Genius of unique lineage Chapter 226


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 225: The Prince and I

Rumors spread quickly.

“That guy, seriously.”

The head of Dangun Group, Kang Noseok, clicked his tongue again. Whenever his grandson’s stories came up, it seemed natural for him to react that way. Seeing the trouble his grandson stirred up by starting a company, he wondered if he should support him secretly with funds. But using company money was problematic with all the scrutiny, so he considered using his personal discretionary funds.

Yet it turns out it wasn’t necessary.

The grandson had managed to work things out on his own, having directly secured a job from the prince of Erujarud, the country with exceptional abilities. It was impressive and surprising.

“Did he plan all this out?”

The thought crossed his mind.

He wasn’t sure. He had met countless types of people over the years—enemies, friends, and many who were neither. Yet someone like his grandson was a first for him. Perhaps this outcome was due to his impulsive actions. Was it sheer luck?

“A curious lad, indeed,” said a bodyguard who was also a friend.

“Do you want to test him?”

“In many ways.”

Agreeing with his friend, the chairman nodded. He had suggested his grandson join the group, but the boy started his own company and was on his own path. He wanted to see what else he could do in the future.

Yoo Yeonho was surprised to hear the news about Kwang Ik.

“Your son has quite the connections, huh?” a team member said.

Yoo Yeonho nodded. “Were you aware?”

“More or less.”

He didn’t. ‘That damn kid.’ A heads-up would have been nice. His son always looked after his mother but ignored his father. ‘Is it because I’m not in the same company?’

Yoo Yeonho felt the relentless passage of time. It seemed pointless to raise a child. Still, he was proud. There was no need to pull strings from behind the scenes. ‘He’s doing well on his own.’

Yoo Yeonho let go of his regrets. His son was handling his affairs well, so he would do the same. That would ultimately be how he supported his son.

“Brief me.”

“Yes, sir.”

At the team leader’s command, a team member manipulated the hologram graphics, and soon, Yoo Yeonho focused on his work, setting aside thoughts of his son.

* * *

While some were proud, others felt a pang of jealousy.

‘So much for being diligent in work.’

They wanted to push him out, driven by annoyance. If it was confidence born from his father’s connections and power, they were determined to shatter his arrogance and teach this young ‘Species’ that the world didn’t revolve around strength alone.

All their plans had gone to smoke.

They had intended to cut off his work and ties.

‘What is this…?’

Lee Jaeho, who had the Syonic Association’s backing and was on the verge of announcing his presidential candidacy, was dumbfounded.


“Al Khalid Boliana. He’s a leading candidate for the Erujarud throne and is ranked among the top hundred influential figures selected by the World Government Union.”

The battle for the Erujarud throne was a global concern, with various factions supporting the prince.

At Lee Jaeho’s gesture, the secretary opened the window. The secretary fetched an ashtray and lit a cigarette for Lee Jaeho.

He pondered while smoking. No, was it credible that one of the hundred selected by the government union was helping a ‘Species’? Sure, that ‘Species’ had gained some fame. He had the nickname ‘Sekjuit,’ and there were stories that he took down over a hundred species alone at the Hughes Gate incident. There was even a fan club formed in his honor.

But that tied in with a prince?

They had some connection?

Reports indicated that when the prince of Erujarud previously visited Korea, there had been an assassination threat that Yu Kwang Ik had thwarted. Despite numerous complications, the fact was he saved the prince. The prince, having traveled to Erujarud, returned to clear any misunderstandings with Yu Kwang Ik.

It was a valuable relationship but returning to Korea at this time?

The struggle for succession was reaching its climax; being away was unsavory.

Lee Jaeho was known to turn crises into opportunities.

“Could there be an ulterior motive?”

“Pardon?” the secretary inquired.

Leaning back on his sofa and inhaling deeply the smoke mixed with tar and nicotine, Lee Jaeho spoke. The unpleasant odor of gray smoke flowed out with his words.

“The prince coming to Korea at this time.”

It made sense. The secretary had thought so upon hearing the news for the first time. Sharing his insights within his knowledge, the secretary spoke.

“The princess is with him.”


“The princess who is out of the succession line.”

A story formed in Lee Jaeho’s mind.

‘A public execution.’

For which you need hands stained with blood.

Sekjuit, supremely skilled but an unripe fruit in his eyes.

The world doesn’t live in isolation.

Starting a company?

He thought it was child’s play.

That company wouldn’t last—Lee Jaeho wasn’t the only one to think so, nor were the police commissioner or the Minister of Internal Affairs. Even the president thought so.

Only Yoo Yeonho was different, but he didn’t presume his son’s future.

Lee Jaeho tapped the ash and pondered.

“This is interesting.”

The prince may be more cunning and power-oriented than he thought. Was he truly that young?

Lee Jaeho had a blurry photograph.

He couldn’t make out the details well; he had heard the prince was a handsome blond kid, but he appeared taller in the photo—perhaps around 170 cm?

‘One of the hundred influential figures chosen by the Union.’

It would be difficult to find someone of that caliber through connections.

“Opportunity within calamity.”

Lee Jaeho muttered and then looked at the secretary. They made eye contact.

“Do you have a plan?”


No need for a long story.

Beholding the throne, the prince would need power, wouldn’t he?

With Species, Korea ranked highly among developed countries in the Species world—a high spot even within the World Government Union.

Wouldn’t becoming the leader of such a country offer an appealing deal?

Greed reared its head.

What made Erujarud great?

Its overwhelming resource acquisition. The resources in Erujarud were comparable to past oil-field-rich nations. There were many Whiteholes, passages to Aderside, and valuable Gates. Precious resources.

He had even heard they owned an Adamantium mine.

Korean-Erujarud diplomacy.

