Genius of unique lineage Chapter 236


Genius of a Unique Lineage

235. Flame Sculptor

It was a truly bizarre situation.

Therefore, the opponent could not have anticipated it.

For Rose to deceive the Elder Leader would be a futile act, with no advantage to gain—only losses.

What if, after this, the Elder Leader harbored resentment?

The grudge held by a national power could bring frost in June, so to speak.

Especially if the person in power was from a superpower nation, this could be made physically possible.

Assembling ice-wielders in the height of summer to freeze and kill an adversary was no mere metaphor.

It was as if bringing frost to the fifth month, an extravagant waste of resources as a warning. Such is the nature of power.

Yet Rose remained calm.

“This is really something.”

The Elder Leader chuckled in disbelief.

But his disbelief did not end there.

Missing Sechoiteuk, who had arrived at the airport, was enough to cause his blood to boil.

Despite being a hybrid of immortality and shapeshifting, it was unimaginable for twelve of the Royal Guard to let a single special species slip away.

At the very least, they should have been able to capture it temporarily.

But, they had failed.

Things were becoming twisted. That was what vexed him.

Just because the former terrorist known as Rose pulled this stunt didn’t mean he was in a disadvantageous position.

It was just infuriating.

And if the prince orchestrated all this just to annoy him, then that was the act of a supreme fool.

Wishing for him to make a mistake in this situation?

An absurd wish.

“I’ll kill her.”

After this, he was determined to kill that brazen terrorist.

She wouldn’t be leaving this kingdom in one piece.

That was his resolve.

However, he couldn’t do it. Emotion stirred before reason, reacting first.

Has he ever been treated like this in his life?

His teeth clenched instinctively. Astonishment turned to discomfort, which quickly shifted to anger.

“Do you wish to deceive me?”

The Elder Leader asked.

With his hand on his waist, the prince retorted while looking at the Elder Leader.


“Using that brazen terrorist scum?”

“I don’t understand what you’re getting at.”

Al denied it.

“I swear, this is the first time I’ve met you since coming here.”

To someone aware of the secret meeting the night before, this attitude was infuriating.

Especially if the sincerity behind that attitude could be glimpsed.

At that moment, the subordinates of both the prince and the Elder Leader whispered into their respective ears.

Several gazes from the Elder Leader’s side stabbed at Rose.

“Hey, don’t be scared.”

Kang Seul-hye tilted her cup and spoke.

Her lips curved upwards after taking a sip of the clear, rippling water.

“Wow, it’s been too long since I felt such an adrenaline rush.”

There was excitement and anticipation in her eyes.

‘Mother is not normal either.’

It was the feeling anyone would get upon seeing the bloodthirsty look of a shapeshifter up close.

Rose caught a glimpse of the violent impulse in Kang Seul-hye’s eyes.

The urge was so strong it looked like she would grab anyone and thrash them mercilessly.

“Please, come at me.”

Kang Seul-hye muttered to herself.

Rose subtly shifted her hips away from her.

Sitting opposite, Daniel glanced at Rose and asked,

“Did you meet with the Elder Leader last night?”

It sounded as if he was accusing her of betrayal.

It wasn’t possible to naively admit it.

She couldn’t reveal that it was part of the grand scheme instigated by Gwang Ik. Too many eyes were watching, too many ears listening.

-That foolish girl.

A telepathic message rang in her head.

Telepathy couldn’t convey tone, only intent, yet she could guess the sender’s mood from their choice of words.

It was displeasure.

Rose thought so.

-Are you insane?

And from the following question, she realized to some extent that their plan had worked.

The opponent couldn’t grasp their intent.

‘Because there is no reason.’

Every action typically follows a reason.

Especially for an incident this serious, a significant reason was expected.

Of course, reasons vary between individuals.

The Elder Leader looked at Al in frustration.

Just killing the princess would suffice.

Such a trivial issue has become exposed due to this turmoil.

How foolish.

What will it cause to his neck in the end?

Rose could read the Elder Leader’s thoughts to some extent.

Because she shared the same sentiment.

