Genius of unique lineage Chapter 227


Genius of a Unique Lineage

226. The Princess and I

It was enjoyable.

“Wow, are you really the prince from that supernation?”

One of the members from the Glaive Girls, whom I had called through my connections, asked.

Five idols.

All of them were cheerful.

“That’s right.”

Then the dragon hatchling, who had undergone a growth spurt and merely grown in size, feigned humility.

“I’m not the king yet. I’m in the process of succeeding to the throne.”

Despite seeing it as humility, from their perspective, it probably felt half like a joke.

As the prince said this with a smile, I almost forgot my duty as a bodyguard and nearly put up a fist.

This bastard, why is he pretending to be handsome?

But then, as he smiled, one of the idols’ cheeks turned slightly red.

Eh? This works?

Of course, on the outside, the hatchling’s face had grown into what could be considered immortal beauty.

Dark skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

An unusual combination that clashed in an amazing way, creating a handsome figure with a pleasant atmosphere.

“This is fun.”

“Yeah, I thought ‘His Royal Highness’ would be so stiff.”

They giggled and laughed.

The prince laughed along with them.

“I’ll show you around when I’m done with the succession.”

“Really? You promise?”

They made a pinky promise.

They got along well. Well, they had fun.

“What’s next?”

After parting with the Glaive Girls, the prince asked with an excited expression.

He genuinely seemed to enjoy this.


Does Korea still mean bulgogi to foreigners?

“Sounds good.”

The prince nodded.

Twenty bodyguards moved around with the prince and princess.

The news of the prince’s arrival had already spread everywhere.

It was even broadcasted openly on the news.

It was only natural that we attracted a lot of attention.

Everyone was watching us.

With that, we moved to a famous restaurant I had found.

We booked a room and cooked meat.

We ordered various dishes and enjoyed the meal.

“This is my first time trying it. It’s refreshing.”

He seemed quite impressed with the seasoned greens.

“We’ll have to buy some. No, import them.”

We ate, drank, and got along with the prince.

That’s how we explored the city of Seoul.

We were considering visiting Gyeongbok Palace when the prince commented.

“What’s the fun in that?”

Though it didn’t seem like his thing, he seemed to find joy in simplicity.

From morning until the evening sun set, we were strolling through the streets of Hongdae.

No one particularly approached us.

If they did, the bodyguards drove them away.

Korean media could only take pictures from a distance.

Using drones was not permitted.

That could become a terror threat, as terrorists often use drones to drop high-capacity bombs.

Therefore, if a drone appeared, bodyguards would immediately shoot it down.

“This retinue doesn’t seem to include any immortals or shapeshifters?”

I asked, glancing at the following group of bodyguards.

The prince looked up at the sky.

His silhouette against the urban noise was like a scene from a photo shoot.

The sunset lit his face.

I too turned my gaze to the sky.

The sun was half-sunken, casting its rays like the spokes of a fan across one side of the sky.

It was a warm, dusk hue.


“Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a sky.”

After exchanging a few casual words, the prince continued.

“The royal guard is entirely made up of special ability species.”



Sometimes, kingdoms revere meaningless traditions, he said.

We continued walking.

There weren’t just twenty bodyguards.

There were others following, unnoticed.

Maybe around thirty?

I could feel them narrowing the distance.

I heard Panda Brother’s voice over the radio.

“The atmosphere seems strange.”

I felt it too.

The team members who had taken their positions felt it.

My mother, too.

“What are you kids doing?”

The Stick Teacher also noticed.

“Don’t leave the field of view.”

The Log Teacher also warned.


This was a transmission received through the bone-conduction headset behind my ear.

Everyone had a wealth of operational experience.

Feeling the shift in the mood was natural.

I felt the oddness too.

The cause of the discomfort soon became apparent.

The opponent didn’t seem to intend to deceive us.

It’s been like this ever since the prince came.

Daniel was close to the prince, pushing the princess to one side.

The silent princess took three steps aside.

Mary closely followed behind me.


I nodded at her whisper before turning my gaze to the prince.

Our eyes met, and he spoke.

“The tradition is harsh, but there are times when it must be followed.”

“I see.”

“One of the rites of succession to the throne.”

The prince’s eyes looked very gloomy.

