Genius of unique lineage Chapter 215


Genius of a Unique Lineage

214. It was the first snow.


The old shapeshifter slammed the table with force.

His face flushed with color, and his eyes gently curled with joy.

In that state, the old man burst into hearty laughter.

“Hahahaha! You sly little devil.”

His laughter, filled with utter delight, resonated throughout the office.

If the room hadn’t been designed with soundproofing and dust control, the walls would have surely rattled with the reverberation.

In high spirits, he had struck the table while holding a glass in his hand.

The Chairman of the Dangun Group, and privately, Kwang Ik’s maternal grandfather, lifted the glass he held.

He filled an on-the-rocks glass with a strong brown liquid, whiskey over 40% proof, and gulped it down.

A warm heat traveled up his esophagus.

“Feels good?”

Asked a bodyguard, who was also a friend.

“Indeed, it does.”

The chairman replied, beaming with pleasure.

There was no need for deep contemplation.

He was proud of his grandchild who had demonstrated genius beyond mere inherited talent.

The grandchild who’d stopped the first wave.

And what followed after.

Whether it was a petty hero complex or calculated intentions behind those actions.

It didn’t matter.

“He insists he’ll never join the company, yet you’re still happy?”

The chairman chuckled.

People’s beliefs are meant to change.

He had seen countless people change their minds.

It’s common for the world you believe in to transform.

The chairman was confident he could bring Kwang Ik under him.


‘Now is the time to let him be.’

The rumors had already spread widely.

About the hero who alone stopped the first wave.

The lone slayer of dozens of unique species.

The Closer who sealed the Seongsudong Hue’s Gate.

The moniker ‘Gate Closer’ was something you’d expect to hear from the first generation.

It literally meant a unique species that played a significant role in closing a black hole.

“Give him whatever he needs, I’ll gladly offer anything reasonable.”

After saying this, the chairman lifted his glass again. Once he had settled his excitement, he thought it was time to consider reconciling with his daughter.

If the relationship with his daughter improved, naturally, he would become closer to his grandchild as well.

While the chairman and the group’s leader had the motivation to catch this irregular, his heart also raced.

He desperately wanted to meet this unique species who had achieved the incredible feat.

It was pure fandom.

A desire to speak and interact with the unique species who had shown such a heroic demeanor.

* * *

The head of the pure-blood Jeongga had made up his mind after hearing about the Seongsudong Hue’s Gate incident’s conclusion.

“I think so. There’s no man who hates women. The previous approach was too tacky, right? Let’s go for something more sophisticated this time.”

It was a family meeting.

The core powers sustaining the Korean immortals of the pure-blood Jeongga were all gathered.

The topic of discussion was Yoo Kwang Ik.

Or to be precise, Yoo Kwang Ik’s lineage.

This was the pure-blood Jeongga.

There must have been sentiments against so much effort for a mere half-blood.

But no one dared to voice it.

What Kwang Ik had done made sure of it.

The feats he accomplished silenced even those unconnected to him.

“Let’s bring that friend’s blood.”

The pure-bloods, specifically the pure-blood Jeongga, had always protected their lineage.

Though closed off, they had discreetly brought in the lineage of capable immortals.

“Whether we should worry about mixing with the blood of a foul beast.”

An extremist pure-blood faction elder spoke up.

“That’s a problem for later. Right now, that blood is tempting. Besides being a half-blood, it’s of the Thousand Faces lineage. It would have been great if Yoo Yeonho had come to our side before.”

The family head trailed off.

Touching Yoo Yeonho was a touchy subject. It wasn’t for no reason that he had the nickname ‘Thousand Faces.’

You could get burned playing with fire.

But Yoo Kwang Ik?

It wasn’t about being hostile.

Quite the opposite.

It felt worth trying. That’s what they thought.

Another elder spoke up, a woman with strikingly red lips.

“What about the brothers, Ho Nam and Ki Nam?”

“Are those two more important than this extraordinary species right now?”

The family head furrowed his brow.

The elder fell silent.

* * *

The police commissioner couldn’t just smile at the news about Kwang Ik.

He had thought the guy was a monster, but this was going too far.

