Genius of unique lineage Chapter 230


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Kim Geunyook, it was.

She had died, his sister.

The only one who had cared for him since childhood.

Al felt as if his body was wrapped in chains, sinking into the deep waters.

A feeling of complete restraint as if his body were bound.

Unable to move even a finger.

At this moment, Al had lost the freedom of his body.

It was a side effect that occasionally occurred after he had consumed the Growth Leap.

Eyes opened, awake, yet it felt as if he were asleep.

The mind was awake, but the body slept.

A state akin to sleep paralysis.

Surrounding objects seemed to drift away.

Even as he lay still, everything moved away and scattered.

It was a feeling of isolation.

Forsaken by people and things alike, he felt shunned by everything.

Rejected by all, Al sank into his inner world.

‘My sister has died.’

The thought persisted just before he fell into sleep paralysis.

The succession to the throne in Erzalrud invited blood.

Some had called the path to succession ‘The Bloody Royal Road.’

Kings wishing to ascend did not spare any royal blood.

How far dated back this tradition?

Since the time a cousin of the king survived and staged a coup.

After three coups and royal blood mingled, the surviving king took drastic measures.

To those aiming for the throne, witness blood.

Kill your rivals and stand alone.

Within this mad tradition, his sister was on his side.

The only ally among numerous siblings.

“Bolly, become the king,” his sister had said.

Her image blurred as she spoke.

Kings do not weep.

Neither did the child raised on the elixir.

‘Why did I come here? What was I expecting?’

His thoughts tangled, a side effect of the sleep paralysis.

Sometimes it resulted in hallucinations.

The figure of Kwangik came to mind.

The only person he could call a friend.

From the first meeting, he was a peculiar friend.

Instead of treating him like the prince of a supernatural country, he treated him like a pitiable child.

And then he kidnapped him.

‘He’s not your average madman.’

He kidnapped him because he wanted to live.

There were many assassins after him.

Apart from Daniel, they were all aimed at him.

Afterwards, Kwangik fought.

He killed assassins and endured.

He protected him.

Al couldn’t forget what he said afterward. It still echoed in his mind.

He had offered to become friends.

‘What nonsense is that?’

Such an absurd proposition.

He was a prince of a nation.

A commoner from a lesser country could not be an equal.

Yet he spoke of friendship.

Out of pity no less.


Al swore as he had learned in Korea, feeling a slight relief in his constrained heart.

He had come here with a faint hope of what that madman might do.

‘It’s time to forget Eru Deria Lenoi.’

The name of his sister needed to be forgotten.

Time to bury the thought. Hallucinations began to shimmer before his eyes.

Another side of the princess that only he and a close confidant knew appeared as a phantom.

‘You hated that form, didn’t you?’ he asked the apparition princess.

The princess smiled.

“Prince, Yu has arrived.”

He heard Daniel’s voice.

He opened his eyes.

No, they were already open; it was just the paralysis fading away.

The prince blinked a few times.

“Damn, what is this?”

A curse escaped his lips.

The hallucination did not fade from sight.

Was this a dream?

“Prince, to react like that upon first seeing someone…”

Daniel was also his adviser.

Despite his advice, the prince glared with wide eyes.

“What the hell is this?”

Joy was evident in the prince’s voice.

* * *

Quite a reaction.

Scratching my chin as I watched the prince, I wondered if I should tell this young friend it’s improper in the Eastern Land of Courtesy for a youngster to point fingers at an elder.

I shook my head. Stop showing off, you brat.

Easy enough for everyone to notice.

Already, guards started to hover behind me.

Among them was one with the skill to detect shapeshifters by voice alone, giving me a look.

“It’s not.”

Upon hearing my voice, the skilled guard nodded.

Verification complete.

Then, I turned my gaze to the person standing beside me.

“He cannot speak.”

So, I stepped in on his behalf.

“I will vouch for him.”

With those words, the prince gestured, and the voice discerning expert stepped back.

Finally, the prince eased his breath into a deep sigh.

“Phew, Haah.”

“Indeed, this is our first time meeting, isn’t it?” I introduced the woman beside me to the prince.

The prince nodded, exchanging a look with her.

After killing the princess, his complexion changed. An immortal, pureblood level. Though unnoticed by anyone less than an immortal like myself, there was indeed a change in his demeanor.

And watching that, I was sure.

He didn’t want to kill his sister. So, I saved her.

The princess agreed with my plan, her cheeks even reddening at the words “I’m responsible.”

As for the guarding team of ten, when asked what to do with them:

“Let’s have them join in an honorable joint death.”

“You’re not actually going to kill them, are you?”

“No, I think they’ll be fine laying low for a while on their own.”

“Easier said than done.”

The princess and I discussed, and Brother Panda even chimed in for a moment.

The true work would fall to Brother Panda, but that’s the life of a wage earner.

Startup work is always hard. He’d grunt doing his own work.

But it was my job to lavish him with a fat bonus if things went well.

“Can you do it?” I posed the all-encompassing question and made an ‘O’ with my fingers.

A sign of a lot of money coming his way.

Brother Panda eagerly nodded.

“Don’t worry. I’m an expert at hiding people in Korea.”

Brother Panda struck a confident pose again.

The princess laughed softly in response and carried on the joke.

“My infamy will live long in the future.”

The princess who chose to follow in an honorable death with ten guards.

Well, what do I care for notorious fame after all?

That was afterwards.

“I’ll take care of the appearance myself.”

Saying that, the princess transformed.

“Uh? Hmm?”

Muscles twisted, bones clicked into place, and her stature grew.

