Genius of unique lineage Chapter 195


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 194: Blondie, You

Shapeshifters awaken at the age of eighteen.

They mature two years earlier than the Immortals.

That’s why Doan Gyeol became a true shapeshifter at eighteen.

He knew from a young age that he would awaken at eighteen,

For Doan Gyeol carried the pure bloodline, born into such a family.

He awakened naturally as if it was a given and arrived at the present day.

He was what you’d call an elite.

“You can’t catch up with him.”

“Doan Gyeol, you monster.”

He lived his life, constantly hearing such words.

For a pure-blooded shapeshifter, especially an elite, there was only one place to work.

The Dangun Group, and within it, the core martial organization, Hwarang.

The entrance exam was tough.

But for Doan Gyeol, it was just manageable.

“A prodigy indeed.”

“It’s like looking at myself when I was young.”

“Honestly, even if we combined the last few batches, he seems the best.”

Several seniors eagerly spilled such thoughts.

Training with cold weapons, handling firearms, avoiding harm, controlling desires, managing transformations, and various secret technique training—

In all training, Doan Gyeol received an S-rank.

A so-called perfect score of 120 out of 100 points, that was Doan Gyeol.

“I’m proud of you, son.”

His father was happy as well.

“An-gyeol, mom believes in you.”

His mother showed her faith.

“A grandson painting gold on grandpa’s face.”

His grandfather was overjoyed.

His colleagues envied him, and in less than five years after joining at eighteen, he became a Second Order.

Jung Sojin was older and more experienced but still a Third Order.

Even Jung Sojin was a talent the Dangun Group boasted about.

A genius beyond any framework.

Those were the words used to describe Doan Gyeol.

Thanks to that, he even had a private meeting with the chairman and became a recognized shapeshifter within Hwarang.

An enviable life as a special kind elite.

Moreover, Doan Gyeol was intelligent.

He knew how to envision a bigger picture than others.

Remarkably broad-minded for a shapeshifter, whose simplicity was both a strength and a weakness.

The perfect beauty.


That was Doan Gyeol.


‘It’s bland.’

When things resolve too easily, interest tends to fade.

He had no rivals.

He saw no one who could catch up with him in training or in actual combat.

Nor did he see anyone who would be a worthy goal to strive for.

Of course, there were more seasoned agents than him.

There were shapeshifters stronger than he was currently.

‘One year would be enough.’

Doan Gyeol didn’t feel it was difficult to catch up to them.

It was a matter of time.

A goal that would end once he became more seasoned, more experienced, and had time to hone himself.

There was no interest in accomplishments that could easily be achieved.

Naturally, Doan Gyeol was losing interest in everything. Or rather, he was in the process of losing it.

Duty was what moved him.

The duty of an elite.

The duty of a son.

His father and mother did not love each other.

Their union was simply to continue the pure bloodline.

They even had two more children, but he carried the thickest of their blood.

Later on, both parents found lovers.

No one said anything about it.

After all, it wasn’t a union born out of love.

That didn’t mean the family wasn’t harmonious.

The parents acknowledged their respective lovers and lived their lives.

He was the reason this abnormal family existed.

His grandfather’s belief, holding significant power within the group, played a part too.

Doan Gyeol was driven by a sense of duty.

That was until he saw the chairman’s grandson.

An irregular from the Immortality Special Forces.

A mix of immortality and shapeshifting.

Even with his pure shapeshifter’s blood, he could not be an object of interest for Doan Gyeol.

But a hybrid?

He had heard of the feats accomplished up until now.

‘If it comes to that.’

He could do it too.

He didn’t think much of it, confident that he could shatter that hollow reputation if they ever faced off.

And then he encountered him.

Yet, paradoxically, Doan Gyeol didn’t give his best when facing off against Yoo Gwang-ik.

Giving it your best can lead to the other’s despair.

Doan Gyeol knew that.

“I’m stepping back. You, um, keep hanging in there until the end, meaningless as it is. Let’s meet again if we have a chance.”

He was his closest friend.

They had been together consistently, from awakening and thereafter.

He always gave his best to this friend, believing that was what friendship meant.

Hoping that someday the friend would catch up with him.

He didn’t.

The friend fell into despair. Doan Gyeol had not noticed.

The friend said he didn’t want to lose himself in jealousy and envy.

He left the company, and An-gyeol lost his friend.

Doan Gyeol realized that his abilities could bring despair to others.

From then on, he never gave his all in any situation.

He only did enough.

