Genius of unique lineage Chapter 216


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 215: A Future Comrade, Perhaps

The Seongsu-dong Hughes Gate incident remained a central topic in the news for days on end.

“You’re aware, aren’t you? Black holes come in two forms, and if there’s a gate, then there’s a plant form. The Hughes Gate that opened up in Seongsu-dong was a plant form from the start. There’s verified proof that when black holes reach a certain size, they turn into ‘factory’ form, not just a theory,” declared a researcher affiliated with the government.

It means if there’s ‘door’ form for a black hole, there’s also a ‘factory’ form. This had been substantiated through countless papers. In contemporary times, the area deemed the MZ (Militarized Zone), treated like a demonic realm, is said to have sprouted plant-form holes one after the other. That’s why it became the MZ.

Its original name was the DMZ, and Korea was once a divided nation. Now, as things stand, it’s become a single country. The reason the area was renamed MZ following the Hughes Gate incident was due to its abandonment.

“The tale that’s proven as the devil’s womb, the implications of this event are crystal clear. Humanity must absolutely prevent the opening of Hughes Gates,” someone stated.

The devil’s womb refers to the place beyond the MZ region, where North Korea once existed. The show’s host took the panelist’s commentary in stride.

“Yes, we’ll see to it. When life gets tough, hope is bound to emerge.”

The news then discussed the aftermath of the Hughes Gate event, referring to the Lost Invaders—those entities from the gate that hadn’t been dealt with. It was reported that the Seongsu-dong area was still under lockdown, with the police, Immortal Special Forces, private military companies, and freelancers handling the invader situation.

This wouldn’t be over in a day or two.

Besides, there wasn’t a role for me to play.

The snow that had started at the funeral continued for another two days.

During those two days, I became something like an idol, although the fans who latched on were a bit unusual compared to your typical teenage girls.

Several members who had served in the unique brigade of the Republic of Korea’s Special Forces had been up all night hoping to exchange words with me.

When I told him to find my older brother if he wanted to see him, he came himself.

But really, taking it to the point of holding up a banner saying ‘A proposal for 3rd-generation hero Yoo Kwang-ik’ was a bit much.

Isn’t this kind of thing normally done behind the scenes? Why make such a public display?

“Son, why are you more popular among men?” my mother asked, wiping her hands on her apron while looking out the balcony window.

“It’s extremely displeasing to hear you say that,” I retorted, turning away.

The very thought of meeting them became even more undesirable. Seeing that officer who asked me to join him in dealing with the Hughes Gate incident in Seongsu-dong made it clear they were desperate. But I couldn’t care less.

Then people from subsidiaries under the Dangun Group also came looking for me. They had business with me for sure, but they also contacted my mother quite often.

“Who is it?” I asked, although I hadn’t been eavesdropping. I just happened to hear my mother’s phone conversation in the living room, especially the sharp edge in her voice when she said ‘Who is it?’

“Who would like to see you?” my mother said in a more composed voice.

“The chairman,” came the heavy voice from the other end.

“Oh, the chairman? I don’t recall knowing any chairman,” she refuted, which was a bit off the mark.

Given her mood, even flowers from my father wouldn’t suffice. It would have to start at least with a meat bouquet made from prime T-bone steak.

“The father wishes to see his daughter and asks that you pass on the message.”

“A father? I’m not aware of any father,” she replied, hanging up the phone.

I unwittingly glanced at my mother.

“Why, son?”

When she asked me, looking my way, I answered indifferently, “No reason.”

It was scary.

It seemed my mother had no intention of reconciling with my grandfather for the time being. Though she used to utilize luxury cars and limousines, suddenly she was acting like this.

Though she appeared to carry a story I didn’t know, I didn’t probe into it. Sometimes it’s better to feign ignorance.

The journalists were also relentless.

When they requested just one interview, I passed all of it on to my older brother.

“He’s my agent. Please handle this.”

“I’ve been getting only 4 hours of sleep a day because of you. You think this is the right thing to say?” he complained.

He said he was getting more than five hundred calls a day.

“Cheer up.”

So I gave him a substantial bonus.

I’m not sure how my brother managed it, but somehow he got rid of the reporters camping outside the house.

What was left were just a few paparazzi. If I’m spotted by those goons, I’d have to give up my title as the immortal.

Dodging and hiding from their presence are the specialties of an immortal.

Dealing with persistent journalists wasn’t the end of it.

There were also offers for advertisements.

