Genius of unique lineage Chapter 214


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Yes, that guy is an idiot.

Park Hyuk felt his existence fading.

Where did it go wrong?

The Triple Head Ogre was also bait.

His target had been the special species army.

He had to catch them and increase his power.

Persistence, the persistence of the hole.

After all, this Hughes Gate was born in such a way.

He knew he could be like that without being told.

He also knew he could do it.

From a certain point on, he was no different from an invader.

If left alone, it would have probably led to the birth of a new invader, whether it became a named or claimed a number, but that was bound to happen.

It could have been.

A bit of luck, or perhaps misfortune, would have been enough.

He could have lived an immortal life, completing his experiments and research.

And for all of this to be possible, the hole had to take root in this land.

Just as one of the old Hughes Gates had survived and taken root here.

Possessing persistence, becoming like the so-called womb of demons.

That’s how it had to be.

In order to do that, he had to crush the enemies that threatened him.

Swallow up the army and buy time.

All of this had been prepared for that purpose.

All the invaders and special species that had been poured out of the hole.

The gate closes.

Park Hyuk felt the source of infinite energy that had opened behind him disappearing.

Along with the question ‘why’, as he searched for the origin of where things had gone wrong, he found the cause and became furious.

“Fucking bastard.”

It was all because of one guy.

After 30 minutes, Yoo Gwang-ik, whose invisibility was undone, comes into view on the battlefield.

Filled with resentment, Park Hyuk shouted over and over.

The hole unleashed its final power and sent that outcry out.

Why must he live in the same era as that bastard?

Why does that bastard block his path?

He had forgotten that he was the one who targeted the bastard first.

He could only resent.

Of course, he wasn’t a wizard or a curse caster, and even if he was a curse caster, it was rare for actual phenomena to occur solely from resentment.

Nothing happened.

It was just like the hole had spoken, a mysterious event occurred.

Questions and curses.

They were directed at Gwang-ik.

* * *

The gate starts to flicker and close.

The number of invaders coming from the hole decreased.

It reduced significantly until no more special species emerged.

Sensitive to smell, several blind dogs rushed at him, but he smashed their heads with his fists and killed them.

It happened right after his invisibility had ended.

After killing the blind dogs, he leaped off the knee of a fallen giant.

Gwang-ik, balancing in the air, tread on the heads of invaders as if skipping on pebbles and sped away.

The closing hole flickered and seemed to utter a sound.

Whyaaaa, fuckkkkk.

It was as if someone was speaking.

Gwang-ik exerts strength in his foot stepping on the orc’s head and propels his body up.

Thud- the orc’s head burst.

He twisted his body in the air and landed on the ground.

The blade of a Heartless aimed at the spot where he was originally heading sliced through thin air.

There was no need to turn around to face the opponent.

Fwack, clang, boom!

Someone approached and knocked two blades from Heartless away with their hands, crushed its chest, and shattered its head.

To be precise, they lifted the chest with their knees and smashed the head with their elbow.

It was a clean and powerful combination.

The shapeshifter belonged to a pinnacle race in terms of physical prowess.

The harmony of speed and power was indeed a worthy adversary to watch and learn from.

“Did you return?”

The adversary asked.

“Yes, I’ve returned.”

Answering the question posed by my mother, I turned around.

Whyaaaa, fuckkkkk.

The closing hole still made noisy sounds. Sometimes, the sound of nature, the rustling of trees in the wind, seemed like someone calling out.

The sound of waves can seem like singing.

This time, it was the sound of the black hole closing.

I decided to think of it that way.

But my sixth sense and intuition kept feeling like the curses were directed at me.

But it didn’t feel bad.

It was a profoundly resentful feeling.

So it didn’t feel like I’d been cursed, more like I was observing a thoroughly defeated opponent.

“It’s coming to an end.”

Saying that while watching.

“You’ve worked hard, son.”

My mother patted my shoulder.

“Did you catch that special species?”

A military man was standing right nearby. He appeared to be in his early thirties.

Of course, he wasn’t a common person.

Special forces originate from the military, and even now, the military possesses such special species units.

He seemed to be one of them.

He was a half-blood shapeshifter. Whether he had returned while maintaining his transformed state or not, there were still traces of fur on his cheeks.

The shapeshifter’s form was a fox, perhaps.

The man looked at me and asked again.

“Right? The ones you knocked down earlier, just now, Mr. Sechoispeuk came from beyond the battlefield.”