That was the picture in Lee Jaeho’s head.

And he would be the main protagonist.

No need to get hands dirty.

He saw it simply.

If the prince was smart, he’d need politically savvy people.

Did he come just to see the famed Sekjuit?

That was an excuse.

He came here to find support for post-succession.

If he wasn’t satisfied here, he’d move on to Japan or China.

Lee Jaeho concluded his thoughts.

“Check out the route.”


“Let’s meet the prince. It seems like a win-win for both sides.”

The next ruler of Erujarud and the next presidential candidate of Korea.

Wasn’t that a good picture?

The naive Sekjuit would make a fine pawn.

He didn’t seem brightly shrewd.

* * *


“Do you sneeze too?”

The prince and princess, along with their entourage, including bodyguards, entered the hotel. It was the same hotel they had visited before.

“It’s nostalgic.”

Entering, the prince recalled the previous disaster here—an assassin disguised as a bodyguard attacked them and in the middle of chaos, Kwang Ik swooped in and fled with the prince.

Freelancers specializing in rescue or kidnapping praised the feat; most experts couldn’t have extracted the prince from that situation.

It was that place.

Kwang Ik had called urgently, and when he saw him, he sneezed, prompting the question.

“I am human, right? Oh, I wonder who’s cursing me. Why am I itching so much?”

He scratched his ear. He seemed almost non-human sometimes. He often thought so.

A ‘Species’ like that exists?

Not a regressor or a soul transmigrator?

His talent was astounding. The more he observed, the more amazing it became.

Learning ten times what was taught, that was a genius.

What do you call a monster who masters what he glimpsed on the side?

While his lineage made him stand out, the truly amazing part was his hidden talent.

“So, why did you call for me?”

“It seems fishy.”

More amazing than talent was his unexpectedly broad vision and intelligence.

He impulsively acted on instinct, but when he did, he always considered the repercussions.

Donghoon did the same but based it on cross-checked information, while Kwang Ik was more instinctual.

“So our young master didn’t just come here to play, huh?”

Donghoon crossed his arms and spoke.

“It doesn’t seem like he came just for fansigns of ‘Glaive Girls’.”

They locked eyes.


“The picture is forming, but I don’t like it,” said Kwang Ik.


Donghoon felt a complication brewing.

“I want to redraw it.”

That was the most impressive yet headache-inducing aspect.

He knew the ripple effects of his actions but still went against them, doing as he pleased.

“I don’t like the situation. Let’s change it.”

Kwang Ik declared.

What could Donghoon do?

When the Immortal Special Squad, Whalim, abandoned him, he met Kwang Ik, who seemed to have a halo.

The vessel was different.

The CEO of a company.

Many might not expect the company to last long.

‘Well, except for Team Leader Joongbong.’

They had had an interesting call recently.

He almost laughed remembering Joongbong’s voice laughing, saying that everyone was underestimating ‘Kwang’ too much and that they’d regret it once they’ve been served.

Donghoon shared that sentiment.

What expectations did the prince have in coming?

Donghoon had caught up with the prince’s circumstances on the way here.

Sharing that was natural.

After hearing everything, Kwang Ik decided to upset the board.

“We’re going to kill them all. Those who oppose the egg.”

Kwang Ik began sketching.

Filling in colors and details would be his job.

He was here to think of strategies and actions.

That was why he was here.

Donghoon organized his thoughts before speaking.

“What’s the bonus?”

“Did you buy another watch, hyung?”

He did. Just the other day.

“A plain bodyguard job wasn’t it, anyway. Civilian companies traditionally attract talent with bonuses.”

It was an important point. Of course, he needed the money too.

“Ah, yes.”

Kwang Ik answered without enthusiasm.

Despite the attitude, he’d take good care of him. He wasn’t stingy with money.

Donghoon appreciated that too.

More money is always better.

* * *

The egg had grown too much.

He was surprised when he first saw him.

That little kid he remembered had changed.

His face was the same, but his body had grown.

“Aren’t you growing up too fast?”

Sitting in the hotel kitchen chair, he asked the egg.

The princess sat next to him, and to her side was Daniel and one of the princess’s escorts—a boyish-looking woman wearing an eyepatch.

Her appearance was mature enough to be mistaken for an adult.

Her face was young but her body had grown significantly.

Of course, it didn’t mean the egg, the egg had changed.

“I ate an elixir. An unimaginably ch-ch-cheap elixir for commoners.”

See, it’s the same tone.

“A growth elixir. It makes your body grow fast over a short period,” the princess added helpfully. Her tone was pleasant to hear.

Is that so?

But wouldn’t there be side effects?

Curious, he stared intently at the prince.

An awkward atmosphere dictated the room again.

Why is it like this?

Looking around, Daniel, the boyish escort, and even the princess were all watching each other’s faces.

The prince glanced at the princess, and only the princess looked straight at him.

There was a fierce glint in her eyes—intense.

“Don’t fall for me.”

He stated plainly.

He refused another princess coming after him for a date. And according to Panda-hyung’s research, this princess had a complicated situation.

“You are truly interesting.”

The prince said, looking at him.

“Where does such confidence come from?”

A man who offered his sister shouldn’t be the one to complain, should he?

With that thought, he casually said to the prince.

“I’ve got a meeting arranged for tomorrow morning.”

“What meeting?”

Upon his query, he happily replied.

“Glaive Girls meeting.”

Look at that, I’ve got connections, right? He wasn’t the same old Yu Kwang Ik.

From an employee of the Immortal Special Squad, now the respectable president of a company.

Arranging a celebrity meeting was possible through connections, even with the prince giving him an awkward vibe.

The egg, still an egg, regardless.

He took out the first gift he had prepared for the long-missed friend.


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