Genius of unique lineage Chapter 212


Genius of a Unique Lineage

211. It should be enough to stop imitating by now.


The sound of the Parasitium Rifle’s shot strikes the ear.

I use all my senses to locate the next target.

Gazing into the scope, I guide my instinct and turn the barrel.

The next enemy is a muscular elf.

Proud of his agile build and swift movements, Invader Elf No. 17’s biceps would make any decent bodybuilder step aside.

Nonetheless, he was swift.

Strength, after all, correlates with speed.

I forcefully embed his movement path into my mind and rotate the barrel.

Check and fire. A simple action, brought to life. At the end of this simple motion, a Drop Bullet bursts the muscular elf’s head.

‘Drop Bullet’ is the name I gave to the rounds, signifying each was worth a drop of blood.

I rotate the scope. Searching for the next target.

Next up, a Gray Heart Ris.

An Invader wrapped in matte gray.

Check and fire.

The opponent couldn’t spot my line of fire, unable to gear themselves up as they sensed the impending doom.

The head bursts. Shattered gray fragments fling upward. Blood streams thread through the air like spilt paint.

I sweep my gaze to seek the next foe.

An Invader Giant appears, boasting a vastly superior size and strength compared to humans.

This Giant was several times larger than the usual ones.

Most Invaders have a weakness.

While for a Champion invader it might be the center of the chest, for a Giant it’s the head.

I target the head and shoot.

It wasn’t difficult to hit. Aiming and firing happened almost concurrently.


Beyond the scope, the Giant’s head explodes.

Again, searching for the next target.

I overlook the Slime. It’s one of those not affected by bullets in the first place.

Then, various invaders with extraordinary abilities or special weapons come rushing in.

Likely taken down with freezing rounds.

That Slime appeared to be a unique species, but that’s okay.

If it wasn’t on the scale of a Named, and its abilities were somewhat penetrable, then it was a formidable adversary.

I find the next target through the scope and shoot.

I repeat this. Relentlessly.

After dozens of shots, the swarm of unique invaders pouring out like a clogged toilet disgorging water had significantly decreased.

But as their numbers dwindled, their quality improved.


Now there was something that didn’t die from my bullet.

A Drop Bullet, dead accurate to the head, but it survived.

There was a crackling sound as the neck snapped to the side, but it did not die.

The head did not burst, nor did the cervical spine break.

Indeed, impressively supple neck muscles.

The Orc with green skin was No. 12.

At first glance, it looked no different from an ordinary Orc—aside from its much thicker neck and a more heavily armored carapace helmet.

“What is that?”

A voice from below.

I shared the sentiment.

That black hole had been spewing out Invaders in line with human strategies.

Initially, it caused an overlapping phenomenon that disrupted the formation.

Then it switched from quantity to quality by adjusting the wave numbers.

And now, it had spewed out a uniquely distinct species.


The newly emerged Orc bellowed a howl that tingled the heart.


My heart beat on its own, the blood of the Transforming Race heated.


I deliberately exhaled slowly to regulate the flow of blood in my veins.

There were times when excitement worked in one’s favor, and times when it didn’t.

Now was not such a time, I decided.



The Parasitium Rifle, crafted from Parasityum, reverts back to its full-armored form.

As I rise from my prone position.

“That was so cool.”

A naive voice came from below.

Looking down, it was clear that the speaker was a newbie from the Association.

A young face, flushed cheeks, no equipment in hand – probably lost somewhere – and the suit they wore had ripped open around a deeply scooped chest.

I thought they were lucky to have survived.

The logo of the Psionic Association, nearly torn away next to the indented chest, caught my eye.

“Is that so?”

I reply casually as I ready to descend with my armor adjusted.

“It’s an honor.”

This time it was a policeman who spoke. A member of the PWAT, not a face I recognized.

But they seemed to know me.

“It’s truly an honor to fight alongside you.”

The policeman repeated.

With the face guard lifted, the face was fully visible. The wrinkles around the mouth didn’t suggest youthfulness, which made me wonder why this person was so excited.

His face flushed too.

“Yes, well, an honor it is.”

