Genius of unique lineage Chapter 224


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 223: The First Mission

“Do you understand, Team Leader Yu? This case is really troublesome. It’s entangled with a presidential candidate.”

Yu Yeon-ho got the Minister’s point.

It was understandable.

His son had completely taken down a Lost Invader.

The incident was initially supposed to be wrapped up by the government, with an announcement claiming they hadn’t let a single Invader escape and promising to ensure the security of Seoul—it was meant to be political publicity.

And a presidential candidate was involved in the matter.

Yu Yeon-ho nodded.

“I had no intention of stepping in.”

With those words, the Minister sighed deeply and leaned back in his chair.

The expensive chair reclined slightly, comfortably supporting the Minister’s back.

“The kid’s not interested in a cushy job. Why stir up trouble like this? Things would have been better if he worked with the government.”

“There’s no beating a parent’s love. He says he wants to live doing what he likes.”

Yu Yeon-ho had never planned on stopping him.

“Did you try to persuade him?”


It was just an offhand suggestion. His son didn’t even listen.

That made him proud.

To see a child who had found his own path, who had grown up strong—wasn’t that a parent’s joy?

When the boy was young, it was sad to see him grow up so fast, but now that he had grown so much, it was a proud sight.

“So, we can’t give him work either, and the same goes for the military.”

“I see.”

He responded and looked at the Minister, who was about to say his goodbyes.

“Really, don’t.”

Yu Yeon-ho had said nothing, but the Minister glared at him as if expecting otherwise.

“I didn’t say anything.”

“If you’re going to do it, don’t get caught. I can’t cover for you. Really. Even I can’t cover that kind of trouble. I can give you a few jobs that you won’t get caught doing, but you can’t say you got them from me.”

As he spoke, the Minister took out a few folders from his drawer.

“You have to keep the promise not to reveal the source.”


There was no reason to refuse when being offered.

Yu Yeon-ho received the documents and went back to his seat to review the content.

There were jobs from foreign dispatch to a few covert operations the government was running—types of affairs that even a presidential candidate couldn’t interfere with easily.

The Minister was pushing it, too.


He closed the documents and placed them in a secure drawer—a drawer that wouldn’t open without his fingerprint and would automatically incinerate its contents if forced open.

Having stored the documents, Yu Yeon-ho rested his chin on his hand and lapsed into thought.

His son had caused trouble.

He’d set up a company and created an uneasy relationship with the very people from whom he was supposed to be accepting work—all under the name of a ‘company inauguration’.

If he wanted to smooth things over, he’d need support.

‘But he won’t do that.’

Typical of his mother’s stubbornness, he thought.

It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Besides, this situation wouldn’t last forever.

Time would pass, and when it did, it would be fine to accept work.

However, he had no idea why his son had decided to act this way.

‘Should I ask?’

So far, he hadn’t much interfered with his son’s business.

But now things were different.

Shouldn’t he be more involved now?

With that thought, he cast a glance around.

He caught the eye of a team member who sensed his gaze.

The team member made a gesture as if lifting a glass to drink, but Yu Yeon-ho shook his head.

Then the team member curled up his index finger and extended all five fingers as if offering a handshake before twisting his wrist forward.

It was a sign for ‘I’ll go alone.’

Yu Yeon-ho nodded to acknowledge he understood, and the team member bustled away.

Watching the team member’s back, Yu Yeon-ho continued his train of thought.

His wife had decided to help their son.

Not indirectly but directly on the front lines.

In other words, his wife had joined their son’s company.

Their son had also recruited a junior Yu Yeon-ho once introduced.

He took his wife’s friends, too, and a few other acquaintances along the way.


Was it his extensive connections or reputation that made him successful, he wondered.

But surely they’d still need people—combat-ready personnel with solid experience in the scene.

Perhaps someone of Phantom-class from the Immortal Special Forces would be suitable.

After all, the strength of a private enterprise often depends on the caliber of its people.

If his son was ambitious, he would want more talent on board.

So, who would be next?

‘This is difficult.’

Resting his arms crossed, Yu Yeon-ho inwardly shook his head in disapproval.

His son would have wanted to call on him first.

The relationship between father and son can be complicated.

He must have struggled to speak freely out of respect for his father’s work.

It was a kind gesture.

He understood this, but still, something niggled at him.

