Genius of unique lineage Chapter 209


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Rear Support

Hyuk Park was mad.

He was ready to sell his soul for his research.

For money?

Initially, it was about the money. But as time went by, he craved something more valuable than money.

If a life surrounded by beauties was a humble dream,

his true desire transcended what a human could yearn for.

Something not covetable by wealth, possessions, or power.

The emergence of black holes and The Other Side made such dreams possible.

Park was devoted to that cause.

He captured unique species for experiments and poured time and money into black hole research.

He even attempted to transfer the traits of Invaders to humanity.

It was insanity.

And he knew it.

Such thoughts could only occur to a madman.

No hallucinations tormented him, nor was he intoxicated by drugs.

They say when a fool believes in something, it’s frightening.

Park was worse.

He was a competent researcher.

An exceptional human being whose intelligence towered over others.

Only, his belief was misguided.

An educated human who’d adopted a wrong conviction.

He wished to shed the human guise.

His first subject of study was the Doctrine of Immortality.

The Doctrine spoke of everlasting life.

Not as an Immortal, living perpetually,

but Park reflected on this as he observed them.

‘There’s no law that only Immortals can desire eternal life.’

Eternity and immortality.

It was one of Park’s research areas.

One branch of it was the hybrid experiment with Invaders that Yoo Kwang-ik discovered during his time in the Immortality Special Force.

The experiment had three themes:

Merging Invaders with Invaders.

Mixing Invaders with regular humans.

Combining Invaders with unique species.

Experiments that had turned to these methods due to repeated failures combining unique species with their own kind.

These were diversions.

Side projects taken up when direct methods failed, naturally, all had failed.

Discarded research, deemed rubbish and no loss if stolen.

Even if one delved into it endlessly, they couldn’t achieve the current state of being.

Still, it marked a beginning.

The research had yielded some results, leading to his current state.

Hence, it was a stroke of fortune, a coincidence upon coincidence.


Though blind, Park could see.

The outside situation, the human swarm, the army made of unique species.

‘I can see.’

This realization came swiftly.

As soon as he realized he could see, his other senses began to awaken.

Soon, he could hear as well.

“All units on standby.”

The voice of the figure leading from the front echoed through his body.

Could he also speak?

It seemed possible.

But right now, there was no need.

Thoughts threaded together. Park acknowledged his current condition.

His body, torn by the black hole fissure, had been sucked in torn as it was.

His physical form had vanished, but Park felt alive.

He even guessed why.

Right before being shredded by the black hole, several experiments had been performed on Park’s body.

One of those experiments involved transforming his body into a different matter.

While his body turned ragged in the black hole, his mind stood even straighter and stronger.

It was a world of ecstasy and pleasure.

Park felt an orgasmic sensation.

Of course, nothing physical was discharged.

His body had disappeared, after all.

Only his mind remained, experiencing a mental orgasm.

He could never become one with the Invaders.

But he’d taken a step closer to something he desired.

Having shed his human shell, he became one with the void of the black hole.

The unique species before him started to look like insects.

Simultaneously, Park, who had lived his life as an Irregular Hunter, conjured up efficient combat strategies, which were quickly transferred to the void.

Formations that lured enemies into complacency and struck at their weaknesses.

Thinking of strategies and moving the hole concurrently happened at once.

Park recalled his dream, knowing now it would soon be realized.

‘A new world.’

With humanity’s shell cast off, he’d erase humankind from this land, moving on to a new world.

A world neither any human nor anyone had even dreamed of.

He would become ‘something.’

It was the beginning.

The hole opened.

A hole guided by Park’s will made its cut.

One on the surface, one underground.

* * *


Concurrent with the rising thought, he collated and organized the information entering through sight.

Tentacles, underground, tunnels, stealth, vibrations.

Occasionally, such moments occurred.

When things just aligned.

Sometimes Invaders flew out of a black hole opened in the sky.

Sometimes Invaders that burrowed tunnels came out of a black hole that opened underground.

That was the current situation.

A perfect fit.

Number 27, Silence Worm, the Quiet Worm.

It released acid-like toxins from its mouth and body, burrowing tunnels soundlessly.

It was an Invader not easily detected, hence the nickname “Quiet.”

