Genius of unique lineage Chapter 194


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Why do you keep bringing up my mother?

Shin Joo-ho opened his eyes.

A heavy headache followed. Fragments of his last memories surfaced intermittently.

‘What was it?’

Something had appeared, and he had been asked who he was. He remembered seeing a man with deep scars across his face.

‘I said I was on a photo trip.’

He had told them he was out taking landscape photos.

Before he could protest, a burly woman examined his telephoto camera, clicked her tongue, and then his memory cut off.

His neck was sore. Instinctively reaching to rub it, he found his hand didn’t move—it was secured to a chair, hands and legs bound.

He looked around. It was dark. Shin Joo-ho thought in the darkness,

‘It’s alright.’

He had implanted a tracker in his body.

Having a dangerous job, it was impossible he hadn’t prepared for such situations.

The work Shin Joo-ho did was illegal. He was well aware of the risks involved.

That’s why he spent quite a sum to employ a mercenary company for protection.

‘My brother-in-law will come too.’

His brother-in-law was a mixed-race shapeshifter, previously a fighter in the black market’s battle arenas.

His abilities were, without a doubt, formidable.

The brother-in-law who had even knocked down agents from the immortal special forces in his youth.

If anything happened, his wife would immediately check the tracker and send help.

His eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness. The smell of paint filled the air—it was a place recently painted.

He blinked several times.

The shape of a person became faintly visible.

“He’s not dead, is he?”

A man’s voice was heard.

“He didn’t faint.”

A woman’s voice. In the darkness, four figures stood, with one more crawling on the floor below.

Dim moonlight streaming through the window lit the face of the person on the floor.


Shin Joo-ho inadvertently called out.


A dying voice from his brother-in-law was heard, tears seemingly hanging at the edges of his eyes.

Beside the brother-in-law lay people who appeared knocked out, lying still as if dead.

They were wearing black combat suits.

Shin Joo-ho knew what those outfits meant.

‘Black Guard.’

A domestic mercenary company modeled after ‘Real Guard,’ under the global security firm Excurity.

To be precise, the very company he poured money into every month for his personal protection.

He blinked a few more times and lifted his head.

Four figures were buried in the darkness.

Faces were indiscernible, but he could vaguely make out their silhouettes.

One of them looked familiar.

‘Yoo Gwang-ik.’

Someone he had chased for weeks. It was impossible not to recognize him.

Shin Joo-ho realized.

‘We’re screwed.’

Both the company that came to rescue him and his brother-in-law were done for.

They deliberately didn’t turn on the lights, and their faces weren’t visible. It was a bad sign.

Could there be a reason for not turning on the lights?

Terrible possibilities swirled in his mind.

He wanted to see his wife.

‘Will I be able to see her again?’

Biting his tongue, a sound of tearing flesh echoed in his head.

Pain sobered him up, and his brain kickstarted into knowing exactly what he had to do right now.

“My name is Shin Joo-ho, known in the industry as Paparazzi. It was folks running a private lab that ordered this. I know the address and contact info. The request was to find out everything, starting with Mr. Yoo Gwang-ik’s private life. What I’ve found is….”

Faster and different from others, that’s how Shin Joo-ho survives.

Life is precious.

The adversary is powerful.

And this was the right move.

Revealing the client?

Breaking the unspoken rules of the industry?

That’s a problem for later.

First, you have to live to see tomorrow.

It’s a hundred, a thousand times better than dying right now.

* * *

“Is the light here out?”

A safe house provided by the Dangun Group, but it smelled quite strongly of recent paint.

“Yes, I’m planning to replace it tomorrow. I didn’t touch it because I went straight to where Gwang-ik was.”

So-jin replied.

Thanks to that, the living room was dim.

Half-drawn blinds allowed moonlight to seep through, serendipitously lighting up only the upper body of the person they captured.

“Well, it’s not a big deal.”

Immortals have eyes that differentiate everything with this level of light.

I left the orphanage matter with the police who followed.

Called them after the police verified identities.

Could’ve called dad, but there was someone faster.

Free pass from team manager Ji-hye noona.

It was a piece of cake since the three were of Dangun Group affiliation, anyway.

