Genius of unique lineage Chapter 208


Genius of a Unique Lineage


There were three of us here.

One had supernatural powers, and two, including me, were half-blood immortals.

Among them, the man presumed to be a half-blood immortal opened his mouth.

“That guy, from the first time I saw him, I thought he would do well. You know I’m from the Immortal Special Forces, right?”

He had a mustache like a mouse’s whiskers and thin eyebrows—I looked at him carefully, wondering if I knew his face. I didn’t remember him.

“Don’t know?”

When the mustachioed man asked, I nodded.

“Were you in the Immortal Special Forces?”

I asked back, out of curiosity to see what he would say.

“Did you live under a rock? Don’t you follow the rumors?”

The mustachioed half-blood chuckled while tapping his own ears.

“Yes, I see.”

“When I used to help that friend with his sniping stance, I gave him some pointers.”

I was certain.

This guy, I’ve never seen him before.

“Ha, that friend and I have eaten together, drank together, even went to the sauna together.”

Ah, I see.

So they went to saunas together.

There must be another Yoo Gwang-ik besides me.


Another voice interjected.

A young face, a supernatural species that looked younger than me, asked.

He was a boy with a fair and pretty face.

It was the kind of face that could trigger a motherly instinct.

Maybe because his eyebrows and hair were light brown, he seemed even more delicate.

“Supernatural newbie, haven’t I lived in this field for twenty years?”

Despite claiming to have lived for twenty years in the field, his presence seemed insignificant.

He must have chosen the sniper position to avoid danger, not because of any outstanding sniping skills.

At best, he’s probably only slightly better than a well-trained civilian?

The blood of a half-blood immortal is also only marginally better than a quarter-blood.

He’s the type who lives off the fortune of his lineage rather than his own abilities.

My keen senses read his true capabilities.

“I’d like to meet that famous Sechoiteuk member.”

The young-faced supernatural being said.

You’ve already met him.

“But that guy, he seems to be quite interested in women.”

The mustachioed man commented.

Who? I thought.

“I went to a bar with him, and he had some bad habits,” he said, clicking his tongue.

I was taken aback.

“Is that so?”

The pale-faced supernatural species nodded, seemingly taking the words at face value, and I was dumbfounded.

“Are you sure?”

I asked.

“Newbie, do you think I’m bluffing too?”

Yes, I am one hundred percent certain.

You are a liar.

A master of deception capable of slapping Pinocchio in the face.

“Well, let’s say that’s true.”

Would they believe me if I said I was that famous Sechoiteuk here?

Let it go, just let it go.

The kind of person who would say not to lie.

If you try to help him, he’s the type who would demand payback.

Ignorance is bliss.

“We had a mission together, although the details are top secret, I suppose I’ll tell you broadly since it’s you guys.”

The ancestor of Pinocchio spoke.

There was indeed something amusing about watching his whiskers twitch.

While I listened with one ear, my attention kept drifting back to the Hughes Gate.

Why did I choose this sniper point?

It was interference between intuition and instinct.

Something just didn’t feel right.

And that assessment led me to remain in the rear.

If I went to the front or the field, I wouldn’t be able to monitor my surroundings.

Especially if the large gate opened, chaos would inevitably ensue.

Even as I watched the flickering gate, I could hear the two next to me chattering away.

“So, that guy, while eating, suddenly shouts. Says a gate has opened right in front of him. Bullshit, and you tell me the uncontacted alarm didn’t go off, it’s crazy.”

“And then?”

The young supernatural seemed genuinely interested in the tale.

It was a pointless story.

Ignoring it, I spoke up.

“The mission time…”

I checked the time and continued.

“22:50, correct?”

“Right, so I say, what, what?”

The mustachioed man trailed off, caught off guard by my question.

“What time is it?”

He seemed flustered. Could this man have forgotten the mission time?

“10:50 PM, right?”

The pale-faced supernatural confirmed.

Despite the darkness having fallen, this area declared a first-class disaster zone was brightly lit.

Thanks to the crazy number of artificial lights turned on.

Apart from the rear position and sniper point, all around the hole teemed with myriad lighting fixtures.

There was also a hastily erected fence.

As I surveilled the gate, I asserted with confidence.

“Current time 22:22, gate activity beginning.”