As tentacles wrapped around the ankles of the mustached man, it triggered a thought.

Just before the man stumbled and was dragged away, I gripped the handle of my tactical blade.

Grasp, withdraw, sever. The blade passed over the middle of the tentacle.


The tentacle was severed. The back half snapped back like a rubber band and disappeared into the hole it came from.


The mustache man’s scream erupted.

I grabbed him by the nape and threw him.

As I threw him, several other tentacles emerged from the rubble I was on.

The ground was collapsing under me in real-time, making my footing unstable.

I scanned the collapsing concrete chunks with my eyes.

It was clear which was unstable and which held firm.

Was this the sensation of an Immortal, or just a natural instinct?

I moved.

Leaning on the relatively solid chunks of rubble, I balanced myself and let the weight of my tactical blade guide me.

Swinging it in empty air, I regained balance. My body created a slope, leaning slightly.

That’s fine. The balance held. In that position, I spun like a top.

Letting the sword’s weight dictate, I repeated the swinging motion.

Soon, gray lines fanned out from my body in every direction.


Air pressure enveloped me. It sucked in like a range hood over a stove.

The blade I extended cut through the oncoming tentacles and sliced them all.

All this happened in a matter of seconds.

I sheathed the blade and stepped forward.

At the moment I touched down on another piece of debris, concrete crumbled with a crunch—

—and I let my body fly into the open air toward the mustache man’s falling trajectory.

Mid-flight, I caught the man and pulled out my wire knife, throwing it at a still-intact building.

Thud—the knife stuck into the building wall.

Plummeting, I wrapped the wire around my palm, coiled firmly, and tensed my arm feeling its weight.

The ground drew near. I timed it right; my foot touched down, my knee bent to absorb the rest of the shock.

Stepping down once more, I took a few more paces.

The dissipated fall energy meant there was hardly any impact.

I set the man down. His hands were still shaking.

“What, what, what is this?”

His jaw trembled.

He was so flustered he slipped into polite speech.

“Quiet Worm.”

“No, not that.”

“An anomaly?”

An anomaly on the scale of the Hughes Gate. It wasn’t ordinary.

“No, not that.”

The man repeated the same question.

Right then, next to us, light flashed, and my friend, the superpower sniper, appeared.

“Gasp, whoo, huff.”

He knelt immediately upon appearing, gasping for air. He’d sweat so much it dripped onto the ground.

Looking at me, his pupils quivered severely.

He seemed very shocked.

Same for the mustache, he had earthquake pupils.

Why are they looking like startled rabbits?

That guy, his ability is rare.

Flashing over his body, he seems to possess a physical transformation superpower.

A precious optical type.

But it was clear he had physical limits.

He’d only leaped atop a five-story building through photonic transformation and already, he was sweaty and breathless.

“Who are you?”

Asked by the man, I replied,

“A freelancer.”

Deep in thought, the man asked again,

“……Special Forces Authority?”

Ignoring his question, I looked down.

It was faint but definitely perceivable. If not known, then unknowable, but once aware, unmistakably clear.

Silence Worm.

An Invader using tentacles as weapons and spewing fluids from its mouth to dissolve the earth.

Its quiet movements earned its moniker: ‘the undercover assassin’.

I feel the vibrations through my whole body.

It was akin to the sensory diversification technique used by the brethren of the Pure Blood Clan.

It was a freshly conceived method, yet not so difficult upon trying.

Invisible and inaudible, yet my sensitive touch sensed it, naturally painting its image in my mind.

Its shape, weight, mass, movement.

An Invader deep underground, hunting humans.

Rumbling, crash.

The building collapsed, and a concrete chunk the size of my body split and fell close by.

Gray dust billowed.

Fragments hit my clothes.

Vibrations amalgamated.

I placed my left palm on the ground.

The vibrations clarified.

In that stance, I spread my legs, bent my knees halfway, twisted my waist, pulling my right shoulder skyward.

Tremendous physical force could generate a shockwave.

If there’s a sufficient medium to deliver that shock.


The feeble vibration tunneled through the ground, approaching right beneath my feet. The fluid ejected from its mouth and body would soon soften the earth.

Pulling in my left palm, twisting my waist, and throwing a punch.

