Genius of unique lineage Chapter 232


Genius of a Unique Lineage

If you push for it, it will work.

As Gwang Ik pretended to die as the princess, there were a few people watching.

“Look at this guy. Did he just save her?”

A man with a chiseled jaw and a lean body.

Nodding to the remark, the black man with white eyes turned off the image projector that had been showing a hologram-like image of Gwang Ik and the prince of the superpower nation.

“This one has good wit.”

“What about his skills?”

“No idea.”

You can’t know that without clashing directly.

Rough-bearded man of the world government alliance, Old Force’s combat executive spoke up while stroking his stubble.

“Kind of interesting.”

An intriguing fellow.

He pretended to kill the princess but saved her.

He was said to have killed dozens of special species that poured out like a flood during the Hughes Gate incident on his own.

‘This one’s a complete madman.’

But the thought was, in a way, amusing.

It was a fresh change in a crazy, stagnant world.

“What’s the name of that company?”

Thinking hard about the chiseled jaw man’s question, the white-eyed black man answered.


It meant nonstandard, but they wouldn’t fully grasp the meaning.

They interpreted it literally.

Considering what that most unusual had done so far, even the name seemed fitting.

“Intent on doing abnormal things outright, huh?”

The man with the chiseled jaw was impressed.

It felt like watching a wild animal.

Not caring what anyone else thinks and going for it.

Even now, it was the same.

The princess had to die.

If he saw it, other teams must have too.

Those who’d be sour about the prince’s ascension to the throne would surely inform the superpower nation of this.

And if that happened?

The prince’s future would be dark.

Yet he saved her.

It wouldn’t have been part of any agreement.

He also had heard about this company in Korea breaking an unwritten rule with their launch ceremony.

Cherry-picking annoying actions.

That must be why they are ‘Abnormal.’

They must be set up just to carry out such acts.

With that thought, the chiseled jaw man inwardly nodded.

“Saving the princess is madness.”

But the black man shook his head to the words of the man with the chiseled jaw.

“Not many teams will easily figure out that the princess was saved.”

“They won’t?”

To these geniuses, if they can do it, they believe everyone else can, too.

With that thought, the black man raised his head.

“Since it has to be peeped with supernormal vision, someone with my level of vision would need to be dispatched. And they’d need the sharpness to recognize what most unusual has done. So how many in the whole world would have someone with my abilities and a special species like you together?”

“Four? Five?”

“How many of those teams would be in Korea?”

Their thoughts drifted, but the reality was a bit different.

Yu Gwang Ik taking down the irregular hunter Park Hyeok and closing the Hughes Gate was a major incident.

By the time his nickname, the most unusual, was whispered among people, he had already spread his fame overseas.

People who held power even in the crazy world of these mad individuals moved – leaders of terrorist organizations, the pinnacle of military companies, and core figures of the world government union.

Though not one with supernormal vision, others with different means had also stolen glimpses of the scene.

“Sell it off.”

An Asian who watched Gwang Ik knock out the princess said it.

And his underling nodded.

“Yes, Master.”

The information was worth billions.

There would be at least five organizations that would want to inform the elders of the superpower nation about it.

The man called Master wanted to see the most unusual up closer.

Even better if he could see his ability firsthand.

There are countless ability users whose reputation doesn’t match reality.

If the rumors are true, he was someone worth scouting as a top priority.

Whether that person wishes to be on their side or not, they are someone to be coaxed into an ally.

And if the opposite?

‘Then they’re eliminated.’

As payment for unwarrantedly drawing his attention.

The decision was made, and soon the man received information that a few criminal organizations in Korea were stirring up trouble.

It was a story he overheard by chance.

Finding it interesting, he decided to intervene.

It was a chance to directly see Yu Gwang Ik’s abilities.

* * *

The reason why the relationship between stick-wielding teacher Joo Il Ho and Jang Ga Hee was bad was simple.

‘It’s because of the training of the Immortal.’

Joo Il Ho thought he contributed to Gwang Ik’s current self.

It wasn’t wrong.

It did help.

