes met, and I could feel the heat in his gaze almost scorching my heart. It was a stirring speech in the warm atmosphere of the hotel.

After hearing his speech, I said,

“Shouldn’t you be saying this to your grand elder?”

Did all the cola make him drunk? Why is he telling me this?

“The grand elder bastard won’t listen.”

The prince exhaled sharply and belched, having drunk too much cola.

“What difference does it make if I listen?”

I’m not a citizen of your country, Prince.

“If you’re touched, be moved. That’s what friends do, damn it.”

Why throw in a curse at the end?

Anyway, if I ever meet the YouTuber who first taught him Korean, I’ll make sure to inform him of your crimes.

“The epitome of inspiration, you sucked my tears dry.”

The prince giggled at my remark.

Next, the prince outlined his goals and what he planned to do.

I scolded him for telling me again.

“Just listen. It’s a friend’s duty.”

So I nodded, half out of duty, half out of curiosity.

The young prince’s goals, some of which were quite menacing, could not be taken lightly.

He also hinted at the dirty work of the grand elder.

Even after hearing it all, I felt the same as the prince.

That grand elder bastard, what a son of a bitch.

* * *


The blade that jutted out from the shadows did more than just graze my coat. Without my bulletproof vest, having worn civilian airport fashion, my forearm was sliced open.

As soon as it happened, I felt a stinging sensation. ‘Poison.’

The very moment the word crossed my mind, I tried to restrict my arm, but the shadow lunged at me again.

It sought to exploit every gap and opening.

The opponent was a professional. In matters of assassination, they seemed a cut above me.

The ability to hide their presence and smell and blend into my shadow was a hallmark of a true professional.


I faked a retreat motion.

It was a simple feint. The shadow backed off at the movement.

In that brief window, I pulled out a knife, stabbed my own forearm to scrape out the flesh, and flung it away.


The noise of air being sliced followed by a thunk!

The knife planted itself in a pillar of the royal reception room.

The handle quivered where the blade was not visible.

“If you swing that again, I will kill you.”

A straightforward warning.

My knife had cut the empty air right in front of Rozes. Well, even if I didn’t intervene, she would’ve been fine.

Her mother had already grabbed Rozes by the nape of her neck and thrown her behind herself.

Rozes was surprised, but she too was from a corporate background, not some shabby terror group. She was from the ranks of Prometheus.

Rozes landed on a table with skilled acrobatics.

Such excellent acrobatics.

Rozes fixed her eyes on the air.

Then, a special breed with the unique ability to camouflage, blending in invisibly with their surroundings, revealed itself.

Without a word, he just stared at Rozes.

His gaze showed no emotion.

I noticed his attire studded with pockets – clearly combat gear.

Hidden weapons everywhere.

Mother stood up, a faint smile on her face, but somehow, it sent shivers down my spine.

A momentary lull.

When the trembling of my knife finally ceased:

“Grand elder!”

The prince shouted.

“Prince, you have not yet ascended the throne. The Council of Elders obeys only the command of the throne! And these two are a threat to the nation’s foundation, we cannot just stand by!”

Oh, I was a bit impressed.

That’s some spin.

“They must be spies sent by foreign countries, aren’t they!”

The grand elder shouted, a vein throbbing on his forehead.

Then two other elders chimed in unison.

“That’s right!”

“How cunning!”

They’re in sync, alright.

That’s what the prince had said.

That the top of this council hadn’t changed in over thirty years. The embodiment of an obsolete legacy.

That if it’s not that, what is?

Sitting in their seats plotting within the palace, clashing over power with the royalty while pretending they’re patriots.

A true patriot indeed, wow.

Above all, the grand elder’s actions were utterly repulsive.

The prince had told me – the old man certainly indulged in life’s pleasures excessively.


I called out to the prince while calmly intercepting the murderous intents directed our way.

The prince looked at me.

“I’ll take that request.”


I wonder how many understand our brief exchange.

Rozes was the only one who seemed to have caught on, murmuring as she looked at me.


Hey, not me.

The prince had planned this operation, deciding to provoke the grand elder to the fullest extent.

It reminded me of our conversation at the hotel.

The prince had said one of his goals was to kill the grand elder and shut down the Council of Elders.

Quite unique expression.

I told him to go for it.

The initial plan was to ascend the throne, grow his power, and then act.

I asked if all that was necessary.

To which, the prince replied that the council’s armed forces were not to be underestimated.

“I’ll take the request if you ask.”

I answered simply.

See, the prince had drawn up the initial outline.

“Close it.”

I said.

At that command, one of the guards moved.


He grabbed another guard’s neck and twisted it.

Then he pulled the ornate door shut.

A large figure of a woman guarding outside caught a glimpse.

The man who had broken the guard’s neck took off his helmet.

“Don’t give commands.”

His voice was cold, belonging to a man whose mere presence could stir women’s hearts.

“It’s Jung Gimnam from the special unit Immortals.”

Before I could respond.

Snap. Gurgle.

A brief cry was cut off as another voice joined in.

“You’re not in a position to give commands.”

It was one of the prince’s escorts. Removing their helmet, they stepped forward.

A long braid fell down to their back.

Beside that woman, two more figures lay fallen.

“These two are spies from the opposing side. Prince.”

Umiho spoke nonchalantly as she stood forward.

Reinforcements. She had been hiding in plain sight among the prince’s guards long before me.

“What is this?!”

The grand elder asked.

“That’s none of your concern.”

I replied, stretching my neck from side to side.

The flesh torn away by my knife was starting to heal on my forearm.

No need for bulletproof vests, or the fourth hitter, or jungle swords, do we?

As I loosened up, the prince stepped forward.