Just kill the princess, and it’s over.

But instead of taking the easy path, Gwang Ik chose a difficult one.

When asked, “Why do you go to such lengths?”

He simply answered, “Because I want to.”

It’s an unsolvable conundrum. He is a man of his whims, so persuasion is out of the question.

He hasn’t developed a crush on the princess, nor is he trying to save her because she’s a friend’s sister.

He just wants to.

That’s madness itself.

But it’s scarier than that.

A ‘smart madman.’

The Elder Leader must have been dumbfounded.


The meeting room door—a white backdrop with gold lines drawn in a metaphysical pattern—swung open.

Gwang Ik was standing there drying his wet hair.

“I’m a bit late.”

Gwang Ik entered the room, carrying a long wooden box—clearly a coffin—over his shoulder.

As several tried to stop him, the prince bellowed,

“How dare you insult my friend? Are you obstructing a guest who has entered with my permission?”

“What if he attempts to assassinate the royalty? He is called Sechoiteuk, isn’t he? Bind him immediately and eliminate the threat!”

The Elder Leader retorted.

Daniel stirred and stood up.

The Elder Leader’s faction and the prince’s faction split around Gwang Ik as the center, parting to the left and right. The atmosphere quickly became tense.

Hostility was ripe in the air. The tension was palpable.

“If Gwang were to assassinate me, I would forfeit my life. What kind of king can’t persuade even a friend? I don’t consider a king who can’t do that fit to sit on the throne and represent the entire nation. I trust Gwang. He’s my man.”

The prince’s remarks cut through the hostile atmosphere.

Yet, the tension did not dissipate.

The antagonism seemed on the verge of turning into action.

Only two people seemed at ease.

One was Yu Gwang Ik.

“Ah, why are we fighting?”

As he spoke, he gestured with his hands, calmly asking for a moment. Mysteriously, the tension subsided slightly.

The other was his mother.

With anticipation-filled eyes, she watched some members of the shapeshifting clan.

The Calve brothers also tensed up.

Their look was filled with determination, as if to say they wouldn’t be easily dealt with this time.

In this explosive situation, Gwang Ik, after placing down the coffin, spoke,

“I heard there were two reasons for fighting.”

His words captured everyone’s attention.

“You mentioned the prince’s right to succession and proof of competency, right?”

The Elder Leader stared intently at Gwang Ik.

That was his original intent: to eliminate the princess and then proceed as planned.

But Gwang Ik pinpointed that.

The royal family had an obligation to demonstrate their capabilities.

The princess was deemed incompetent in that regard.

In the superpower nation, the ability to read minds was considered low-ranking.

Not a fitting ability for royalty.

Al had not yet displayed her abilities. The rumor persisted that her so-called mental breakdown was just an act.

Gwang Ik opened the coffin lid.

“Evidence. A dead princess’s body should suffice, no?”

Inside the coffin lay the princess, attired in a dress, her makeup done beautifully.

* * *

‘What is this?’

The Elder Leader was bewildered twice over.

He immediately wondered if the body was fake but soon ‘why’ became the question.

The whole ordeal could be avoided by simply killing the princess.

And the figure leading this incident was not the prince but Sechoiteuk, the special species.

That was what caused his confusion.

Did Sechoiteuk have a reason to get involved?

To risk danger and fabricate a fake body?

If it was for trade monopoly rights, that had been a settled matter.

The prince had confirmed that decisively before leaving.


The question circled in his head.

The corpse came into view.

If it were fake, at least the Old Force or Excurassy had to be involved. That was the level of technology required. For Korea, it would have meant the involvement of the Dangun Group or the government.

The Elder Leader’s assumptions were accurate.

The body was a product of partial DNA replication techniques from the Immortal Special Forces.

For this, Gwang Ik had requested the help of Nam Myeong-jin, and Nam Myeong-jin received compensation.

The constant financial pressure from the Ministry of Safety and the Dangun Group had been lifted.

The Elder Leader’s eyes wavered.

It wasn’t easy to immediately determine the veracity of the body. If it were that high-quality, a few days of research would be needed, analyzing DNA.

