Genius of unique lineage Chapter 210


Genius of a Unique Lineage

209. Blackhole Thinks

‘It’s over.’

The moment the ground collapsed, that single thought flashed through my mind.

At the same time, memories flashed through my head like a strobe light.

Mom, I’m going to make sure you live in comfort.

The day I went off to work with conviction for the first time.

The tears my mother shed when I joined the Psionic Association.

My mother’s words, telling me not to do anything dangerous or to stand out.

My mother, who had raised me alone after my father passed away when I was young.

Ever since I honed my abilities and joined the association after awakening my psychic powers.

At the end of those fleeting memories, an association member regretted with a foreboding of their last moment.

‘I should have bought that for her.’

My mother had mentioned wanting to replace our kimchi refrigerator.

But it was too expensive. I was planning to think it over for a few days and then go with her to pick one out.

I should have replaced it before I left.

‘Kimchi refrigerator.’

At the end of the flashing memories, a red retro-style kimchi refrigerator filled my head.

“That’s pretty. My son.”

It seemed like I could hear my mother’s voice.

The tentacles that bound my arms and legs pulled me down forcefully.

It was the moment I was about to close my eyes.

“Fall technique.”

With that single short phrase heard.


The sound of slicing through the wind.


I felt a sensation of floating as my body lifted off the ground.

I wriggled reflexively.

The tentacles tied around my body became a tangled mess.

The psychic mutant of a special kind who suddenly regained freedom in their arms and legs, curled up like a ball gazing at the approaching ground.


My knees and shoulders hit the ground, but my head was saved.

Scrambling to his feet, the psychic mutant didn’t dare try to remove the tentacles attached to his body and looked up.

Unable to grasp what had happened immediately.

Then a figure caught the mutant’s eye.

“Hey Mister, catch a friend, will you?”

A single phrase heard and above the mutant, a sniper colleague dropped.

Unable to untie the tangled tentacles, he fell.

Catching the colleague in a princess carry pose.

“Huff, huff, damn, damn.”

The colleague gasped intermittent breaths with a string of curses.

“Who are you?”

While holding the colleague, the mutant asked the figure in astonishment.

“Yoo Kwang-ik.”

The special kind answered nonchalantly and disappeared quickly.

No, to be precise, he leapt from the ground and flew.

To be exact, it was more like soaring, leaping up from the building top.

One might have thought it was a friend of Spider-Man.

Afterward, he dropped near the collapsed building to save people and then struck the ground, killing invaders.

Watching this, the psychic mutant dropped his own colleague.

A thud was heard.

The fallen colleague did not even moan.

The mutant was equally stunned.


The colleague lying on the ground asked.

Though the subject was omitted, it seemed likely what he meant so the psychic mutant replied articulately.

“…World’s Strongest Special Kind.”

Mumbling with a dazed look, he tracked the figure.

The freelancer with a nickname denoting ‘the world’s strongest special kind.’

Seen in videos and heard in rumors.

The sight of that fellow flying around and displaying unmatched prowess remained in the retinas of both.

* * *

“Rear special attack unit, ah, um.”

The military general mumbled and stopped talking.

Just after hearing the report of an attack, the following report made him lost for words.

“Some shapeshifter is flying around killing everyone.”

A junior officer reported.


The general asked.

Could that even make sense?

His face was full of skepticism.


“Who is it?”

“Rear Unit’s half-immortal has reported it as ‘the World’s Strongest Special Kind’.”

World’s Strongest Special Kind, Yoo Kwang-ik.

The general knew that name.

He thought it was somewhat overblown.

But now?

What had until now seemed overstated seemed underrated.

“Silent worms, about twenty heads, right?”

“Yes, he’s killing the worms and rescuing people…”


“Currently, there are no casualties.”

An unexpected attack on the rear.

It would’ve been surprising enough.

Casualties were to be expected.

That would’ve spelled dozens of problems.

Immediate changes to the formation were warranted.

But now…

The military commander’s brain momentarily froze.

Confronted with two successive events outside the realm of reason, his thinking ground to a halt.

Frantically regrouping his thoughts, he then spoke.


There was nothing else to say.

An incident occurred, but it resolved itself.

There were invaders, but now there were none.

There was a crisis, but now it had vanished.