It seemed he had seen me enter by chance.

“Yes, well.”

What my left hand does, the right hand doesn’t need to know.

There was no need to hide, so I shrugged nonchalantly.


The military shapeshifter exclaimed as if he had downed a bottle of soju in one shot, then he gave a thumbs up.


“Cool. It was really cool.”

“Ah, yes.”

It seemed this gentleman wasn’t the only one who had watched.

Those nearby also looked at me, each giving the same kind of exclamation as if they too had downed a bottle of soju.


Well, I just fought earnestly.

In other words, efficiently.

This way it’s comfortable.

There would be fewer casualties as well.

It wasn’t even my idea.

This topic came up during the discussion in the old Immortal Special Forces era.

Panda hyung had also mentioned it.

He said the best defense for a gate is to attack the key invaders directly.

The best defense is offense.

That’s what I did.

Following that extension, it looked the same as when I came down from sniping, people looked at me exactly the same.

“The fight isn’t over yet.”

I murmured to myself.

There were still invaders left.

“Now, Mr. Sechoispeuk hyung, please take a rest.”

A freelancer with scruffy facial hair spoke.

Not part of the special force, nor Hwarang, nor PWAT, judging by his attire, he must have come on his own.

His clothes said so.

The black hole closes.

The ‘Seongsu-dong Hughes Gate’ begins the process of closing the large black hole.

Next to it, the rubble of collapsed buildings and wrecked cars were visible.

The property damage caused by this would have been enormous.

But still.

“We did well.”

My mother said.

It felt like she was reading my mind.

“I think so too.”

Still, we survived.

We’ve defended well.

There were inevitably some casualties.

But more people were saved than those who died.


Helicopters flew overhead.

They would have had to drop heavy explosives if necessary.

The helicopters or fighter jets would have had to do so.

I estimated the scale of the bombs inside those helicopters flying over my head.

They would have turned Seongsu-dong and the surrounding area into hell.

But we stopped that.

Half satisfied and half dissatisfied.

Small elite teams.

I looked at the closing black hole and thought to myself.

The saying that two heads are better than one isn’t empty words.

It’s not without reason that they say many hands make light work.

I thought of a new plan, apart from Panda hyung, my mother, Mari, Hye-min.

“I’m tired.”

Hye-min approached from the side.

The area under her eyes had darkened. She must have worked hard too.

She wasn’t talking about the invisibility spell.

She must have been fighting like hell after casting the spell on me.

“Aren’t you worried that mom is coming?”

“She does. She says that I’m crazy for men.”

……It doesn’t seem to be wrong.

I whispered so my mother couldn’t hear, and Hye-min placed her hand on my head.

“You’ve worked hard.”

“Oh, shouldn’t it be at least a forehead kiss at a time like this?”

“In front of my mom?”

Hye-min sealed her lips.

I hadn’t fought alone.

An invasion special forces continuously emerged from the underground black hole.

Things like shark worms were reported to have appeared.

Phoenix Team of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security handled that.

That’s my father.

And the Triple Head Ogre was a formidable adversary.

Capturing it wasn’t an easy task.

It was said that twenty Immortal Special Forces members became combat-disabled trying to take down that ogre.

Several shapeshifters died.

An-gyeol and So-jin also transformed and joined that fight.

We nearly all died, but we stopped it, and that ogre was killed.

My mother wasn’t idly standing by either.

Mari and my mother, Hye-min, these three were the core protectors of this place.

Without these three, casualties from our side wouldn’t have been few.

There were ten of me, and special species that I missed and let go of.

Time and again, they were stopped.

Many fought until they bled in their own places.

In conclusion, everyone was close to death.

Putting aside the continuously spinning thoughts in my head, I spoke up.

“I want to rest.”

My fingertips were trembling.

No matter how much stamina I have, getting tired means I’m tired.

From the start until now, I had barely eaten or rested.

My stomach was growling. It was the timing when everything felt bothersome.

Anyway, the aftermath wasn’t my part but for those upstairs, for them to deal with.

I thought it was time for me to step back.

“Yu Gwang-ik.”

A voice calling me was heard.

It was a military uniform.

Different from the one seen moments ago.

A neat military uniform that didn’t seem to participate in the battle.

“May I take a moment of your time?”

My head involuntarily tilted slightly to the side as I asked.


“…An important person wishes to see you. I shall escort you.”

