Genius of unique lineage Chapter 218


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 217: Establishment

Among the training facilities built on the underground first floor, there was this one:

A cubic sparring arena.

It was three times the size of a regular ring, with its walls made of hexagon-reinforced glass, produced from the source material of the Hexagon Field.

The atomic structure of the reinforced glass was similar to a hexagon, which was why it was named as such.

Accordingly, its strength almost rivaled that of the Hexagon Field itself.

Much thought had gone into its structure for the purpose of impact mitigation.

Considering it was a sparring arena meant for specialized species, this was only natural.

To the left of the arena, there were muscle-training devices – ones specialized for metallurgy work.

“Is this made from an adamantium alloy?”

I asked, eyeing a bar of metal with a hint of black sheen.


Panda-shaped Brother nodded with satisfaction. I wanted to try out the arena.

It wasn’t made just to be admired.

“Jeongjik, come up here.”


“Let’s have a go with Brother.”

Jeongjik stared at me and then turned to Panda Brother.

“Is it right for me, who recently earned the nickname ‘Hundred Slayer’ for catching a hundred unique species alone, to have a match with someone called the world’s most unique? Wouldn’t that just be one-sided violence?”

He was a bit verbose.

Despite the single sentence, his sincerity was apparent, as if he truly felt wronged.

“…Where the hell did you pick this guy up?”

Panda Brother asked, looking at Jeongjik.

“From Seongsoo-dong.”

Even back then, I thought his abilities were unique.

Now, though, it seems his quirks are more in his personality than his abilities.

“If I had wanted to beat him up, I wouldn’t have brought him here. Just come up quietly, will you?”

Panda Brother spoke with his arms crossed.

Jeongjik came up with an expression akin to a prisoner being led to the gallows.

But once he was up, his expression changed.

It was a face filled with the resolve to do this properly now that it had come to this.

I wasn’t fooled.

This guy’s expressions and actions are always the complete opposite of each other.

“Are we only doing this within the ring? I need to know the basic rules if I’m to participate.”

“Step out of the ring, and I won’t lay a finger on you.”

I replied.

My intuition was correct.

Jeongjik clenched his teeth and tried to bounce outside the ring.

So, he was attempting that transformation trick again.

Of course, before he even started, I gave him a thwack on the head.


With a crisp sound, Jeongjik clutched his head.

“No ability activation, let’s see some basics.”

I assumed his character would improve over time.

After all, I brought him here because he had a good mindset for enhancing his abilities, and now I wanted to see his skills in action.

How useful could he really be?

Having a unique ability doesn’t mean everything.

I had seen his mindset, now it was time to see what he could actually do. I wanted to assess what he had internalized in his body over time.

It was with such a light-hearted spirit that I had begun this.

Jeongjik made his move.

It wasn’t any trained martial arts form – at best, it could be described as street fighting.

With a face as innocent as a Maltese yet his actions were fierce – poking eyes, tripping legs, and aiming for the groin.

I blocked the eye poke with the edge of my hand and kicked back at Jeongjik’s sweeping leg.

I caught his knee aimed for my groin with my palm and pressed down.

Parrying and pressing, I dealt with him through simple moves, somewhat letting him off the hook.

The intention wasn’t to subdue or knock him down but to reasonably engage with him.

I wanted to see what this guy had to offer, in full.

Blocking and parrying, I too used what I had learned. It was a reflexive action.

What I learned as an Immortal, what I learned as a member of the shifting species.

The level of the opposition wasn’t high, so there was no need to concentrate too much.

And so, my thoughts began to wander.

What was the first thing I learned?

Immortal Stick Teacher taught me how to control an immortal’s body.

The basics of the basics and how to kill his presence – the first secret technique known as a ‘secret move’.

Killing presence, erasing any traces of oneself.

After joining the Immortal Special Squad, I learned more presence-related skills.

Deceiving presence, consider it an expanded version of ‘painting’. It was also called sensory disruption.

Then there was sensory expansion, one of the secret techniques of the purebloods.

Focus is concentrated on one adversary, whereas expansion involves receiving information in all directions around me and predicting future outcomes.

Essentially, it’s a technique that enables short-term predictions in battle.

This sensory expansion was honed into the team leader’s secret technique.

Sensory Fusion, also known as enhanced synesthesia.

