Genius of unique lineage Chapter 225


Genius of a Unique Lineage

It definitely wasn’t the atmosphere of a blind date, even if one were beaten to death.


I answered the question posed by my secondhand hyung.

“A prince from another country.”

The ten-year-old prince, who was no longer ten.

I recalled the young foreign friend who had told me to call him ‘Al’.

A kid whose cursing was impressive, mismatched with his appearance.

I felt sorry for him being ostracized on an international scale, so I decided to become his friend.

We hadn’t met face-to-face since he decided to return to claim his throne, but he would still contact me diligently.

Even amidst his busy schedule, he often sent messages.

They were numerous trivial stories.

Like how his lunch had poison in it today.

Or how he couldn’t have a chef, so he was learning to cook.

Conversations about wanting to eat instant noodles or triangle kimbap.

Then, suddenly, it quieted down, but a week ago, he entrusted me with this job.

[Ten-year-old Prince] I am going to Korea. This time, I will definitely experience a girl group’s concert firsthand. And I’ll eat instant noodles and triangle kimbap.

[Me] Don’t they import instant noodles and triangle kimbap?

[Ten-year-old Prince] Is it the same to eat them here as it is in Korea? Why are you so unromantic? That’s why you are still single at that age.

No wonder he’d caught me off guard with such an out-of-nowhere punch.

[Me] What does romance have to do with having a lover? How about ‘Al’, do you have one?

[Ten-year-old Prince] I have three wives.

I was speechless. Or rather, my hands stopped typing on the messenger.

So this is what being a prince of a nation entails.

A mere twelve or thirteen-year-old kid with three wives?

[Ten-year-old Prince] I’ll be staying for about ten days. Arrange for my security.

So he would often talk about coming to Korea, I thought it was a joke.

But this time, he was serious.

[Ten-year-old Prince] Protect me like you did last time.

That’s what he asked for.

Since the inauguration was going to be sorted out anyways.

[Me] I am expensive.

[Ten-year-old Prince] How much will it cost?

The prince was cool with his wealth.

Not for nothing was he the inheritor to the throne of a superpower nation. Recent contacts suggested he was safely within range for succession now.

[Ten-year-old Prince] Plan for about ten days. A billion won in Korean currency.

Look at the big spender.

I erased the 50 million won message I was about to send and replied succinctly.

[Me] Yes.

No reason to refuse when he’s offering more.

And that’s how the arrangement was made.

“That prince?”

Panda hyung asked. He seemed to have been stimulating his chest with a barbell just moments ago.

Approaching with beads of sweat on his forehead, he asked again.

“From the superpower?”


“There’s no need to be cautious of other organizations then.”

Secondhand hyung was right.

Whether it’s customs or something else, that’s our own domestic affair.

What can one do if directly appointed by a foreigner?

Normally, one would expect pressure to be applied.

But my father is still in a core department of the Ministry of Security.

And while my mother isn’t, she is still a daughter of the Dangun Group.

Above all, the other party is a prince from a superpower.

Who would dare intimidate a prince of a nation, a prince with real power?

Unless the World Government Union makes a move.

Or unless the Excursori Confederation steps in, it’s an impossible story.

“I and Mari will be his close protection. The rest, hyung?”

The little things, Panda hyung will handle them.

The travel route, checking for threats, reserving restaurants, and more.

Secondhand hyung will be there to make good use of it.

Checking for dangers in the vicinity, we’ve already sourced an expert, haven’t we?

“Is Shin Juho above you?”

Panda hyung asked secondhand hyung.

A paparazzo, whose specialty is digging into others’ lives, but according to Panda hyung, if his talents were directed elsewhere, they could be very useful.

I agreed.

“Yes, eh, yes.”

Secondhand hyung answered, bewildered, then asked me.

“Are you really friends with that prince of the superpower?”

How should I put this?

Should I tell him we became friends after I saved his life?