With that thought, he also considered another one knowing about Yu Yeon Ho’s bloodline.

‘Maybe the Immortal’s blood is a bit purer.’

Sensitive instincts and learning speed.

It all had to be the power of immortality.

Jang Ga Hee thought similarly.

‘Because of training the transformational species.’

When they first met, Gwang Ik was just a strong but unrefined workman.

She thought she contributed to turning him into a fine transformational species special type.

Additionally, she had this thought.

‘Perhaps the blood of transformational species is purer.’

And so their relationship couldn’t be good.

One side subtly preferred the blood of immortals.

The other side preferred that of transformational species.

Historically, immortals and transformational beings were often enemies.

History proved that, with Scecularis and Old Force choosing to be antagonistic.

In an unusual agreement, the two with poor relations agreed on something.

“Did you see it?”

Asked Joo Il Ho.

“I saw it.”

Answered Jang Ga Hee.

“His techniques have improved.”

Joo Il Ho first pointed to the core of the matter.

Jang Ga Hee nodded to that and added.

“He isn’t just mimicking martial arts like before.”

They hadn’t seen it clearly.

They had witnessed Gwang Ik fighting before he ‘killed’ the princess.

The two were astonished.

Breaking the mold is the only way to truly improve skills.

At that age, was there another special species who had broken the mold?

Both had the same thought.


Not Phantom, not Thousand Faces, not those of transformational species who soared and flew, not even those globally recognized geniuses.

At that age, they don’t break the mold and establish their own techniques.

But Gwang Ik did.

They both felt a pride, a pride swelling inside them.

At that moment, they locked eyes for the first time without enmity – it was awkward.

To an Immortal with sensitive emotions, an awkward atmosphere is deadly.

Amidst the pride, there was a discomfort.

Joo Il Ho…

I wanted to resolve this discomfort.

Hoping for a return to the usual atmosphere, I opened my mouth.

“More effective than any Metamorph Tribe’s training is certainly my own.”

“…I’m really going to squash this cockroach.”

Jang Ga-hee responded to my words.

Her face reddened, clearly showing her anger.

If left alone, she seemed ready to resort to fisticuffs.

“Stop it, why do the two of you always fight when you see each other?”

Gwang Ik intervened, looking at the two.

We were all gathered at the training grounds, about to hear a major company announcement.

No sooner had everyone assembled than the two started whispering and then fighting.

It was like mediating squabbling children, both snorting in frustration.

It was all Gwang Ik’s fault.

* * *

“Are you done now, huh?”

I said, looking around at everyone again.

There was something important I had to say.

“Where did that fit kid go?”

Mother asked.

“She’s talking about that fit woman.”

“Is that so?”

Mother’s face brightened with anticipation, but I could tell it was a false hope.

She’s not my girlfriend, Mother.

“The truth is, I didn’t kill the princess.”

“…You’re not talking about a game, are you?”

The stick-wielding teacher asked.

“No, I’m talking about the princess of the Psychic Nation.”

The prince ordered her execution. It was the prince’s request. This was the main mission of NS, I had revealed.


Rose sighed briefly.

After disclosing anything related to the royal trade,

My older middle-school brother’s face brightened, then he asked and despaired.

“Really? What about the work?”

“It’s your job to do it.”

“…Huh? Mine?”

“Who else is going to do it?”

It’s your field of expertise, after all.

It’s the perfect job for an agent. Of course, it was time to recruit someone for the menial tasks.

Steven Choi would handle it.

I told him to bring in someone with a practical reputation and to try offering 1.5 times the salary. He said people don’t just move for money.

So I told him to figure it out himself.

“It’s still fun, though.”

Steven Choi finally smiled genuinely for the first time.

“Yeah, cheer up, buddy.”

After passing on all the work, I pondered.

Did nobody really know that I had saved the princess?

Receiving such a grand gift from the prince prompted this thought.

There might be someone who figures out what I did.

But if not, imaginative people might conjure up a scenario.

They might wonder why the prince is treating me so well.

They could eventually speculate that I might have spirited away the princess.

