Genius of unique lineage Chapter 222


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 221. Launch Ceremony

After the world had become a place of special creatures, PMC private military companies began to emerge in countless numbers. Money attracts people – it was a simple fact. Most companies that were established had backing, a foundation, or a support system. Old Force, Exculacy, Association – these were the three organizations, and it was difficult to start without being connected to at least one of them.

Thanks to such connections, it was customary for a private military company to hold a launch ceremony when opening its doors. The purpose of these ceremonies was typically threefold.

The first purpose was to boast about one’s network. If the government was the backer, high-ranking officials from the government, military, or police would attend. If Exculacy, then corporate members would come. And if the Association, individuals from the Association would be present. There’s quite a gap between a branch manager from the Dangun Group coming and a board member from the head office showing up. After all, it’s about showing off the company’s mettle and boasting about connections. It was one of the most critical parts of the ceremony, demonstrating the company’s ability to secure work through these established networks.

The second purpose was to size up the competition. It wasn’t anything significant – just a way to showcase the company’s scale. Not all companies had the same objectives. Some kept a minimal combat force and dealt in information trading. Others, known as brawlers, did the exact opposite. And then, there were companies placing a focus on civilian security. After the world changed due to the presence of special creatures, the role and meaning of private military companies had shifted significantly.

The third purpose was to boast about one’s track record. This was also key. Essentially, it was a way to say, “Look who owns this company.” The president of a bodyguard company with a background in the Unique Brigade. The president of an intelligence firm who had resigned from the Ministry of Home Affairs. By showcasing the president’s background, the company’s colors were revealed. It was also a notification of the types of jobs the company would be handling in the future.

This tradition of company launch ceremonies had been established for more than ten years.

“Let’s go.”

I decided to trample on that tradition lightly. It wasn’t intentional. Bragging about connections? I could probably have people from the chairman of Dangun Group to the president show up if I wanted, but what’s the point in bragging about that? I found it unnecessary.

Sizing up was even less meaningful. I didn’t even know what I’d be doing next, so what’s the point in comparing sizes?

The last part, showcasing my background, that I intended to demonstrate through this ceremony. In my left hand, a Parasite Rifle gauntlet. On my waist, an adamantium jungle knife, a wire knife, and eight throwing knives slotted into the combat vest. Two pistols and a submachine gun as cleanup hitters—personal armament complete. My attire was akin to what one would wear right before combat.

I wasn’t the only one. My mother was also fully equipped, wearing a light protective suit snug against her body, covered by a vest, shin guards, and forearm guards. She had mentioned that she got the new combat suit by constantly nagging my uncle. At her waist, she carried an automatic shotgun, and she had loaded dozens of shells into the ammo belt – it was beyond reassuring; it was dizzying. It was, in fact, the first time I had seen my mother armed to the teeth. She had always been menacing even with just a kitchen knife.

“It’s been a while. This is exciting.”

A flush of excitement colored my mother’s face. She was clearly thrilled. Right in front of us was the area that had become a hiding place for Lost Invaders due to the previous Hughes Gate incident – Seongsoo-dong. I had decided to hold my company’s launch ceremony with an operation to clear out that area.

“Are you serious?”

My older brother asked.

Is that a question? Don’t you see everyone here fully armed and gathered?


I replied earnestly.

“It should be fine.”

Steven Choi, standing beside my brother, placed his hand on his shoulder.

“That’s what I’m worried about, just the aftercare.”

“Think of it as karma.”

My brother and Steven Choi locked eyes and shook hands. Watching them, you’d think they were about to swear brotherhood under a peach tree. I wondered when they’d become such fast friends.

“Let the non-combatants rest.”

Excluding my brother and Steven Choi, who were non-combatants, that left six of us to depart: me, my mother, the private tutors, Mary, and Panda-hyung.

“Let’s make it quick so we can go have a meal afterward.”

We gathered in front of the lobby on the first floor. It was still early enough that there were almost no people around, leaving the air chilly. It was perfect weather for warming up with some movement. As I reached for the glass door handle, the thought struck me that I’d need to hire a cleaning company as well.

