Genius of unique lineage Chapter 235


Genius of a Unique Lineage

The Grand Elder was flustered.

In the deep of night, moonlight penetrated through the thin window.

Rose, who had woken up in bed, sat up.

She put on her shoes, donned her jacket, and pushed the door open silently.

Muffling her footsteps, she walked out.

Even though it was her first time in the palace, she did not hesitate.

It was to be expected.

She had a guide, after all.

After leaving a note the previous day, someone had communicated with her telepathically.

Let’s meet separately once midnight has passed.

Rose nodded in agreement.

To her telepathic conversation and subtle nod, no one was the wiser.

“Is there no training facility here?”

Gang Seul-hye was not interested in Rose. All she was looking for was a place to stretch out her stiff body.

It was easy to avoid the eyes of the Immortals and the shapeshifters.

That’s what Rose did.

She was a former terrorist. Deceiving a dull-witted shapeshifter was nothing to her.

If there was anything concerning her, it was the prince.

The young prince who had seized control of the Superpower Nation.

He would not be easy to handle.

Fortunately, the prince was preoccupied with bursting in a rage over the attitudes of the Elder Council.

“Those damn old fools should just drop dead.”

“There are many ears around.”

Daniel, the blond escort at his side, cautioned him.

But the prince continued to rage.

“So what? Everyone here is on my side, they’re friends of Kwang.”

“That’s right.”

Rose nodded inwardly as she saw Gang Seul-hye chime in agreement.

She thought to herself about how simply some people lived in this world.

Be it kings or shapeshifters.

Without a shred of doubt.

But the real suspicion was elsewhere.

That is, from the one who had summoned her at dawn.

“I am Yehra.”

The old man who introduced himself was called the Grand Elder, a man with a long white beard.

He was rather impressive.

Not a subordinate or another elder, but he had taken matters into his own hands.

Apart from the importance of the matter, it must be his habit to handle substantial issues personally.

Rose thought this as she nodded her head.


“That note.”

“It’s true.”

After a brief exchange, Yehra’s eyes scanned her from head to toe.

Rose thought it natural to perceive the suspicion in his gaze.

“How can I believe your words?”

“If you don’t believe, why do we need this meeting?”

The Grand Elder stroked his beard. His gaze still sharp. Rose had no intention of gaining his trust.

This was just a favorable deal.

“What do you want?”

He asked bluntly.

“A curse breaking (해주) and revenge.”

Rose did not underestimate her counterpart.

She assumed that they had already finished investigating her background.

So her answer fit the current situation perfectly.

“You want the spell broken, and you desire revenge. Will you fight as a substitute against Prometheus?”

His guess was right on.

The Grand Elder had indeed finished his background check.

His answer came promptly.

“You wish to borrow the power of the Superpower Nation?”

The Grand Elder continued.

The demand was excessive.

If it was too much, it couldn’t be a good deal.

“No. Just two, kill only two.”

Rose’s eyes flashed with vengeance as she spoke.

The Grand Elder noticed her intent gaze, clicked his tongue with a ‘heh-‘, and closed his eyes.

While he had his eyes closed, sharp gazes from behind the Grand Elder drilled into her.

Turning her head back, she saw two escorts she had seen before.

Two robust shapeshifters.

They were looking at her with a particularly displeased expression.

Rose avoided their gaze and kept her focus on the Grand Elder.

His face was still not visible as he had yet to open his eyes.

It was difficult to read his expression or his emotions. It made sense.

After all, he was the man sitting at the very top of the Elder Council, the puppeteer behind the Superpower Nation.

It was hard to gain the trust of such a person.

That was typically the case.

How could it be easy to gain trust from someone you just met?

But acting like you hold what the other wants is quite easy.

This wasn’t about faith or trust, but a deliberate negotiation.

She approached delicately.

With the feeling of walking on a tightrope suspended over a precipice, should anything go wrong, she would fall.

She was used to it.

This was something she had repeatedly done in Prometheus.

This way of life was a deeply learned strategy, more so than any superpower.

“Be a witness. When the time comes, I will signal you.”

The Grand Elder stood up as he spoke.

“A verbal contract?”

Rose asked as she remained seated.

“A Gold Aura Card is in the hands of that pesky special species kid.”

There was a time when it was argued that the prince’s status should be revoked because of it.

A Gold Aura Card.

It was a card that Alli had gifted to Kwangik.