“Ads? What kind of ads?”

“That’s some bank ad,” my brother informed me periodically.

I pondered momentarily.

To do it or not to do it.

I put it aside for now.

Really, there was a variety of incidents.

“Oh, Yoo Kwang-ik, with skin as pure as milk! We love you, Yoo Kwang-ik!”

If it were a real fan club, I might have been embarrassed but pleased.

The shouting outside the apartment, however, was from the police. They resorted to such antics because I refused to meet them.

Are they crazy?

Their strategy was so unique. Were they trying to shame me into meeting them?

Team leader Lee Ji-hye herself had said so. If I were embarrassed, that means we should meet immediately. She was okay with a date request anytime too.

I politely declined.

Even with all that under consideration, the most astonishing thing happened now.

The President came to see me.

“…If you needed me, why didn’t you simply call?” I asked, rarely witnessing my father flustered.

Why would the President come to visit just to see me?

When the doorbell rang, my mother tilted her head from side to side, asking my father, “Really?”

“Heh,” my father just clicked his tongue.

And just like that, the President really did come to our house.

Not a summons to the Blue House, nor a request to meet elsewhere.

He just asked if it was a convenient time and came over.

And when my father questioned why the President came personally.

“They said you wouldn’t come if I called.”

So he answered, cheerfully.

“Me?” I said, pointing to myself.

“I heard it’s tough to get you, even if the commander of the Unique Brigade or the superintendent asks to meet. I have ears to listen, you know.”

On TV, he seemed quite old and dignified, but in person, he gave off an amiable vibe. Rumored to be a commoner, he also looked surprisingly youthful.

He didn’t seem to be over fifty; there was a glow to his face.

Well, in modern times, wrinkles were easily dealt with. With a year of consistent application of a certain cream, wrinkles could genuinely improve. It wasn’t just marketing—it was almost magical cream in reality.

Indeed, the initial wrinkle-improvement cream was even called ‘Magic Something.’ It was said that for women over forty, this company’s product was more exciting than a cure for premature ejaculation or hair loss.

I didn’t have a use for it, so I wasn’t concerned.

Neither did my mother.

As I gazed in bewilderment, the President quipped.

“Your rump is worth a pretty penny, I’ve heard.”

He flashed a smile, and I reciprocated. Just as I was curious about his reasons for visiting, the President broached the subject first, simply stating that he wanted to have a face-to-face chat.

And when he added, asking if I ever considered working under him.

“A secretary would be a perfect start.”

“What about them?” I pointed to the secretary standing next to the President.

His complexion was pale, almost deathly, suggesting an immortal. Slender but clearly well-toned with advanced weaponry hidden within the suit.

Despite his gentle expression, he was in a position no different from the President’s closest bodyguard.

He was certainly no average Joe.

“I am the President, after all. Hiring another secretary isn’t a matter at all.”

Yes, I suppose so.

“I’ll courteously leave that position for someone else. I enjoy sleeping in, so getting to the office can be difficult.”

“Then how about coming in around lunch?”

Was this an offer for a tit-for-tat jest?

He must’ve realized I was fixated on him.

“It’s a joke.”

The President laughed out-loud.

My parents watched silently, not uttering a word.

Just as I thought he came for meaningless banter, the President rose from the sofa. He then looked straight at me, bowed his head, and bent at the waist.

Everyone looked on in disbelief. I was the first to react.

“Err… Mr. President?”

I called out as I stood up and reached out to him. The President gently pushed aside my hand and said,

“I’m grateful. Thank you for fighting. On behalf of the citizens, I sincerely express my gratitude.”

There was a tingling sensation in my heart.

Sure, it’s true I did it to save people.

It was conceivable someone might thank me.

But I had never anticipated something like this.

“Well then.”

The President mentioned that he had prepared a commendation and a reward before departing.

He was cool like that.

“Not too bad. Regardless of party politics, he’s a person who cares about the people,” my father said, explaining that there were only two people he admired in the current political arena: the President and the Minister of the Interior.

“Well, that doesn’t mean you have to align yourself anywhere in particular.”

My dad was a solid backing for me. Whether it was the Interior Ministry or the President, it meant that if I didn’t want to, I shouldn’t do it.

He seemed to want to join forces subtly.

I’m sorry, but I had something else I wanted to do.


I replied meekly and headed back to my room.

Now then, had they found that rascal?

You can’t know a person just by their appearance, they say.

After everything in Seongsu-dong concluded and I went to collect my gear, I ran into an absurd situation.