It seemed he might not cry on the spot, but he looked ready to spout a tirade of frustration.

It fit.

I couldn’t easily imagine the hatchling, sniffling and crying.

“We’re friends.”

A sentimental phrase slipped from the hatchling’s mouth.

I nodded.

I agreed to be his friend.

It wasn’t about the money.

Even if I were offered ten billion, I wouldn’t do something I disliked.

Isn’t that why we started this company?

Well, of course, if there was a way to secretly pocket that ten billion, I would, but who in the world would hate money?

Our Panda Brother may act nobly and wisely, but he’s obsessed with money.

Even the proud Umiho would cling to my arm and give me a kiss on the cheek if I gave her money.

“We are friends.”

At my response, the prince with a blank face that was feigning emotionlessness, said,

“One of the royal family’s traditions involves executing a candidate for succession.”

“That’s pretty violent.”


The prince cursed and spat out.

Due to the chocolate ice cream he ate earlier, his saliva was brown.


“I can’t do it with my own hands. So, I came to ask for your help. Please kill my sister for me.”

It made sense.

What Panda Brother had investigated aligned with this.

The first sign of discomfort I felt was that the princess seemed to be constantly plotting the prince’s life.

She had already attempted poisoning several times and had tried to draw a hidden dagger from her sleeve.

Each time, I intervened.

I blatantly watched as she attempted to poison, and I separated the tables to block it.

When she tried to draw her dagger, I complimented her sleeve.

“Is that designer?”

Thanks to that, the princess couldn’t succeed with her plans.

Of course, this wasn’t all.

The second sign of discomfort was more unpleasant to me.

I was about to ask the prince about the identity of this second discomfort, but his gloomy face drew my attention.

The shard of emotion hidden in his expressionless face was detected by an immortal’s senses.

Wanting to make the gloomy prince feel a bit better, I spoke up.

“You’re not speaking in metaphors, right? Asking to be killed ‘in bed’ after the marriage?”

“That’s a lousy joke.”

As he spoke, the prince wrinkled his forehead as if he’d found a cockroach.

Your Highness, I was trying to cheer you up. Not yet eighteen but once was, now looks more like twenty, little prince bastard.

“Only one ‘Al’ will remain, that’s the name of the king. And this is my sister’s last chance. The final opportunity to succeed to the throne.”

As soon as the prince finished speaking, the princess’s guard reached out.

Daniel also reacted simultaneously.

Their hands crossed each other.


Following the sound of bone clashing, the princess’s guard wrapped around Daniel’s neck.

With his chin sharply pulled in, Daniel’s head slammed into the chest area of the princess.


Soon, the two were entangled and rolling on the ground.

This incident unfolded in the heart of Hongdae.

“Wow, what’s happening?”

The crowd couldn’t approach due to the circle of bodyguards, but I could see the surprised looks on their faces from one step away.

And from among those citizens, members of the princess’s hidden retinue stepped forward.

Aside from Daniel, the rest of the guard stood close to the prince.


The princess called out to the prince.

Her eyes arched like crescent moons.

“It’s my last chance, right? Did you think I’d let go of the throne so easily?”

“Suit yourself.”

The prince answered. Emotions disappeared from his face.

Instead, the dignity of a person destined to rule a nation remained.

“Al Deirer Lenoy, you are a sister born of another mother. The name ‘Al’ will remain only one.”

These words were in their native language, so I couldn’t understand them.

But I could roughly grasp their meaning.

It seemed like a declaration of war.

If putting down the princess was the last step…

I took a step forward.

I’ll fulfill the prince’s request. It’s a friend’s request, after all.

And having heard a bit about the royal family’s situation, I understood that either the prince or princess must die here.

Two members of the princess’s hidden guard charged towards me.

I held my breath and filled my arms with the skill of Iron Arm.

I anticipated the movements of the two closing in from each side.

During my solitary training in the past, I realized that there is no need to be preoccupied with martial arts movements or fighting techniques.

Twisting my left foot diagonally outwards, I launched a middle kick.

The friend charging from the left was half a beat faster.

My instep, which gathered force from my hip joint, leg muscles, and rotating upper body, struck the opponent’s abdomen.


It was like the bursting of a leather ball.

Using the same centrifugal force, I drew my left elbow back.

