Genius of unique lineage Chapter 223


Genius of a Unique Lineage

222. It was not an amount to share and drink.

In the world of special species, there were groups like crocodile birds.

They collectively referred to one of these as ‘dealers.’

These were the ones who sold stolen goods and traded in information.

In Jongno 3-ga, an old-fashioned goldsmith shop adorned its signboard and glass windows with “Wedding Gifts Specialist” and “Urgent Sales Welcomed.”

Its owner was now deep in thought, frowning.

It was due to the series of incidents that had occurred recently.

As a result, Seoul’s public safety ranking had plummeted.

Though the opening of Earth’s black holes was a common occurrence, and though abnormal events were rare but happened from time to time, these incidents were not for those reasons.

The decline in the safety ranking was due to another cause.

The attack on the immortal special forces company by Prometheus, known as the Fire Rim Attack.

A terrorist group had deliberately caused trouble in Korea.

The emergence of a group of mad scientists.

A significant mad scientist faction caused mayhem after entering Korea.

This led to the opening of the Hughes Gate.

With the gate opened in Seongsu-dong, chaos ensued.

Without government subsidies, hundreds would have had to pull carts and collect cardboard to survive.

These were just the major incidents.

And at the center of it all was ‘SeChoTeuk.’

A special species that is now making waves around the world.

Though it had only operated domestically, it had become a celebrity, known from the heads of various countries to the common people.

If desired, even without being a graduate of the special species military academy, one could become a core member of the military.

Or even hold an important position in the Ministry of Public Safety.

If not, just join the Dangun Group.

Then, before turning thirty, one could live being called a director.

Rumors abounded that their father was Thousand Faces and their mother was an illegitimate child of the Dangun Group. Such talk was widespread in the industry.

The pedigree was insane.

The rumors of mixed heritage were true.

‘…In all my life.’

This was the first time for such a special species.

Fifty years living as a dealer.

In this field, my experience isn’t merely extensive—it’s practically impenetrable.

Rumors also circulated that it was this side that cut off the funding of Nam Myung-jin, the CEO of the first-generation heroes, who rapidly advanced through the ranks of the immortal special forces.

As a result, Fire Rim could not escape poverty.

Truly, this species was a troublemaker.

And this troublemaker had caused a significant disturbance.

Previously, one gained fame by reacting to unplanned events, but this time it was intentional.

World-famous special species usually belong to an organization.

But SeChoTeuk was different.

They started a company. They became an entrepreneur.

For money? The reason wasn’t clear.

However, once the representative of the company, SeChoTeuk immediately wiped out the Seongsu-dong Lost Invaders.

‘This is absolutely insane.’

The dealer thought to himself.

He had two ways of determining the appropriateness and reliability of information.

One was cross-checking.

This involved collecting different pieces of information spreading from various sources.

Listening to eyewitness accounts.

Hearing out the spreading rumors.

Seeking evidence.

Using various means to enhance the reliability of the information.

When actually selling information, these inclusions were sometimes called warranty documents in electronic form.

This ‘information’ with his name stamped on it was what the dealer sold.

It was a labor-intensive process. A lot of footwork was involved, too.

The second method was easier.

Confirmation check — abbreviated as ‘con-check.’

In this method, the parties who instigated the event performed the check.

That’s why it was easy.

It’s because the subject of the rumors acknowledges those rumors.

“Was that the inauguration?” the dealer asked.

Kim Jung-go nodded his head.

“Yes, the inauguration.”

“That crazy act?”

The dealer asked.

Internally, Kim Jung-go agreed, but outwardly, he remained calm.

What was done was done; rolling about wouldn’t change anything.

Then, it was better to be bold. Kim Jung-go nodded his head again.



“Because the company was created to kill invaders, so it’s catching invaders. Why ask why?”

At Kim Jung-go’s words, the dealer gave a look as if pondering why he would say such a thing.

It was as if telling the dealer to stop talking nonsense when he knew everything.

It made sense.

Catching Lost Invaders was akin to a national project.

When a large-scale event like the Hughes Gate incident occurred, the involved private companies had no choice but to play it by ear.

This time around, the police had washed their hands of the local public safety issues, leaving only private companies.

This meant the contracted companies.

Some of them were government-affiliated.

Others belonged to private corporations.