“Shouldn’t the weaker-bodied be sitting this one out? It’s pointless if you get hurt.”

My tutor, whose real name was Jang Ga-hee, spoke from behind. An original member of the Hwarang, if my mother was known as the “Reformed Witch” domestically, this tutor had made a name internationally. My mom said she was a monster among monsters, with over a hundred special operation experiences under her belt, once known as ‘the demon’—though I never found out why.

The tutor made a remark, and someone reacted strongly to it.

“If you’re filled up with muscles all the way to your brain, you’d be lacking in execution capabilities for missions, right? It wouldn’t hurt to sit this one out.”

Ju Il-ho, the walking stick tutor, stood there with a sneer, his arms crossed. Dressed in decent clothes but still bearing his unruly beard, he looked every bit the wild man. Next to him, the wood teacher grinned with affection for the city, a man who claimed that the forest of buildings was his sanctuary.


That sure sounded like a personal attack.


The wood teacher retorted casually.

Ouch, that’s also rough. Not all shape-shifters are rapists or addicts to combat, you know. There’s an issue with instinct control, but at least here, no shape-shifters are like that. Panda-hyung and Mary, both from an experiment background, might be aware that they are shape-shifters, but they don’t take pride in their race. They just stared blankly.

My mother, though.

“I haven’t seen real action in a while; I hope I’m not rusty.”

She didn’t seem to care about the others. And as for being rusty – there’s no way. She’s been keeping her skills honed by disciplining me lately. Mother is fine.

“Yes, absolutely. You’ll be as sharp as a knife fresh off the whetstone, Mother.”

I responded and turned my gaze away. The two private tutors locked glares that sparked as if emitting flint sparks. They walked on, each eyeing the other with hostility.

“We’re not going to move as a team, right?”

The wood teacher asked from the left.

“No, well.”

The Lost Invaders weren’t like Wheel Knights or Living Armors. They were more like goblins or bouncers – better at hiding and less in number. If they moved in groups, they would have been taken care of by now. Only the ones who were good at avoiding detection remained. For the general population, they’re threats, but for us, special beings with proven fighting abilities, they were nothing more than easy targets.

So, we planned to spread out and take them down individually.

“Let’s finish this today.”

The wood teacher voiced and moved out without waiting for an answer. He crossed the street at a perfect timing when the signal changed. Without delay, he passed the crosswalk.

“Well then, Mom will do her thing too.”

Without giving a second glance to see if anyone was watching, she moved swiftly ahead. She kicked off the ground, jumped to a building, climbed up and then hopped from rooftop to rooftop. Her movements were light and dynamic.

“… Are those two enemies? Is this place a narrow bridge they have to cross individually?”

Mary asked, possibly having read too much into things.

What books has she been reading lately?

“She’s been reading martial arts novels, Mary,” Panda-hyung answered.

“Yes. No, not enemies, it’s just… they are sort of…”

I responded to Panda-hyung and then tried to find a way to explain the situation to Mary without being too blunt, but I hesitated. Mary was naive. I felt the need to phrase it in a way she could understand.

“Men and women, when they’re wary of each other, sharp words can be exchanged. That’s just a process of getting to know each other better.”

“I see.”

Mary nodded.

“Men and women affairs, I don’t quite understand it. But it could be that they’ll end up liking each other? Is that what you’re saying?”

“You’re utterly clueless.”

Panda-hyung commented after hearing my explanation. I felt a sense of discord and asked back.

“Shouldn’t you normally use a mocking tone when you say you’re an expert in love?”

“No, but you really are clueless about love.”

Well, I couldn’t argue with that. Panda-hyung teased me and burst into laughter before moving along.

“The boss sends me to work, so I’ll go do my job.”

“Do your best since you’re already here.”

I was pretty sure Panda-hyung would probably just catch a goblin and wander around aimlessly if left to his own devices.

“Well then, Mary.”

“Yes. Men and women. Got it. I won’t indulge in such interests. I’m focused on this. Will I finally be able to feed my axe with blood today?”