A treasure that allowed one to borrow the power of the entire Superpower Nation just once.

To think that such a thing would be gifted to a mere special species.

Yehra used to grind his teeth just at the thought of it.

A boy who showed no concern for the future of the kingdom was about to selfishly trample established traditions from the throne.

Grand Elder Yehra could not stand to watch the kingdom crumble.

“I know that the rascal is on his way here.”

Rose was not startled.

She had not underestimated their information gathering capabilities.

It was right that she should have anticipated Kwangik’s following movements.

“I shall allow the card to be used before my very eyes. Then both the curse breaking and revenge will be fulfilled.”

The Grand Elder left the room after saying those words.

Then, just like when Rose had arrived, another guide stepped forward.

A special species capable of concealing themselves like a shadow.

The sight of the all-black figure rising from the shadows was like something out of a horror movie.

Rose got up and returned to her room.

She took off her jacket and shoes and lay back down on the bed with lighter clothing.

Lying there, she contemplated her goal: revenge.

If that could be achieved, she was willing to join forces with anyone, even bow her head to anyone.

Even if it meant taking a punch from Kwangik’s mother, she wouldn’t hesitate if it meant achieving her goal.

Now lying in bed, reaffirming her resolve, sleep did not come to her.

Perhaps the moonlight was obscured by clouds; the surroundings were dark and murky.

Rose stared at the ceiling, enduring a long night.

* * *

“It’s raining as soon as we arrive?”

At the airport, raindrops pattered down beyond the windows.

As he spoke, he gathered his baggage from the conveyor belt, attracting the attention of those around him.

The Superpower Nation was quite developed in the tourism business.

There were numerous exotic tourists around, including those with blond hair.

“Let’s move on.”

He said as he walked past.

His attire certainly drew attention.

Ignoring his clothing or looks, it was the size of his luggage that stood out.

It was only natural since he carried a rectangular box taller than himself.

Undoing the straps, he secured it on his back. It was well-sealed, so it wouldn’t get wet from the rain.

At least that was a relief.

As soon as he stepped outside the airport, his instincts kicked in.

Between the looks of curiosity and bewilderment, he felt the gaze of people reading his face, demeanor, and intent.

And at the same time, he sensed someone approaching him.

An overwhelming welcoming gesture.

A faint ‘whisk-‘ sound.

A small dart shot from a distance directly aimed at his neck.


He dropped his wallet and bent down.

The dart missed him, sailing through the air.

The pedestrian light turned green right in front of him.

He gauged the space and, considering the box as part of his body, he sprinted ahead.

He leaped over a traveler pulling a suitcase.

Having jumped over several heads, a man startled by the sudden leap clapped his hands.


Hearing the exclamation, he gestured an apology and moved on.

He could sense that he was being pursued.

It was his first time in the Superpower Nation, and he didn’t know the streets.

So, hiding was out of the question.

What to do then?

Fortunately, he had read up on the geography on the internet before his arrival.

Even in his time in the Immortal Special Forces, geographic reconnaissance was a top priority in mission planning.

He did just that.

He had a strategy in place.

Alone, he adapted tactics suitable for his condition.

Thump, thump, thump.

He increased his speed, pounding the rain-wet ground, and as he left the airport area, he raced across roads and bridges.

He didn’t just run, he ran like a shapeshifter.

Quickly and ferociously.

Boom, boom!

He hit the cement pavement so hard that it seemed to burst beneath his feet.

The figures chasing him grew distant.

Except for two, who desperately continued the pursuit.

Understandably so, as both were capable of flight.

He produced two Hand Bullet pearls from his hand and tossed them with precise control.

Thrown with shapeshifter strength, and guided with immortal perception.

The pearls struck the foreheads of the two superpowered species chasing him in flight.


Hit by the Hand Bullets, the pair crashed to the ground like birds, their foreheads split and streaming blood.

A bad landing could seriously hurt them, but they would manage somehow.

They seemed to be sent by those against Alli, the Elder Council or whatever they were called, so he couldn’t be too concerned.

He continued to run.

There was no need for a complete escape. They wouldn’t place a national, high-level alert just because they were chasing him.

Both parties knew the destination was the same.

It was the royal palace.

Even though they knew he was coming, it puzzled him why they were so blatantly trying to block him.

Well, considering the assailants’ boldness, it looked like they intended to abduct him halfway through.