A spinning elbow strike.


I didn’t hit with this one, instead, it cut through.

The charging friend raised an arm to block, and the protective gear wrapped around the arm ripped apart as if it had exploded.

The muscles underneath were torn, bleeding profusely.

When an elbow is drawn with the skill of Iron Arm, it becomes as sharp as the blade of a famous sword.

It’s not for nothing that the well-trained bodies of the shapeshifters are said to be weapons in their entirety.

The prince stood next to me.

“Show all you’ve prepared, don’t regret it.”

The princess, true to the prince’s words, seemed ready to comply.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do that.”

She replied.

She must have something prepared.

For now, leaving Daniel and that chic female guard wresting aside…

As I moved to capture the princess, three others blocked my way.

Three calm-looking guards.

“How many did you bring? I was expecting five.”


“There were five more.”

In the midst of this, the prince and princess were exchanging words.

Well, it looked like the prince planned to weed out potential rebels given the opportunity.

That’s why he expected only five, but five more joined in.


Even in the midst of this, the princess called me.


“Have you ever met the Ten Fingers?”

The Ten Fingers? What was that again?

I scratched my head. Before I could remember, Panda Brother spoke through the radio.

“Sometimes I don’t know whether you’re smart or clueless. How can you not remember that?”

I have a habit of forgetting the inessential things as soon as I hear them.

Panda Brother continued to explain.

“The name of the guard unit associated with that Hyuk jerk.”

Occasionally, I think to myself.

People who live in the world of special beings, when naming their organizations, seem to infuse the sensibility of a fifteen-year-old.

Names like Phoenix Team, Thousand Faces, Phantom—though they seem like something out of a comic book.

I understand.

Names that are intuitive and easy to grasp can quickly make an impact on the opponent.

That recognition becomes a reputation, and the reputation alone can effectively influence tactics.

If you know the opponent is strong, it can intimidate you.

“Did you research that?”

“Sechoituk is a hot issue right now.”

The princess said this with a laugh, covering her mouth. Laughing, she continued.

“Did you know that Ten Fingers is actually a name taken from our country? Ten outstanding special ability individuals—that originated from the Supernation.”

It felt like a brief introduction was given.

Impressed, I replied.

“I see.”

“Don’t think you’ll be defeated too easily. If you are worried about the people you came with, tell them to stand down. Even if they can’t beat you, Kwang-ryok, they can still kill others.”

She knew the royal palace was a venomous and deadly place.

Being the last one standing there means this princess wasn’t to be underestimated either.

I understand.

But, is she really worrying about my team now?

“Don’t interfere with my and Volli’s fight.”

“Ah, you brought Ten Fingers. Tell your team, if you don’t want to lose anyone, to stand down. Otherwise, I’ll handle the rest…”

“That’s enough. You’re asking for a favor, and I’ve agreed to help.”

Who is worrying about who?

No, who does she think my team members are?

“Besides, my mom is here.”

The prince blinked a few times, then asked,

“Yu’s mother?”

He mixed in English.

He seemed a bit flustered.

The princess, seemingly bewildered by the conversation, asked,

“Is my Korean a bit awkward? You mean ‘mother,’ right? You brought your mother, correct? Yu? Are you a mama’s boy?”

And where did she learn the term ‘mama’s boy’?

This royal pair seems very interested in Korean culture.

“That’s not the case.”

I denied it.

I’m the representative, and my mother is an employee. What nonsense.

Regardless, it wasn’t a concern.

I’ve chatted a lot with Al, and often I’ve been teased by my mother.

Al really enjoyed stories about my mother.

He would have liked it if he had such a mother for himself.

Strong, sturdy, and always winning over her son.

Your Majesty, it’s easy to say. Try being the child of such a mother.

It’s definitely not easy.

A strong mother.

Anyway, there’s no need to worry.

“Come on, bring it on.”

I could see the princess’s strategy.

First, she’d lock down Daniel.

Second, me.

Third, she’d deal with the rest of my team.

Probably realizing that the prince only called me, she thought the security was weak.

The princess’s strategy and thoughts had far too many flaws.

It was a plan riddled with holes.

“Oh my, they’re attacking?”

My mother’s voice came through the radio.

The fight had begun.


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