Because of that habit,

He hid his power when facing others, and so did they.

Even with him, Jung Sojin, and Unbi all striking simultaneously, Yoo Gwang-ik maintained his composure.

Doan Gyeol saw a starving beast within his opponent.

But that beast did not even lay out its claws.

While handling all three of them in that state.

When the chairman asked Yoo Gwang-ik to go, An-gyeol did not hesitate.

He wanted to see more.

To witness firsthand how extraordinary this hybrid was.

“You’re pretty hasty. It would be nice to go together. But if you get hurt… oh, right, you have immortal blood too, huh? Then, well, you won’t die.”

Jung Sojin chattered away as usual.

“I’m going in.”

An-gyeol ignored her and spoke.

Once he arrived, the door was already shattered.

“The smell of blood.”

Unbi spoke up. The other two smelled it too.

The trio entered the building, maintaining a reasonable level of tension and vigilance, but there was no ambush.

Only a fallen person was visible on the floor.

“He’s incapacitated. They went upstairs.”

Sojin commented. The three immediately took the stairs, vigilant in every direction.

Shapeshifters are not Immortals. A barrage of bullets is trouble.

Thud, thunk, bang.

Such sounds reverberated continuously.


As they ascended the stairs, a silhouette burst through a door with a loud bang and was flung aside.

His face was deformed.

Gwang-ik emerged from behind him, with more disheveled bodies behind him.

“That’s an Immortal.”

Having said that, he turned away.

An-gyeol counted the fallen.


No, thirteen including the one on the lower level.

He could do it too, if the opposition was off-guard.

But to subdue them all without a scratch would take a lot of work.

Especially since Yoo Gwang-ik hadn’t planned a proper operation before coming here.

He had darted over as soon as he got the address and immediately barged in.

“These crazy bastards.”

Across the corridor.

Three men wielding submachine guns emerged.

An-gyeol dexterously jumped away, as did Sojin and Unbi.

While the three dodged out of the line of fire, Gwang-ik moved differently.


He stamped on the ground. Jumping to the side, An-gyeol captured the scene with his eyes.

He ran on the wall and the ceiling.

‘Three-dimensional maneuvering?’

It was Unbi’s specialty when fighting indoors, utilizing walls and ceilings as if they were the ground—

It was a technique she had shown only once in a safehouse.

An-gyeol could do it too, but not like that.

Three-dimensional maneuvering uses walls like the ground. When reaching the ceiling, you must fall.

Yoo Gwang-ik kicked from the left wall, used that force to walk two steps on the ceiling, kicked the right wall, returned to the ceiling, and plunged downwards.


Bullets tracked Gwang-ik’s movements and attempted to anticipate them but in vain.

They were too fast and unpredictable to respond to.

‘Unbi would click his tongue at this.’

Gwang-ik was more flexible than Unbi.

One of the men used his firearm as a blunt weapon and swung it.

Gwang-ik palmed it away.

No, not just palmed away.

He seized and yanked the weapon while elbowing the man in the face.


A crisp sound followed.

He then scissored both legs just before hitting the floor, defending against two foes.

The tight space made it awkward for the two enemies to aim their guns. Both drew knives, and Gwang-ik struck with the edges of his hands.


An-gyeol muttered without realizing.

‘Iron Arm’ is the secret technique for cultivating toughness.

Armored hand strikes were one of the skills using ‘Iron Arm’.

Thwack, thwack.

Gwang-ik counter-struck the blades with the edges of his hands.

It wasn’t perfect. Blood splattered from his hands, and the droplets headed towards both men’s faces.

Both reflexively blinked.

Gwang-ik took the chance to spin his body and swung his elbow.

His elbow carved around him like a circle.


A chilling sound echoed.

His elbow acted like a blade.

Both received gaping wounds across their chests.

Not fatal, but left untreated, excessive bleeding would bid farewell to the living.

Watching all this, Doan Gyeol’s heart raced.

His subdued instincts rekindled.

‘Right now.’

He wanted to engage properly. He wanted to clash, holding nothing back.

“Blondie, you,”

At that moment, Gwang-ik’s voice hit his ears.

Doan Gyeol snapped back to reality.

He cannot fight Gwang-ik here. He came to assist, not to hinder.

A sense of duty and developed responsibility over the years held his mind in check.

Blondie? Upon hearing that, one thing came to mind.

The person Gwang-ik was searching for, the conversation with the chairman.

‘Spontaneous opening of the Earth’s black hole?’

