Genius of unique lineage Chapter 211


Genius of a Unique Lineage

It was relief.

Park Hyuk applied his research into the hole.

Countless theories that needed to be established were materialized through ignorance.

He felt joy in that process, and immersed himself in the pleasure.

Theories were now just stories of a distant land.

What he thought came true.

Park Hyuk produced an endless number of unique varieties within the hole.

Production? Is that the right word? In any case, Park Hyuk could produce unique species through principles he couldn’t understand himself.

If this continued, he felt certain he could even create Named beings.

At this time, Park Hyuk’s identity as a hunter might have been almost non-existent.

Only Park Hyuk, the researcher, truly existed.

Like a womb giving birth to life, he could create countless unique species within the hole.

He created, and then killed.

There were too many failures.

His researcher ego couldn’t accept them.

He discarded the failures and kept only the successful ones.

Amidst this, the usable ones were put back on hold.

Energy and Invaders were continuously drawn from somewhere.

Park Hyuk made full use of this.

Soon, the figments of imagination roaming in his head were named unique species and stepped out of the hole.

* * *

A three-headed ogre, if a name was needed, a Triple Head Ogre.

The power of the unique species was tremendous.


With each stomp, humanity’s infrastructure, such as asphalt and paving blocks, shattered and jumped into the air.

Mounds of dirt rose along with it.

Hwoooom! Kwa-aang!

The middle of a small building caught on the swung club.

With that single blow, the building collapsed from the middle.

The already weakened ground from the black hole collapsed as if defying physics.

It was inevitable.

The ground was a mess due to the hole that opened underground and the Silence Worms that had escaped through it.


Some of the electrical installations planted in the ground malfunctioned, emitting blue sparks into the air.

The building, now collapsed, caused a cloud of grey dust to obscure the view.

Unique species, dangerous Invaders indeed.

But not unbeatable.

That was the assessment.

Hence, there seemed to be no need to deal with that monster with three heads that probably fought viciously over food preferences due to their tastes.

Even if not by me, someone would handle it. That should be possible.

Through the walkie-talkie, I also heard that my father had joined the battlefield to hunt down Invaders.

So I adjusted my walking pace, looking at the monster with three heads the size of a fairly large building, while spreading my vision wide.

Everyone was fighting well.

Invaders were popping out through other holes as well, but the response was excellent.

“Catch them! Don’t let them escape!”

The Psionic Association and PWAT became one, exerting telekinesis, clutching the Will Knights. An intangible pressure limited the Invaders’ movements.

In that state, one of the transformed raced with a long sword, leaped behind a Will Knight, and swung his blade.


The Will Knight’s weakness was its rear.

That’s how the transformed species took down the Will Knight, rolling on the ground and then standing up, giving a thumbs-up behind him.

“Damn it, my nose is bleeding.”

A telekinetic user plugged one nostril with his thumb, flinging away a clot of blood.

Both laughed.

The situation was untroubled.

An area without noticeable danger, but why did I want to be here?

I also saw someone freezing an incoming Bouncer.

He wasn’t the only one.

Freezing, burning, grasping.

The ground shook.

A specialized species put its palm on the ground and stood tall with veins bulging on the forehead.

Within a certain radius centered on the ability user, the ground shook.


An earthquake ability user; quite unique.

As the ground shook, three charging Champions stumbled and swayed.

Seizing the opportunity, what looked like an immortal special forces member dual-wielding UZIs unloaded.

The short-barreled submachine guns poured out 9mm Parabellum rounds.

Bullets clustered in the Champion’s central chest, its weak spot—an astounding concentration of fire.

Well, if it’s an Immortal Special Force, they probably should be capable of this.

The Champions, having lost their balance due to the trembling ground, couldn’t block the bullets, and all three lost their hearts.

Champions three fell.

Such battles were unfolding everywhere.

Superpowers, transformations, immortals fought as one.

The number of Invaders emerging from the hole was tremendous.

With the gun emplacements halted due to the Elf’s assault, there could no longer be any hope for their support—it was that kind of situation.

Even though a vast number of Invaders were coming and gun emplacements were a dream, there wasn’t a speck of crisis.

“Team A, fire.”

Seeing a swarm of slimes emerge, a transformed species team exhaled jets of flame.


Intense heat surged, part of the battlefield ignited.

Behind the burning slimes, a group of Doppelgangers emerged.

They too caught fire.

Burned well.

Acrid smoke rose.

The number of Invaders was rapidly diminishing.

If it went on like this, defeating the three-headed ogre and the elves would apparently end the battle.

But why does it not feel like it will?

My senses sharpened, and my instincts foresaw a future just inches ahead.

The fight had become easier than before.

A transformed being whistled while smashing a Heartless’s head.

A PWAT member, as a Living Armor charged in, froze it then threw a grenade.

Why is it getting easier?

The reason was identified quickly.

The number of Invaders coming out of the hole had decreased.

The scariest part about a Hughes Gate is the sheer number of Invaders.

But now the number of emerging creatures was less than when the gate first opened, even their emergence pace seemed slower.

That’s why the fight had become easier.

Excluding the immortals, it was difficult to find anyone with ordinary injuries—such a manageable battle.

Hughes Gates are categorized by their size.

Lower grade only yields common Invaders.

Mid-grade mixes unique species.

Higher grade signifies the appearance of Named, also called Hell Gates.

The appearance of a Named is like bringing hell to reality.

Intervention by unique species, this is a mid-grade Hughes Gate.

It can’t be easy. That would be strange.

From the start of the fight until now.

The appearance of Bounces, Silence Worms, Elves, the three-headed Ogre.