The gate was opening. I could feel it, and even visually, it seemed evident. This meant it was opening earlier than the scanners had detected.

“Huh? The scanner was wrong?”

The mustachioed man spoke, quickly getting into position.

Perhaps the twenty years weren’t entirely wasted on him. Despite only spewing nonsense from his mouth, he assumed a posture.

A malfunctioning scanner.

It’s rare.

If there were, it would only mean one thing: an anomaly.

The voice of a familiar Immortal Special Forces operative came through the earpiece.

“Everyone prepare to fire, on stand-by.”

A sniper. His voice lacked tension, but the atmosphere had settled with somberness.

I adjusted the magnification of my 28x scope looking over the hole.

No movement. No, there is some.

Invisible to the eye, the hole shifted. I wasn’t the only one who felt it. Ahead of me, the Immortal Special Forces were there, as were supernatural beings who could detect unique energy waves.

Artillery that had been assigned the first attack reacted.

The air in the space began to change.

And in those ten silent minutes, the black hole remained quiet.

“Newbie? Are we sure it’s opening?”

The mustachioed man asked.

“It doesn’t hurt to be cautious.”

Next to me, the supernatural sniper spoke.

A fair point.

“Just asking. You know, Sechoiteuk also had his fair share of screw-ups when he was a newbie.”

When, you say?

I don’t even want to bother arguing.

The black hole swayed and then a small hole opened in the middle.

From within…

Thud. The Number 4 Bounce jumped out.

Information on invaders from my time in Hwaryeom sprang to mind.

A small spherical invader.

Typically the size of a tennis ball.

Warning: They speed up the more they bounce, and a direct hit feels like a punch from a heavyweight boxer.

Their elastic hide that deflects bullets makes them hard to capture with gunfire.

However, immobilizing them makes them easy to handle.

A net, oiling the surface they bounce on, rapid freezing, rapid hardening—any weapon that can halt their movements would suffice.

Invaders like these are categorized into a few types, and the difficult-to-catch, small ones are generally called bug or insect types.

Different from physical or technological types of invaders.

Thump—the invader that appeared bounced across the brightly lit space.

The artillery should have been responsible for the initial attack.

But you can’t just fire artillery at one measly bouncing creature, can you?

One of the supernatural species came forward.

Standing at the forefront, this must mean he had abilities as well-developed as the transformation species.

As he extended his hand, the bounce froze in mid-air.

A formidable freezing ability user.

“That friend, he’s been in Korea?”

The mustachioed man commented, as if he’d been watching through the scope as well.

Up close, I could see he was a foreigner.

“Evan Tyler, a praised ice ability user from the Psionic Association. So he’s been in Korea.”

“Do you know him?”

I asked while keeping my eye on the scope.

The black hole was still quiet.

“Just someone I saw in passing.”

Perfect use of the term “whitewasher.”

Whitewashing with every word he speaks.

“Wow, senior, it looks like you know everyone.”

The young supernatural next to me exclaimed in admiration.

You believe him, what a legend.

Anyways, the black hole remained quiet.

Something was off.

I have this feeling, it’s swaying, but why is it so quiet…



The mustachioed man cursed under his breath.

It was right in front of the Hughes Gate.

The middle of the large black hole blew open like a basketball, expelling air.

Cracks spread and shattered instantly.

The gate had opened.

“Current time 22:41, Hughes Gate suppression begins.”

The sniper’s voice came through the earpiece.

It wasn’t time for snipers to take action.

There was no need for it.

2011 was too different from now.

Back then, after being battered by the first wave, the cracks, and mini-holes, we would barely manage to pull ourselves together, and then restart the scanners, leaving only half a day left.

We were overwhelmed by the need to defend.

Multiple large black holes burst simultaneously back then.

Named beings also appeared.

But now, the situation is very different from then.

Humanity had plenty of time to prepare, firepower had advanced, we had previous experience with Hughes Gates, and this gate was smaller than those in 2011.

From within the opened gate.

Various invaders came pouring out as if they were racing. Blind dogs, goblins, orcs, bounces, champions, heartless, living armor, wheel knights, and more.

So many.

Through the burst hole, invaders dashed through the open door from where artillery barrage rained down on them.


The sound of thunder struck.

Man-made lightning struck down upon the invaders’ heads.

Direct-fire artillery.