All because of one special kind.

‘It doesn’t add up.’

But right now, that wasn’t the important matter.

He gave the next command to his adjutant.

“Call all the commanders, we’re having an emergency meeting.”

The fact that the rear had been attacked. He didn’t even consider it was the immortals, but to him, it was clear this was no ordinary matter.

* * *

Yoo Kwang-ik’s exploit had also reached the ears of the Middle Peak.

A smile naturally spread across his face, though he wouldn’t show it outwardly.

Middle Peak spun his head, trying to forget Kwang-ik’s heroic deeds.

That wasn’t what was important now.

The sense of an immortal told him that.

The Immortal Special Sniper Team had been attacked.

Upon hearing the news, Middle Peak, purely following his instincts, checked the points of attack.

All key points.

Likely positions for snipers.

Scanning the points of attack with his eyes, Middle Peak now turned towards the Blackhole.

Blackhole, whoever named it did so appropriately.

Earth Blackhole, a dark void that opened on Earth.

He could see that void.

Another term for it was a gate, a door.

Intruders, invaders, sprang out from beyond that door to invade humans.

But had such a thing ever happened before?

Upon hearing the rear had been attacked, Middle Peak immediately felt this was odd.

Partly because of an immortal’s instincts and partly because of a battle-hardened experience.

Why didn’t they detect the attack on the rear?

Did the detectors malfunction?

Middle Peak asked himself and sought an answer.

The moment the detectors identified and sensed the gate.

‘Did they open another gate underground at that same moment?’

Then the detector might have missed it, which could also explain the current situation.

Two gates made it possible.

What did this imply?

‘Blackhole has come up with a strategy?’

Could that be possible?

Improbable. And yet, in a world of special kinds, anything could happen.

Now, the ones who attacked the rear were the Silent Worms.

Dangerous invaders, yes, but it wasn’t an impossible situation to deal with.

‘Not insurmountable.’

Then if this were a strategy, what about it?

If Middle Peak itself could control the Blackhole, he wouldn’t focus all his forces on the rear.

Instead, after drawing the gaze away…


An explosion happened.

Middle Peak’s gaze inadvertently turned towards it. It was from the artillery unit.

Flames soared into the sky with the explosion.

In the direction of the direct-fire artillery, a person enflamed, screaming horribly, ran before collapsing.

If not an immortal, it was an injury that could be fatal.

A scratchy voice came through the radio.

“Artillery attack! It’s number 17, an elf! At least fifty creatures, all assumed to be special types!”

Target the artillery unit, of course.

He would do the same. Thus, the premise of this event had to be that.

“Blackhole thinks.”

Middle Peak muttered.

Towards those who had gathered for an emergency meeting, he mentioned as he stepped inside.

That drew everyone’s attention.

They were all significant figures.

But none as much as Middle Peak.

Phantom, an immortal comparable to the first-generation heroes.

“The front, not the rear, seems like the next crisis point.”

Middle Peak muttered.

The words were purely intuitive, but they couldn’t be ignored.

A sense based on an immortal’s feeling.

It seems off, and as abstract as feelings are, the intuition of an immortal was different.

His words were affirmed.

While they were distracted by the exploits of the special kind in the rear, a creature at least two heads taller than a giant emerged from the gate in front.

A special kind.

That was the word that popped into everyone’s mind.

Not all special kinds were the same.

Some special kinds spewed out meaningless abilities after all.

“I’ve never seen something like that before.”

Lee Ji-hye, the PWAT commander who had just arrived, murmured.

She had just been blushing with joy after hearing of Kwang-ik’s feat.

Certainly worthy of being Yoo Kwang-ik.

She entertained the thought of him being a potential husband for the future but had no time to show her happiness.

Because, from beyond the gate, a monstrous creature with three heads emerged, swinging large clubs in its four hands.

Thump, thump, thump, thump.

Machine gunners aimed at the creature and opened fire.


Sparks flew off the creature’s hide, as if sparks were flying off steel under a grinder.

However, the bullets did absolutely no harm.

“Artillery unit.”

The curved artillery shells flew overhead.

Boom, boom, grows grows.

Mankind’s weaponry struck down like thunderbolts.

Boom! Boom!

With earth-shattering roars, the shells fell on the creature’s head. Acrid smoke and dust billowed up, obscuring the view.