The phrase ‘anomalies’ sprung to mind.


Just then, with a minor noise, a unique species sprang out from the right side of the hole.

“Slash it!”

“It doesn’t work!”

“Aim for the pinpoint.”

The flow of the battlefield changed subtly.

I turned my gaze as I listened to the noise.

A Heartless, its entire body a grey hue, had emerged from the hole.

The blades in both hands were also the same gray as the body.


Heartless is a tek-type Invader. It’s not as formidable as a physical type.

It means they are vulnerable to firearms.

However, bullets that hit the creature sparked off, rebounding.

The bullets didn’t work; all were deflected.

The gray shade covering the whole body absorbed light and seemed to darken.

“…Well, fuck.”

One of the transformed muttered.

And that almost became his last words.

As soon as the Heartless, with eyes that turned pale like glass and four pupils, spotted the transformed person, it stomped on the ground.

Poomph, dirt erupted. Though not as fast as a Will Knight, it still possessed a threatening speed.

The creature kicked off the ground and charged, drawing its blade vertically.

A pyrokinetic special species managed to throw a fireball over its head at the last moment.


With a blast, the Heartless was sent flying backward. In mid-air, it twisted its body and balanced itself to stand straight. Its motion was clean.

If it wasn’t an Invader, one would naturally applaud such a neat action.

It wasn’t an isolated incident.

Instead of the decreasing numbers of Invaders emerging from the hole.

“Unique species.”

I murmured.

Real unique species began to spring forth from inside the hole.

Combat-optimized ones, as if someone were creating and releasing them.

Following the gray-bodied Heartless, a group of Orc warriors emerged.

Over thirty of them, each with a body height of at least 2 meters, wore tough carapaces on their heads and bodies instead of helmets.

The one leading the group had a carapace on its head that resembled a horned helmet.

The horns protruding on both sides appeared to exceed 30cm.

“Ooooh ooooh ooh ooh!”

The orcs cried out as they emerged, releasing a fearful aura that momentarily hushed their surroundings.


Responding to that aura, a group of transformed emitted their ferocity.

Quality over quantity.

That thought arose. The high quality brought numerous variables, implying that it should not be left unchecked.

It was all in just about ten minutes.

I sensed someone approaching from behind.



It was my mother and Mari.

It seemed they had come forward to see me after retreating from the battlefield.

Mari’s hands were heavy.

Arms bundles, including the cleanup hitter, were carried.

And on her left hip, she had even thoughtfully secured a grenade gun.

She had thoroughly pilfered the arms cart gifted by my grandfather.

“Mother, could you give me a hand?”

I said as I located a truck and stood in front of it. Next to it was a luxury sedan, a Benz, parked.

I squatted down in front of it and supported the bottom with my hands. Mother came from the opposite side to synchronize her movements.

“What’s this for?”

“For securing the minimum conditions for sniping.”

It’s about securing visibility. Having an elevation would be ideal, but there were no intact buildings in this area.

Most were half-destroyed due to the gravitational pull from the first encounter with the hole.

Even those that were relatively unscathed were ruined by the gun battery fire.

“On two, three, lift!”

We lifted the vehicle’s body and placed it on top of the truck.

“And that one too.”

In the same way, we lifted another identical car and placed it on top.

Nearby, there were about five more similar cars.

There are indeed many foreign cars in Seongsu-dong.

We lifted all five and stacked them, and the cars below groaned under the weight.

From all directions, cries from the special species also erupted.

Without the support of surviving sniper points, it was impossible to expect any support.

Even if there were, without using special bullets at the level of anti-material sniper rifles, it would have been meaningless.

The nature of combat changed in an instant.

A crisis arrived.

The thirty orcs quickly formed a wedge and charged forth, provoking a melee.

Meanwhile, two more gray-bodied Heartlesses appeared and weaved through.

Heartless that were impervious to gunfire.

It was as if they wielded a broadsword and donned full plate mail.

After creating a hamburger out of Benz cars, I leaned over them.

It was an adequate height.

“I’ll watch your back.”

Mother approached and threw the head of an approaching goblin.

The flung creature, like a bowling pin, knocked down a Blind Mutt.

“Mari will protect you, Brother.”

Mari spoke as well.

It was reassuring.

With the two of them, unless a Named came, no one would dare approach.


I took a deep breath, then put my left index and middle fingers together to form the shape of a gun barrel.

The wearable gear attached to my arm, the Parasite Rifle, began to manifest its form.

My gauntlet twisted and transformed, finding its shape.

Part of the elongated gauntlet became a barrel that protruded about 20cm past my hand, and above my elbow appeared a scope.

Immortals are born snipers.

And with diligent training, they can become monstrous at it.

I learned that from a marksman.

Not an immortal, but someone who ascended to that position through effort and leaps of faith.

My position was the center of the battlefield.

In the midst of the embattled chaos.

If my mother and Mari could handle the close combat, this was possible.

Parasytium, gear based on parasyte stones, fired its first flare.


A drop of blood for a bullet.

My shoulder was pushed back. I received the recoil with my whole body. One leg remains planted on the ground to absorb the shock, while the other was set on the top of the car to handle the recoil.

I fired one shot and then aimed at the next target.

I repeated this cycle.


Six shots of flame burst out incessantly.

Each flame played its role splendidly.

The first shot opened a fist-sized hole in the head of the Heartless that was just about to slice through a transformed species’ arm and aim for his neck.

The next bullet exploded the head of the Orc Warrior Leader.

Shot after shot, headshot after headshot, each bullet massacred the enemy just as aimed.

* * *


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