Clearly, concentrated firepower was placed at the front.

Fifteen firepower tanks had entered Seongsu-dong.

Of course, that wasn’t all.


A second salvo fell, this time from the howitzers.

Weapons-resistant invaders?

Did they say the wheel knights’ front could even withstand shrapnel or heat pressure bombs? That it would only scorch, and the force would only propel the invaders without much damage?

But against this magnitude of firepower, melting would be the appropriate response.

Even wheel knights hit directly by the target shattered. However, those hit indirectly managed to survive.

“Each sniper team, maintain your position, identify invaders not resistant to firearms and begin pinpointed shooting from the prepared snipers.”

A straightforward command amidst the noise.

Even among the thunderstrikes, a few invaders who barely survived leaped forward.

I watched them through the scope, biding my time before pulling the trigger.


The bullet flew, piercing the head of a leaping goblin.

My rifle wasn’t a bolt-action sniper. I had brought a semi-automatic type.

I quickly acquired the next target.

Bang, bang, bang.

After downing four, gunfire from the Immortal Special Forces started flying too.

Slow on the uptake.

The order was to start from the prepared snipers.

I was the fastest, and I found them first.

First, I took out four.

Among those invaders, Numbering 7 Desire Bugs or Numbering 6 Hell Fairies were bound to be flitting about.

The first characteristic of a Hughes Gate is the variety of invaders it unleashes.

The second is the overwhelming number of entities that emerge.

After the bombardment, it’s crucial to rapidly clear the rest to ease the next wave.

Sniper bullets flew, striking down invaders without resistant hides.

Close to the frontline, living armors and wheel knights were blocked by the transformation species and supernatural special forces.

My scope briefly caught a transformation species evade a wheel knight’s charge and throw a grenade behind it.


The fragments from the exploded grenade struck the back of the wheel knight.


This must be one from the Hwarang team.

The rear is the wheel knight’s weakness.

Everyone fought well.

I too kept pulling the trigger without stopping.

Shooting down every one that appeared.

“Wow, that newbie there, you’re really good with the gun.”

The mustachioed man murmured alongside me.

From the first shot onward, I kept repeating the action without pause.

“You’re not shooting in the air, are you?”

He added his comment.

I wanted to hit him.


I said and, ignoring him, refocused on the scope.

While killing invaders, I wanted to spot familiar faces, but there were simply too many people.

Fortunately, Mother and Marie wouldn’t have been involved in the fray.

I wonder if Hyemin has been met?

Those three were, after all, extra forces.

Brought in case of emergency, not meant to engage on the frontlines right away.

I wondered how Father was doing.

Phoenix team didn’t show any movement.

They were probably focused on hunting unique species.

Like a few other elite forces.

They would have no choice.

Frontline was obliterated with firepower, unique species were captured by small-scale forces.

Simple and clear strategy.

A strategy that has never failed to date.

Even the fairly recent anomaly, the overlapped gates, couldn’t change this pattern.

The essence of this pattern was also in the separation of front and rear forces.

Snipers in the rear were guaranteed safety while reducing the burden of those at the front line.

I held the battle in sight, a sudden doubt crossing my mind.


With that, my heart raced.

My fingers mindlessly pulling the trigger and my mind pondering separately.

My instincts sought the answer.

My senses absorbed everything around me.


What could be the reason?

Why did the black hole appear to open early? Was it just for a single Bounce to come out?

Have there ever been such cases up to now?

No, not that I know of.

From inside the gate, a giant, easily three to four times the size of an ordinary man, began to emerge.

Numbering 18, a Giant.

A physical type invader.

Tough and strong.

But, of course, not tough enough to withstand cannon fire and remain standing.


A shot blew away half of the monster’s torso.

The ground trembled, and artillery bolts roared in my ears.

And then…

The trembling earth suddenly ceased.

A bad premonition skimmed the back of my head.


Cracks spread across the cement of the rooftop floor.


The mustachioed man spoke.


The young supernatural sniper also uttered a startled exclamation.

Soon the ground collapsed. The building crumbled with a roar. From a five-story rooftop, we had taken sniper positions.

In an instant, the building sank below, and whirling tentacles rose up from within.

I saw the writhing tentacle grab the mustachioed man’s ankle.

“Oh? Aaargh!”

The mustachioed man screamed in terror.


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