Genius of unique lineage Chapter 228


Genius of a Unique Lineage

“Kill her.”

Kang Seol-hye received offers from both father and son at the same time.

Both invited her to join their company.

And she chose her son.

She was quite serious about it.

After a long time, she had returned to the forefront. She wanted to show her excellence in handling work.

Moreover, the conversation she had with her husband bolstered that feeling.

“Are you sure? You haven’t done this kind of work separately, so if you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to. If necessary, I can step in and help Gwang-ik…”

“I’ll be fine. I’ll handle it myself.”

It wasn’t that her husband had underestimated her. Kang Seol-hye was not so foolish as to misinterpret his worry-laden words.

Even so, it didn’t mean she wasn’t a little hurt.

‘Honey, I can do well too.’

Her nickname, the ‘Rehab Witch,’ wasn’t for nothing.

Shapeshifters are ferocious.

Especially those who can’t control their instincts, they are literally living weapons.

Rehabilitating them was her job.

It wasn’t by luck that she became the best instructor produced by the Dangun Group.

She was able to do so because she handled those living weapons and straightened them out.

It was possible because her skills were backed by competence.

She had no intention of being overshadowed, not even by her hyped-up son with nicknames like Sechoespec.

The younger years of the special species are long. Although it’s not childish foolishness, Kang Seol-hye still felt young herself.

Objectively speaking, that was the case.

A shapeshifter not yet fifty years old can be regarded as young.

The Princess’s guard, who had suddenly turned around and attacked, faced her reaction.

No matter the reason, those who attack her are enemies.

She thought as befitting a shapeshifter.


A blade whooshed over her head.

Some guy, armed with two knives, swung them in a cross, which she dodged by ducking.

As she made a move to step back, she fooled them with a feint and moved forward, twisting her body.

After completing the transfer of centrifugal force and weight, she thrust her left fist forward. It was a punch somewhere between a jab and a straight.


The Princess, hit by the punch, doubled over with her waist folding as air burst from her abdomen, and her body flew up.


With a single scream, the friend flew away and thudded to the ground.

The friend who had fallen began to tremble.

“These kids are weak nowadays. Wasn’t like my time.”

She muttered what one would often hear from a veteran who had returned to the frontline, as she corrected her stance.

She had hoped for a clean finish to the first job she took after joining her son’s company.

It seemed her strength had increased a little more than usual.

But she hadn’t killed anyone.

The trembling was proof enough.


The fallen friend coughed up blood.

“It’s alright. You won’t die from that. Why would you die for something like this?”

She spoke out to a few of the Princess’s guards looking at her.

“We were wearing suits…”

Someone mumbled.

Indeed, there was something different about the grip.

She had thought it was because it had been a long time, but that wasn’t it.

The opponent had been wearing an impact protection suit.

And now the result spoke of a punch that ignored the protection of the suit.

“What’s this…”

One of the female guards mumbled with wide eyes.

During the momentary lull, Kang Seol-hye took her radio.

“Oh, look, they’re attacking?”

Might as well make a report.

Having ended the radio communication, Kang Seol-hye remained steadfast in her shapeshifter attitude and charged again.

The woman with wide eyes spread her hands as if to shoot a palm blast.

Kang Seol-hye was experienced. She had taken part in countless operations.

She sprang to the side.

Zing. Thin, sharp objects embedded themselves in the asphalt.

They were needles.

Kang Seol-hye ignored them.

She had dodged them once and that was enough.

The female guard was within arm’s reach before she knew it.

Triggering the transformation, she pushed off the ground, of course getting instantly close.

Before her fist could meet the face…


Her movement came to a sudden halt.

It was psychokinesis. Invisible pressure bore down on her whole body. Kang Seol-hye continued to stick to her shapeshifter attitude.

Without hesitation, she thrust her fist forward.

Bang! Crunch! Clang!

Her punch impaled the helmet.

The body of the female guard, who had been hit in the face, flew and crashed into a parked car.

It was an unreal display of herculean strength.

“Now you made me overdo it,”

Kang Seol-hye murmured as she approached the female guard, who was embedded in the car, and checked her breath.

Her method of checking was also extreme.

She shattered the partially broken helmet and stuck her fingers in to ensure the guard’s breath was there.

“She’s alive.”

So, that’s all right, right?

Her mere presence was terrifying.

“Fucking hell, she’s crazy.”

“She’s a monster.”

A few of the guards were muttering, using their own language which she could not understand.

It didn’t matter.

“Let’s continue.”