Considering the situation, the Elder Council of the Superpower Nation seemed to underestimate him somewhat.

And that was quite the good news.

* * *

“Prince, Yu has arrived.”


Daniel called him ‘Yu’, while the prince called him ‘Kwang’.

The title didn’t matter. The point was that he had arrived.

“The Elder Council has made a move. It seems there was a bit of commotion at the airport.”

“Let’s just do our work.”

Alli said, standing up.

The Grand Elder had convened another meeting.

A meeting at the royal palace, gathering all the nobles.

The item on the agenda presented by him was to question the legitimacy of Prince Al Khalid Bolyana.

“It seems the information has leaked. Otherwise, they wouldn’t call us out so boldly.”

Alli did not respond.

“This is ominous.”

Daniel continued speaking.

“He said, ‘Even if I have to walk on a tightrope strung above a precipice, I must do it.’”

Alli used a Superpower Nation proverb to respond.

No matter what happens, one must do what must be done.

Avoiding a meeting with the Grand Elder would, in itself, incur doubts about his qualifications.

For generations, the royal succession of the Superpower Nation has always been the same.

Wars of succession followed by power struggles with the Elder Council.

Only after that can one truly become king.

Alli recalled a moment.

When he first met Kwangik, that is, when he was carried away through the mountains and Kwangik had saved him.


The word that Kwangik would be his friend made his heart beat as if it would explode.

Afterward, he returned to his homeland and lay sick for ten days.

A time they called the awakening sickness.

When awakening superpowers, one often gets feverish.

That’s when Alli awakened his abilities.

When he got to the meeting room, Gang Seul-hye and Rose were already there.

“Did you invite the guests before me?”

“The prince was late, so we proceeded.”

The Grand Elder was smug, certain of his victory.


Wrapped in doubt, Alli stepped forward.

“If you have something to say, then say it.”

He asked fiercely.

The Grand Elder looked everyone in the eye one by one.

“We could overlook this if it were after the coronation, but don’t we have to respect the succession law while you are still the prince?”

The Grand Elder spoke.

Several people echoed that it made sense.

“What if a witness came forward to say that the prince had indeed saved the princess and deceived us all?”

The Grand Elder’s voice grew louder with power.

Seeing this, Rose thought that the real Yu Kwangik was quite a remarkable guy.

At first glance, he seemed like a simple, reckless madman.

‘A smart madman.’

There’s a saying that someone with conviction can be terrifying if they’re simple-minded.

This is even greater.

Smart yet mad. That’s the scariest combination.

This affair, namely the business of saving the princess, would create huge ripples.

Yet he did it.

Yu Kwangik was that kind of person.

“I will because I want to.”

He was the type sort that would say that and then do it.

But the way he handled the situation was frightening.

Her former occupation: a terrorist.

“Let’s do one job for me, sister Rose.”

“Retract calling me ‘sister’ and ‘for me,’ otherwise, I won’t bother with revenge or curses.”

She responded fiercely.

“Okay, just Rose, let’s do one job.”

Yu Kwangik immediately replied that way.

Rose heard the scenario, moved accordingly, and kept thinking to herself.

‘Did you consider this far?’

Reading people’s psychology, standardizing their behavior patterns and acting upon it.

In the midst of this, using everything at his disposal.

Even if it meant utilizing the notorious name of a reformed former terrorist.

“Where is such a witness?”

The prince picked up on the Grand Elder’s words.

And the Grand Elder’s gaze turned to Rose.

If the prince’s party claimed that the princess was alive, the impact would be significant.

Even if they didn’t, the Grand Elder wouldn’t lose much.

So from the Grand Elder’s point of view, this wasn’t a gamble.

Yet he would be flustered nonetheless.

Rose avoided his gaze.

“……Stand forward.”

She began to feign ignorance.

“Mother, this fabric is quite beautiful. Is it a new material?”

“Maybe it is. The tablecloth is also pretty nice. It won’t tear easily.”

She chatted with Gang Seul-hye.

The strength of a shapeshifter’s resolve was indeed impressive.

Sure, she made up her mind to do it, but Seul-hye seemed truly unconcerned.

The Grand Elder’s gaze was still intense, and everyone else began to look at Rose as well.

Rose continued to play ignorant.

As if she had nothing to do with the person the Grand Elder was calling.


As she pretended not to know, the prince instead asked the Grand Elder.

“…What are you doing?”

And the Grand Elder was flustered.


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