Genius of unique lineage Chapter 233


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Was that princess pretty?

Information leaked from somewhere, and the community was buzzing with rumors that the princess of the superpower nation had died. Panda hyung found it and sent me the link. Chewing on my eighth morning hamburger, I clicked on the window. It was a place where warriors from the electronic world gathered, kind of a holy ground for keyboard warriors. The community was for special species. Several posts caught my eye, and I clicked on the one with the most comments. It was a pondering post about special abilities to make carrots taste better. Why would anyone ponder that?

Ignoring the actual topic of the post, I saw a torrent of unrelated comments below. There was a lot of chatter. -I just think carrots taste good? -If you like plain carrots, then just eat them. -Did I hear the princess of Supernation died and they held a national funeral? Is that true? -What kind of nonsense is this person talking about? -It’s true, but how did you know? -There are no secrets in the world, if one knows, two will know, and soon the whole world will know. -Why do you put such nonsense into so many words? -The succession ceremony of the Supernation starts by burning the entire royal bloodline. It’s nothing special. Just a princess died. -Hey, shit, a nation’s princess died, is this really okay? -Was the princess pretty? Did she like carrots? -It’s always been like that. Supernation has been tumultuous lately, the youngest prince has taken the power. -Did the prince kill the princess? Why in Korea of all places? -So, was the princess pretty? -The prince didn’t kill her, it was done in the form of a corporate request. -…Corporate request, like by SC Special? Didn’t NS guard that prince? So they took care of the assassination on the side? -Well, isn’t it alright then, if it was an official request and it comes from the young prince who took the power? -Hey, was the princess pretty? Shit, why does nobody answer my question? Am I invisible? Is my post blocked? Admin, you son of a bitch. -The issue isn’t that, this is top-secret info I’m sharing. -Tell us, what is it? -I’m curious too. -Talk and I’ll give you a gift card. -Give me the gift card. -Where did the guy who said he’d talk go? -Probably just trolling, why fall for it again? -So was the princess pretty, you bastards. Am I being ostracized online? Can’t you see my post? -ㅂㅁㄱ. -Anyway, there are so many people desperate for attention. The princess is dead and it’s probably going to be swept under the rug. It’s just one of those barbaric traditions of the Supernation. -Ah, sorry, I was having an emergency. Here’s the top-secret info. -Emergency poop is understandable. -So what’s the top-secret info? -The princess may not have died. -Did she run away? -No, it’s not that. Rumors are going around that SC Special didn’t kill her and secretly hid her. People who should know, already know. -Was the princess prettier than Princess Fiona? Somebody please answer me. Really, please. Guys, someone respond. I’m feeling so lonely I might kill myself.

Princess Fiona was larger in size, but her face was quite pretty. It was a bit awkward how unbalanced it was, but if we’re talking about beauty alone, objectively speaking, she was on the pretty side. Her true look before transformation could have made it in Hollywood right away. Even while skimming through, my dynamic vision allowed me to read thoroughly. I stopped scrolling and closed the link window. Someone had deliberately leaked a rumor. A rumor that the princess had survived.

Afterward, a post summarizing the current situation was uploaded in the community. The post began with a statement that it was a rather serious situation. The princess had to die. And if SC Special had secretly spared her, then Korea had become a real mess. The skill of whoever wrote the post to stir up trouble was extraordinary. The comments started piling up again, but I ignored them. The content expected to follow was mostly predictable. Between the comments, there were questions about whether the princess was pretty. And nobody answered them.

Suddenly, I had a thought: What is responsibility? Keeping one’s word. If you utter the word ‘responsibility,’ it immediately becomes a duty. Sometimes, a single word spoken can be heavier than a contract written with dozens of terms and conditions. This is especially true in the world of special species. It’s not just about credibility; the weight of my words in this world also changes. So if I decide to take responsibility, then I should. And it’s not just about me.

President Nam Myeong-Jin also had to take responsibility. When I decided to leave the company, President Nam owed me a debt. We didn’t write a contract, but a debt is still a debt. These were the thoughts I had in mind. I was approached by a secondhand hyung as I entered the building. “Is it true about the princess? In the midst of all this, where did you go? Reporters are swarming outside.” Indeed on my way in, the area in front of the company was bustling with cars. I saw vehicles from broadcasting companies and newspapers packed between the external parking lots, so I chose to deaden my presence and enter through the back door. It was lucky that the building had a back entrance.

“I went to my old job.” “Huh? Why there?” “To collect a debt.” “Eh?” He tilted his head in confusion, unable to understand. “What about the princess?” As he spoke, I could see him swallowing his saliva. “Do I look like a fool to you?” I said, and turned to leave. My words implied, did they think I was unaware of the repercussions of saving the princess?

Ding- I heard the elevator come to a halt. I stepped inside, and just then, secondhand hyung muttered something that barely brushed my ears. “You’re not a fool, you’re crazy.” * * * The princess was troubled. She knew the problems that her survival would cause were numerous. She even considered ending her own life because of how complex the situation had gotten. If she could live, she wanted to live. Who in the world wishes for death? It’s because of the damn tradition that siblings had to kill each other for succession rights that she ended up in this predicament. She felt gloomy, but then she remembered a name. “Kim Muscle.” Just thinking of that name made her burst into laughter. It was unexpected to laugh at such a ridiculous name, especially after preparing for death and then surviving. Now she truly didn’t want to die. “He said he would take responsibility.” The princess decided to entrust her future to a foreign special species, the one known as SC Special, whom Ale had described as a friend numerous times. * * *

The Council of Elders of the Supernation was led by five Elders. They were a group holding not only substantial influence but also actual military power. Among them, two shapeshifters were the core of their military force. “This is unforgivable.” “The prince has deceived the royal family.” “We cannot permit his right to the throne.” The Council was in an uproar. In this global era, it didn’t take long for rumors spread in Korea to reach their ears. Those who wanted to sell the information furrowed their brows, too. The once valuable information they hoped to profit from had been leaked.