Kang Seol-hye’s blood was boiling with the thrill of real combat after a long hiatus.

She wanted to face them alone if possible.

Fortunately, no one else intervened.

Or rather, there was no opportunity to intervene.

The original plan was to grab Sechoespec and bide their time, then suppress the Prince’s allies on this side.

The leader among the guards stepped forward.

“I can’t end it like this.”

She addressed her comrades as she took off her helmet. A woman with short hair. Her eyes shimmered with a yellow hue.

Amid the liveliness of her eyes, there was a strong determination.

A determination not to back down nor to lose despite not being immortal.

It was a presence you could sense at a glance.


The leader named herself with glinting eyes.

“Kang Seol-hye.”

Hearing that, Kang Seol-hye also spoke up.

She took off her helmet. It was nice to have a proper challenge, especially since the opponent seemed adept.

Their eyes met, and the woman’s eyes gleamed even brighter.

Elektra was harnessing her full psychic abilities.

Recognized by the Psychonic Association as a Single Master level talent.

The air trembled.

Gravity manipulation.

Kang Seol-hye felt a sensation as if heavy steel bars had been placed on her shoulders.

Soon, she felt a dull pain.

At the same time, the fun doubled.

‘Feels like the weight’s coming down hard.’

With that thought, Kang Seol-hye moved.

As always, acting as a shapeshifter.

Her moves were thoughtless, impulsive.

The feeling was beyond delightful.

This was different from the time she went to visit Fire-Lim because of her son.

Now, there was no need to conceal herself.

She, who had hidden and concealed herself for her husband and son, was gone now.

Only the Rehab Witch remained.

* * *

If there was no need to prolong the time, then that’s what she should do.

Three of the Princess’s guards were in her way, so she swelled the muscles of her thighs with the power of transformation.

She exploded the swollen muscles’ power at once.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

Behind her, the ground kept bursting open.

Wherever she stepped on the asphalt, it exploded beneath her feet.

She darted left and right.

Moving so fast that, without the dynamic visual acuity of a shapeshifter, it’s like teleportation to the naked eye.

No matter how much a supernaturally trained special species practiced, it’s difficult to capture the movement of a pureblood shapeshifter.

Not to mention, I was born with a lineage of monstrous strength.

Just by dodging side-to-side, I vanish from sight.

Rare is the skill to hit an enemy you cannot see.

All three guards missed me.

As I closed the distance, I delivered a hand strike on the first one’s neck.


They might have donned suits for protection.

But that’s not enough against me.

I had the power to smash Living Armor bare-handedly.

Mother used to say:

“The stronger a shapeshifter fights, the stronger it becomes. So, come at us.”

As a child, I thought she was joking.

Looking at it now, it seems that was indeed the case.

During this reflection, I kicked the second guard in the ankle.

I grabbed the off-balanced foe and planted him headfirst into the ground.


I embedded him headfirst onto the asphalt and caught the third, who was trying to flank.

“Where are you!”

The opponent shouted fiercely.

That shout itself might have been forceful.

Sound waves turned into waves and broke the scattered rocks.

Waves of sonic power spreading towards the Prince.

I didn’t need to protect him.

El isn’t such a fool to rely only on me and stand there like that.

A hidden escort came into action.

A friend wearing a red mask stood in front of the Prince and spread his hands.

Soon, he activated his ability and created a barrier.

The barrier vibrated as it held back the waves of sound.

The semi-transparent screen trembled visibly.

I choked the friend who had emitted the sound wave from behind.

With monstrous strength that ignored the protection of the suit, I choked him.

I tuned into his breathing, gauging just enough for him to faint before letting go.

Swoosh thud.

The last guard collapsed against me as I let go.

I gently placed her beside me and got up.

There was no one left to stand between the Princess and me.

The Princess raised her hand to her earpiece.


It was a surprised voice.

“Just one person?”

She repeated herself as I watched.

The Princess’s eyes widened.

“Does that make any sense?”

As she spoke, our eyes met.

What kind of earpiece she was using I couldn’t tell, and even with the Immortal’s hearing, I couldn’t hear the voice from the other side.

“One person beat them?”

So I asked.


“A shapeshifter woman?”


“Uh, I didn’t quite say it, but there was someone who joined my company this time. Someone quite capable.”

I shadow-boxed in the air as I said this.

“And she suppressed the Guards of Honor by herself?”

“There are three here.”

“There was also the leader of the Guards of Honor on your side.”

At the Princess’s words, I scratched my head.


