Genius of unique lineage Chapter 229


Genius of a Unique Lineage

228. I Take Responsibility

I am an immortal, a shapeshifter.

Making it seem like I’m strangling a human to death is no trouble at all.

Simply feeling the pulse with my tentacles and controlling my strength is all that’s needed.

Thereafter, all I need to do is carry them away silently without a breath being heard.

That’s exactly what I did.

That’s how I saved the princess.

“If I live, it will cause trouble for Bolli, won’t it?”

The princess spoke with sincerity.

Given she was prepared to cross the River Jordan, it was expected.

A sense of discord.

By attacking the prince, the princess aimed to provide him with the justification to kill her.

Is this what is called deep family affection?

“Yes, that is why I was going to kill you.”

“You mean you saved me only to kill me again? Are you a pervert? Do you enjoy torture?”

This was a highly ambiguous and suggestive statement.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that……”

Before I could even finish speaking.

“My brother is not a pervert.”

Marie retorted indignantly from my side.

Why are you getting worked up?

“No, Marie, we don’t know if he’s a pervert or not. We can never be too sure.”

Panda hyung added from beside me.

What on earth are these people talking about?

“Marie doesn’t understand. What’s a pervert?”

Panda hyung was about to earnestly explain, so I stopped him.

“What are you trying to tell a child.”

“She’s over twenty, not a child.”

Panda hyung countered, removing my hand from his mouth.

“She’s still a child.”

Panda hyung is kind and never hesitates to share his knowledge.

But this was not the time for that.

I corrected my posture.

Looking into the princess’s eyes, I began to speak.

“You don’t have to die, do you?”

The eyes of a dozen guards tied up like salted fish next to the princess all turned towards me.

Among them were those who had tussled with Daniel, and others who had been beaten and turned into human couches by their mothers.

They all had received emergency treatment.

Such treatment is a piece of cake for me.

The training to endure the pain of immortality is essentially about tampering with one’s own body.

It naturally builds up a wealth of knowledge about the human body.

Although I’m not at a doctor’s level, I can treat to some amateur level.

Therefore, there was no need to call for a doctor separately.

Panda hyung was also sufficiently knowledgeable in this area.

All twenty eyes of those who had received treatment were now fixed on me.

“Are you going to save the princess?”

“Do you want to participate in the war of succession to the throne?”

“Using the princess rather than the prince as a shield?”

“This cunning!”

“Your true colors are filthy!”

“You want to have both the princess’s body and ours. Filthy!”

“Since you’re labeled a pervert, it is expected!”

What’s with this final statement?

These friends sure have a thorough sense of victimization.

“Are you suggesting you want to influence Choneung-guk in exchange for my body?”

The princess summed it all up and asked me, so I first shook my head.

What’s there for me to gain by participating in a succession war?

I’m overwhelmed with issues right in front of me.

And though she’s beautiful, the princess is not my type.


I strongly denied it.

“Then what?”

The princess asked again.

“You don’t truly wish to die, do you?”

First, let’s clarify her personal wishes.

I think people who say they want to die don’t truly want to, but if she really wants to, I couldn’t stop her anyway.

How well do I know the princess to judge?

Besides, whatever I’m involved in comes with its own risks.

“You don’t understand. Are you slow-witted?”

The princess said, leaning back on the couch, sending a pitiful look my way.

This woman seems rather stubborn.

People lack creativity.

“If I live, it becomes problematic for Bolli, the now sole egg that is in line for the throne…”

“What if it doesn’t cause any problems?”

I propped my chin on interlocked fingers and replied.


The princess’s head tilted in confusion.

Looking at her expression full of questions, I continued speaking.

“If you can live, will you live?”

The princess did not respond.

I shrugged my shoulders.

If the problem lies with the elders of Choneung-guk or whatever it is.

Well, as long as those guys don’t know, isn’t that all that matters?

If I were in her shoes, I’d consider judging the elders first.

The egg has their own circumstances, it seems.

The egg mentioned they can’t ignore the authority of the elders before becoming the king.

The need to adhere to such needless traditions.

To have to kill their own siblings.

Isn’t it desolate?

Turning on siblings who target them might be worth a shot.

But what if it was between siblings who shared a deep affection?