Then there was sensory differentiation.

Dividing what was combined. This could be seen as an evolved technique of sensory focus.

Maximizing one of the divided senses.

This was a technique boasted by the pureblood Jeong family.

I learned this while observing the Ssangnam twins.

When I killed the human lumberjack Nopildoo, I used the technique of rotating presence.

It’s an evolved form of deceiving presence.

Combining killing and deceiving presence.

One side deceives, another hides – like a hidden dagger in the back.

I learned this from my father.

All the battles I had fought, from the playful sparring with Team Leader Sibal to the fight with the Blind Dog, it all flashed through my mind.

Killing, deceiving, scattering, and rotating the presence were ultimately part of one technique, I concluded.

Suddenly, I had an epiphany that this was the correct answer.

My body told me so, and my experiences backed it up.


With a shout that almost sounded like a scream, Jeongjik swung his punch downwards.

In a split second, I saw over fifty flaws.

I struck at one of them.

It was a hand guided by reflex and instinct, leveraging my left foot to pivot halfway. Jeongjik’s fist grazed my shoulder, and my palm came in contact with his side.

I pushed lightly. Any more power would have broken his ribs.


As I pushed, Jeongjik’s feet left the ground.


Despite the light blow, the shock was enough to jolt his internals.

Jeongjik coughed and straightened himself up.

Watching this, I positioned myself with my left hand forward and my right hand retracted, continuing my train of thought.

During my time in the Immortal Special Squad, I learned various martial arts.

Books and videos, as well as following agents who were masters in the field.

Boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, krav maga, kali arnis, systema, judo, taekwondo, muay thai, karate, jujutsu, wing chun, baguazhang, tai chi, and more.

I skimmed through many.

A mere tasting was enough.

The blood of the shifting species allowed that knowledge to stick to my body.

I honed those newly attached techniques. I trained by splitting my time.

I always felt lacking, having set high goals for myself.

The combat techniques learned from skimming proved quite practical. Not a bad investment of my time.

Then I learned the techniques of the shifting species.

And that, that shattered the world I knew.

That was no different from when I became immortal.

But this was something else.

Iron Fist and Hard Shell.

Just these two secret techniques were enough to greatly surpass the limits of physical abilities.

Why not put them together?

Let instinct and reason duel with sharpened focus, or go all-in on one. That’s the shifting species’ typical tactics and techniques.

If it’s instinct, it’s instinct.

If it’s reason, it’s reason.

One-minded focus and fusion (合致).

I followed what I had learned, and it became ingrained in my body.

The surging monstrous strength confirmed that I had indeed inherited the bloodline of the shifting species.

On top of that was my father’s bloodline, which maximized my sensory control abilities.

Maximized sensory control meant being hypersensitive compared to the pureblood Jeong family.

Feeling the airflow through my body, grasping the opponent’s movements.

All that information was automatically and neatly stacked in real-time.

My thoughts stretched even further.

Human lumberjack, Crocodile, the unique species Invader.

My mother and father, and all those Named I had tucked away in my memory.

Even Team Leader Sibal and Deputy Panda were included in the consideration.

I crafted imaginary enemies and acted against them.

Do I really need to apply all these techniques I’ve learned?

Do I need to affix all learned martial arts to my body?

No. At least I knew that wasn’t the answer for me.

Along with that realization came the awareness that the techniques I held were miserably cluttered.

Establishment (정립).

I organized what I had, affirmed it, determined my direction, drew the path, and straightened it.

It didn’t take effort. As soon as I realized it, it happened.

The spar with Jeongjik lasted only about thirty minutes.

I saw the sweat-soaked face of Jeongjik nearing exhaustion.

His whole body was drenched.

I had seen everything I needed to.

Having done everything while observing.

The established technique.

The way it is applied and used will make a difference.

That’s the right course.

The importance of basics also came to mind.

“Why did you follow me?”

And just before Jeongjik collapsed from fatigue, having been pushed to the brink, I asked him the question.


The answer came from an utterly worn-out Jeongjik.

At that moment, there couldn’t have been a more direct and blunter response.

“Because it seemed like having money allowed you to do whatever you wanted in life.”

He was frank.

As he spoke, he slumped to the floor with fatigue. Sweat dripped down to the floor.