“Grand elder, Yehrla.”

The passionate, youthful fire blazed in his eyes. The same flames I had seen in the hotel.

“Prince, what does this act signify?”

The prince simply glared back, wordlessly.


The grand elder was now visibly agitated.

“You said you’d spare the princess, didn’t you?”

The prince spoke in a low tone. Anger was palpable in his voice.

A quiet rage.

“What nonsense are you speaking now!”

The grand elder was thrown into confusion.

I’d be too in his place.

Ridiculousness has its limits.

“What? You’ll hide her as your concubine for life? Allow her to live in power similar to a princess? She won’t be able to aim for the throne with her ability, anyway?”

Behind the talking prince, a flame ignited. It soared from his back like wings creating the form of a warrior holding a spear in one hand and a shield in another.

The Flame Sculptor, true to his name.

“I have decided to beat you to death, you motherfucker!”

The prince suddenly exploded in anger.

“You really don’t know what you should and shouldn’t say!”

The grand elder likewise exploded.

The plan that the prince and I formulated was simple.

Shut the door, beat them up, and kill them.

The core of the Council of Elders was the grand elder and four others.

The demise of those five would crumble the stronghold.

We’d forgo the hidden wealth and just cleanly execute them.

Why hasn’t this been done before? Because the grand elder’s power outweighed that of the royal family.

Especially this fight needed to be a battle between few elites.

Cause a civil war and both parties die.

The prince did not wish for that to happen.

Thus, this stage was set.

Well, I mainly just outlined the scenario, but I didn’t expect it to be so effective.

“You knew it would come to this, didn’t you?”

Rozes came by my side and asked.


I answered honestly.

Really, I thought at most half would work.

The provocation by Rozes, the princess’s cremation, and the uninvited guest.

Such a rough plan, but the old grand elder rat was such a frog in a well.


“There are hundreds of my guards outside. What will you do when they barge in?”

The once-irate grand elder cooled down and clung to his last shred of rationality.

The prince had extinguished the flames on his back, leaving only heat. His cheeks reddened.

“That’s none of your damn business, you decrepit ghost piece of shit.”

His swearing was so spot-on.

Direct and impactful.

It truly is. The prince’s cursing could definitely be ranked as world-class.

The accent and diction were first-rate.


The grand elder ground his molars.

Are those teeth implants?

The man’s over seventy, but he seems quite capable at night. I wondered if it was due to a scientific advancement in implants down there too.

A random thought.

I stepped forward casually.

“They won’t get through.”


“The entrance is guarded. Old man.”

Immortals aren’t here in small numbers, just so you know.

“You’re alone in here, old man. You’ve got to pull out all your hidden tricks, or this day next year will be your death anniversary. Oh, do they celebrate memorial services in this Superpower country too?”

I asked the prince the last question.

“That shit-eater won’t have anyone to hold a service.”

The prince replied lightly.

I nodded.

So they have memorial services in Superpower countries too.

It feels Confucian in a way.

“You bastards!”

The grand elder was again outraged.

Shadows and camouflages, plus two metamorphs.

My senses became razor-sharp.

It was time to crush the enemy’s forces.

Indeed, hidden blades existed.

One of the grand elder’s guards looked particularly chilling, his face hidden under a helmet.

The prince had said there was a hidden heavyweight here in the Superpower country.

Not the Calbu brothers among the metamorphs, but a real powerhouse.

One guy caught my eye, giving off a menacing, sharp vibe as a knife. The corner of his mouth peeked out from under the helmet, curving upwards.

There was a smile, one that might belong to a psychopathic killer.

Not as intensely dominant as the metamorphs, but it was instantly clear.

This was the genuine article.

* * *

Guang-ik had involved Hwalim and Hwarang in this event.

The price was the distribution of exclusive trade rights.

There was no reason to refuse, neither for Dangun Group nor the government.

Thus, two elite agents from Hwalim and one from Hwarang were tasked.

So-jin glanced fleetingly at the woman standing beside her.

It wasn’t common to see a woman larger than herself.

She had a pretty face and wasn’t a metamorph.

“I’m from the Superpower side.”

The woman stood quietly at her side.

Their mission was set to guard the door.

Knock out the two guards, shut the door, and then keep watch.

Not a challenging task.

Jeong So-jin bit her lip but kept it in, pretending to be one of the guards.

“What are you two doing there?”

Mostly, fire, ice, and enhancement superpowers are relatively more common than others among superpower users.

The Superpower country was no different.

Two ice superpower users approached for a shift change.

The moment they met eyes, Jeong So-jin moved.

Thump. She kicked off the ground smoothly, closing the gap instantly.

Her touch, blended with the softness uncharacteristic of the metamorphs, reached the neck of one guard.

Grab, twist, and tighten.

It all happened within seconds.

So-jin glanced at her counterpart as she acted.

Her movements were dance-like.

Tapping the ground lightly, she twirled her body left and right.

The scarf wrapped around her spun and snagged the other guard’s neck. A tug and the neck were strangled.


The two women then hid the fallen guards behind a pillar and returned to their positions.

“Who are you, by the way?”

So-jin asked, intrigued by the martial arts style she had glimpsed, one she had never seen before.

A freshly recruited agent from NS introduced herself.

“New recruit, Kim Geunyuk.”

“Ah, I see.”

So-jin nodded.

Guang-ik always seemed to bring in such talents; she did wonder from where.

And what an interesting name.

“Geunyuk, it’s a nice name, isn’t it?”

Wondering if she had heard that correctly, she replied after a short pause.

“Yes, it’s pretty.”

With their work complete, the two women exchanged a glance and smiled at each other.


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