Then right away, I took the guy out, and the three shapeshifter pals gathered in this rented house.

Just a 20-minute walk from our house. If a shapeshifter ran, it wouldn’t even take 5 minutes, same with a car.

It was surprising to manage to secure this place.

As we were about to wake him up, not even 10 minutes after our arrival, an attack occurred.

As an immortal, I noticed first, and when I asked if anyone else was coming, the physical bruiser reacted at once.

She unlocked the front door and left it wide open.

It was a small three-story villa, rented out the entire building.

Soon, a group of trained-looking fellows entered.

I admired the prowess of trained shapeshifters.

So-jin saw one pull out a knife, caught his wrist midair, snapped it, and threw him to one side.

The guy hit the wall with a thud and crawled on the floor.

In the meantime, the one aiming a gun was wall-kicked by Unbi, who spun in the air, kicking the ceiling and descending from above.

Caught off-guard by her unexpected angle of attack, the opponent didn’t react.

The opponent was quite outmatched in physicality and training.

Unbi had already sliced the gunman’s wrist with a knife she drew.

Un-gyeol dragged in the attackers one by one and knocked them out.

All within 3 minutes.

In total, five had entered, one skilled in fighting even tried a high kick.

So-jin protected her face with her left arm and twisted it, grabbing his kicking leg and twisting it the opposite way.

A cracking sound was heard…

Trying to scream, his mouth was muffled, and he was sprawled on the floor.

That was the end of it.

Looking over the neatly stacked guys, Un-gyeol said,

“Black Guard.”

“A mercenary company?”

I seemed to recall hearing about it once during my time in special forces.


“Did these guys also get orders from the lab?”

I muttered to myself, and Un-gyeol shook his head pointing at the tied friend.

“They must have come to rescue him.”

In the meantime, the camera guy tied to the chair came to his senses, looked around, and blinked his eyes.

Seeing that, I asked So-jin if she hadn’t killed him.

The cameraman, no, Paparazzi Shin Joo-ho began to speak unto him.



Family involved?

Running this like some family business?


What to do now?

Need to extract information.

Being an immortal and a former special forces agent trained to withstand pain also meant being skilled in torture techniques.

Skilled in troubling the human body.

Just that I wondered if I really had to torture.

As I pondered, the three shapeshifters also waited obediently.

It seemed I had to start asking questions.

“…My name is Shin Joo-ho, known in the industry as Paparazzi. It was folks running a private lab that ordered this. I know the address and contact info. The request was to unearth everything from Mr. Yoo Gwang-ik’s private life. What I’ve found is…”

Out of the blue, the cameraman, or rather Paparazzi Shin Joo-ho, spilled it all.

“…Why bother learning so much and tell me everything?”

After hearing it all, I said matter-of-factly.

An-gyeol commented from the side,

“Seems natural.”

I looked around. Hmm, it could be scary.

Their rescuers strewn on the floor, the trusted brother-in-law with a twisted ankle weeping, I suppose.

Well, it made the job easier.

I took his contacts.

Then I asked,

“Was the client blonde?”

Asked just in case.

“No, a Korean person.”

That blonde guy is pretty elusive.

Even Panda hyung has given up.


That was all he said.

It was a tactical term. It referred to a target that was perfect at hiding and difficult to find.

So, what now with this guy?

He probably didn’t need to be killed.

I contemplated briefly, and then I spoke again.

“Mister, let’s live on the right path from now.”

He seemed well into his forties.

“Yes? Yes, I will live honestly.”

“Sneaking around in people’s business will get you in trouble.”

He was already in a big mess. Once caught by us, the trouble already started anyhow.

“Yes, yes, I understand.”

He was too scared to say more.

“Okay, let’s go. Take them all.”

“Yes? Can I just leave?”

“Don’t want to?”

“No, I want to leave. I want to see my wife. My elderly mother is waiting for me.”

“Yes, leave.”

He gasped, “Who are you guys?”

Responding to my word, the brother-in-law raised his head and asked.

He seemed offended. Why? Because the fight ended in one blow.

I just shrugged.

Seeing that, the guy who was the brother-in-law hit the back of his head.

“Why ask that. We don’t know, we don’t know their names or anything about them.”