Jeongjik’s eyelashes trembled slightly. His eyes were half-closed.

I approached and tapped his forehead.


Completely spent, Jeongjik closed his eyes. I pushed on his forehead and wrapped my arms around his waist, then left the sparring ring.

Panda Brother’s gaze followed me.

Even if I weren’t immortal, it was a look filled with concern, enough for me to feel.

Wondering why he was looking at me like that, I saw Brother open his mouth with an incredibly serious expression.

“Don’t learn bad things from Jungbong Brother.”


“You shouldn’t bully newcomers. That’s, well, I contributed to that once. I’m sorry. But you should know better, see? Why did you almost kill the kid?”

Thinking back, maybe in my focus, I had been a bit too rough with the hands.

But it was a misunderstanding.

I just needed time to organize my thoughts.

“Kwang-ik, hey, let’s not do this, Jungbong Brother was wrong. I’ll apologize.”

Panda Brother clicked his tongue.

“Poor kid.”

Only then did I realize Jeongjik wasn’t just drenched in sweat.

While lost in thoughts about the shifting species, I must have exerted some strength without realizing it.

His arms and legs were swollen and bruised.

“Rather knock him out than beat him. Is it wrong to like money? Can’t you just appreciate money a little?”

Panda Brother received the pitiable Jeongjik with a look of pity.

When Brother got like this, it was evident that he was a very compassionate person.

And when it came to money, he was exceptionally serious.

“What sin does money have.”

I muttered a response.

“Yes, money is not a sin.”

After speaking, I, too, wiped away the non-existent sweat.

The feeling was refreshing. I felt almost buoyant.

I didn’t need a separate process to attach the established techniques to my body.

At the end of my thoughts, I spoke.

“Brother, can I ask you something?”

Panda Brother, who kept nodding in agreement when I said money wasn’t a sin, looked at me and signaled with his eyes.

Tell me, he gestured. So I asked.

“If I fought with Team Leader Ijungbong, would I win?”

I could kill him. I was sure of it.

Just close the distance and secure the reach of a shifting species, then overpower him with strength.

Since our presence techniques would clash against each other.

All it would take is one timing.

If I transformed and charged, closing that distance wouldn’t be difficult.

If it came down to shooting from a distance, it probably wouldn’t hit.

Of course, it would depend on the gear he held.

What if the Team Leader had an optical weapon?

No matter who I was, being sliced by that meant I was done for.

The time it would take to regenerate, the Team Leader would have turned my body into a dozen pieces or more.

On the other hand, if I avoided the optical weapon’s blow, that would be it.

The distance would then be in my favor. No need for image training for a close battle.


Panda Brother furrowed his brow and replied.



Even after watching me all this while?

I thought at least he’d give me a seventy, maybe an eighty percent chance.

“Having been by Jungbong Brother’s side for years, I’ve even had direct fights with him. Of course, he can’t keep up with your physical abilities, but why do you think he was called ‘Phantom,’ huh?”

Phantom, ghost.

The reason for that name?

The answer came to me along with the question.

It must have been his mastery of killing presence.

Even when you saw him directly, he’d have trained to the level where it felt like he’d disappear.

Didn’t I just establish that?

The basics are important.

The foundation of presence skills is killing it.

Deceiving, scattering, rotating – they all stem from the kill.

“If it was a premeditated sneak attack on your part, then I’d bet my entire fortune on you, but otherwise, it’s fifty-fifty.”

Panda Brother continued.

“Then striking from behind and escaping won’t even get me caught, huh.”

I half-jokingly replied.

Then Panda Brother furrowed his brow again.

Even deeper wrinkles than before formed.

With that expression, he spoke.

“You’re not really going to do that, are you? Hating someone is one thing, but sucker-punching? Let’s not do that.”

…What does he see me as?

As if I would do that.

It was just a thought, only a thought.

“Let’s start working. Work.”

Speaking out, I took a deep breath and exhaled.

Various ventilation systems and diffuser scents stimulated my nose.

Scents chosen by the shifting species themselves.

Subtle yet refreshing.

Scents without a hint of unpleasantness.

The feeling was still good.

I experienced a sense of certainty while establishing my techniques.

Based on fights and experience, I gained certainty today.

I can still grow.

Today’s me had not reached my limit.

Neither in technique nor in body. My limits still lay far ahead.


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