Killing each other still sounds like nonsense to me, but it’s tradition in that kingdom.

I kept it simple in my mind.

Just deceive the elders’ eyes.

“I’m going to kill the princess, not physically but socially.”

One of the ungrateful staff who had earlier pinned the label of pervert on me spoke up.

“It’s simple.”

Panda hyung stood up from his seat.

“We will hide the princess.”

This guy, why act so imposing?

His eyebrows knit slightly as he spoke, his voice subtly deepening.

One can’t deceive the senses of an immortal.

“So that no one can find her.”

“How easy will that be?”

Difficult. Of course.

But there are experts even for this kind of job.

Hence why this was kept a secret from everyone except Panda hyung, Marie, and me.

“Actually, it’s not so difficult.”

Panda hyung continued. I nodded.

Because the expert was right beside us.

“An expert?”

“Yes, you.”

With that, Panda hyung pointed to himself.


“Hyung, what’s the reason for buying a fake watch?”

Lee Dong-hoon was startled by the question.

Without showing it on the outside, he turned his gaze from the monitor.

As he looked at Kwang-ik, he saw him intently looking at the watch and figures he had bought.


“It’s none of my business, but what’s all that money for?”

It was during a leisurely afternoon.

Days of training without much else to do.

Caught off-guard by the question, Lee Dong-hoon almost blurted out a lie before he bit his tongue.

Was there a reason to hide?

He had to hide because he was an experimental subject and had been employed through a fabricated identity of an immortal.

But that’s no longer the case.

Whether he was an experimental subject or whatever, he’s no longer a fraudulent employee.

“Well, there are kids.”

“Children you’ve hidden away?”

“What nonsense.”

“Then, um, did you set up an orphanage for experimental children?”

Dong-hoon was again surprised.

Occasionally such thrown-out remarks would hit the mark.

This wasn’t something anyone can do simply with intelligence.

He had pure instinct.

If it were due to being an immortal, other immortals would have to be the same.

Even Chief Jeong Inbong wasn’t aware until Dong-hoon told him directly.

“That’s right.”

“…Wow, really?”

Was that just a guess?

That it was.

Lee Dong-hoon knew what it was to be an experiment subject and how strenuous life could be.

He saved money. And with that money…

I used it for those children.

I needed to create an image as if I was living in luxury.

Creating an alibi for the money with things like watches and figurines.

I manipulated the accounts to move money around.

A small orphanage was created.

A place run solely on my own funds, without any government support.

At first, it was difficult.

There were no takers to care for children who were from the experiments.

I needed help.

I had no choice but to speak to Section Chief Lee Jong-bong.

The Section Chief lent a hand.

Jeong-ah helped too.

Years went by, and as the children grew up, they took care of the house themselves.

That was everything.

A secret kept hidden like a habit for a long time.

Now, it’s a secret that no longer needs to be hidden.

I always needed money. Quite a lot of it.

Life isn’t just about eating, sleeping, and living.

Since we can’t hide forever, I also had to create identities for them and support children who wanted to become independent.

Some succumbed to their instincts and left.

But most of them grew up well by their own standards.

After hearing everything, Gwang-ik spoke.

“The company will support you.”

At his words, Dong-hoon’s heart trembled.

“What will?”

“Helping the kids.”

“But it’s my thing.”

“…Is there such a thing as drawing lines between us?”

Sometimes he seemed absolutely crazy,

But at times like this, I liked his crazy mindset.

Dong-hoon nodded his head.

He didn’t say thank you.

Gwang-ik looked at Dong-hoon and smiled slightly.

“And you know? There’s an expert in controlling shapeshifter instincts at the company. They’ll take care of controlling all the problematic kids nicely.”

“Huh? What?”

Dong-hoon had personally experienced training from the Reformation Witch.

“No, because they’re from the experiments, aren’t there kids who can’t control their instincts well?”

“Wait a sec.”

“Then let’s go with that plan.”

Gwang-ik decided, and I didn’t have a choice.

‘I’m sorry, kids.’

Knowing the intensity of that training.

No matter how beneficial, a time of grueling pain doesn’t easily turn into happy times.

* * *

Was it an easy task to sneak out the experimental kids and hide them?