I looked at the cleanly dressed military man and thought.

That shows Steven Choi, at least, has some manners.

He might associate with terrorist groups, but he still takes timing into account and works with consideration.

Here, they’re ordering me around outright.


Turning away and moving on. There’s no way that intense special species guy took off with it, right? The photoconversion ability is unusual but it’s not particularly powerful.

My weapons are generally quite heavy.

“You seem to have misunderstood me.”

That friend looked like a freelancer, I wonder where he belongs.

A rare photoconversion ability user. But why isn’t he affiliated with the association?

“Mr. Yu Gwang-ik, I am from the Unique Special Brigade.”

I wonder if the cheeky guy who pretended to be friendly survived.

Now would he really stop going around saying he’s Sechoispeuk’s best friend?

Father should be okay, right?

“Do you not know what the Unique Special Brigade refers to?”

At that moment, the soldier tried to grab my shoulder.


The person who blocked that hand appeared.

“Let’s stop here.”

The number of invaders had significantly decreased, and the battle was nearing its end.

Among the people retreating, there was concern for post-combat procedures.

One of them was a shapeshifter girl, possibly belonging to the Hwarang, a special species.

Her clothes were half-torn and burnt. Her hair was singed and her forearm had burn scars.

She was a shapeshifter woman with marks of a rough survival throughout the battlefield.

“Keep your manners, military dandy. This is a battlefield. Don’t barge in and try taking off with someone else’s hero from the back.”

She was fierce. Her tone was deadly serious.


“Did the military dandy’s ears go bad?”

This time it was a unique superpower species. He wore the association’s uniform. This one too, well, looked obviously worn out.

Various bandages wrapped his physique.

“If you have more to say, make it official. I am part of the Immortal Special Forces.”

Another Immortal Special Forces member from a different branch stepped forward.

Seongsu-dong is under Hwarim’s jurisdiction, but since this incident was too big.

The three of them glanced at me slightly.

Their eyes conveyed friendliness and gratitude.

I just nodded my head in greeting and turned away.

The military dandy was troubled.

That’s why people need to have manners.

You’ve never heard that manners make the man?


In the middle of the argument.

The hole completely closed.


And the last invader died.

If they weren’t smart ones that hid well, it was the last of the visible invaders.

Mari, who had driven an axe into the head of the last invader, roared.


“…Mom, why is Mari acting like that?”

“Let’s pretend we didn’t see. It’s a trance.”

Shapeshifters sometimes fall into that kind of trance or dreamlike state. It was akin to being lightly intoxicated with excitement.

“…Hye-min. Do you have a phone?”

“Huh? Why?”

“Record it.”


“Mari, record it!”

Originally, the more you document a shameful history, the brighter it becomes.

Hye-min grabbed the smartphone.

She filmed Mari.

Sunlight fell behind her as she raised the axe high. It was a quite decent picture.

Among the rubble of destroyed buildings, a shapeshifter held up an axe.

And the people shouting while watching her.

“Axe Goddess!”


My name had been called out by someone, non-stop, since earlier.

“Yu Gwang-ik!”

Anyway, the fight was over.

* * *

“That crazy bastard.”

Unable to hide a smile, Lee Jong-bong spoke.

Holding a towel on one side of his head, Dong-hun spoke as he came back to being an immortal.

The bleeding had almost stopped, so it seemed he didn’t need to apply pressure anymore.

“Are you talking about Gwang-ik?”

“Who else would I be talking about?”

“He’s impressive. He’s well-trained.”

Lee Jong-bong didn’t answer.

What Gwang-ik did this time was undeniable.

It was that remarkable.

And Lee Jong-bong recalled an incident he himself had experienced as he thought.

‘No, was it more intense than my case?’

He remembered the recruitment wars that erupted around him when he first made his name as Phantom.

Probably, there were even more aiming for Gwang-ik.

A special species that faced a terrorist group alone.

A person who directly crushed a group of mad scientists.

A hero who stopped a large black hole.

He deserved any kind of accolade.

“Nam Myung-jin, that idiot.”

Lee Jong-bong smiled silently, cursing the boss for no reason.

“Yeah, that fucker is a moron.”

Dong-hun agreed.

The former boss who didn’t even give a severance package was a real son of a bitch.

Regardless of being a criminal or whatever, he had suffered so much over time.

Dong-hun nodded, repeatedly cursing moron under his breath.


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