So he too kept his mouth shut.

He had a hunch that Kwang Ik would not be easily drawn into his fold.

There was a powerful figure with different thoughts, though not an officer of the police, but of the military.

The deeds of Kwang Ik had even astounded a general who had been with the Korean special species forces from the beginning.

“I wanted to see Yoo Kwang Ik, but what can we do when he wraps up situations like that?”

The top brass commented, and the words trickled down through the ranks.

“Could he even come if summoned right after battle? Are you out of your mind?”

The words reached an officer who had been chastised for a previous incident involving Kwang Ik.

The officer bit down hard on his teeth and muttered his intentions to rectify the situation.

The military’s special species forces were all part of a single brigade.

The name was ‘Unique Brigade.’

Their insignia was a rising sun.

Places marked with the symbol of a semicircle atop a straight line had the longest history and were responsible for guarding the country’s most dangerous areas.

This also meant they consumed a considerable portion of the defense budget.

And the highest ranking official wanted everything Kwang Ik had to offer.

The military began pulling together all the information they could on the unique species.

“A son of Yoo Yeonho?”

Yoo Yeonho had come from military stock as well.

He had connections with the top brass.

Seated in his office, the commander spoke,

“We’ve been too gentle in our previous love calls. Shall we draft a proposal to start him off as a major? And let’s meet in person.”

A big shot, one of Korea’s core pillars, had made a move.

Afterward, the Minister of Public Administration and Security took action too.

“Tell team leader Yoo Yeonho to bring his son around. Let’s start him at level 5 with a special appointment. If he wants, we’ll give him a better apartment.”

If it were better than his current security apartment, it would laughably surpass the value of a hundred million won just in monetary terms.

It was a warm proposal.

Of course, Yoo Yeonho ignored it.

He firmly stated his son had no intention to affiliate with any other places.

‘I might have enjoyed it though.’

To be on the same team as his son.

It was the father’s romantic vision.

During the recent battle, Yeonho hadn’t properly witnessed his son’s performance.

Phoenix squad had been busy chasing threats to their rear.

No other force of immortals had such sensitivity. If it weren’t for them, the backline might have crumbled.

Regardless, Yoo Yeonho imagined himself standing shoulder to shoulder with Kwang Ik.

‘As tempting as it is.’

But no forcing, just a cool offer remained.

The son had declined.

“What a shame.”

The teammates in Phoenix squad lamented.

“If things had gone well, the boss could’ve been the father-in-law.”

Sometimes, a team member would make near-overreaching jokes, and an icy air would follow.

The pure-blood Jeongga, and the Immortal Sect remaining in Korea.

Everyone had their eyes on Yoo Kwang Ik.

During that time, Kwang Ik was at home catching up on web novels.

* * *

Rest is part of the training, as they say.

This was something the immortal tutor Mr. Stick, shapeshifter tutor Mr. Log, mother, father, and the immortal special forces instructor all agreed on.

And so, he rested.

He ate, used the bathroom, and slept.

He played some backlog games, although not particularly thrilling.

But webtoons and web novels remained interesting.

Especially since an author he was a fan of had started a new series, and that was exciting.

Though it was over 30 chapters in and could hardly be called new, he had been rather busy until recently.

The series was titled ‘Knight of The Great Flame,’ and its unique fantasy world captivated him.

He lazily scratched his stomach and spent two days enjoying his hobbies.

As he relaxed and played, he thought:

Could there ever be a day without such incidents?

There would be.

He wanted to solve this problem.

If possible, he hoped to tackle other issues currently eminent in the world.

So, he had a goal in mind.

A goal set within this world.

Eventually, someone would start on it, and he’d join in.

But it seemed that wouldn’t happen so smoothly.

Sigh. Idle thoughts.

“Son, dinner?”

His mother’s voice reached him.

“Yes, mother.”

Meals were kindly prepared by his mother.

Their home’s meals never lacked meat on the table, and his mother’s cooking was the peak of relaxation.

“Is dad coming home late again today?”

The dinner table was set for him, his mother, and Mari.

“The aftermath of what blew up must be overwhelming. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.”

