Genius of unique lineage Chapter 205


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 204: Cheers Reverberate.

“……He’s doing it all by himself.”

Kang Hee-mo muttered to himself, not realizing it.

He wasn’t the only one to read the intentions of Gwang Ik.

The intention to form a perimeter around the black hole by holding the defense line.

Kang Hee-mo read it too, and acted accordingly.

What came after was this.

The purpose of creating the defense line was solely to deal with the escaping Invaders.

While erecting the defense line, Kang Hee-mo thought they’d be lucky to hold even a fifth of their power. It had been a cold assessment.

However, he hadn’t anticipated the variable.

“Team power report.”

The voices of each team’s commander came through the radio.

“Alpha team, one combat incapacitated.”

One of them had been unlucky enough to get their insides gouged out by a Wheel Knight.

“All Beta team, no issues.”

Hughes Gates opened, preceded by the warning phenomena of cracks and mini-holes.

During the previous activation of Hughes Gates, they reported hundreds of casualties from just this situation.

‘He virtually stopped it alone.’

Kang Hee-mo couldn’t even catch the entire movement of the figure within the defense line— a mixed-blood special breed he once shared a meal with was wreaking havoc.

The transforming clan at the forefront was the same.

Do An-gyeol felt something similar.

‘Yu Gwang Ik.’

An-gyeol saw Gwang Ik moving. He twisted his body while charging at a Wheel Knight after crushing a Living Armor and crushed the head of a Heartless.

Shortly afterward, a blade pierced his shoulder.

A trick from another Heartless looking for an opening.

Gwang Ik nullified the stab just by leaping backwards.

Retreating, he pulled the blade from his shoulder, then charged forward, raising his right knee toward the head of the one who had stabbed him, and extended his toes, kicking the opponent’s jaw.

It was a front kick as straight as if measured by a ruler.


Starting from the chin, the head split in two like it had been cleaved.

Two feints had preceded that action.

In a forward charge, his left shoulder moved, and the Heartless reacted to it.

Then, as if attaching, Gwang Ik showed his right fist while twisting his waist.

The Heartless reacted again.

Then, after a front kick, the head was sent flying.

To the uninitiated, one might wonder why the Heartless did not block such a kick.

But any shapeshifter who knew how to throw a punch would be astounded.

Even the feints were done only fast enough for the opponent to react.

Amazing insight followed by physical mastery, and an insane combat sense.

‘Could I do it too?’

The action just now? Possible.

Entering in there alone?


So far, not too tricky.

But what about coming out unscathed in that situation?

Taking out dozens, no, hundreds alone?

That was uncertain. Was it courage, or recklessness?

His raging competitive spirit naturally bowed its head.

“Are you alright?”

A woman soaked in blood asked from beside him.

Precisely, a shapeshifter woman and a mother who had a son here, once called a Reformed Witch under the Dan-gun Group.

“He’s a mix of immortality. That’s why he can do that.”

The Reformed Witch commented.

She was right.

“Can I borrow a knife if there’s a spare? I need to lend a hand. You should stop watching and get in there too.”

“Use this.”

Before she finished, Woon-bi hurried over, offering two knives with both hands.

After weighing them and fitting them in her hand, the Reformed Witch nodded her approval.


“Pure Gear it is. Made of adamantium alloy, so it’ll cut clean through when stabbed or sliced.”

Woon-bi’s specialty gear, focused on cutting—so sharp, ‘even a child could slice through steel.’

“Is it alright if you give them all to me?”

“I have more here.”

Woon-bi replied, showing two identical knives.

The Reformed Witch nodded in acknowledgment, and Woon-bi asked,

“May I join in too?”

“Of course.”

“Me too, I want to come too.”

So-jin, with cheeks reddened, joined them.

“Do you know the shapeshifter combat rules well?”

The Reformed Witch inquired.

Immortality and shapeshifting are different.

Shapeshifters must know how to protect their bodies in combat.

The Reformed Witch ran forward, and So-jin and Woon-bi followed.

They couldn’t fight like Gwang Ik.

Instead, they calmly started on the outskirts, crushing each Invader one by one.

Among them, the Reformed Witch’s skills were impressive.

Experienced and clean. She didn’t stand in a disadvantageous position, exploiting the Invaders’ weaknesses.