I finally said before preparing to step down.

“You’re the best, I’m Park Geuntae, I really like you.”

It was a Transforming Race. They discarded their armor and gave me a thumbs up. While their cheeks weren’t red, there was a heat in their gaze.

“Hmmm, hmmm.”

They snorted again, making no attempt to hide their excitement.

And it wasn’t just this individual.

Other Association employees close to the naive one were likewise affected.

As was the policeman.

And the Transforming Race.

It wasn’t just one person getting excited, the faces around them visibly shared the feeling.

The gaze towards me was conspicuously ablaze.

My own somewhat slouched gaze also falls upon a member of the Immortal Special Forces.

A familiar face.

It was a teammate from my time with the IMMORTALS, the one who gave me the nickname Necklaughing, a friend.

“We survived thanks to you.”

They said, without their ballistic helmet for some reason, their face fully exposed.

Due to that, a stubborn bloodstain was visible around their neck – a wound still in the process of regeneration.

Then that person lifted their hand and said.

With a quiet but strong and steady voice, befitting an IMMORTAL.

“World’s greatest special.”

It was an embarrassing nickname indeed.

And I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

The hundreds of special species gathered around the car shouted.

“World’s greatest special!”

“World’s greatest special!”


What’s going on, why are they like this?

I didn’t know.

Why they acted this way.

Has the battle ended now?

It wasn’t, there was still more fighting to do.

Yet, despite that.

The cheers reverberated through my body. My heart raced. Goosebumps formed. Unable to speak, I could only lift my hand in response.

“Ah, yes.”

It was disconcerting.

* * *

Doan Gyeol was leading the remaining Hwarang team to kill the remaining unique species where Gwang Ik’s bullets couldn’t reach.

As expected of the Transforming Race, renowned for close combat.

And fitting for a team called the Hwarang, touted as the strongest in their class, that’s how they fought.

“The aftermath doesn’t compare, does it?”

Sojin remarked from behind.

With a total of thirty, Angyeol led his team to make an impressive score.

Ultimately, they took down eleven unique species.

While over there, Gwang-ik, who had built a sniper tower from cars, had taken down numbers in the tens.

No, it seemed to have possibly surpassed hundreds.

“It’s not a competition.”

Angyeol replied.

Even as he said that, he clenched his fist tightly.

He had no choice but to acknowledge that the special species now receiving the cheers of “World’s greatest special” on the other side transcended the era.

The world referred to such individuals as those who defied norms.

Special species beyond standard.

No other term seemed more appropriate.

“It’s moving.”

An결 redirected his attention, doing what needed to be done.

Taking down the remaining unique species was his task at hand.

Especially since after Gwang-ik’s sniping action, the quality of adversaries appearing seemed to escalate.

“Team Red, Blue, Green, consolidate.”

Therefore, he amalgamated the separately split ten-person teams into one unit.

Angyeol knew his strengths well.

A level of calmness rarely possessed by other Transforming Races, on that foundation, Angyeol moved.

He read the battlefield’s flow and commanded his team accordingly.

Jeong Honam and Jeong Ginam also saw Gwang Ik.

They had just killed a new unique species.

“Damn orc bastard.”

Ginam muttered.

It had been quite the struggle.

They froze its feet with ice rounds, but it shattered them with sheer strength. Ginam’s laser-cutting knife had severed one leg’s tendon, yet it still charged on its remaining limb.

The standby resorted to using submachine guns.

Not until hundreds of 9mm bullets embedded into it did the creature collapse.

An inefficient battle, indeed.

But there was no choice. The fight became chaotic, and someone had to hold this line.

“Lay high-pressure mines.”

Honam instructed.

They had dealt with nearby Invader clusters and some unique species.

Now they could properly establish a defensive position in this area.

And in the midst of all this, they saw Gwang Ik perform an insane sniping shot.

“Don’t try to catch up.”

“I will manage my own affairs.”

“It’s incomparable over there.”

Ginam, in response to Honam’s words, humorously felt that the place beside Gwang Ik seemed empty.

He mused that few special species could fill that spot and then shook his head.