And another faction was part of the association.

It was a complicated issue with various vested interests.

That meant that until permission was granted from above, despite catching the invaders, the pie had to be distributed according to who gets what.

In essence, it was politics.

The politics of the government, corporations, and the association.

Until this political process ended, everyone merely tried their best to trap the Lost Invaders without letting them escape.

It was customary.

A conventional agreement between the organizations to effectively divide their profits.

Because Invader corpses could be monetized.

Not just corpses, the organization that publicly handles the issue as the main force would also gain significant influence.

There were also various ancillary benefits to be had in the process.

SeChoTeuk had therefore scattered ashes on this multi-faceted issue.

“Did it go unnoticed?”

“…They did what they had to do.”

At the dealer’s words, Kim Jung-go had no response but used a direct approach.

“It’s dangerous, you know. Invaders roaming around.”

Kim Jung-go continued, sighing internally.

Does that fool Kwang Ik even understand this political play, or is he just unaware?

He had no idea himself.

The dealer looked at Kim Jung-go with a mysterious gaze and then burst into laughter.

Kim Jung-go, having known the elderly dealer for over a decade, was surprised to see him laugh like that for the first time.

“What’s so funny?”

At that, the dealer straightened up and said,

“It feels refreshing.”


The elderly dealer continued,

“Since they’re acting so prominently, those bastards have probably been slapped on the back of their heads.”

Kim Jung-go agreed with the comment.

99% of private enterprises in Korea were subcontractors.

Subcontractors to the Old Force, Exculacy, or the association.

And they moved strictly according to the benefits of the upper echelons.

What was the original purpose of a private enterprise?

It was to protect civilians against risks that large organizations might overlook.

But there was not one that did so.

The elderly dealer straightened his back, seemingly about to rise from his seat, then stood up and trudged behind the counter after asking Kim Jung-go to wait.

Kim Jung-go watched where he was going when the old man brought back a long bottle of liquor.

It was hermetically sealed with beeswax and wrapped in a thick cloth.

Even without seeing the bottle in the thick cloth, Kim Jung-go could tell it was liquor.


“Give it to that friend.”

Instead of taking the bottle of liquor the old man offered, Kim Jung-go clicked his tongue.

“When I told you to only sell one bottle, you wouldn’t even pretend to listen?”

The old man’s nickname was the distiller.

He was skilled at brewing liquor, and not just ordinary ingredients, but those from the Other Side.

Sometimes, that liquor was a drug; other times, it provided solace.

And now, the item handed over was the old man’s limited-edition product he was confident about.

“Keep it sealed, if you open it, you’ll get caught. Just give it as a present. Tell him that.”

Kim Jung-go sighed once and reached out for the liquor bottle, responding,

“If it’s a bribe, it’s useless.”

“Bribe? What bribe.”

The dealer knew. The person wasn’t the type to be swayed by bribes.

Right after establishing the company, he smacked the back of the heads of Old Force, Exculacy, and the association during the inauguration.

He was not the kind who thought about consequences.

“Just give it. He will like it.”

It wasn’t a bribe; it was a gift.

For the first time since joining the special species world, such feelings were new.

He had never seen someone so brazenly break the tradition.

It was exhilarating. And for the first time in a long while, he felt his blood boil with excitement.

It was a token of gratitude.

“Well, our CEO is a bit mad, after all.”

Kim Jung-go said with the implication of a compliment, tasting his words as he held the liquor bottle.

“Drink and you die.”

The old distiller gave a stern look as he watched.

“Ah, I won’t have it.”

He examined the way it was sealed.

In his youth, he was known for picking locks and cracking safes.

Yet, he couldn’t touch this.

Once the seal was broken, the scent would spread.

Then it would be obvious who had tampered with it first.

Moreover, Yu Kwang Ik was immortal.

Even a slight discrepancy would not escape his sensitivity.

‘Such a pity.’

Kim Jung-go regretted, only tasting the aroma with his lips.

* * *

“Look at this guy.”

Kang No-seok, the chairman of the Dangun Group, clicked his tongue.

When had he last felt such bewilderment and astonishment?

His words were momentarily lost.

It was because of his grandchild.

Even when offered help, the child refused.

