Genius of unique lineage Chapter 221


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 220: A Total of Ten

“Can I really do that?”


A man and a woman were talking, more precisely, a mature woman and a young, handsome man.

In the context of their family, such looks were common.

But abilities like his were rare, and so was his bloodline, even more precious.

That’s why she took action.

The pureblood Cheongga’s project, as the mistress of outstanding beauty, it was her own initiative.

She was confident.

Her body, honed by relentless exercise, clear eyes, well-shaped eyebrows, orange lips, and a unique atmosphere.

Her bust was a source of pride.

Men are creatures easily charmed by looks and figures, and all who had fallen for her beauty recognized this.

She even played the innocence card, which worked especially well on men in their early twenties.

She donned a dress with white and blue hues and flat shoes.

The plan was simple.

Accidentally spill the coffee she was carrying on the other person while walking past them.

They were within eight steps.

Their voices reached her.

‘If he looks at me after seeing that woman.’

The person walking with him seemed ordinary, a woman who looked well over forty.

She was certain she could easily steal his gaze.

There had been four failures before her, but what did that matter?


It was the moment to pretend to be surprised and spill the coffee.

But before she could, Gwang-ik’s hand was already catching the coffee cup.

He managed to press his foot against her knee just before she fell.

It was a smooth and perfect move, like a choreographed dance.

“It’s okay. That’s fine.”

He didn’t even stop talking.

Gwang-ik, who had swiftly moved her aside, said,

“You’re not my type. It seems you don’t know what I like. My ideal type is a woman who’s sexy and innocent, noble and cute, intelligent, considerate, fun, has a beautiful face, good figure, and is a mix between the legendary beauty and virtue of Uhwudong and Shin Saimdang.”

Having said that, Gwang-ik stood up and went on his way.

The voice of the woman next to him was heard asking,

“Who is she?”

* * *

The head of the pureblood Cheongga was consistent.

His seed was endlessly coveted—a madman, no doubt—and he responded to Jeongsura, the relevant person, by sending a text.

“There is one. A kidnapper constantly sent by the pureblood Cheongga.”

The text sent called for an end to it.

This player at least had some semblance to being human.

They would say it couldn’t be helped, for the sake of their daughter.

As always.

When a passing woman suddenly serenaded him with the Sonata of Seduction in the middle of the street, he asked her out of curiosity. She honestly admitted it was a contrivance from her family.

Not a bad friend.

That’s partially why they maintained friendship.

“What’s with the kidnapping?”

Someone beside him asked.

The words “kidnap my seed” wouldn’t come out of his mouth.

Surely, such a vulgar joke wouldn’t be appropriate before a friend’s mother.

He was known for his wit, but this was pushing it.

“There is such a thing.”

“So what?”

Hyemin’s mother tilted her head, puzzled.

She looked like an ordinary woman, one who enjoyed yoga and pilates despite her age.

Outwardly ordinary, but she was a magician behind closed doors, a Spell Creator.

He had even paid her handsomely for a previous job request.

Like treating a former terrorist woman named Rose who had been under a mind control spell.

“The preparation took some time. I came because it was absolutely necessary for me to be present in person.”

“It’s extremely difficult to cast a controlling spell at a crossroads. Anyone other than me wouldn’t even dare try it. And the closer the caster, the spell, and the subject are to each other, the better the effect.”

“The government knows that too.”

“And you’ll use that to deceive them.”

He shrugged nonchalantly.

Mind control could be applied, but there was over a 90% chance that the victim would be left with the intelligence of an imbecile.

So he thought to himself.

If they’re extracted like that, they can’t be used for information or anything else.

The ex-terrorist known as Medusa’s Eyes had a good deal of information.

Besides, she hadn’t committed a crime so atrocious as to deserve such a punishment.

She had partly performed terrorist acts with considerable moral reluctance.

It’s not that the crime was not a crime.

But if every criminal was to be punished with such severe retribution, she wouldn’t be the only one.

It came down to this.

Rose was a former terrorist, and now she wasn’t.

If her heart was sincere.

If she became a vengeful rose vine.