Shouldn’t a son speak to his father before his mother?

After all, he was still active in the field, and even though his mother was once called a ‘rehabilitated witch,’ she had been out of practice for some time.

Random thoughts followed one after another.

At the end of that train of thought, he pictured his son asking for his help.

Would he have to quit his job here?

It was a seriously troubling thought.

If it were him, he could resolve some of the current issues.

The folder in the drawer, in his son’s current predicament, could become as mighty a weapon as any gear.

Documents or not, it didn’t matter.

With connections to envy, finding work would be easy.

‘Start with small tasks, step by step.’

A plan naturally formed in his mind.

He envisioned the future of his son’s company, what changes would occur if he joined.

His son had already said he would come home for dinner that evening.

After setting up the office building, his son, who occasionally visited, had deliberately set an appointment to come home.

For what purpose?

To see himself—meaning, to ask for help with his company.

He had been distracted all day, with images of himself reluctantly following his son’s requests.

“Why are you smiling so much, Team Leader?”

It was an older team member, pulling out a cigarette, seemingly on his way out.

“It’s nothing.”

He responded briefly and focused on writing his report.


The keys clacked as time passed.

Later, he noticed the report was full of typos.

“This needs editing.”

He passed it to a female team member.

“…What were you trying to write here?”

The team member shook her head; there was no understanding the report’s original intent.

“Just a report.”

It was a menial task. Dumping it on her, he left his seat the moment it struck six.

He was out for a strict end-of-day departure.

“What, leaving so early?”

Ignoring a teammate’s comment, Yu Yeon-ho reached home.


He punched in the key code and entered, finding his wife, son, and Mari already together.


The aroma of samgyeopsal wafted from three grills, the pork belly sizzling tantalizingly.

The savory smell pricked his nostrils.

“You’re here?”

Mari greeted him first.

“Just arrived.”

“You should eat.”

“Go wash your hands.”

His son and wife said in turn.

After washing up, he sat down at the table.

It was a cheerful mealtime, much like any other.

Then his son got straight to the point.

“Mari. I’m going to take you with me.”


Yu Yeon-ho frowned. This was an entirely unexpected statement.

“She’s all grown up, and I don’t plan on her being a spine breaker forever, you know? I’ll do my part. Since my brother is the company president, I’ll parachute her in. We’ll move house to the building, too.”

“I think that’s a good idea.”

Mari endorsed the notion from the side.

There was no reason to object.

The conversation didn’t veer off topic after that.

To be precise, the expected words never came.

“It felt strange to work again.”

His wife said, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

She seemed content.

“Is anything up at the company?”

After more than twenty years together, his wife could sense something was off with her husband and asked.


“You don’t look happy.”

“My expression?”

“You’re smiling, but it doesn’t seem like you actually are.”

Sometimes a wife’s intuition can be sharper than that of an immortal.

“Really, it’s nothing.”

When the words came out of his mouth, he felt trivial.

So when his son said he and Mari were going out to buy ice cream, Yu Yeon-ho offered to go in their stead.

“I’ll have a Melona.”

Instead of pressing him further, his wife requested a Melona.


He answered and went on his way, taking the elevator down to the local unmanned ice cream discount store.

He formed a pile of various items in his basket before making his way home.

On the way back, Yu Yeon-ho couldn’t hold back and asked.

“Aren’t you going to ask me, son?”

“About what?”

“If there’s anything you want to say.”

His son stopped in his tracks, eyes on his father’s hands.

“Shall I carry that? Is it heavy?”

Yu Yeon-ho was holding a bag with about a dozen ice creams.

“It’s not heavy. Do you need more people at the company?”

He probed.

“Well, there are a few people I have in mind, and I have ways to bring them over; so, yeah.”

They continued walking, the father and son matching their pace through the winter night air.

It was cold but refreshing—they must have felt it more after warming up and stuffing their bellies at home.

If your stomach is full, you can withstand the winter chill.

Was his son hesitating?

“You can speak freely.”


“You can talk freely. I may not be able to quit the company right away, but there’s no beating a parent’s love, so let’s seriously consider it.”

“What’s there to consider?”

His son played dumb.

“Didn’t you call Mom to the company?”


“What about me?”


This kid.

Yu Yeon-ho was immortal. He realized from his son’s reaction that the boy had no intention of inviting him to the company.