His way of handling situations was pretty decent.

Almost rivaling my older brother.

Not that I’ll forgive all of his deeds.

“Wake them up.”

With my command, So-jin nudged the Black Guard guys with her foot.

As they woke up, they reflexively adopted combat stances.

So-jin caught one of them and whispered,

“We are Hwarang, want to keep going?”

The name ‘Hwarang’ clearly rang in my immortal ears, and soon the Black Guard guys became as meek as puppies.

Was the name ‘Hwarang’ this powerful?

Thus, they all stood up and left in a line, and watching them go, I thought how the mister had learned quite a bit about me in such a short time.

In a way, he had skill.

Though it irritated me, he must be acknowledged for his abilities.

Having learned and spilled everything so meticulously.

“Excuse me.”

I called to the soon-to-depart mister.


“Give me your business card before you go.”


The hastily questioned stalker quickly produced a business card from his pocket.

“Shin Joo-ho, known in the industry as Paparazzi.”

“But, is it okay to just reveal your clients like that?”

“There are no promises more important than my life.”

Fair enough.

After they left, Un-gyeol spoke,

“Too lenient. Should’ve made it impossible for him to do this again.”

I ignored it.

Does punishment have to come from fists?

Besides, got the address, after all.

So the illegal lab’s address, or an address where those guys and their associates were gathered, was now with me.

“Shall we form a team? We could get support from the group.”

So-jin suggested.

One call could deploy the police as well.

But still, attacking from either side would require half a day.

Time is needed to prepare.

“Want to join?”


So-jin blinked, so I continued,

“I’m going now.”

“Where to?”

Un-gyeol asked.


I gestured at the address displayed on my hologram watch. A building appeared on the virtual map.



“Just the four of us?”

“If you’re not coming, I’ll go alone.”

“…Do I call this plain stupidity or is it simply bold?”

Un-gyeol muttered.

“If you’re not coming, I’m going alone.”

I said and headed out.

The moonlight was bright. The night air was refreshingly cool. It was now the depths of autumn.

“Son, be careful. Call mom if anything happens. Your dad also said he’d whip the government if needed to catch and cripple those bastards. Just look after yourself for now.”

After the orphanage was taken care of, that’s what my mother said.

I felt anger rising within me after listening to her.

Prometheus, Chairman of Nan Myung-jin, and these jerks too.

Why do they keep messing with my mom?

It was vexing.

Not just because my mother was in danger, but why keep targeting the family?

“I’ll come.”

As I trudged down the stairs, the three followed suit.


I spoke and got into the car.

The address pointed to a small building on the outskirts of Seoul.

The engine roared as I sped through the night.

Without traffic, it was a matter of minutes before arriving.

Screeching to a halt.

Soon, I stood before the 4-story building with black windows.

I approached the entryway, tried to push, but it was locked.

The sign said ‘Pull’, but that wasn’t right, was it?


Above my head, two red lights from security cameras turned towards me.

I threw the hand bullets I held in my hands, left and right.


The cameras burst.

Simultaneously, I kicked in the entrance door.


The reinforced glass shattered, and I stormed inside.

I nearly took my frustrations out on that Paparazzi mister.

Honestly, he played a part in all this.

But that would have been just to vent.

That mister would receive a punishment that matched his actions.

It didn’t need to be violent though.

“You, what are you doing? Do you know where you are?”

Immediately greeted by someone, I saw him.

Closely connected to this side, I suppose.

Dressed as a civilian police, my eyes scanned his body from head to toe.

Gun in holster, baton at waist, knife as well.

His eyes gleaming in the dark, he’s a special species, and my senses told me this hybrid shapeshifter.

Once assessed, it’s done. With a flick- I kick the ground.

Lean in and bulldoze forward. Closing the distance in an instant is like casting a spell to blind your opponent’s sight.

In the blink of an eye, I’m in his face.


His brief exclamation of surprise was his last conscious word.

I delivered a short uppercut to his chin.


I felt the jawbone splinter. His feet hovered slightly above the ground.

His eyes rolled back with one hit, and he was out cold.

That’s one down. Wonder how many are inside?

Would be nice to find a person in charge.

I thought this as I stepped onto the stairs leading upwards.


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