Genius of unique lineage Chapter 231


Genius of a Unique Lineage

“I dislike it, yet I like him.”

In the hotel conference room, which was now serving as a meeting space, people were packed together tightly. I saw individuals squeezing into their seats behind the long table. I had entered the meeting room in advance to ensure the safety of the prince’s escort, to confirm that no dangers or unexpected situations would arise. Among us were renowned figures from the political and economic spheres, though I recognized none of their faces.

From what I had heard, Erzalude, known as a superpower country, wasn’t particularly advanced in agriculture due to the numerous White Holes and the need to control their surroundings. Even fertile land couldn’t be farmed if near a Hole due to the need to build military bases. While this might seem inefficient, it was actually the opposite in practice. Through diplomacy and trade with other nations, the superpower country always thrived. It consistently ranked among the best countries to live in, with a royal family that never skimped on providing for its citizens. The abundance stemming from the multiple White Holes leading to the Other Side and the balance achieved through this were what shaped the nation.

Hence, the transition of the throne in the superpower country was not just a state issue—it could mean changes in trade partners. The previous royal family mainly dealt with China and the USA. And now, Daniel had to start paying attention to diplomacy, too. While he might look mature, he is in fact a mere twelve-year-old child tasked with international politics. But, after all, he’s considered a genius—a genius who can grasp and learn concepts beyond normal scope, capable of learning any language after just one exposure.

“Your skills have improved even more,” Daniel remarked as he surveyed the room. I responded with a nonchalant shrug, as if he was referring to my combat prowess. Daniel watched me intently, with a glint of jealousy and longing visible in his eyes. There was a disconnect in his words, but my perceptiveness was exceptional. His message was clear: he felt the disparity in our abilities, a bitterness that I could only imagine was doubled by the memory of a painful defeat.

To Daniel’s retreating figure, I commented, “Your Korean has improved a lot.” His pronunciation had gotten better since I first met him, though it still carried a reminiscent accent of Korean-Americans—like someone who would say “bulgogi masisseoyo” in a distinct way.

A guard with the ability to detect voices scanned the room. “Where are you from?” he casually asked, moving from one conversation to the next, targeting those who were silent. The room was bustling with noise, hardly quiet enough for a discussion.

Several comments about the Korean escort—the crazed launching ceremony, the troublesome “eel-like” situation—caught my ear. These men seemed not to know of my immortal status, as their whispers were all too audible. Perhaps they intended for me to hear, as I noticed their watchful eyes upon me.

This was not my place to shine. I remained silent, waiting for the prince to arrive. When he did, the noisy room went instantly silent. This was an opportunity to witness the politics and diplomacy of a nation. I was admittedly curious to see how the twelve-year-old prodigy prince would handle international relations.

“As many have come as filthy flies to honey. Nothing but insects craving honey,” the prince bluntly remarked as soon as he sat down. His voice was moderate in volume but had enough projection for all to hear.

“What did you just say?” demanded a middle-aged man sitting opposite him.

“Did you hear?” the prince queried.

“Of course, it’s right in front of my ears,” the man replied, veins throbbing in his forehead.

With a gentle smile that could charm most women, the prince responded coyly, “Then did that displease you?”

“If you represent a country, you should display the dignity that befits it,” the man admonished.

Unfazed and smiling, the prince retorted, “And is it dignified for you to chatter away in front of the man responsible for my entire Korean escort?”

Was he listening to everything? It must have been thanks to the guards dispersed throughout the room, acting as the eyes and ears of the prince. The princess had mentioned that the royal guard, known as the Ten Fingers of the Crown, typically changes with every succession. While some may carry on, others are replaced entirely. And the prince had overhauled everything, so these were no doubt the new Ten Fingers.

“It’s quite amusing,” the prince mused, waving his hand dismissively as if no further discussion was needed. Following a brief silence, a bold individual resumed the conversation.

“Do you intend to keep the one who has seen the royal blood here?” he asked, referring to me, even after witnessing the prince defend me earlier. Without a smile this time, the prince sharply answered, “Are you mad?”

He had been speaking in English, but this curse came out distinctly in Korean. Without giving anyone a chance to react, the prince continued, speaking in his slightly rough-around-the-edges Korean. “Ah, sorry, kids. I learned Korean just playing games.”

I had to stifle a laugh. As an immortal being trained to endure pain, holding back laughter sometimes felt like torture. The prince stuck with his informal Korean speaking style, citing his lack of fluency as the reason. I saw Daniel’s mouth twitch, suggesting he too was struggling to keep his composure.

The discussion then took a turn, straying from what I would consider typical diplomatic exchange. “Let’s do diplomacy, then,” the prince suggested.

“Good, are you willing to trade?” queried a clear-cut government official.

“Yep!” the prince responded too cheerfully and succinctly. Al knew Korean far better than this. But the others were unaware.

“Then you understand we need a central entity for this purpose?” the official pressed.

The prince scolded, “Damn, do I look like a fool to you? What, should I personally lug the resources here to sell?” After witnessing their superior’s reaction, the official fell silent.

Perhaps it was time to define who would stand as the primary agent in these negotiations.

“Are you doing business with the Psionic Association?” an official infiltrated the gap.

“Not particularly interested,” replied the prince, perking up his ears.

“Do it with the government. It’s a win-win for both sides…”

“No, thanks.”

“I represent the group. How about we make a deal with X-Curasi?”

The Dangun Group was selling out the name of X-Curasi.

“I’d rather not.”

The ensuing conversation was a mix of offense and defense.

To summarize it briefly:

“Thought you were conducting diplomacy?”

If the political and financial circles, as well as private associations—that is, the government and Dangun Group, and an association official—asked in unison.