He had said he’d personally attend the inauguration if it happened, yet the child replied he wasn’t planning on hiring daily workers with some strange excuse.

And this was the result.

“Is this supposed to be an inauguration?”

He called it an inauguration, but what he did was turn a place entangled in three organizations upside down.

It wasn’t a tremendous profit at stake.

If desired, the benefits of the entire Seongsu-dong region could be forcefully swallowed with power.

Since the company he just founded was his grandchild’s.

If he announced his support for it, that’s how things would be settled.

But that was all assuming the grandchild would acknowledge being under him.

Yet it seemed the brat had no such intention.

‘That son of a…’

The image of Kwang Ik inadvertently came to mind.

“There might be pushback, Chairman.”

It was his son.

To be exact, his two sons.

One was Lee Geun-nak, who had seen Yu Kwang Ik up close.

The other was Kang Ho-eung, who shared the same mother as Kang Seul-hye.

Of the two, it was Ho-eung who spoke.

“That seems likely.”

The chairman nodded as he slumped into the sofa.

It was an anticipated problem.

“We should avoid giving work from our side. There’s no need to face opposition from the board of directors.”

Ho-eung, who shared blood with Seul-hye, had the opposite temperament.

While Seul-hye was emotional, Ho-eung was logical.

He made a point.

Geun-nak was a bit different.

“Should we help secretly?”

If spoken poorly, he was naive; if kindly, he was daring.

“Do you think we only have one or two fox-like people in the group?”

Ho-eung said, with a tone of reprimand.

Geun-nak shrugged casually.

“If we get caught, we can just deny it, right?”

“It’s not something we can easily gloss over.”

Ho-eung shook his head.

Both looked at the chairman.

Ultimately, it was for the chairman to decide.

“Just let it be.”

The chairman did not bother to contemplate for even a second.

It was not because of the reasons brought forth by the two.

It was likely due to the grandchild’s words, bluntly spoken to him that unexpectedly resurfaced which were the main reason.

“I don’t want to.”

The message was brief and clear. And then the call was disconnected.

It was quite cute. The naive audacity of youth stood out. He could afford this luxury because he understood so little.

Perhaps it was good for him to experience some challenges and realizations.

Wondering what might happen if the grandchild did not reach out to Dangun Group within Korea.

The association? They were set to be the biggest beneficiaries of this incident.

They were the ones most hurt by the NS inauguration.

The chairman’s thoughts were correct.

At the same time, those who heard the same information within the association reacted even more fervidly.

“Damn it, we give SeChoTeuk a boost and now he’s blind to everything else. Tell that bastard that giving him work would mean death. Tell the police and everyone else not to give him jobs!”

An association executive was furious.

That effectively became the stance of the association chairman and everyone else.

The police were closely tied to the association.

There was no alternative.

The Chief of the National Police Agency, Kang Man-chu, also shook his head.

Even he had no say in this matter. At the very least, he had to wait and watch quietly for several months.

Companies need to work to survive.

Without work, any company would eat through its capital.

A year at most.

The Chief mused that Yu Kwang Ik’s company might not exist a year from now.

* * *

“No one will want to give us work now, so don’t come complaining to me.”

Mid-level Brother handed me a bottle of liquor as he spoke.

“So, you have a plan, right? It’s not like we’ll be missing our salaries, right?”

We had a grand inauguration, so why worry so much?

“Yeah, I made it that way.”

I received the bottle of liquor from Mid-level Brother.

It was sealed so well that not a trace of its aroma escaped.

Even the acute sense of smell of the transformative species could not detect it; such was the perfection of the seal.

He must have labored and put much effort into it.

“What about it?”

“Our work has to be done.”


“But who’s going to give us work?”

He almost looked dejected.

“Somebody will.”

I said, looking at Mid-level Brother.

It wasn’t my intention to tease.

Was he really doubting me that much?

Mid-level Brother blinked at me several times before speaking.

“You have a plan.”

Well, I did have a plan, but I hadn’t told anyone.

Mid-level Brother’s face brightened slightly.

Then there was a silence between us.

After a brief moment of quiet, I asked,

“Aren’t you leaving?”

We were inside the company building, in my office. Essentially, my private space.

“Are you not going to have that drink?”


I said and sent him on his way.

I handled the bottle, realizing it was not an amount to be shared and savored.


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