“Our Gwang Ik nonetheless.”

Right next to him.

Yohan Kim spoke up.

“Shut it.”

Ginam playfully scolded and began laying high-pressure mines. Digging into the ground to plant mines. There was no need to bury them deep or with caution.

These were all remotely-controlled mines.

The gate was still shimmering with activity.

Behind them, the Immortal Special Forces and Hwarang team were hunting a Triple-Headed Ogre.

This group had been preventing Invaders from crossing over to their side.

“Special Forces, form battle line formation.”

The leader on this side was Jeong Honam.

If he wasn’t entrusted with holding this line, he would have joined the Ogre fight.

Kang Seul-Hye saw her son’s gallant figure.

A fine son he was.

“The fight isn’t over, folks.”

Her son spoke.

It was a fair point. Invaders were still emerging from that front, unique species sporadically popping up.

Though less frequent, the adversaries were stronger.

“Alright, let’s quietly fight.”

“Let’s fight! With World’s greatest special!”

“Let’s battle!”


“Guns loaded, let’s go!”

Even the exuberant soldier’s cry didn’t quell the noise among them.

Repeated cheers first left the son feeling awkward, but ultimately, he proclaimed confidently.

“Let’s fight! Kill those damn Invaders!”

“Kill them!”

“I am Gwang Ik Yu!”

“Gwang Ik Yu!”

“I am World’s greatest special!”

“World’s greatest special!”







As the son spoke, the crowd echoed his words.

“…My brother seems too excited.”

Maida, who had been watching her brother with deep admiration, commented.

Seul-Hye agreed with Maida’s observation.

Too excited, her son was now on the verge of dancing, and Seul-Hye felt a tinge of embarrassment.

* * *

Watching people parrot my words like parrots had me feeling somewhat elated.

When I raise my left hand, they all lift their left hands, and when I raise my right, they raise theirs.

I realize this isn’t just about a lust for power.

Is this what leadership feels like?

Well then, while I’m at it.

“Let’s go.”

I say and leap forward. The crowd parts around me.

I armed myself with a knife and the fourth batter and stepped forward.

Behind me followed Mother and Maida, and a throng of people trailed behind us.

“From here, we hold the front.”

“Hold it!”

“Let’s defend this position.”

“Defend and!”

“The Transforming Race takes the lead, the Psionics support, and Immortals provide cover fire, okay?”


…It should be enough to stop imitating by now.

If I started dancing, they might just dance along too.

“Then, let’s hold this ground.”

“This ground!”

“No, stop it.”

“Stop it!”

“I said stop.”

“Said stop!”

I am thrilled but now it really should be enough.



“Has Hyemin not arrived yet?”

“Not arrived!”

…Is everyone insane?

“Why are they like this? Everyone.”

Perfect timing. Hyemin pries through the crowd and speaks.

“Brother? Did you brainwash these people? Why are they acting like this without a spell?”

I don’t answer.

If I say I don’t know, they’ll probably parrot ‘Don’t know!’.

Instead, I ask with my eyes.

Are you ready?

Hyemin nods.

I had made several predictions about the battlefield situation.

Not today’s specific circumstance, but they seemed worthwhile assumptions to leverage.

A magician needs several preparations for casting spells, and Hyemin needed solo time for that.

So I advised her to do so, and she has just returned.

“Do it.”

I whisper.

Quick to hear, one of the IMMORTALS repeats it.

“Do it.”

And others follow suit in a chain.

“Do it?”

“Do it!”

“Do it!”

We are in a world of special species.

Watching this, the saying that we’re all mad truly resounded in my heart.

Ignoring them, I took Hyemin’s hand.

Hyemin calmed her breath and began chanting the spell.

Facing the gate from which the Invaders are emerging, the makeshift World’s greatest special unit raises their weapons.

This Hughes Gate needed resolution within Seongsu-dong.

So the most critical action was to maintain the front line.

At this point, the power of numbers was essential.

“Let’s go!”

Someone shouted.

“With World’s greatest special!”

And another followed suit.

As mad individuals combined their voices, morale soared.


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