Or perhaps our relationship is more complicated than that?

Taking everything into consideration, I responded.

“He kind of follows me around.”


Even the usually nonchalant man was surprised to hear of my connection with Al.

It was understandable.

For an agent from the back alleys, the prince of a superpower commanded such presence.

I had become the good friend of a ruler, a ruler who could chew up even a president of a country.

Mari and I were going to meet him.

For outer security, the Stick Teacher would check sniper points, and Log Teacher and my mother would keep their distance.

It wasn’t a difficult task.

There was no particular danger involved this time, anyway.

“When will the target arrive?”

Stick Teacher, who was checking on Honest’s posture, asked.

“Early tomorrow morning.”

“……You’re quick to answer.”

“Security is vital.”

Knowing earlier wouldn’t change anything.

It’s not like we suddenly had more people available.

With mother, two tutors, me, and Mari, we were sufficiently staffed.

Rose and Honest couldn’t be used yet.

Honest needed more training.

And Rose’s blood vessels were supposedly flowing with truth serum instead of blood.

She needed rest and was told to do so. I had set aside worries she might run away.

Her goal was to get Prometheus out of this game.

Staying by my side was a much bigger advantage than acting on her own.

Of course, she could carelessly jump into action but had she been so foolish, I wouldn’t have brought her in the first place.

Rose may seem simple, but she’s not stupid.

“I’ll recover. I must.”

With those words, the friend who volunteered to enter the recovery room went inside.

So I left her there.

Ah, Hyemin decided to join the company once she finished the lessons she was getting from my mother.

And so, I also suggested to Hyemin’s mother to join.

I have overheard things about the world of magicians.

I know from earshot that spell creators are much more valuable than spell users, often by several fold.

Among those spell creators, Hyemin’s mother was known as a master (名人).

Hunters hunting after this mother and daughter had been enough to fill a decent-sized stadium ten times over.

Yet, they managed to hide well and survive staunchly.

I coveted their talents and was impressed by their resourcefulness.

“If our son-in-law wishes for it, we must comply.”

Though she was bold enough to joke like that, these jokes were only funny the first couple of times.

Now they don’t even register to me.

Anyway, that was the decision made.

But I am curious.

Everyone was worried about the future of my company, but I wonder if they would still be concerned knowing this.

* * *

“Well done.”

Al Khalid Boliana.

Eruzard’s Al, the prince of the superpower, looked through the private jet window.

Lights began to appear.

The city. It would be about thirty minutes before they reached the airport.

“Your Highness.”

The man sitting next to him kept calling Al.

“I think so too.”

Al reciprocated with a delayed reply to the question.

It was a bitter acknowledgment.

It was a necessary step towards his succession to the throne, and he had no need for consolation.

He wanted to shake off the complicated thoughts.

He was happy to visit the country of his friend.

“Do you remember? Daniel?”

Al asked.

“Yes, the place where that Yu broke my jaw.”

“Are you still holding onto that?”

“An impulsive and hotheaded Yu, starting with punching before even resolving the misunderstanding.”

“Daniel, you’re generally alright but too petty.”

“What is petty?”

Daniel asked.

It was a Korean expression. Al explained the meaning of ‘petty’ to him.

Daniel scrunched his eyebrows.

“Are you showing displeasure in front of royalty?”

Al, as always, was still Al.

It hadn’t changed.


“Being petty isn’t necessarily bad, Daniel.”

Daniel composed his expression.

Then, a female voice flowed in from beyond the private jet.

It was a woman.

“Bolli, Daniel is starting to feel bad.”


Daniel shook his head.

The nickname Bolli was something only family would use. Al smiled at his sister’s words.

“Stop teasing your loyal servant. What’s the point in getting serious about that?”


His sister, who parted the curtain of the seat, showed a smile.

The private jet was filled with ten of his sister’s bodyguards, along with his own.

Twenty bodyguards and two royals had embarked on the journey.