The extended fist met the ground.


A boom echoed.

The asphalt shattered. Splinters shot in every direction, and the earth below erupted like a fountain.

Within that spray, green fluid scattered.

Plop, plop—the sprayed fluid fell, and from where it landed, white smoke arose.

The hide and body of Silence Worm are feeble. While its colorless and odorless fluid is used to create poison, its hide is useless.

That’s how weak it is.

If you can detect it early, it’s one of the easier beings to battle.

It has a core, and if you hit that core, it dies.

It’s sort of like a slime-shaped Invader.

Of course, finding the core is hard, but if you shake the whole body with a shock, it’s not too difficult.

Penetrating force.

I had taken the concept found in martial arts novels and adapted it to my style.

It was obvious, when one hits hard, the inside bears the shock.

“……What did you do?”

I opened my mouth to the astonished mustache man.

“I hit it. Hard.”

That’s accurate. Penetrating force wasn’t the quite right term, after all.


Only then did the building behind me fully collapse.

Crashing down, it raised a cloud of dust.

“Whew, is that the Special Forces Authority?”

The words came from the superpowered being with a luminous body.

“Yep, that Special Forces Authority. I haven’t seen that guy before, but he’s the one the mustache mentioned. Also, I might fancy women, but I’ve never been to a bar like he said.”

Murmuring whatever, I moved on.

We weren’t the only ones being attacked.


The screams of the Immortals being snatched by tentacles pierced my ears.

“Number 27, Silence Worm spotted, all rear defensive forces needed. All agents, respond immediately.”

The sniper’s voice broadcasted over the communicator.

The communicator’s message was clear.

Our rear had been ambushed.

How could this happen?

Was this even possible?

There was no need to ponder such trivialities. My role was clear.

“I’ll go ahead. Get yourselves together and support the area.”

“I’ll come with you.”

The superbeing gasped for air as he spoke.


My firm reply darkened his eyes.

Not because I disliked him, buddy.

“Could you watch this for me, instead?”

Lately, there hasn’t been a proper use for my equipment.

I put down the sniper rifle and other heavy gear.

At the moment, the suit and my fists were enough.



The expensive stuff is abundant. Especially the adamantium tactical blade, you can’t find it even if you want it.


He reacted to the request. The gloominess in his eyes replaced by a bright spark, so I turned away.

The mustache man caught my eye.


He hiccupped suddenly.

Seeing it, I spoke up.

“Dropping the friendly act is one thing, but what’s all this about a bar?”

“……You have to make a lie sound realistic to work.”

He was meticulous, indeed.

“Drop it.”


With the man adopting a still pose, I shook my head and left.

The closest point came first.

A stomp and I flew off, tearing through the air, speeding up.


Exploding screams guided my navigation.

Above ground, atop buildings, every optimal sniper position had been occupied by Quiet Worm.

I was aware of every point as I ran.

I’d get there, feel the vibrations, pinpoint the location, and go there to deliver my punches.



A sputtering Immortal being dragged by tentacles hung in mid-air before crashing to the ground.

The Immortal managed to twist in the air, finally falling shoulder-first.

He groaned, gulping down pain, then looked at me.

“Get yourself together and support the surroundings.”

With that, I ran again.

There were more than twenty points under attack.

Meaning, there were plenty of places to see to.

* * *

“Wow, dammit, it really was Kwang-ik Yoo.”

“Phew, what a bullshitter though.”

The mustache laughed at the superpowered rookie’s comment. Surviving made them naturally cheerful.

Luck was also a form of skill.

“But do we need support?”

He could see Kwang-ik in his view, sprinting from point to point, quick as lightning east and west, as if equipped with a detector, swiftly pinpointing each Silence Worm and delivering punches.

Boom, bang.

Dirt fountains and fluids splashed. Invaders died. The same as before. A repeat of the scene he witnessed right before his eyes.

It seems no support is immediately necessary. Not that they couldn’t follow, but perhaps they just couldn’t keep up.

The superpowered rookie spoke up.

‘Keep up with that?’

There’s a reason he’s known as the Special Forces Authority.

He did the unbelievable before their eyes.

Mimicking Hong Gil-dong, appearing everywhere at once, and punching out Invaders…


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