Especially while working within the Immortal Special Squad, avoiding their watchful eyes?

When I finally saw it for myself, I couldn’t help but be impressed.

Panda hyung was no joke with his schemes.

Instead of hiding them away in the mountains, he put the kids to work.

He rented an entire office building to house them.

And some of those kids even ventured into back alley criminal organizations.

I wondered how they gathered information.

He worked those kids to the bone.

Some joined crime syndicates, others lived as freelancers.


“The kid’s a shapeshifter with quick hands.”

He raised a child to be a pickpocket and laughed about it.

“As long as they’re not being controlled by instinct and attacking people, it’s considered a success.”

This was also a limitation in a way.

Caring for the kids didn’t mean everything would go smoothly.

It seemed they all had their own talents, so I let them live as they wished.

Anyway, hiding people and creating new identities was his specialty.

“I’m no novice at this business, don’t worry. I assure you, there’s no better agent in this country than me.”

Panda hyung said this with a glint in his eye towards the princess.

The princess was incredulous.

“So, you’re telling me to play dead now?”


The princess’s pupils shook.

Her gaze turned to me. The meaning in that gaze – are you crazy?

It was a look I was familiar with, so I remained calm.

“To take on that risk?”

She was one of the princess’s guards, her face so swollen that her original features were hard to discern.

Is that what my mother went through?

“It’s good to be alive.”

“But if it’s discovered…”

The princess began again.

“I don’t know.”

I replied before she could finish.

“If the Elder Council finds out…”

“I said I don’t know.”

Same response again.

“They could uncover everything around the prince…”

“They won’t know.”

“If by some power or spell, if they dig me out and find out, well, then there’s nothing I can do.”

I might have to show some force.

Even if I’m caught, the next step is ready.

And maybe I won’t have to hide for much longer.

“What if you get caught?”

“I’ll take responsibility.”

I answered before she could finish her sentence, almost like we were playing ping-pong.

Tears welled up in the princess’s eyes as she looked straight at me.

A short silence enveloped the room.

Within that silence, only the sound of breathing tickled our ears.

The guards’ eyes were rolling around.

Panda hyung and Mari silently looked at me and the princess.

At the end of that silence, the princess spoke.

“Can I live?”

I nodded my head.

* * *

Receiving the prince’s protection in the Psi-Nation.

Lee Jae-ho’s head was full of rosy thoughts.

“The princess has been killed.”

At that news, Lee Jae-ho felt a thrill.

The prince needed a sword, and he had used it.

Unnecessary things were trimmed from the succession to the throne.

What then remained?

What was there to gain from coming to Korea?

‘I need a background that will become my power.’

It would be a win-win situation.

At a time when Korea could be a powerful backing for a person of influence in the next presidential election.

That was his judgment.

Lee Jae-ho stood up.

“Let’s go.”

“Where shall I escort you?”

“To the hotel where the prince is staying.”

Gwang-ik’s movements at NS caught everyone’s attention.

It was inevitable.

Wasn’t NS an independent company not affiliated with any organization?

And at its launch event, they quickly swallowed up the awards put together by three other entities, belching out a ‘burp’ as if it was nothing.

It was only natural that everyone’s attention was drawn.

The security wasn’t even that tight.

The prince’s location had long been known.

Even though the vicinity was cleared when the princess was killed, those who needed to see, saw.

Everyone was shocked.

The assassination of a foreign royal.

Previously, there was a prince’s kidnapping, and now, a princess’s murder.

Every event that happened with each visit from the Psi-Nation was varied.

‘They have an excuse for having harmed royalty.’

Going forward, NS might face obstacles in its endeavors.

Plans were smoothly laid out.

Now there was only one thing left to do.

To move faster and differently from others.

‘To make the prince an ally.’

Lee Jae-ho was not a Psi-Being.

But he believed himself to be as special as a Psi-Being.

Especially in dealing with people and winning their hearts he was confident.

Lee Jae-ho was a politician specialized in winning people’s affections.

When Lee Jae-ho arrived at the hotel where the prince was staying, he frowned.

“This is unexpected.”

An involuntary expression crossed his face.

Not only him, but others with the same idea were spotted.

Representatives from X-Culassi and the Association had already set up camp in front of the prince’s hotel.


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