“Yu will be surprised when he sees.”

Watching his sister, Al remarked.

Al Diriya Renoir, another heir to the throne of Eruzard with qualifications, lifted the corners of her mouth.

The tanned beauty then spoke up with a smile.

“That’s the friend you kept talking about? The one who makes good chicken mayo?”

“He’s a master of convenience store cuisine.”

Guang-ik would have choked on his pride if he’d heard such an introduction.

The one who had forced him to buy convenience store food on their first meeting was Al himself.

The royal siblings laughed.

In the midst of it, Daniel, who was caught between, thought to himself.

‘Will he only be surprised?’

The unique species referred to as Yu had become a person of interest worldwide.

The name had naturally spread to Eruzard.

Al took pride in that news all day.

Daniel, who observed from the side, felt joyful as well.

Yu Guang-ik, the person with the highest special rank in the country, had arrived.

And he brought something surprising with him.

It wasn’t something that could be called a gift.

‘Well done, Your Highness.’

Internally repeating these words, Daniel looked at the prince.

His sister laughed as they conversed, and Al’s image as a child overlapped in Daniel’s eyes.

The difficult times had passed.

The succession to the throne was near.

Al Diriya Renoir broke the silence.

“Your loyal servant just thought admiringly of you. Thinking you’ve all grown up.”

“……So he thought of me as a child all this while?”

Al turned his head.


Daniel replied. Not a new occurrence.

The royalty of the superpower all had superpowers.

Especially unique ones.

Among them, the princess, Renoir, had the power of mind-reading.

More precisely, the superpower to feel others’ emotions.

“Really, no.”

The prince frowned.

“Has life been too comfortable lately, Daniel?”

“Just for a brief moment.”


The prince scoffed and then continued to engage with his sister.

Daniel sighed inside and turned his head away.

There was no point in locking eyes with the princess.

The plane landed, and they were greeted with a familiar face.

“Is your jaw alright?”

It was Yu, as cheeky as the prince.

* * *

Turns out, it wasn’t anything major.

Like before, there was no need to feel the oppressive feeling that those who came to guard the prince might turn into assassins.

We just had to show him around Seoul and take him to that damn girl group concert he was so adamant about.

No, that part was actually given some attention.

A billion won, I provided service worthy of the amount I received.

Previously, I somehow got entwined with celebrity management.

Ever since the Desire Bug incident, I had become of interest to the entertainment industry.

The company known as Lift within Korean entertainment, who had been showering me with offers of work, also happened to have a connection with me.

So, I asked them for a favor.

This was a special thanks gift I had prepared for Al.

I had planned an operation in my head.

I told him there was no need to be nervous along the way.

Thus, a mere team of five set out to greet them.

On the way to meet the private jet, a friendly face was spotted first.

I greeted him.

“Is your jaw okay?”

It was Daniel.

The blond asshole.

Maybe he had calmed down a bit by now?

“How dare you make fun of my servant?”

Al appeared behind him.

Bodyguards also flocked out. The approaching guards looked wary.

“He’s not a shapeshifter.”

One of the bodyguards spoke up.

A white man with pronounced eyebrows.

Followed by that, a woman adorned in branded clothing emerged.

Her outfit and accessories, nothing was cheap.

The eyes of the immortal swept over the newcomer.

His senses read the person.

The trained body, the way she walked showed she was no average person.

She wasn’t one of the bodyguards.

Her position indicated so. She appeared right behind the prince, smoothly resting a hand on his shoulder as she greeted.

“I am Al Diriya Renoir.”

She introduced herself.

“My sister.”

Al said.

Yeah, up until here, I thought maybe this prince jerk was trying to set me up on a blind date with his sister.

But then again, I felt that familiar sense of unease.

The prince and the princess.

The surrounding cluster of bodyguards.

Daniel hiding his displeasure.

It definitely wasn’t the atmosphere of a blind date, even if one were beaten to death.


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