Her positioning and movement could’ve come out of a combat manual.

Naturally, So-jin and Woon-bi followed her lead.

An-gyeol remained in position.

Leaving might have let Invaders slip by.

‘Now my order is Gwang Ik.’

That was his directive.

He intended to follow that command.

To ensure that not a single Invader emerged, Gwang Ik did what he did inside.

If Kang Hee-mo and An-gyeol were astonished, then Lee Ji-hye, who arrived late at PWAT, was flabbergasted.

Having rushed to the site upon hearing that a large Gate had burst, she was met with—

“What the hell is that?”

A special breed going solo on a rampage.

Yu Gwang Ik, a man she recognized.

She saw the dual defense line held by the shapeshifters and the immortals in front of him.

Separate from the defense line, each Invader coming out of the mini-holes was shattered.

“If you can take the third defense line, that’d be great.”

Startled, Lee Ji-hye turned to see a plump man with dark circles under his eyes.

“It’s Lee Dong-hun.”

“I know.”

Yu Gwang Ik was a prominent figure. Naturally, those around him had to be recognized.

Lee Dong-hun, former immortal special force and an experimental subject, was a hybrid of immortal and shapeshifter.

However, his blood of immortality was thin, and he couldn’t maintain his senses when transformed—a special breed with two fatal flaws.

“Taking the third defense line should be enough.”


She didn’t ask if it’d be alright just to leave him be.


That word came to mind.

Lee Ji-hye thought Gwang Ik had reached his limit when he suppressed the champions emerging from the black hole.

If that peculiar special breed known as the world’s rarest had even transformed, then perhaps—

‘It might make sense.’

He hadn’t transformed.

He wasn’t even using his gear.

Relying purely on the physical abilities of a shapeshifter, he rampaged, and he made it work.

As time passed, an Invader number 8 champion crossed the 1st and 2nd defense lines.

The second defense line, the immortals, didn’t bother to stop it.

It was probably the right call to not engage in close combat.

The commander, Kang Hee-mo, was clever.

Two telekinetic personnel from PWAT stepped forward, restrained the champion’s limbs, and a rifle blew its head away.

After the time had passed—

[At around 3:55 PM, the first wave of Hughes Gate occurred.

Total duration: 7 hours and 50 minutes.

Twelve cracks emerged.

Three mini-holes opened.

Four types of Invaders emerged.

Number 8 champion.

A close combat specialist Invader with four arms.

Number 10 Heartless.

A sword-wielding technique-type Invader with four eyes.

Number 43 Living Armor.

Better known as ghost armor, with no weaknesses.

Indestructible even if the armor is pierced by bullets.

A challenging physical-type Invader that must be utterly crushed to halt its activity.

Lastly, number 65 Wheel Knight.

Wheels instead of feet, known for charging.

A dangerous, fast, and powerful physical-type Invader.

If you can’t catch its back, it’s one of the most challenging high-rank Invaders to confront.

Deceased: 0.

Wounded: 4. One from the immortal special forces and three from the Hwarang team.

No civilian casualties.


The special breed who waged an almost 8-hour fierce battle alone.

The special breed that made three different defense lines spread by three special breed teams seem redundant.

The special breed that singlehandedly stopped the first wave of Hughes Gate that broke out in Seongsu-dong.]

He limped out and spoke.

“They’re not coming out anymore.”

Lee Ji-hye was chilled by his nonchalant tone.

Did this guy understand what he had done?

It was urgent, so they couldn’t fully control the area, leaving some civilians behind.

Among them were those whose homes were consumed, staring vacantly, and others who barely survived.

People who have barely preserved their lives.

Those who witnessed the horrifying disaster in front of them and the hero who forcibly subdued it.

They saw the man walking out alone from the front of the black hole.

“……Darn, he’s so cool.”

A woman crying in astonishment, her makeup washed away, leaving black tear streaks.

With that one sentence, the crowd of civilians began to wail.



“The best!”

“World’s rarest!”

Yu Gwang Ik was well-known in many ways.

Some in the crowd recognized his face.

Cheers pierced the ears.

Gwang Ik said, looking at it.

“The perimeter wasn’t secured.”

“It was urgent.”

As Lee Ji-hye replied,

“We should start now then.”