Through the scattered rubble and smoke, thick green fingers became visible.

“Number 16, ogre special kind, Triple Head Ogre, immune to firearms.”

Middle Peak concisely summarized the situation.

There had been invaders who simply laughed off human firepower.

Their skin’s hardness alone nullified bullets, even withstanding shellfire.

The shell-hit creature did stagger a bit.

While it did bleed from its head, to suffer a fatal injury, it likely needed hundreds more shell hits.

“Keep firing!”

The military commander shouted into his radio before the second boom.

“Surprise attack! Elves!”

The artillery unit faced an ambush.

Middle Peak was convinced.

This Blackhole was strategizing and using it right now.

Distracting with rear forces.

Disabling artillery with a special elf assault force.

Then sending a special kind to upheave the front line.

‘Took a hit there.’

He wasn’t groggy after one punch.

“HWARANG, you lads got something, right?”

He asked a familiar opponent.

At the words, the Hwarang team commander—a more than 2m tall man with sideways-slanting eyes—nodded.

“We’re better than immortals.”

“Making a joke?”

“It’s not a joke. Didn’t mean for it to be funny.”

Traditionally, immortals and shapeshifters had a long-standing rivalry.

Especially the Immortal Special Unit and the Shapeshifter Special Unit’s HWARANG team.

Middle Peak and the current Hwarang team commander-elect, Kim Sa-on, were no exceptions.

One, a Phantom renowned immortal.

The other, a skilled practitioner who lived under a corporate umbrella.

The two met eyes once before moving forward.

“Request military and association to handle waves coming afterward.”

Middle Peak didn’t wait for an answer, leaving after speaking.

It meant the Immortal Special Unit and the HWARANG would handle the emerged special kind.

“Waves are still coming from the gate. Even without artillery, we have to hold the line.”

Lee Ji-hye spoke, gesturing to the association’s side.

The association representative nodded.

Everyone, without exception, braced for action.

It was merely the beginning at Hughes Gate.

* * *

Yu Yeon-ho brought only three members from the Phoenix team.

A friend who called him ‘hyung’ in private, another who called him ‘oppa,’ and one more senior member.

With those three, Yeon-ho waited as he pondered.


He had never dreamt of standing with his son on such a battlefield.

But his son insisted, so there was no talking him out of it.


Half the worry for his wife, half for his son.


Concern for his newly adopted daughter crept in.

His wife assured him she was fine.

Half the worry could be put aside.

‘As expected of my son.’

Pride swelled in him upon hearing about the rear incident.

“Your son, right?”

A female teammate asked, and Yeon-ho nonchalantly nodded.


A male teammate queried.

“Just, well.”

He showed false modesty.

Now the senior teammate intervened.

“Your grin’s showing, team leader.”

“Wearing a helmet, what can you even see?”

“Can see it without looking.”

Yeon-ho chuckled.

Right, put worries aside for now.

His son had grown up.

He would do his own part.

And to diminish that danger, all he had to do was fulfill the reason he was here.

Subjugate the special kind.

While waiting.

As soon as the ambush by the elves occurred, Yeon-ho started moving.

“Isn’t this not our specialty, team leader?”

The male teammate asked as they dashed off.

“And so?”

Yeon-ho retorted sharply.

“It’s just perfect, then.”

The teammate halted abruptly upon spotting a group of elves.


Though called elves, they were not the beings humans imagined in tales.

They were invaders, monsters.

Monsters with red eyes, pointy ears, and agile bodies.

Three beasts with spike-like weapons stabbed at the teammate.

He reached into his pocket, pulled triggers left and right, and unleashed a barrage.


Two automatic pistols erupted fire as they discharged their rounds.

Three perforated elves collapsed, blood soaking the ground.

Observing the flow of blood, Yeon-ho stated firmly.

“Ten minutes.”

Resolve it within that time frame.

There were fifty ambushing elves.

Spies by trade, but combat was routine, even amidst espionage missions.

Facing invaders was a rare occurrence, but rust hadn’t set in.

Among the fallen, as one soldier with holes in his arms crawled, he looked up and locked eyes with Yeon-ho.

“Phoenix team, join the battlefield.”

Yeon-ho declared over the radio.


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