“That guy, carrying it and running off, brought a cart because it was heavy…”

That overblown, whiskery, half-blood immortal old man’s words. The light-transforming scoundrel, who came from the rear lines and sniped along with the old whiskery man, ran off with my equipment.

With those innocent eyes.

I had been completely fooled.

A born swindler, that brat.

I couldn’t believe it, not having paid much attention, but it hadn’t crossed my mind.

I had to find him.

Not just for the weapon’s sake.

Well, there’s another reason, too.

So, I employed someone. Freelancer Shin Ju-ho, a man with a special ability tailored to finding and investigating people.

Once, when he dug into my past, the backfire caught him.

Hired by Park Hyuk.

After my father came to know of all this and a single word to the government department sent his company on the brink of bankruptcy.

I made a phone call to that man.

“Wanna work?”

“I’m not in a position to work right now,” he replied, sounding defeated.

His talent was something I coveted—a remarkable skill, merely misused.

“The tax audit hounding you?”

I knew full well. My father’s word meant his company was now suffering terribly. There was no guilt.

It was their own doing, dabbling in tax evasion and illegal matters.

Seen another way, it might’ve been ignored had they not been tirelessly investigated.

“…You were behind it?”

Bitterness came through in his voice.

“Just handle one job for me. As for your fee, well, let’s call it even with the investigation you’re dropping.”

I was purely professional about it.

After a brief silence, Mr. Shin Ju-ho agreed.

That took place yesterday.

“I’ve found him.”

Shin Ju-ho just called me right now.

“So soon?” I inquired, amazed.

All I had provided as a description was his appearance and his light-transformation premature ejaculation ability, yet it was this swift?

“Light-transformation ability users aren’t common. I’ve sent the location. As for the investigation?”

“Yes, it’ll be taken care of.”

To be managed my way, of course.

“Thank you.”

Hanging up the call, I busied myself with preparations to leave. My father, seated in the living room, watched me intently. Thanks to the door being open, he had a clear view from the living room to my room.

“Want me to get the investigation going?”


An immortal possesses supreme levels of perception, intuition, and sixth sense.

Even with just that brief call, he had an idea of what was happening.

“Didn’t you say you would take care of it? Keeping promises is important.”

Our house wasn’t just strict because of my mother. My father was just as stern, just with a different approach.

“Yes, I will keep it.”

“And you still want to let it go?”

“May I handle this my way?” I challenged, asking if he really needed to intervene in his grown child’s affairs.

While my mother often resorted to fists rather than words, my father always preferred to talk from beginning to end. Sometimes that’s even more painful.

So I cut the conversation short.

“Goodness, I guess it’s true what they say, raising kids is pointless.”

“Ah, indeed. Once you’ve raised them, they’re someone else’s. Yoo Kwang-ik, where are you going?” my mother joined in.

“Yes, Yu Yeon-ho, Gang Seul-hye, I’m off to meet someone. I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Oh, so starting today you’re cutting ties, eh?” my mother cheerfully exclaimed.

It was at this moment that Mari chimed in. She’s been watching personal broadcasts fervently through her holographic phone lately, picking up more phrases.

“Mari wants brother to remain in the family registry. Even becoming a registry mate is fine, as long as she is with brother.”

“Yeah, I’ll stay in the registry,” I conceded.

“What a relief,” Mari said, and my parents both burst into laughter.

Could this really be the same girl who would wield an axe and slash through invaders like butter?

In any case, I left, turning my back on them. Outside, there were numerous people milling about, but not a single family member seemed concerned about my safety. Naturally.

Sure, I applied invisibility, but I’m a body that’s dashed through hordes of invaders undetected.

Stepping out with all the surrounding activity, you’d think they wouldn’t be too apprehensive. It says I’m not so clumsy to get caught.

“Who are you off to meet? Sejong Special Forces’ Yoo Kwang-ik?” my mother asked from behind.

Heading for the door, I replied, “A thief.”

Hmm, and perhaps a future comrade.

Plans are set, it’s time for action.

This task just might be the start.

With that thought, I stepped outside, stifling my presence as I breezed past the crowd, heading toward the thief’s hideout.

The destination: Yeomri-dong in Mapo District.

“Why chase a thief?”

“I heard brother lost a weapon recently.”


Right before the door closed, I heard my mother and Mari’s conversation follow me.

I’m not clumsy, Gang Seul-hye. I silently rebutted as I moved forward.


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