Why would that be surprising?

According to Uncle Gloon, even Prometheus’ Crocodile yielded to my mother.

“…You expected this.”

“Yeah, well.”

After seeing the remaining three guards of the Princess and judging that they were of no threat, even if they woke up.

“Scary firepower.”

The Princess said, nodding her head.

It looked like a gesture of relief.

Now, what to do?

I didn’t need to look back.

El’s voice struck my ear.

“Kill her.”

Prince stepped forward, moving the masked escort aside, and stood by my side.

“She’s an obstacle to the succession. This is my request. Kill the Princess.”

The Prince said it again.

That’s what friends ask of each other, right?

Not a tear-filled eye.

Not a tremor in his voice.

El remained calm.

This was the natural thing to do.

Well, if she’s a hindrance to the throne, I guess that’s what has to be done.

From what I heard, there’s something like a council of elders in the kingdom, and the final gate they recognize is the uniqueness of the heir to the throne.

So the remaining royalty must completely kill off the remaining royalty to be recognized.

That’s the so-called dignity of a Sovereign of a Psychic Nation.

Bullshit all around.


The Prince repeated.


I replied and turned around.

Our eyes met the Princess’s. Her stoic expression turned into a smile.

The Princess smiled.

She had a pretty face.

The Princess El had earnestly tried to matchmake.

And here, I discovered the second discrepancy in my feelings.

The Princess was not sincere. That’s why I felt the discord.

This was all a show.

The Princess had no real intention of killing El.

She sought her own battleground.

Then why did this all happen?

Because El didn’t want to end his sister with his own hands?

So he came to his friend for help?

I recalled my ten-year-old friends.


No idea. If I truly heed his request, maybe he’ll find solace.

I’m not a god to know the hearts of others.

I merely acted according to my thoughts.

“Die well.”

So I greeted her and choked the Princess.

Not with technique but with both hands tightened firmly.

I could feel her pulse through the palms of my hands.

The Princess closed her eyes.

She must have a fierce disposition.

She doesn’t shed a single tear. She braces herself, mouth clamped shut.

As the veins in her strangled neck swelled and congestion formed, the Princess’s breath lightened.

I held the Princess as she fell.

“You came to Korea to end this completely before leaving, right?”

I asked after I had choked a woman who didn’t resist until she died.

El nodded.

“We will cremate everything. We prefer cremation. My friend’s nation practices cremation, so that should be fine.”

Several thoughts passed through my mind.

“Yes, let’s do that.”

As soon as I answered, Panda hyung’s voice came through the radio.

“Did you do it? Nobody saw.”

Before we started the day, I asked Panda hyung if anything went wrong, please take care of the people around me.

He really is a person with impeccable work.


He’s cleared the scene right in the middle of Hongdae.

Seems like he mobilized some personnel from the Immortal Special Task Force and the cops.

“Even Mari could’ve fought.”

Mari muttered from behind.

Since I rushed headlong into it alone without delay, Mari must feel a bit left out.

“Let’s fight sometime. Mari.”

“Yes, Brother.”

Who would say she’s not a shapeshifter when she’s so anxious to fight?

“Let’s leave.”

I spoke to the Prince and took the Princess in a bridal carry.

The irony of using a bridal carry for the Princess struck me.

The Princess’s rebellion was easily suppressed.

El was still nonchalant.

Only now a bit more quiet than before.

We returned to the hotel.

The corpse was my responsibility. I said I’d do it personally as a duty to my friend.

In the customs of the Psychic Nation, when the prince’s siblings die, the prince’s closest friend steps forward to take care of the funeral.

That’s me.

That’s why I came to Korea.

Quite the excuse.

“Panda hyung has made a reservation at the crematorium.”

Panda hyung came into the room and said.

“El wants to cremate the Princess’s guards together.”

“Didn’t you say they weren’t dead?”


“Will he burn them alive?”

“He wants to burn them after killing.”

That’s rough, our Prince.

Well, of course, he’s not serious. It’s all for show.

“Did you wake up?”

My senses as an immortal detected a change in the breathing from behind, so I spoke up.

The Princess, half-dead then revived, locked eyes with me.


Why? Because you were saved from death.

“Good night. Sleep more. There’s still much to do.”

I don’t know El’s intent, but what I’ve chosen to accept is this.

If the Prince truly wanted the Princess dead, there wasn’t a need for this show.

So, I decided to interpret it my way.

Instead of a real murder, I’d fulfill El’s request with a social assassination.


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