Mary caressed her axe with a shy smile. That dialogue, her actions, and the expression didn’t quite match up. Little sister, you should save that kind of facial expression for when you’re petting a beloved stuffed toy.

“No doubt it’ll be tasting the blood of Invaders.”

“Then I will be on my way too. Brother, do work hard at beating them dead. Warrior Mary is departing.”

Mary ran off, looking slightly excited. She seemed to fall into a tranced state more easily since the last Hughes Gate incident. But there shouldn’t be a big problem. If she wasn’t able to control her instincts, Mom wouldn’t have let her outside in the first place.

Anyway, after setting up the company and gathering these people, it seemed that the situation was a bit… special.

“Are you not going? As the boss, are you planning to slack off already? Or perhaps, you’ve sent everyone away so you can have me to yourself? Is this the moment you’ve been waiting for?”

Rose barked from behind.

“What are you waiting for? Surely, you’re not thinking lowly of me?”

The sound of Rose bickering with Jeong-jik also reached my ears. They coupled their voices.

“Brother, please explain.”

I contemplated seriously.

Should I put up a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign at the company’s front entrance? Why are the kids always barking?

I began to walk.

Let’s just catch some Invaders. Engaging in that task would be good enough. After all, this was my company’s launch ceremony.

As I approached the police line that was blocking the road, I said,

“Here’s the official operation request.”

“NS? I’ve never heard of it.”

The officer seemed to be a rookie, and he wasn’t a special creature.

He was dutiful.

“We just started recently.”


“About two weeks ago?”


Confused by my answer, I asked the rookie.

“Is there a problem?”

“No, there’s not. Please go ahead.”

A senior-looking officer came up behind the rookie and asked a few questions. I answered them all without a fuss and entered the operation zone.

I held my breath and opened my senses. Though shape-shifters boasted superior individual combat power, in situations like this, an Immortal’s abilities were far more useful.

In the alleys and amid the destroyed buildings, drones buzzed around. They seemed to be for reconnaissance. Therefore, they had to belong to a different company, one that was also out to take down the Lost Invaders.

I silenced the drone sounds and the breathing of people. Then a rumbling sound caught my ears.

I set off at a brisk pace.


Someone recognized me as I passed by and tilted their head in curiosity. It was a special creature warming its hands by a burning trash barrel near a building.

“Seocho Special?”

He murmured.

Ignoring his voice, I sprinted on. The rumbling sounds were getting distant; they were fast.

As I sprinted, I saw a blind dog bolting through the alleys. It was an Invader with a highly developed sense of smell instead of sight. Dashing and growling viciously, drooling as it ran.

I swung the No. 4 hitter at full speed while maintaining my momentum. The solid adamantium gun also made an excellent blunt weapon.


The blind dog’s head cracked and flew against an alley wall.

The dog’s body slumped to the ground with a thump against the wall. That was one down.

I opened my senses again to find the next target. Spotting them was the task; the battle was hardly effortful.

Next, I took down a goblin.

Then five bouncers.

In between, I also got two hell fairies.

I moved as I wished, taking down anything I heard or saw.

“Hey hey, this is our area. Who are you?”

Just as I finished taking down a bouncer, someone questioned me from behind.

I showed them my request form.

“I’m also officially permitted.”

“Wait, there are government rewards for catching these, Seocho Special?”

He started to say, then recognized me, nodded, and said,

“If you have a complaint, come to the office.”

I gave them the company address and continued on my way. I had to move quickly if I wanted to clear this area of Lost Invaders by the end of the day.

“Huh? But if you do this…”

I ignored the murmuring behind me and spotted an orc hidden amid the rubble.

As I ran, I threw a knife.

The knife I threw buried itself into the orc’s head.

With a thunk, the orc’s head snapped backward dramatically and then flung forward, crashing into the broken concrete debris.

It was dead. I could tell without looking.

By 6 p.m.,

I had single-handedly resolved the Lost Invader problem that had persisted for nearly a month in just one day.

This was the launch ceremony of NS.

I told everyone passing by who asked.

“This is our company’s launch ceremony.”

Just like that.

The response was enthusiastic.


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