I hadn’t simply saved the princess; I also saved the princess’ ten royal guards and the children of the Ten Fingers of the royal family.

They didn’t stand a chance against me in a fight.

From the perspective of the Psychic Nation, this was a leak of military power.

Moreover, the princess probably knew several royal secrets.

It was rather odd that Al didn’t care about these aspects.

I had no intention of digging into those secrets, though.

That was my affair.

To the Elders’ Council, a den of corruption, I could appear as an enemy to the Psychic Nation.

“You have quite the intellect for occasions like this.”

Panda Bro said this, affirming my point.

It meant I was right.

“So, that’s the situation.”

I shared everything I knew.

“Isn’t the prince in trouble if he knows the princess is alive?”

Log Teacher, who had been glaring at Stick Teacher, asked.

Rose answered him.

“The prince will lose his inheritance, and if things go badly, the Psychic Nation could enter a civil war. During that turmoil, our small Korean company, which orchestrated the incident, will become the country’s main enemy.”

Rose, you’re quite smart.

“It was an internal conflict operation deliberately perpetrated by Prometheus.”

Feeling my gaze, Rose spoke.

Yes, internal conflict strategies are typically used by terrorist organizations.

And I had sincerely helped to carry this out.

“What if we kill her now?”

Stick Teacher asked.

“If we were going to kill her, we wouldn’t have saved her in the first place.”

I had saved her and decided to take responsibility.

“And then?”

“We’re going to insist.”


As question marks appeared on everyone’s faces, I reiterated.

“We’re going to insist.”

“Just insist and that’s it?”

Mother asked.

“Yes. If there’s no evidence, there’s nothing to be done.”

“What about circumstantial evidence?”

“We need material evidence.”

“What if they demand the body?”

“I’ve already claimed it was all burned.”

Perhaps that was half the reason Al came to Korea.

If things went south, they’d save the princess, claim “it’s all burned,” “there’s no evidence.”

“Just insist and that’s it?”

“Yeah, just insist.”

What could go wrong?

In my time in this world, fighting and learning to survive, I’ve learned one thing.

In the special species’ world, sometimes power can become the law.

Unless the Elders’ Council and the Psychic Nation join forces against me,

Al is on my side, after all,

And I don’t think I’m at a disadvantage against the Elders’ Council.

“…That might actually work.”

Mother was the first to nod.

Rose looked back and forth between me and Mother in disbelief.

“That can work?”

“It works.”

Why wouldn’t it?

I had decided to insist.

If they ask, “Did you kill the princess?”

I’d respond, “‘Yeah.’”

And if they say, “Don’t lie, we know what you’re hiding.”

I’d reply, “Got evidence?”

“That can work?”

The former internal conflict specialist of a terrorist organization shook his head.

“What if they come to fight?”

“We have to persuade them not to fight.”

Rose said, and I replied bluntly.

Whether it’s fists or words, it’s something that can be settled with persuasion.

“This guy’s completely crazy.”

Rose remarked.

“Don’t say that about someone else’s son. He’s just a bit mad.”

Mother chimed in.

It sounded like mockery whether it was Rose or Mother.

“He’s quite mad for his age.”

Stick Teacher added,

“Totally insane.”

Log Teacher also joined in.

Our eyes met with Marie.

Marie averted her gaze without a word.

Hey, aren’t you going to say no?

It’s not like Marie thinks that way. Brother is not crazy.

Isn’t this the right timing to say that?

Well, it’s not my concern.

I thought it might be easier if the Elders’ Council thought of me like this.

“Ah, and I’m thinking of expanding the team. Our company staff still seems insufficient.”

“Do as you please. Mr. President.”

Mother said and went to work on her smithing.

Lifting weights is one of her top five most enjoyable activities in the world.

Stick Teacher muttered while waiting for Jeong Il.

“Talent is not always equal, but effort never betrays.”

Log Teacher returned to his stock market immersion.

A peaceful day-to-day life.

I also attended the training thoroughly enjoying it.

The physical work and refining established techniques.


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