If fake, creating just one body like that could cost over a hundred million won.

Illusions and phantasmagoria had already been ruled out.

Telepathy rang out incessantly.

-It seems real.

That was the conclusion reached by several ability users who remembered the princess’s appearance in life.

‘Why go this far?’

This was an endeavor with no gains.

If there was no reason, then it was truly perplexing.

The fact that a wretch named Rose turned his insides out was effectively without reason.

‘Why are these bastards doing this?’

A complex chain of thoughts ensued.

The aftermath of the event scrambled his thinking.

‘Is it real?’

Ultimately, he concluded that the body was more likely real and recognized he was in a disadvantageous position.

The weapon he meant to use as a means of pressure was now aimed back at him.

He was about to draw the next weapon.

The shining proof of the prince’s powers.

The prince, who had never displayed his supernatural ability. If he could not showcase his royal power…

“Are you happy to see my sister’s body again? I am not, but I had to bring it because of you. Are you satisfied?”

The narrative was still full of loopholes. Why did the body arrive a day late, and why had Gwang Ik brought it, among other issues.

The Elder Leader hadn’t thought that far.

He couldn’t afford to. Just right before, he had been enraged by Rose’s provocation.

The shapeshifters were said to lose their rationality easily.

But it’s not an issue limited to shapeshifters.

A person’s mental fortitude falters under pressure.

The prince raised his hands.

“So I shall burn it with my own hands.”

The symbol of the superpower nation is the flame, the burning fire.

* * *

Over the years, I have seen many ability users.

Among them, the fire type, pyrokinesis, ignis kinesis.

There were those who could shoot fire and those who could heat parts of their bodies.

But the best was this ability.

It was demonstrated playfully in Korea.

“This is my hidden card.”

Al had said proudly about the power.

The symbol of the superpower nation is the flame.

Al ignited flames in his hands. The flames soon grew independently.

They crawled over Al’s shoulders and surged upwards. In mid-air, they twisted, intertwined, lengthened, and drew patterns freely.


He was an ability user who could shape flames at will—a power that stood at the pinnacle among special fire-related abilities.

A Flame Sculptor.

The heat billowing from the flames soon took the form of a giant tiger.

The light from the flames reflected off the white glass pieces of the chandelier, casting red hues around.

The light touched the prince’s face as well.

His face, bathed in red, seemed flushed with color.

In contrast, the prince’s eyes were ice cold.

“Burn it.”

The prince murmured.

The tiger of flame leaped from the air, crashing onto the princess’s body.


“Oh, that…”

While a few reached out, bewildered by the suddenness, the fire-engulfed tiger consumed the princess’s body.

Crackle crackle.

The flamed body was entirely burnt, leaving nothing behind.

The Immortal Special Forces had warned when they handed over the body.

Under no circumstances get caught.

Even if caught, they knew nothing.

So it was burned.


The fire didn’t spread. Controlled by the prince’s gesture, it subsided perfectly and dissipated.

“How about it, Elder Leader? Do I not fit the throne even now?”

Who would call that a twelve-year-old kid?

He was already fully grown.

Without a word, the Elder Leader seemed to be deep in thought.

Watching him, a sense of ill feeling came over me. It was as if someone was pulling at the back of my head.

I reflexively twisted my body to the side.


The incident happened with my shadow.

The shadow rose up and stabbed me.

A being that had merged with its shadow used its special ability to make the attack.

His blade grazed my forearm.

* * *

The Elder Leader simultaneously felt rage, despair, and a sense of deprivation.

‘The throne…’

He had played a hand in placing that young prince there, thinking he’d be easy to manipulate.

And if things went south, killing him would be simple.

Then who would take the throne next?

If not him, then no one.

That sense of deprivation, fury, and despair eroded his sanity.

To be satisfied, he felt he must kill at least two individuals.

He gazed at the two: Sechoiteuk and Rose.

The Elder Leader flicked his finger.

And his hidden blade moved.

That’s why his shadow stabbed Gwang Ik.


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