He pondered the idea of having her on his side.

That was the short version. The long version was simply his whim.

He entered the prison prepared by the Immortal Special Forces.

The job was easy.

“You’re going to take her with a mind control spell?”

It was inside a former prison.

The director with white hair spoke.

Despite suffering from relentless interrogation and drugs, the fire in Rose’s eyes was still alive.

He mouthed a question to her without the guards noticing.

‘Are your thoughts unchanged?’

She seemed to have barely washed, judging by the musty smell piercing his nose – an unpleasant experience for a clan with keen senses, even with the door closed.

Prisoners should be treated with basic rights. What was this?

She nodded nearly imperceptibly, a gesture barely visible.

“What should I trust in?”

The director spoke.

His face read ‘Just because you say it, doesn’t mean I have to give her to you.’

“Well, I don’t exactly need your permission.”


The timing was perfect. A call came in.

The director’s phone vibrated, and after he saw the screen, he said, ‘One moment,’ and took the call.

“Yes, Mr. President.”

It must’ve been the call from the president.

Before coming here, he’d made a deal with the minister.

Although they lacked a reason to convince others to let her go, they’d used force to push through.

The Immortal Special Forces operated independently but was still under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The minister couldn’t be ignored indefinitely.

Moreover, the president had also lent support.

It took the minister one hour to persuade him to come to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

But the actual deal took less than a minute.

“Yes, you handle it. Your father guarantees the aftermath.”

He’d leveraged his father’s position as well.

Phoenix team leader promised to take care of the aftermath.

Pushed by the minister of Home Affairs.

“That’s right?”

With the call ending, he repeated his question, watching the director’s pupils shake.

Power was intoxicating.

No reason, excuse, or justification necessary.

“Please proceed.”

The spell to deceive had commenced.

Hyemin’s mother had carefully masked her face before entering.

“I’m not of common appearance,” she had stated, hinting at the sorrows of a unique spellcaster.

Being a hunter of spells often entailed hiding one’s true self.

Rather than using a clumsy shape-shifting spell in front of an immortal, it was more efficient to wear a mask.

She did just that, taking her place here.

The spell completed. Surrounded by flashes of light, an awe-striking scene unfolded.

After murmuring incomprehensible words for about a dozen minutes, Hyemin’s mother announced,

“It’s done.”

Upon hearing that, Rose turned to him.

“Shall we leave?”

He supported her as she couldn’t walk well on her own.

The director groaned but stepped aside.

They had to at least not show a prisoner walking out proudly, so they covered Rose with several coats.

Still, the stench was relentless.

“Hey, don’t you ever bathe?”

He addressed the supported Rose.

“It’s been a week. Those damned people didn’t give me proper facilities.”

Rose spit out an expletive.

Everyone probably heard her.

The director raised an eyebrow.

“We can’t afford to indulge a mad terrorist with such luxuries.”

Was a bathroom now considered a luxury? Since when?

But he held his tongue.

Regardless of the Geneva Conventions, that was meant for civilians.

In a world where special species were detained and experimented on, this was relatively mild.

A few employees, probably from the internal audit team, followed the director either as escorts or monitors.

Familiar faces appeared here and there.

They started to speak to me but retreated upon seeing the director behind them.

The moment they stepped out of the special forces’ compound had arrived.

“I just can’t get used to you being the boss now.”

It was the voice of the Sibal team leader, familiar after such a long time.

He turned around.

Ignoring the director’s pressure, the smiling immortal greeted him.

Glad to see the smile, he replied cheerily,

“Isn’t it below the dignity of a company representative to speak so informally to a simple employee? The audacity of a corporate overlord.”

“You crazy bastard.”

The team leader chuckled at the joke.

He smiled back.

“Are you not leaving?”

The director was impatient.

“I am.”

As he walked past the information center, he noticed a familiar face.

The welcoming sister he befriended during his tenancy.

His building also had an information center on the first floor.

It was empty, but soon someone would occupy it.


“Oh, Gwang-ik.”

The information sister glanced at the director while speaking.

She couldn’t even greet freely due to the director’s watchful eye.