“Yes, I plan to.”

The prince responded.

“With me then?”

The government attempted to strike a deal.

“Ugh, no.”

“Then, how about with me?”

Dangun Group probed.


“There’s only me left, then let’s make a deal.”

The association stepped up.

“Why is it only you left? No, I’m not interested.”

And then it was back to square one.

“Diplomacy, you said?”


The prince answered again, smiling innocently.

I bit my molars again and again, trying to hold back my laughter.

The prince was intentionally teasing these three factions.

But, isn’t it necessary to establish a foreign policy anyway?

Ah, so not trading with Korea then?

“No, so you’re not dealing with Korea?”

Someone happened to ask this when.

“I am Al Kalid Boliana, the future king of Elzard. From now on, in resource trades, I will forge a free trade agreement with Korea.”

At this point, Al smoothly responded in English.

Everybody just blinked.

What’s he trying to do?

I looked at Al with the same question in mind.

Was he just throwing a tantrum?

If it’s the Al I know, it wouldn’t be surprising.

“Why. There’s no law saying I have to do business with you.”

Al got up after saying this.

He approached me.

Huh? What’s he doing?

Al grabbed my arm and pulled me. I naturally stood alongside him.

That is, in front of everyone else.

As everyone’s gaze was fixed on us, Al spoke up.

“This here is Yu, the owner of the only company that will handle trade agreements with Korea from now on.”

It was an announcement.

Silence ensued. Even I was astonished.

Huh? What did he say? After pondering Al’s words, I asked.


“Why. Can’t you?”

Al asked in response to my question. I answered without much thought.

“I guess I will.”

It wasn’t my job to do. People like Panda hyung and secondhand uncle should be taking care of it.

Hwarim was also involved in this kind of work.

Half of the documents Panda hyung dealt with were related to business ventures initiated by Hwarim.

Including export and import businesses.

They’d manage on their own if given the chance.

And they’d find the manpower if necessary.

“Then, that settles it.”

Al’s and my brief exchange seemed to snap the others back to reality.




The representatives of the three organizations reacted. It was a fresh reaction.

The first was the government, the second the association, the third Dangun Group.

Among them, Dangun Group gave up the fastest.

“Should I view this as an official announcement?”

“Do I look like an idiot who’s just bluffing?”

After they asked and received the prince’s response, they promptly left.

This place is currently a no-communication zone.

One of Al’s escorts made the area a no-communication zone.

It was a radio blocking psychic ability.

After they left, the association frowned.

“Are you going to disregard the relationship with the Association and the Superpower nation like this?”

They asked.

The prince simply raised his middle finger to them.

It wasn’t literally so, but the sentiment was equivalent.

“Considering the relationship between the Association and the Superpower nation, you shouldn’t do this. For the sake of the future…”

“My future is my concern, you worry about yours.”

He cut them off crisply.

It was as good as saying farewell.

After sending them all away, only the government official remained.

“I am Lee Jae-ho, the next presidential candidate. I thought we would have a good relationship, more than a royal assassin.”

He spoke as if to maintain composure, but I noticed how tightly he was clenching his molars.

Al placed a hand on my shoulder.

I was taller, so it was a slightly awkward shoulder embrace.

“I don’t like that. I like this guy here.”

The one who identified himself as Lee Jae-ho gritted his teeth so visibly before turning around.

The words ‘grudge’ seemed vividly inscribed behind him.

He’s going to hate me. That man.

“Did I cause you trouble?” Al inquired.

I chuckled at that.

Trouble? He just handed me work.

A grudge is nothing to concern oneself with.

How many others would despise me?

I’m not a naïve fool.

Just by stepping forward and stirring up issues, there will surely be plenty despising me.

Just think about groups like Prometheus, or our own country’s gangs. They all grind their teeth at the sight of me, right?

So what?

If they come at me, I’ll crush them one by one.

If they don’t come, and they cross the line, I’ll go after them.



He responded to my ‘no’ with a ‘thanks.’


I looked at the prince. I couldn’t delve into more detail.

Was this a repayment for saving the princess?

Not that I had done it with much thought.

“This agreement was something I wanted to do anyway.”


“It’s fun. Everyone’s drooling over my country’s resources, but what if I only work with a small company from one country?”

He laughed mischievously.

Seeing such a prince, I couldn’t help but think what a rascal he was.

Reminding me of the ten-year-old I first met.

So, what benefits will come from a free trade agreement with the Superpower nation?

I couldn’t assess that.

But Panda hyung did the assessment.

“What are you doing?”

“A free trade agreement with the Superpower nation.”

“I… I don’t even know what to say.”

Panda hyung simply explained it.

From now on, without doing anything, I’ve secured a lifetime’s livelihood.

Even if I decline any big jobs from above, including escorting or any other trivial work, it wouldn’t matter.

I took on the role of being Al’s guard as a favor, and this was the result.

Not that I had done this with any forethought, but it ended up as an enormous reward.

Crash. Clang.

Lee Jae-ho threw the ashtray in anger.

The thrown ashtray broke through the wall, bounced off, and shattered a glass sculpture nearby.

The broken glass shards scattered across the floor.

While furiously unwinding his tie, Lee Jae-ho attempted to calm his breath before speaking.

“Can that puny company really handle all the work?”

“It will be difficult.”

His secretary responded.

“Have President Kim come see me.”


Lee Jae-ho had deep connections with some of Korea’s entrenched criminal organizations.

“Let’s really put the screws to this bastard.”

There are many ways to ruin a company.

He’s not unfamiliar with such schemes, having used them more than once or twice.

The target is a special breed of a rookie.

High physical prowess indeed, but was his cunning just as sharp?

That’s what Lee Jae-ho believed.


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