“Nothing is confirmed yet.” The Chief Elder spoke up. He was small and frail. His words captivated the attention of the other four Elders. “Then?” “We will question the prince when he returns.” “Yes.” It was the Chief Elder’s decision, and the other four Eiders unanimously agreed. Suspicion deepened. The day the prince was scheduled to return was still three days away. * * * Rose boarded the private jet. Across the aisle, Kwang Ik’s mother was seated. They both took their seats without much conversation. “Your name is Rose, correct?” As they awaited takeoff, Kang Seul-Hye asked, wearing her eyepatch. Rose glanced at her briefly before responding. “Yes.” “Do you have any interest in Kwang Ik?” At that, Rose blinked several times before replying. “No.” Rose sought revenge. She had entrusted herself here for that purpose. She didn’t see Kwang Ik as a man. Rose felt concern in Kang Seul-Hye’s question and could understand why she would ask. After all, she was a criminal. Although she had defected, her past record was notorious. Kang Seul-Hye was worried about the criminal beside her son. A former terrorist, an indelible mark. With that thought, Rose involuntarily spoke out. “You don’t have to worry about that.” Lifting the eyepatch slightly, Kang Seul-Hye looked into Rose’s eyes and asked seriously. “Is my son not good enough as a man?” “Pardon?” Rose couldn’t quite grasp the intent of the question. Observing Rose’s puzzled look, Kang Seul-Hye explained. “It’s just that he doesn’t meet women.” Bewildered, Rose blinked again. Why was she bringing this up with her? After blinking a few more times, Rose said. “Are you worried because you know about my past?” “You’ve defected, haven’t you?” Just because you’ve defected, does that mean your previous crimes are washed clean? Not right. Rose felt the same way. “What if my feelings were different?” The thoughts spilled out before she could process them. At this confession, Kang Seul-Hye let out a chuckle. “Then this ajumma will have to smack you.” … Rose swallowed hard. As a former gangster witch, she knew a single slug from this woman wouldn’t just result in a bruise. It was a warning to not entertain any improper thoughts around her son. Rose accepted the warning and nodded. “Yes.” She was already bound by a curse-like oath, shackled against betrayal. And she had no intention of doing so. Rose dismissed her stray thoughts, focusing solely on the plan Kwang Ik had set. “We’re taking off.” The flight attendant announced. As the plane accelerated down the runway and took flight, their ears popped from the pressure change. Rose swallowed to relieve the discomfort and closed her eyes. Their destination? Supernation. Essentially, an NS business trip. It was a task related to the aftercare following the princess’s assassination. Right after recovering from being drugged, she was tasked with something akin to deception, fraud, something close to a scam. The only difference was the objective. If during her time with Prometheus the goal was mass murder, the purpose of this mission was essentially the opposite. * * * “Just killing one princess won’t end it.” Ale had said. I could feel the pain in his words. The path he had walked to ascend the throne must have been soaked in blood. A few words carried all those emotions. It was painful. Had I not known, I would have been indifferent, but knowing it, I didn’t want to let the only remaining member of his bloodline die. So, it was a kind of whim. I didn’t consider the repercussions before acting. But having said I would take responsibility, I needed to keep my word. “Go ahead.” I sent Ale back home. Watching Ale leave with a mixture of worry and trust in his eyes, I received a visit from Daniel that night. I expected him to demand the princess’s death if I had really saved her. “If you’ve saved her, take responsibility until the end. It’s your doing.” It sounded like a thank you for sparing the princess. “If you don’t want to mismatch, you should keep your guard up and watch your chin while you’re at it.” With pure intentions, I offered some advice. “Son of a bitch.” Ale had learned Korean swearing quite well. Having sent him off with those words, I also arranged for my mother and Rose to accompany him. It was a business trip. Of course, I intended to charge a hefty fee. There were no plans to just let it slide. After explaining the gist of the plan to Ale, I immediately called Hwaryeom at Rimfire Company. The Immortal Special Forces Squad consisted of immortals. Among them, Hwaryeom’s R&D department was strong. Especially the Other Side research team. I’ve also seen their work. When I went to the mud desert, that place had many researchers, more so than combat-ready personnel. Despite it being a location where combat capabilities should have been the priority. There was a simple reason for this. The Other Side Special Law. Once you cross a white hole, what is considered inhumane experimentation on Earth is permitted there. And there are always rumors going around in secret. It doesn’t necessarily mean they conduct human experiments. It just means they can conduct experiments not allowed domestically. One of those experiments, I decided to borrow it. “…and with this, let’s agree to forget the Prometheus incident.” President Nam set conditions before accepting. “You were still holding that over me?” I anticipated this. I asked him with that in mind. But of course, you should still respond with politeness. That’s what civility is. I, who was raised in a household deeply rooted in Confucian values, would know. “Hang up.” President Nam ended the call right away. I had spoken with full politeness, but it seemed he took offense. Why are people so petty? After securing President Nam’s agreement, I too followed Ale and left the country. I boarded the plane Ale had sent for me, and as soon as I settled into my seat, the plane took off for Supernation. I had finished preparing to persuade the Council of Elders.


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