So he spoke quickly.

“What’s your salary? Call me later with that number.”

He threw Steven Choi’s business card as he spoke.

Steven once told him, if anyone shows interest in the company, hand them a business card first.

He had heard that working at the information desk for Hwarim could be tough and dangerous.

Sometimes dealing with difficult special species was part of the job.

And the welfare benefits were reported to be abysmal.

While special species enjoyed substantial welfare, the opposite was true for humans.

“What are you doing?”

The director asked.


He replied carefully.

Rose chuckled at his response.

That wasn’t what he’d intended to elicit, but it happened.


Hyemin’s mother elegantly suppressed a cough.

His playful remark had evidently turned the director’s face red as a tomato.

“See you next time.”

He decided to leave before the director could explode in anger.

He got into the newly purchased SUV.

“Bye, Gwang-ik.”

“Are you here again?”

“Oh, the formidable Sechoi Special.”

Here was the front yard of Hwarim.

Traditionally, the presence of a special species company had been well-concealed, but after the attack, CEO Nam changed his stance.

They now openly sought jobs under the banner of Hwarim.

It still seemed like he was running the company on a shoestring budget.

Money was essential—that was true for his own company as well.

He got into the SUV, a gas-guzzling foreign brand, but it was equipped with spell defenses.

Hyemin’s mother remarked upon seeing it.

“Weak spells can’t even break through that.”

That extra for low-grade spell protection cost a whopping hundred million, mother.

Hyemin’s mother was said to have a fortune exceeding a hundred million.

A Spell Creator at work could become a walking corporation.

“Mother, have you considered employment? Maybe as an external director?”

“Should I?”

She seemed intrigued by his half-joking suggestion.

“I’m serious.”

“Once Hyemin gets married, I’ll think about it.”

“Looks like I’ll have to set Hyemin up for blind dates first.”

“At that, our daughter would probably panic and kick wildly.”

“Is she ever going to fix that habit of kicking?”

“Can’t be helped. It’s a harsh world for a daughter to live in.”

She smiled benignly, but her underlying message was clear.

I guess the mother had always viewed him as a son-in-law.

In the rearview mirror, he saw a gloomy Rose looking out the window.

He had deceived everyone.

The Immortal Special Forces included.

“So now do I live as you command?”

Rose asked, her gaze fixed outside.

Rose had been deceived too.

Instead of actual mind control, he told her that a time bomb had been implanted in her head.

Precisely, a magic-made bomb.

He had the authority to detonate it if she acted up, a lie included for good measure.

“If you tell me to strip, will I have to do that?”

Rose continued.

Has she gone mad?

“I won’t command that. That kind of thing.”

He answered quickly.

“Even with clothes on?”

“What are you thinking?”

“Thinking like many men do when they see a beauty like me.”

“…You’re really insane.”

No wonder he called her crazy Rose.

This was not the time for such a deranged topic.

It must be a warning not to even dream about such things in the future.

“Ever heard of hero’s hedonism?”

Hyemin’s mother joined in.


“Go meet lots of women.”

It was an odd thing for a mother who wants her daughter to marry to say.

She wasn’t normal either.

But then again, expecting normalcy from a magician was perhaps a fool’s errand.

He focused on driving.

Arriving home, which was also the company, he assigned Rose a room to stay in.

He gave her a week to rest.

During that time, he devoted himself to training.

Meanwhile, Joonil-ho, the Stick Teacher, officially joined them.

“Stop using your brain so much.”

The Log Teacher joined in.

He was an option included by the mother. It was no coincidence she was involved.

If the mother came along, he knew he too would join.

Announcing tiredness of mental gymnastics,

“Here’s some stock options.”

He offered her company shares.

The Log Teacher’s dream was to live off passive income for the rest of his days.

He loved stocks, so the promise of shares softened his stance.

In such moments, it was hard to believe he was the harsh teacher he once knew.

“Everyone’s gathered.”

It was a gathering of ten.

The beginning.

There was a prepared task, but first, he intended to warm up.

The warm-up was to be an alternative for a company launch party.


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