A scar-faced, grumpy-looking shapeshifter said.

“Is that really important right now?”

The last one was Superintendent Kang Hee-mo. He was a well-connected member of the immortals’ special forces.

Lee Ji-hye agreed with that remark.

“So you really did all that alone, huh? Could you have handled it all by yourself?”

“I guess the second couldn’t be stopped alone.”

With that, Gwang Ik gestured with his thumb over his shoulder.

The red marks left on the tattered fabric over his shoulder were visible.

Marks freshly regenerated.

Lee Ji-hye’s gaze swept over Gwang Ik’s shoulder to the back.

She saw the blackened hole shimmering.

An unceasing tremble.

The hole was neither human nor a living being, yet it appeared as if it was about to burst forward like a matador’s bull.

“Right, it’s like that.”

From now on, they must prepare for the second wave, assembling meetings and forces.


First, they needed to escort the cheering civilians to a safety zone.

“Augh, I’m a bit tired.”

Gwang Ik said, cracking his neck from side to side.

“Is that all? Just tired?”

Kang Hee-mo said, voicing what Lee Ji-hye wanted to say.

Then, his mother patted her son’s shoulder from behind.

“Shall we go home and have a meal?”

His mother was also not to be underestimated.

Did she understand what her son had just done?

“Sure. How about Mari?”

“She’s at home. Seems I’ll need to pick up an apron and a knife on the way; I lost one.”

Everything seemed so peaceful.

Gwang Ik looked at Lee Ji-hye, who was staring hard, and asked,

“What? Sister Team Leader, are you hungry too?”


World’s rarest, or the world’s oddest lunatic.

With that, Lee Ji-hye turned around.

That person was not to be measured with her capacity.

She just took note and reported what she saw.

The Public Safety Commissioner was thrilled by the call, so much that his breath could be heard over the phone.

“The next generation hero.”

His voice was full of conviction.

The first wave of Hughes Gate was over.

It was a miracle—a piece of news to be broadcast.

Gwang Ik, to the backdrop of cheers, withdrew from the scene and headed home.

And this incident was soon broadcast not just in Korea but around the world.

The emergence of another Hughes Gate and the man who stopped the first wave were announced to many.

All this occurred while the main character, Gwang Ik, was well-fed and sleeping soundly.

* * *


“You’re late.”

His wife frowned her forehead. It was a mix of anger and joy.

She wasn’t genuinely angry; he could tell just by looking at her face.

“How did it go?”

“Delivered the jerks a proper gift. Gave them a taste of Korean tradition.”

More precisely, he had blown up the base of the mad scientist bunch.

“There was a bit of trouble.”

Yu Yeon-ho also knew, as it was enough to make him faint from shock.

Hughes Gate.

That crazy bastard Hyuk had performed a lunatic act as his last hurrah.

And that lunatic move, the first wave that spelled wholesale slaughter, was stopped by his son.

They said the combined team of immortals, shapeshifters, and psychics had nothing to do but watch.

His wife, who participated, looked at him.

“Honey, bro.”

Packing a travel bag to the side, Yeon-ho waited for her to speak.

Shininess of emotion was evident in her eyes.

The sensitive senses of an immortal detected her emotional turbulence.

“Honey, bro.”

She called him again, and this time, she continued.

“When Gwang Ik was born, I worried… what would happen if he couldn’t control his instincts, or if he caused trouble later on. But… he endured well. And when he decided to go into this line of work, I feared something might happen. I couldn’t just stand by nor stop him. I was genuinely concerned, our child tends to stand out a bit.”

When he said he would rid the entire country of bullies, how absurd it seemed.

Yeon-ho felt the same.

“But… now I think it’ll be alright.”

His wife said. Strong yet vulnerable, but sturdy even in her fragility.

She said it was okay.

“Our son, he’s really going to be alright.”

She reaffirmed.

Yeon-ho shared the sentiment.

The gleam in his wife’s eyes was one of happiness.

“Our child is doing well.”

She continued.

“Yeah, it’ll be fine. Whose son is he after all?”

“Don’t fight with him, even if he gets emotional later.”

Tearful eyes softened.

With a beautiful smile in her eyes, his wife spoke.

Yeon-ho chuckled and nodded.

And he thought,

Fortunately, he was taught to respect adults since he was young.


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