“But you hardly ever deal with the aftermath.”

“True. I don’t. Just worried for your dad becoming bald.”

Nowadays, being bald is even a fashion.

But it’s unlikely for his father. He was an immortal and, well, anti-hair loss medications weren’t made for nothing, right?

Perhaps one of the greatest perks of living in this era was the solution to both premature balding and hair loss.

Regardless, gate aftermath work isn’t a simple task.

There’s much to organize.

And with casualties, including a joint funeral ceremony to plan.

Provisions for those who’ve lost their places in life due to the incident were needed too.

Not that it’s anything for him to consider. It’s not something within his power to resolve.

“Is it today? Are you going?”

While clearing the table, his mother asked about the joint funeral ceremony.

The venue was Seoul Forest, just narrowly outside the range of the black hole.

It was a requiem for the comrades who fought together on the same battlefield.

“Yes. I must go.”

Even amongst the immortals, there had been deaths. The battlefield had indeed been fierce.

After eating, he returned to his room to find a text from his older used-to-be-high-schooler brother asking for a rescue.

Annoying contacts were supposed to go through his personal agent, yet he still got this.

After sending back a chilly ‘deal with it,’ he got dressed.

A black suit, white shirt, and a black tie to complete the look.

Outside the window, the daytime sky was dark, as if forecasting rain.

He stepped out.

Instead of his own car, a black limousine was waiting.

It was courtesy of his maternal grandfather.

“No need to attract undue attention.”

His mother agreed.

Dressed appropriately, people were already moving.

He traveled with his mother and Mari.

Giant Panda bro offered to come on his own, and they picked up Hyemin on the way.

Cutting through the congested Seoul city, they arrived to find the place already crowded.

Holograms of the deceased hovered in the air, their faces and moments from life reminding the onlookers, some of whom wept as they watched.

He walked forward, his breath visible in the air as it spread out.

It was chilly with winter approaching, and the gathered people seemed to radiate heat over their shoulders.

“We all wish for peace. We fight for it, sacrifice for it, and live for it. Their deaths have become the tomorrow for others.”

The joint funeral was orchestrated by the government.

It was the president himself delivering the address.

Kwang Ik also paid his respects in silence for a brief moment.

Many still die in this world.

Since the advent of the special species, the agony of amputations had ended.

If you had the money, limbs could be regenerated.

Deaths due to traffic accidents had plummeted, as had those due to diseases.

Humanity had mostly conquered cancer.

People no longer suffered from erectile dysfunction or hair loss.

New materials and plants from the Other Side became mankind’s novel remedies, enhancing the quality of life.

“We are thankful to them. In commemorating their souls, we will not simply revel in our survival.”

The president’s speech, his voice, faded from Kwang Ik’s hearing.

The sounds of weeping, hollow laughter, thudding of chests in frustration,

The sonorous griefs formed a distant chorus.

When he concentrated his thoughts, the noise naturally dissipated.

To die, getting caught up in a hole, is referred to as ‘unlucky’ in the world of special species.

“Out of hole luck,” is another saying.

It’s an old internet community phrase that has now become familiar to everyone.

Out of hole luck.

It simply suggests fate.

No one knows exactly how black holes open up and emerge; they can only prepare for them.

Humans always prepare. So they don’t succumb to invading forces.

But how long must this go on?

His eyes closed.

He found himself secluded, in another world, watching over.

He closed off his senses, disengaging from the world.

In that space, he scoured for a way to live as a special species, his own path.

His thoughts started since the Seongsudong Hue’s Gate battle ended.

From the world’s view, such thoughts aren’t novel.

But within him, they were fresh.

Plans tend to change, but his general scheme hadn’t twisted.

He had simply realized something.

Two are better than one.

“Big brother?”

Mari’s voice snapped him out of it. He opened his eyes to find himself again amidst the funeral ceremony.

Something fell on his head.

Light and cold.

It landed on his shoulders and back of the hand.

His heightened senses caught it.

He looked up.

From the dim sky, white particles drifted down.

Without the wind, the snowflakes didn’t scatter, but softly rose to settle on the ground.

It was the first snow.


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