That was an impossible tale.

However, Yoo Gwang-ik was unlikely to lie.

There must be something hidden. Then, it must be captured.

“Sojin, Unbi, secure the exit.”

An-gyeol spoke and dashed forward.

It was his turn. Although he couldn’t fight with Gwang-ik, he could still demonstrate his abilities in front of him.

His pounding heart pumped blood. An-gyeol buried the murderous intent for Gwang-ik deeper into his mind, narrowed down on a man brandishing a Japanese sword, and charged.

* * *

A bunch of trash indeed.

Passing by the first one encountered, climbing up the stairs, rattling sounds emanated from within the room.

Then the nose caught the smell of gunpowder.

There were people armed with firearms, incendiaries.

Twisting the doorknob gently, the door opened.

“This lunatic.”

Quick reactions from the other side.

Perhaps thanks to vandalizing the security cameras.

I hammered down on them relentlessly.

Knocking out the attackers one by one, like handing out walnuts.

I tossed the final Immortal out of the room.

Only then did my shapeshifter friends catch up.

After conveying the rough situation, I headed onward.

Acute senses already told me that three were approaching and carried firearms.

Subdued them and blocked two knives with my palms.

The splashing blood was a tactical move.

Tiny cuts on my palm start to regenerate ticklishly.

Hardly any foes left, I thought as I lifted my head.

At the end of the corridor, the iron doors opened from both sides, and there he stood.

“Blondie, you.”

Blondie, that guy.

“Wow, how did you get here?”

How have you gotten here, kid? It’s a coincidence.

As I was about to stomp the ground, more attackers jumped me.

In that moment, Blondie glanced at me, smirked, and turned away.

That bastard.

Even if I wanted to chase, I had to deal with these first.

“It’s me.”

Then, behind me, An-gyeol burst forth.

Heading towards the man who had pulled out a katana.

Driving in close, he popped— the hand holding the sword, twisted his body, and raised an elbow punch to the diaphragm.

A clean and impressive strike.

After knocking down one, An-gyeol raged on.

After watching that, I kicked the walls again, stepping off the ceiling, and dashed forward.

I learned from watching Unbi; it’s quite a useful maneuvering technique.

Even if not quite as strong, if you understand the kicking technique and balance your body, you can master it after some practice.

Of course, I just used it on the spot.

For no reason do uncle and mother look amazed every time they see me.

I leaped as if flying, focused on sensing Blondie.

I couldn’t feel him.

One would have to be at least a well-trained pure-blooded Immortal to not let their presence be detected while running.

But I couldn’t sense Blondie at all.

“Anything that falls outside your expectations can be broken down into two categories, it’s more convenient that way.”

The teachings of the Immortality Special Forces.

“Don’t rely entirely on your senses.”

My father’s teachings echoed in my mind.

Things outside the category are either superpowers or magic.

And this seemed more like magic.

Typical spellcasters.

I moved according to my father’s teachings.

Relying on senses stops you from thinking. If you stop thinking, your behavioral patterns become simple. That’s how one gets devoured in this world.

I didn’t let that happen.

I thought. I used my head. If there was no secret passage, where would Blondie jump to?

Outside, of course.

I stopped running midway and slipped inside a room. There was a security window. I threw myself at it.


I burst out of the window, half-smashing it.

Three stories high but what did that matter?

I hit the ground and rolled using a falling technique.

Ordinary humans would struggle, but not a special kind.

An average shapeshifter wouldn’t break a window with their body without gear.

But I had nothing to do with that.

Shards of glass embedded in my skin came out and fell.

Regenerative abilities are the forte of Immortals.

Still no presence felt.

However, I wasn’t alone. I realized this after seeing An-gyeol.

I had heard him tell the other two to cover the exits.

I looked for those two.

Sojin and Unbi had split up.

I raced towards Sojin. Sounds of a skirmish reached me.

Thump thump— kicking the ground for speed, I arrived.

“Huff, huff.”

I heard Sojin catching her breath.

In that short time, I wondered what she had done, her face was soaked with blood.

“It’s not my hobby to mar a lady’s face like this.”

Blondie spoke, smiling.

Sojin was done for?

No, something was off. A jarring sensation stirred my senses.

Sojin’s posture, balance, all disarrayed.

She looked like she could hardly stand.

“Unexpected indeed, but since it’s come to this, I’ll be the one taking you. Hybrid irregular.”

Blondie declared.


He snapped his fingers towards me.

At the same moment.

I lost directional sensation.


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