Muscles bulged. Before me, the once delicate princess vanished.

Instead, a muscular princess appeared.

The Muscle Princess.

“Uh, hmm.”

For a moment, I was at a loss for words.

“Bolly and a few guards aside, nobody knows this form of mine.”

She twisted her body and covered her mouth.

Damn, it didn’t suit her at all.

A transformation that made Jung Sojin, known as the Chatterbox Shapeshifter, pale in comparison.

Her nickname was ‘Physical Gangster,’ but this was on the level of a ‘Physical Monster.’

At least in appearance.

“If you keep looking at me like that…”

So stop talking all shy. It’s cringeworthy.

Especially since her voice remained the same.

It needed to change.

“Don’t open your mouth for a while.”

Beside Al was a special kind who could identify a shapeshifter by voice alone.

That’s how my non-shapeshifter status was verified.

The moment they hear the voice, they know.

The fewer who knew the princess was alive, the better.

The princess wasn’t a shapeshifter.

She was a dual ability user.

One ability let her sense someone’s emotions just by eye contact.

The other, well-hidden, was this.

Shapeshift, Single Frame.

The power to transform into only one form—a combat ability.

When muscles pump and the body enlarges.

Not quite matching the strength of real shapeshifters, but…

“My resilience greatly increases. I can withstand a lot without dying.”

Stop talking timidly, will you?


The prince called me back from my thoughts. We exchanged looks.




“I like you.”

“Don’t confess. It leads to misunderstandings. And you have, what, three wives?”

“That was a joke. Too busy to die, let alone marry, that’s someone else’s business right now.”

“A joke?”

“All these years lived, and still a bachelor, it’s an opportunity to tease.”

Watching Al seriously address this, I felt the urge to give him a noogie.

Of course, if I tried, the gleaming-eyed guards behind would pounce on me.

I can knock them all down, sure, but not for a simple noogie, right?

Just because they call me nuts doesn’t make me one.

For a moment, the prince basked in joy, then leaned in and whispered.

“How will you handle the consequences?”

“Worrying about troubles before they happen is the root of stress.”

If nobody knows, that’s the end of it. If someone finds out, then we’ll think about it.

“It won’t catch on.”

I whispered back to the prince.

Daniel turned his head sideways, a look of curiosity, unable to interject.

“What about that one?”

I introduced the transformed princess.

The prince blinked and extended his hand.

She grasped it, and for a moment, they exchanged meaningful glances.

Unable to stand it, Daniel intervened.

“Has Your Highness’s taste changed?”

He whispered this question in the prince’s ear yet loud enough for an immortal to hear.

I almost laughed at that.

Daniel couldn’t be more serious.

The prince scowled as if looking at a disgusting bug and replied,

“Don’t meddle where you don’t belong.”


Daniel retreated.

At any rate, the princess was alive, and we’ve shown that.

I was a little worried about the prince’s reaction, but there was no need.

They got along warmly.

Meanwhile, another guard called Daniel, who then quickly came back and reported,

“Your Highness, a group is requesting an audience downstairs.”

“Did we have an appointment?”

Al asked.


Daniel answered.

“Then why would I meet them?”

“Important Korean officials are present.”

What is diplomacy?

The political and cultural exchanges between nations.

And these exchanges start with conversations.

Sorting and dividing what is necessary for each party.

The prince, looking ready to make a diplomatic approach, seemed disinterested.

“What’s their name?”

Instead, he asked the princess.

Ah, a name.

I hadn’t prepared one.

The princess looked at me. I couldn’t speak, so I had to answer.

I put my mind to work. Can’t hesitate.

Just introduce a name we already know.

“Kim Geunyook it is.”

“Is that even a person’s name?”

The prince questioned.

The princess also asked with her eyes.

The water was already spilled.

“Yes, Kim Geunyook. Quite a unique name for a woman, right?”

“You call that unique?”

The prince looked at me with fiery eyes.

The previously gentle princess joined in the glare.

…I apologize.

Unknowingly, I blurted out the first thing on my mind.

I should have thought of a woman’s name.

But the sudden change in physique left such an impression it slipped out.


“Change it later, then.”

The prince ground his teeth, suggesting a name change.

Watching, Daniel’s pupils trembled.

Was the prince really into this muscular wild boar?

It was hard to fit the muscular appearance into the category of a beauty.

Regardless, you shouldn’t judge a person by their looks.

“So are the two of you engaged?”

The prince queried.

“What nonsense are you spouting so seriously?” I answered without a breath.

The princess appeared slightly upset, crossing her huge legs and tapping the ground with the tip of her foot.

“Isn’t that true?”

“No, considering you know my type.”


The prince snorted.

Why does everyone look at me like I’m impotent whenever we talk about my type?

“Your Highness, you might want to meet with them at least once…”

Daniel carefully started, referring to the group camping out below.

The prince glanced at me while mouthing ‘Kim Geunyook’ a few times, muttered a curse, and nodded.

“Let it be.”

He then nodded once more and asked me,

“You’ve established it on the base of a private military company, but that’s not all you’ll do, right?”



“A true business philosophy has to engage in all profitable ventures.”

“What is NS’s business philosophy?”

“I don’t know. Isn’t it good to make money?”


Not a wrong answer.

Honestly, I don’t know much about business philosophy either.

I hadn’t given it much deep thought.

Just sketched out the big picture.

“Then that’s settled.”

With that, the prince stood up.

“Tell everyone to gather in the first-floor conference room.”


Daniel moved, and the prince held on to me.

“Let’s go together.”

Me too?

Well, either way, I’m overseeing this whole security operation.

I nodded in agreement.


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