He hadn’t even considered it.

“Aren’t you going to invite me?”

“No, Dad, you have your secure job and the Phoenix Team. Why would you leave that to come here?”

As if that was the same.

Even if he had been invited, he couldn’t have gone.

That was the truth.

He couldn’t leave Phoenix Team behind, and he couldn’t join NS even if his son needed him.

But still, it would have been nice to have the conversation.

* * *

“Why are you acting like that, Dad?”

“That’s what I want to know.”

It was the day after he declared he’d take Mari with him.

The office was close; after spending the night and waking up there, that’s where they were now.

Since his mother had gone straight to the training ground, he asked her, and she laughed while answering.

“Isn’t your dad cute? Getting jealous at his age.”


“You’re upset just because he called me and not you. Aw, how cute.”

What’s cute?

Isn’t that an expression you should never use towards a middle-aged man? Mother?

“No, does he want to quit his job?”

Being part of the Phoenix Team, Team Leader of the Iron Rice Bowl, his father had plenty of responsibilities.

According to Mr. Ju Il-ho, his father’s sense of duty was no joke, so why did he suddenly want to leave and come here?

“Sometimes I can’t tell if you’re an immortal or a shapeshifter.”

Mr. Ju Il-ho commented as he passed by.

“I’m a hybrid.”

Isn’t that obvious?

Ms. Gahee, the Log Teacher and aunt, shook her head and commented in response to his words.

“You’re dull.”

“Dullard shapeshifter, you can’t even realize that?”

Mr. Ju Il-ho added once more.

“Dullard? You calling me that? Cockroach?”

“Cockroach? Are you calling a person an insect? Illiterate shapeshifter?”

“Shapeshifter? Is your grammar correct? Did you drop out of primary school?”

“I graduated from Mississippi State University.”

“Did you drop Korean language halfway?”

Sparks seemed to fly once again between the two.

Why did they always fight?

“Both of you stop it. It doesn’t look good to spill blood in the company.”

He intervened.

“Do I look like a preschooler to you? As a CEO, you should show some dignity.”

Mr. Ju Il-ho replied and turned away.

“The morning market was bad, so if the morning market is bad, it means your day isn’t going to be good—it’s science.”

Ms. Gahee muttered on the side.

“Why do you two keep fighting?”

“No clue.”

She, too, responded and circled back.

What an ambiance to start the day with.

Folding his arms, he decided not to get involved as he watched them.

Perhaps in their own way, they were becoming friends.

There was no need for him to step in.

“It’s hard for shapeshifters and immortals to get along.”

His mother commented behind him.

“But mom married dad.”

“That was a fraudulent marriage, and your dad didn’t reveal he was an immortal, right?”

Would she not have married him if she knew he was an immortal?

“But still, mom met dad, who is cute, right? How many men like that exist in the world? Getting so adorably upset.”

She laughed as she said it, and goosebumps ran over him.

An affectionate display from middle-aged couples, especially his parents who got along so well, he thought he was used to it, but this was a bit too much.

The day started like that.

He also began training, warming up with adamantium-laced barbells.

“Teacher, a sparring match?”

Then a round with Aunt Gahee.

Another sparring session with his mother.

He also called Mari for sparring.

A delightful and fulfilling time ensued.

Training, continuously learning and solidifying skills, presented an unmatched joy.

Amidst it all, as soon as his older brother arrived at work, Stephen Choi and the Special Parachute Team came looking for him.

Wiping sweat with a towel, he asked.

“What’s up?”

A sense of seriousness was palpable on the faces of the three.

His older brother, biting his lower lip, spoke.

“We’re going to be out in less than six months at this rate. We need a job.”

The ramifications of their glamorous inauguration were no joke.

“We got a job, but it starts the day after tomorrow.”

“…What job? Aren’t I the agent?”

His elder brother challenged.

“I took it directly. Someone suggested we use our connections, and I agreed.”

It seemed like a miracle that anyone would entrust them with work in such circumstances.

Their eyes met.

Well, the government, the Tangun Group—actually, his father and Uncle Geon-nak—said they’d help from behind the scenes if needed.

Team Leader Ji-hye also said she’d throw in some menial jobs if things got tough.

But they didn’t need to worry about it.

“It’s for VIP protection.”

He answered.

It was NS’s first mission.


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